Contact of Flybe customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Flybe: Find below customer service details of Flybe airline, including telephone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Flybe. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Flybe services.

Flybe Head Office
Jack Walker House
Exeter International Airport
United Kingdom

Flybe Customer Care
UK: 0871 700 2000
International: +44 (0)1392 268529

Special Assistance
[email protected]
[email protected]

Technical Support
UK: 0906 999 9999
International: +44 (0) 1392 268518
[email protected]

Flybe Customer Relations
The New Walker Hangar
Exeter International Airport
United Kingdom

UK: 0871 700 5000
International: +44 (0) 1392 268510
Fax: +44 (0) 1392 672246

Flybe Rewards4all
Jack Walker House
Exeter International Airport
United Kingdom

UK: 0871 521 5555
International: +44 (0) 1392 268536

[email protected]

Phone: +44 (0) 2087 574776
Fax: +44 (0) 2087 597027

Flybe Schedule
To check Flybe schedule online click here

Baggage Information
Passengers can carry 1 piece of hand baggage with weight not exceeding 10 kilos. For checked baggage, Economy Plus passengers can carry up to 40 kilos free. Flybe Economy passengers can pay in advance for bags at a discounted rate.

You can check in online from 36 hours and up to 1 hour before departure. To check-in online visit the website at

About Flybe
flybe-airline-pictureFlybe was founded in the year 1979 as Jersey European. The name was later changed to British European and then to Flybe in 2002. The low-cost British airline flies to over 45 destinations and is Europe’s largest regional airline. Flybe operates from its hubs at Aberdeen, Belfast City, Birmingham, Cardiff Airport, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, London Gatwick, Manchester, Newcastle and Southampton. In 2009 the airline won the European Airline MRO of the Year by AVIATION WEEK’s Overhaul and Maintenance (O&M) magazine. The same year it also won Air Transport World 2009 Global Regional Airline of the year

Flybe Destinations: Flybe destinations include Aberdeen, Alicante, Belfast, Bergen, Berne, Beziers, Birmingham, Brussels, Cardiff, Clermont, Ferrand, Darry, Dublin, Dundee, France, Edinburgh, East Midlands, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, Hamburg, Hannover, Jersey, Kirkwall, La Rochelle, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Malaga, Manchester, Milan, Newcastle, Nice, Norwich, Palma, Paris, Portugal, Salzburg, Southampton, Stuttgart, Switzerland, UK, and more.

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  1. Mrs Wendy marshall Reply

    I know Flybe has been taking over, but could you please let me know if flights from Exeter to Norwich will be resumed by early march next year

  2. I used your airline on Monday from Amsterdam, everyone was trying to get the air conditioning all the journey because it was very warm, but it was not working, the crew knew this fault and it seems that it was an ongoing event. This begs the question what else could be wrong with the aircraft and others, due to known errors, reported and just being ignored.Obviously saving money! Not a very good advert to fly with your company.
    J. Mann

  3. To whom it may concern

    Reference: Complaint

    I am writing to express my absolute disgust at the abject lack of professionalism I encountered from your staff on Sunday 14th October at Luxembourg Airport, whilst returning from a journey overseas.

    To summarise:
    – I arrived at the airport at 8pm and went to the board and there was no check in information for my flight BE1266 which was due to depart at 9.45pm (see photo of receipt evidencing I was at the airport)
    – I checked the self-service check in as an option, this option was not available for Flybe customers
    – A delay to this flight was published with a scheduled departure at 10.40pm. Still no check in information was publicised on the information boards
    – At 10pm and whilst frequently checking to see whether the information had been updated, there was no was no further information present
    – I sought out a member of staff from Luxair who investigated and advised me that check in, whilst having never been advertised, for this flight had now closed
    – I explained the situation and that I only had hand luggage and he directed me to his supervisor
    – Even though I was obviously upset and suffering from anxiety, he displayed absolutely no care for my mental health and wellbeing
    – I went to his supervisor, who equally had no care for my predicament or welfare. Her comment to me was she did not see how I had failed to check the departure when another 70 had managed to get on the flight. I explained that I had frequently checked the board and it had not been updated. Whilst she and I were speaking another passenger approached who had the same issue as my own. This passenger explained they were going to a funeral, still no empathy.
    – I requested that she at least ring and ask if it were possible that we board. She refused.
    – On more than one occasion she ignored what myself and my fellow passenger were asking, refusing even to acknowledge our questions
    – There was no offer of any help or support to ensure our safe journey from that point
    – Christnach Cathia accepted that there may have been a glitch on the board I was checking, though still refused to acknowledge my requests for help
    The flight still had not left at this point, and did not leave until 10.55pm. Whilst experiencing this lack of care from your staff the plane was still on the tarmac.

