Among the financial institutions in India, Axis Bank is a name to reckon with force. It is a private-sector bank that offers a wide range of financial services and products to its customers in the areas of personal banking, corporate banking, and international banking.

Some of the key services offered by the bank include savings account; current account; home loans; personal loans; credit cards; debit cards; fixed deposits; life/health/motor/travel insurance; investments like mutual funds, equity, bonds; Forex services; NRI services; and digital banking. The bank offers a comprehensive suite of financial services and products including demat services, wealth management solutions, and eKYC services.

Today, Axis Bank is the number one choice for most Indian businesses and individuals not only for its entire array of superlative financial products and services but also for its robust customer support team.

Responsibilities of Grievance Redressal Desk

The grievance redressal desk at Axis Bank is involved with the following list of services and responsibilities.

  1. Receiving and Acknowledging Customer Complaints: The desk receives thousands of customer complaints daily regarding various issues via different channels (phone, email, or in-person). The desk must acknowledge receipt of the complaint for proper investigation and follow-up.
  2. Investigating Complaints: Complaints can vary in nature and seriousness of the issue. Irrespective of that, the desk is tasked with conducting a proper investigation to get to the underlying problem/s, and taking relevant actions (where necessary) to resolve the matter.
  3. Resolving Complaints: The desk deals with simple issues on its own but takes help from other departments when the complaint is a complex one. It collaborates at various levels to give proper closure to the complaint. Some of its actions would include providing compensation, reversing transactions, rectifying errors, or providing explanations to customers.
  4. Maintaining Records: It is important for any thriving institution to keep a track of changing trends, identify potential threats, and devise innovative solutions to seal the flaws. In a bid to prevent the recurrence of similar complaints in the future, the redressal desk takes proactive measures by maintaining a log of customer complaints and the actions taken to resolve them. This helps in taking stock of the situation, analyzing, and working on areas of improvement.
  5. Providing Feedback: The desk also needs to follow up with the customers timely and provide them status regarding the progress of their complaints and the actions taken to resolve them.
  6. Aiming for Continuous Growth and Improvement: The redressal desk is responsible for taking and implementing corrective measures to resolve recurrent issues professionally and efficiently in a quick turnaround time. This steers the company forward in the direction of continuous growth and evolution.

Types of Redressal Issues

As with any bank or financial institution, Axis Bank too deals with a variety of customer redressal issues some of which are listed below.

  1. Banking Services: These would include interruptions in services like ATM transactions, online banking services, account opening, account closure, account maintenance, etc.
  2. Loan Services: These would include grievances related to loan disbursement, interest rates, processing fees, pre-payment charges, etc.
  3. Credit Cards: Common issues related to credit cards are incorrect billing, unauthorized transactions, fraudulent activities, etc.
  4. Deposits: Customers can raise issues related to delayed credit of deposits, wrong interest rates, and/or premature withdrawal penalties.
  5. Investment Services: Issues related to mutual funds, equity, bonds, and other investment options offered by the bank.
  6. Insurance Services: Problems related to insurance services offered by the bank would include delayed claim settlements, incorrect policy issuance, etc.
  7. Miscellaneous Issues: Issues falling within this ambit include service quality, customer service, etc.

The grievance redressal team at Axis Bank does a commendable job of addressing and solving customer complaints in the shortest possible time. If you have concerns falling in any of the above categories, you can approach the desk via email, phone, or by paying an in-person visit at your nearest branch.

Who to Contact for Grievance Redressal

There are several channels to approach the grievance redressal team at Axis Bank. The following are some of the ways.

To register your complaint or grievance, call their customer service helpline at 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-5555. Alternatively, you can write to customer support at [email protected] to register your complaint or grievance.

Paying a physical visit to the bank has many pluses. Visit a branch nearest you and register your complaint in person with the customer service representatives, giving them an in-depth description of the exact nature of the problem you are facing with the bank’s services/products.

Axis Bank also has a dedicated online grievance redressal mechanism in place. The portal is accessible here. For escalation of issues, you may contact the bank’s nodal officer to have your grievance resolved to your satisfaction. The nodal officer can be contacted at [email protected].

Alternatively, you may even write to the bank’s ombudsman detailing your grievance/s for quick redressal. You can access the contact details from the bank’s website.

Before you approach the bank with any of your issues please have a few relevant information in hand like your account number, transaction details, date and time of the incident (unauthorized transactions, fraudulent activity, etc), or any additional detail that will help the bank to work on your issues speedily and draw a satisfactory closure to the problem.

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Last Update: March 13, 2023