The Amazon Pay service is part of Amazon. If you already have an existing account with Amazon, you are eligible to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Pay at no additional cost. Amazon Pay allows customers to use their account information to make payments on third-party websites. It uses strong and secure measures to protect customer information, and hence transactions can be made safely without any trace of fear.

The facility is a versatile payment option as it has a wide acceptance and can be used on many websites. Payments are processed quickly that allows for faster checkout times. Amazon Pay accepts major debit and credit cards that include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB. The service has easy integration, and Amazon being a trusted brand, garners the customer’s confidence to make payments through Amazon Pay.

Why Would You Need a Grievance Redressal Desk

A grievance redressal desk is necessary at Amazon Pay to address any customer complaints or disputes that may arise in the course of using the service. Having a dedicated grievance redressal desk allows Amazon Pay to address and resolve these issues in a prompt and efficient manner. This further helps to maintain customer trust and satisfaction.

Reputed organizations like Amazon and its subsidiaries can improve its overall customer experience and provide a higher level of service by having a proper process in place to handle customer complaints.

Amazon customers can avail of the Amazon Pay service to manage their payment methods in their account on However, sometimes there could be disputes related to customer accounts like technical problems with the payment process, incorrect charges or unauthorized transactions, delays in receiving payments or resolving disputes, and confusion over policy and procedure.

All issues are resolved by Amazon Payment Inc.

How to Contact Amazon Pay for Redressal?

You can contact Amazon Pay for redressal by following these steps —

1) Visit the Official Page of Amazon Pay — You can visit their website and click on the Help link to be directed to the page where you could log in your complaints against the service. On a web form, you will be required to select the category that best describes your issue, and then follow the instructions provided. Remember to leave your name and contact information, and provide a detailed description of the issue you are facing. Press on ‘Submit’ button for review of the complaint by Amazon Pay. A representative from their team will contact you shortly.

2) Phone or Postal Mail — For any questions or complaints regarding payment services at Amazon, you may write to — Amazon Payments, Inc., PO Box 81226, Seattle WA 98108.  You may call at 866-216-1075 to speak with someone in the accounts section to address your problem.

3) Contact Amazon Customer Service — You can also click on Help page on to connect with and raise your issue/s with a representative who is competent to handle the escalation. This can happen via email correspondence or phone. You can reach out to them via their customer service number. In addition to that, you can try reaching out to their support through official social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Issues to Seek Redressal

At Amazon Payment Inc., you can report issues like the ones mentioned below when you have purchased something.

  • Technical Problems — Users may experience technical issues such as errors that show during the payment process or issues with accessing their account.
  • Incorrect Charges — Some users may see incorrect charges on their account or be charged for unauthorized transactions.
  • Delays — Users may experience delays in receiving payments or resolving disputes with merchants.
  • Confusion Over Policies and Procedures — Users may be confused about Amazon Pay policies and procedures, such as refunds or dispute resolution.
  • Security Concerns — Some users may have concerns about the security of their payment information when using Amazon Pay.
  • Customer Service — Users may have trouble getting in touch with Amazon Pay customer service or finding helpful information on the Amazon Pay website.

You can get your grievances addressed timely and satisfactorily if you approach the right source and authority for redressal.

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Last Update: February 15, 2023