    At this time in the evening there were no security staff available in that part of the airport to conduct checks on our bags. Did short staffing result in the appalling treatment of myself and Patrick Crotty as our bags could not be checked?

    The following day, I immediately telephoned Flybe, who explained that I was classed as a ‘no-show’, they could not do anything to help me and that to incur further expense of 108 euros plus an additional 28 Euros for resulting onward travel (see emails). I explained that there had been a glitch and Flybe duly contacted Luxembourg airport, who claimed that they didn’t do call outs for missing passengers and that check in desk information is not put on screens. This is patently untrue. I attach a photograph disproving this that I took on Monday 15th October.

    When I came for the rescheduled flight, Monday 15th I spoke to check in and they acknowledged they were aware of the issue the night before. Clearly it had been discussed, was this why check in information was now on display? If there was not an error on someone’s behalf how did staff know about it?

    I then spoke to customer service to establish how I can ensure this does not occur again. The customer service lady was empathetic and said different companies, including Flybe continue to be told to ensure the check in information is shown. How many other passengers fall into the trap, which then impacts on them emotionally and financially?

    Further to the additional costs incurred for re booking the flight and coaches I was also unable to go to work on Monday 15th, causing more upset and inconvenience to others.

    I am extremely disheartened with the treatment I received. This is the first time I have used Flybe, it was not a pleasurable experience. Each flight delayed. Despicable customer service, including that of Luxair staff. Lack of coherent communication. No one willing to accept liability – be it Flybe or Luxair


  4. Wendy Waegell Reply

    On July 9th I was at Charles DeGaulle airport 3 hours before my flight. Flybe had only 1 person working at the bag check in and after a wait of nearly 2 hours in that line, followed by the security and immigration lines I missed my flight. Then they lost my bag and damaged it. When I approached the desk after missing my flight I was told that for an additional $350 euros I could get to Manchester but was on my own to get home to Boston from there. Ann i9nitial inquiry about refunding me the $2700 USD I had to spend to get a ticket home I got an e-mail saying it was the security line that caused the delay. This is just not true. It was the understaffed check in line that caused this problem. Now no one answers my calls or e-mails. VERY FRUSTRATING

  5. Malgorgata O’Neill Reply

    Wouldn’t even bother flying with them, absolutely no customer service when it comes to lost luggage. Luggage has been lost for over 4 weeks, just been passed from pillar to post, not a clue. When you try to call to complain, conveniently your again passed to another phone number with no one who can help. No responses to emails in the timeframe stated, an absolute joke. Will be writing to the CAA

  6. Four family members and I recently flew from Southampton to Paris. Our flight was booked through at a cost of of 105.02 pounds per person. Upon checking in with Flybe we incurred an additional charge of 40 pounds per bag. Never were we told there would be an additional fee for our bags either by Expedia or Flybe. We checked six of them at an additional cost of 240 pounds. It wound up costing 725.10 pounds for this flight….and it was two hours late. The agent was an absolute bitch! Had I known, we would have chosen another way to get to Paris. Is your CEO Christine Ourmieres-Widener so hard up that the company has to deceive the public to pay her salary? I have told everyone I know not to book with Flybe and to seek other sources of getting to their desired locations that are more scrupulous and honest. You’ve seen us for the last time and I will delight in telling everyone I know about your crooked policies. Flybe sucks!

  7. Paul Hardy Reply


    My flight was cancelled from Southampton to Newcastle on Tuesday 12th June which meant I had to stay in a premier inn overnight at a cost of £133.99.

    I was advised I would be reimbursed if I send my proof.

    I have done this and have not heard back in 2 weeks – this isn’t acceptable.

    The reference I was given once I emailed was 180614-000207. Can someone please reply soon.


  8. Paul Smith Reply

    I have some Flybe vouchers rewarded to me as a result of an accident onboard. Can you please let me know how much I have to spend.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon as I am looking to fly somewhere soon.

    kind regards,

    Paul Smith

  9. How did I get Flybe direct email address. My flight was delayed then cancelled without warning or explanation. Please please help. I am unsure how to sort this.

