Contact of Australia Post customer service (phone, address)

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Contact Australia Post: Find below customer service details of Australia Post, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the postal company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Australia Post,
111 Bourke St, Melbourne Vic 3000,

Customer Service
Phone: 13 POST (13 7678)
Phone: +61 3 8847 9045

About Australia Post
Australia Post is a government-owned postal service that was founded in the year 1809. Formerly known as Australian Postal Commission, the Australia Post operates close to 4,500 post offices across the country. Headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, the corporation posted revenue of A$ 6.6bn in 2016. Each year, Australia Post processes around 3bn letters and delivers to close to 12mn delivery points.

About 249 million people visit Australia Post’s retail outlets each year. To locate an Australia Post outlet nearest to your address click here. You can search by street, postcode or state. You also can access the Find a Postcode tool to locate a postcode by suburb, town or city. You can also track delivery on the website, calculate postage and delivery times, pay a bill and much more.

Among the successful online products launched by Australia Post is the MyPost service. Members can use the delivery choices to receive parcels where and when they want. You can have a parcel sent to a secure locker, sent to a PO box or sent directly to any of the post offices across the country. For those who enjoy shopping at the comfort of their homes, Australia Post has an e-store where you can purchase a range of products. You can also order stamps, envelopes and others.

As for the postal services, for sending letters and parcels within Australia, you have Registered Post, Express Post and Parcel Post. For international delivery, you have International Courier, International Express, International Standard and Registered Post International. For price, delivery time and others use the tools on the website. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, cancellation, delivery, or others reach the Australia Post customer service.

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  1. Trying to redirect my parcel as it was automatically placed by eBay system to the last recipients address – the system on the website doesn’t let me to apply because for some reason the cell number (US) is not valid, Aupost customer service number is not give me the option to apply for help or talk to any human. This is really bad.

  2. I am waiting for a small parcel from Germany which has been mailed on the 16/12/21 and has not arrived yet and Australia post just connects me with computer experts and i have to pay a fee are they mad??

  3. Why is there no one I can speak to directly? I have just spent an hour faffing around trying to get some information on a parcel that I was told was delivered, and it most definitely has not been as I’ve been home and by the front window all day. That sort of sounds pathetic, doesn’t it, but I work from home and that’s where my desk is.

    I have tried to get through to Australia post and only get recorded messages, no matter what I say the reason is. I tried to fill out the form requested on my phone (no mean feat for someone my age with my eyesight, especially after a day on the computer) only to have the app not work. Oh joy! I finally had to go online from my computer.

  4. AJ Applegate Reply

    I have been attempting to file an inquiry on the Australian postal website but it refuses to accept my phone number from the US and continues to boot me from the app. I paid to have a parcel delivered to the US and I paid express delivery fees in the amount of $36.00. My parcel has been sitting in Brisbane for the past 11 days waiting to be shipped to the US. In addition, there have been absolutely no updates whatsoever to explain the delay. I am unable to inquire about my parcel, due to your faulty app, and I am unable to call from the US as the calling fees are too high. I have no idea how to get in touch with anyone there or how to find out about my parcel. My parcel was mailed on October 22nd 2021 and it is now November 5th, 2021, more than 2 weeks since my parcel was first mailed. I do not understand why Australia Post is offering EXPRESS service when they are clearly unable to provide it. It would seem to me that this is taking advantage of American citizens and the fact that we do not live in Australia. The way you have designed your app and the inquiry process does not allow for US phone numbers to be entered and as a result it will not allow me to complete the inquiry process form.

  5. Robert Harris Reply

    I am sick and tired of trying to get a phone number of Australia Post to complain about the condition of what was inside the parcel delivered yesterday the 18-12-2019. Every time you try to get the number you get the same messages and what buttons to push, but there is not one button to push for complaints. You can write in head office or even complaints, but every phone number you get takes you back to the same recording.
    It was about time that Australia Post updated all of their contact numbers as I like many other people are getting sick and tired of the nonservice that you get from Australia Post also the time it now takes to have any item delivered. I was an interstate transport driver then had my own trucks this was over a period of over 50 years and if I did what Australia Post is doing to the people of Australia today. First the company that I worked for would have sacked me, or when I had my own trucks I would not be able to get any freight to carry.
    On ending the transport company that they now use to carry their goods is called Star Track and they are their biggest problem.

  6. Judy Sturrock Reply

    I am complaining about your delivery service! My tracking No. 33RAM3401844 was delivered on the 3rd July, 2019. No one was home at the time and who-ever delivered it just left it on my front step (not in a secure place) as my front door is about 4mtrs from the street, extremely unsecure ! Why did they do that when they could have taken it to nearest Post Office. I was actually in NSW and my neighbor took it in thankfully! Not happy with your service Australia Post!

  7. Glyn Boobyer Reply

    I just submitted a complaint regarding incorrect mail delivery – believing I was on the Australia Post Customer Care Web Site. Please disregard my earlier communication as I have just spoken with a lady in Australia Post Customer Care who will deal with my problem. Please keep confidential my earlier comment and please do not make available on any web site or comment area any of my earlier comments.
    Thank you & regards,
    Glyn Boobyer

  8. Glyn Boobyer Reply

    For in excess of 12 months we have been advising the Post Office in Riverstone, NSW, that we are continually receiving mail which does not belong to us. We are
    Boobyer – of 55 Vine Street East (now Vine Street), Schofields, NSW 2762.
    The incorrect mail being delivered to us is for
    Gillies – of 55 Vine Street West (now Excelsior Avenue), Marsden Park, NSW 12765.
    As you will see the only part of the two addresses which match is the No. 55 !!
    We have tried everything to get the Post Office in Riverstone to take notice of this problem, and we have redirected the mail and written notes explaining where the mail should be delivered – but we continue to receive incorrect mail. I believe Australia Post is not carrying out its duty to correctly deliver mail. If we were disreputable people, we would have been able to obtain information on the Gillies – Bank Account Details, Taxation Details, Superannuation Fund Details, Private Health Insurance Details, Loyalty Card Details, etc. etc.
    There is absolutely no point in talking to the staff at the Riverstone Post Office, as they simply dismiss the problem and it has been continuing for well over a year. In fact the staff treat us as if we are an inconvenience to them. If Australia Post does not rectify this problem, then I feel we will have no alternative but to consider what else we may be in a position to do to get Australia Post to correctly deliver the mail for the Gillies.
    Please acknowledge this email communication at your earliest convenience and advise what measures you will take to ensure we, and the Gillies, are no longer inconvenienced by Australia Post’s failure (to date) to solve this problem, which actually (in my opinion) is an easy problem to solve. Just deliver to the correct address!!
    Many thanks for your assistance.
    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Glyn Boobyer

  9. Henry Woodman Reply

    Hi Im having some trouble and was wondering if you would be able to help me. I applied for a casual position at one of your sorting facility’s on the Gold Coast and missed a phone call by the recruiting agent who instructed me to call them back as soon as I could. I have been trying to call back but I receive an automatic response saying to leave a message and can never get through. The website is also telling me to contact the agent as soon as possible but I am unable to do so. Im wondering if you could give me another phone number to the recruitment centre or email contact so I can get in touch with them and let them know I am still interested. Thankyou for your time.

  10. John Weston Reply

    I am wondering why we pay to send registered and then we don’t know where it is after we post?
    I would like to be able to follow it until receiver has it in their hand.

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