    • Mrs Linda Divers Reply

      My husband and I are booked on flight BE536 booking reference DSQBNC leaving Exeter Wednesday 13 th June 2018 in names of Mrs Linda Divers and Mr William Divers we returned early from our holiday so we now do not require these flights

  10. Meaghan Murphy Reply

    On 19 September 2017 I was on a flight from Belfast to Manchester which was delayed due to fog. Which means I miss my connecting flight to Abu Dhabi then on to Melbourne. Understanding that this could not be helped due to fog I was quite reasonable when we are needing to re-book my airfare. After being made to sit for 4 1/2 hours with an 18 month old baby on the floor mind you as that’s when they told us to wait then finally put on the flight the next morning. Went back to flybe desk to be asked why we were there when that’s where we were told to go then told we would have to go and collect our luggage and book into our flight. Luggage could not be found baggage people were not helpful . Told supervisor was not available to talk to but we could not leave without our baggage as we need our car seat at the other end. At this stage baggage was not found. Then only to be told we were in able to get that flight as they did not book my husband and I are on the flight just the infant. Oh my back to flybe Then we put on the flight that night to discover they hadn’t put the infant on the flight finally Etihad sorted it for us and we could get on our flight. 36 hours later very bad customer service put into a terrible hotel is only a meal voucher for the adults and not the child then had to be put in a day room. No food vouchers given for the airport no upgrade no extra seat for Child nothing done but being told it was not their fault Etihad could’ve let us on the flight.

  11. Jeremy Whitehouse Reply

    I booked a flight from La Rochelle to Birmingham for 22/10/17, reference BVDTD* Received email to say it is now departing 12 hrs later and is now flying from Nantes to Southampton, arriving there after midnight. Nantes is nowhere near La Rochelle and Southampton is nowhere near Birmingham. Contacted Customer Services same day 5/6/17 and asked for a refund. Told up to 14 days. It is now 18/6/17 and I have heard nothing. Flybe are happy to take your money, but when they cancel the service purchased, they are most reluctant to return your money. Have had refunds from Ryanair within 5 days on the rare occasion one of their flights is cancelled. Why is Flybe like this?

  12. My flight was cancelled two weeks ago and I applied for a full refund of a return flight. It states on the website it will take up to 14 days for a refund and now it’s day 15. I haven’t had any updates and I can’t find a direct email address to that department on your website, I would like to know what is happening?!

  13. Sandra Morris Reply

    As a Dutch national from Rotterdam I was very excited when Flybe started flights from Birmingham to Rotterdam in October 2016. However, I am now extremely disappointed as this destination seems to already have disappeared. Is there any chance of this destination being reinstated in the future?

  14. Janet Davis Reply

    Flew from East Midlands to Edinburgh for a birthday treat to see Pandas at the zoo on 25/10/16 with my 9 year old granddaughter. Flybe crew noticed her “its my birthday ” badge and were fantastic on both trips,particularly on return flight 267, they made her flight and birthday very special and really finished the day on a high note for her.Thank you from both of us,wonderful customer service from the captain and crew on 267 please pass on our thanks to all the crew.

  15. Margaret Jenkins Reply

    Booking Ref ENBY30. I made the above booking 2 days ago with great difficulty as your website is not user friendly/ It took me 50 mins. in total and i only found the drop down boxes under the flight by accident. I have ended up with the flights i wanted but seemed to be forced to buy flexible flights and a suitcase each for me and my husband. What i actually wanted was fixed flights without change and ONE suitcase between us. I accepted the ENBY30 booking because I was so tired and frustrated with your website, but feel you should make this easier for people like me. Can you alter my flight options and make a refund please?

    • I’ve also found the website infuriating with exactly the same problems when booking Southampton/Toulon. It took an age – I have no problems with other sites. My other gripe is you keep sending emails stating I can fly from E Mids to Southampton. That would be great as I live within an hour of the airport but guess what these flights end at the end of August & we’re flying to France on the 11th Sept!

  16. Paul Fryer Reply

    17 July we flew from Birmingham to Bordeaux and our luggage has been left behind in Birmingham. The representatives on the ground in Bordeaux have been unable to make contact with flybe and we are still without our luggage. We have nothing with us and this trip is only 1 week and medication etc is in one of those cases. Can someone please look into this and make contact – why does this take so long to resolve???

  17. Brian Head Reply

    What is wrong with Flybe on-line booking ?? I want to book a return flight in November from IOM to Manchester, but I can’t access November flights from the IOM. If I do the same dates FROM Manchester to IOM, I can book a return flight, so the planes will be running. If this fault is not rectified soon, then Easyjet will be the winners !! With me certainly.

  18. ciara currie Reply

    Hi I’m a mum of four boys travelling from Belfast to East midlands on 22may. I’m worried because one of the children hasn’t received their passport. When I track it, they say date of issue is 22 may. Because it is a domestic flight I was told I wouldn’t need any passport, that birth certificate would do. Is this correct.

  19. Mrs Fiona Murray Reply

    Arriving at Inverness airport on the 20th Nov 11.30 am, i reported the damage of 2 suitcases, belonging to myself and daughter. Though i have sent you the DPR report, i cannot read the copy, plus the lady kept baggage tags etc. I did phone your office with this information.
    Both cases had smashed wheels, one on each case, both padlocks missing, one case had the end split open, one had its additional case strap missing, both badly scuffed.
    Hope to hear from you soon. Mrs F. Murray.

    • Today i spent 20mins on hold phoning flybe to ask for a change of name to my bookings as i couldnt do this online. After the wait of 20mins the girl that answered me put the phone down before i could even speak,i then went on to phone again this time 45mins to be told that it would cost me 3 times more to change a name than to book a new ticket mad i went on line and booked a new ticket. I now want flybe to pay cost of these phone calls at 10p a min as i think it is the least they can do.

  20. Mrs stalker Reply

    Hi, further to our phone call today I am emailing all the details of our delayed luggage and the condition it arrived back to us.
    Our luggage reference number’s are BE149080 and BE 149074, these bags were off loaded from our flight in Milan , flight number 7355 , to Manchester on October 31st 2012, due to the plane being over fuelled . And have waited 5 days for them to be delivered to us .
    On the cases return the zips were broken and are now we are unable to use them as they can not be locked, as requested the cases are worth £50 for the pair, but unfortunatley we can not find a receipt , and they are only 12 months old.
    We look forward to hearing from you in response to my email, thanks mrs stalker.

  21. Teresa Murphy Reply

    I Travelled to Dublin on Friday the 28th September from Southampton on BE834 seat 16A. When I reached my final destination I discovered I had lost my handbag with my purse inside, (I had assumed it was in my travel bag I had with me.) has this bag been found on the plane and handed in, my phone no is 023 92383871 I have tried many times to contact customer services by phone but the line was engaged continually, I realise the system is very busy but hope that you can help me if my bag has been located. if you could phone or email me to the address above I would be very grateful yours hopefully Teresa Murphy

  22. k mcdonald Reply

    I undertand Menzies Baggage Services look after property left behind on Flybe flights. I’ve called their phone number a couple of times but only get voice mail. I am calling from Canada so maybe that’s why I haven’t received a response. Is there an email account that I could use to see if my documents and photographs were found on the May 29th 10:15 am flight between Belfast and Glasgow?

  23. I flew from CDG Paris to Manchester MAN yesterday 6th February.
    When I recieved my suitcase it was damaged – it had been ripped open along the seams.
    I reported the damage to the ‘baggage claims’ desk at the airport, and they gave me this REFERENCE NUMBER: MANBE12140/06FEB12/2313GMT.
    I beleve the suitcase is beyond repair.
    It is a KENNETH COLE” designer label suitcase worth new approx £180.
    I need your URGENT response as I am flying out of England on the 15th February next.

  24. Gina Krupski Reply

    Very surprised at the complete lack of interest taken by Flybe in their customers baggage. Seems as if they’re happy to take your money but take no responsibility for the baggage that you pay them to transport for you!
    The number given for the company who handle their missing baggage is Menzies who have an 0871 number which you cannot call when outside the UK-not very helpful when you’re abroad with a missing bag- and then it turns out the call centre is in Lithuania anyway with operatives whose English accent is difficult to understand.
    At no time has any offer been made to get back to me with information about the wherabouts of the case and information about how to go about claiming if the bag is never found.
    This seems scandalous after all Flybe lost my bag not me!

  25. If you call, expect to hang on for hours at excessive rates while you listen to Flybe propaganda

  26. Been on holiday for 2 weeks to see our friends in tauntun..after arriving back home I emptied my suit case and found a major damage…need to complaint on this..

  27. Our family lost a bag while flying from Belfast to Inverness, Scotland. On August 2nd 2011. We have not received any communication from Flybe, except we would be contacted within 21 days. We have heard nothing….
    The flight # was 333 we had to pay addition $30 pounds per bag. The ticket number on his bag is xxxx. Please send me a response. This was a 50 min flight. We would like his bag back asap!
    Please respond to let me know when your company will ship the bag or send us compensation for it.
    I am disappointed in the delay of the bag return.

    • did you call the customer support? a complaint needs to be given so they can return your bag asap

  28. I have personally emailed flybe baggage claim department at the email address: [email protected] with a letter stating all of the situation we had to suffer after our baggages were delayed for over 4 days and have not receive a courtesy response to all our emails and requests.

    Could you kindly email me if a MANAGER for flybe can take up the case?


    Dr. J Tan

      • Am flying tomorrow, Edinburgh to Birmingham and checked in on line,but there is no chance to print this as the top line on the computer is not available on the screen. Is printed proof necessaryand if so how can it be obtained?


        Frances Scott

    • Malgorgata O’Neill Reply

      Wouldn’t waste your time, I am now on my 5th week with no responses and unable to contact a manager/supervisor or anyone. small claims court tomorrow and a letter to the CAA regarding this shoddy airline.

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