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3 ways to report lost/missing bag on Metrolink

This is one reliable, resource-efficient, and safe commuter rail service that serves the whole of Southern California in the United States, connecting people and communities for the past 30 years and still counting. It is an affordable and popular transportation system in the region that people take to travel to their work and explore the beautiful outskirts of the state. On weekends, kids up to the age of 17 can enjoy free rides on the train when accompanied by an adult of 18 years and above.

Efforts are on to make the traveling experience even more enjoyable and comfortable for the passengers. With contemporary interiors and recent upgrades, Metrolink aims to get safer, and more reliable with extended life and will become even more efficient, appealing, and travel-worthy.

The features of the newly-revamped cars include interiors that are reflective of the modern-day need for comfort and safety; power ports at each seat; easy-to-clean seats and flooring; enhanced air filtration and UV lighting (important for virus and bacteria protection); energy-efficient lighting; emergency intercom buttons; side door obstacle detection system; and provision for air ventilation in the event of a power outage.

Metrolink serves 62 stations across Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County, and North San Diego to Oceanside.

What if you were to leave your handbag, kit, or any other belongings on the train while you were too excited to hop out to explore Oceanside with your family and kids in tow? Not to worry. Here’s what you do.

Report to Lost & Found Office

The Lost and Found Office operates between 6 am and 10 pm on weekdays, and between 6:30 am and 8 pm on weekends. They have their Lost and Found Pickup service scheduled between 6:30 am and 6:30 pm only on weekdays, that is from Mondays through Fridays, at the Los Angeles Union Station ticket office. You may report your loss by calling or texting their customer service at (800) 371-5465, and arrange to collect your items from there at an appointed time.

Please remember to carry your photo ID to claim your things. They wait for 30 days for the owner to show up. If no one does, they give away the things to charity. If you do not find your bag/item in their lost and found collection, you may consider it lost that was never turned in. The rail service assumes no responsibility for lost and stolen items on the train and the platforms.

Write to the Head Office

The below is the Head Office address, if you must mail directly with a missing complaint, and seek a response to queries and concerns regarding your complaint. You can visit the official website to know where else to contact Metrolink customer care agents.


P.O. Box 531776
Los Angeles,
CA 90053-1776

Find Help Through Social Media

If you were carrying something of value on the train which was accidentally left behind, and there is an urgency to reclaim your things, it is a good idea to take to social media and raise your concerns there besides calling or connecting with their customer service agent/s. You can appeal on these public platforms only when you feel the officers at the Lost and Found Department are not doing enough to retrieve your things despite a filed complaint.

Typically all lost items are submitted with the Los Angeles Office from where you can arrange a pickup, however, if you didn’t find your things there and it was a prized possession or something of value (cash, credit cards, IDs, important paperwork/documents, etc) that cannot be foregone, it is best to resort to social media for higher authorities to take notice. Please check out the following links — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Food and perishables are destroyed after some time; passengers usually come looking for bags, baskets, hand purses, baby trolleys, etc.( things that they would normally carry on commuter rails).


The Metrolink rail service takes no responsibility for lost or left items on the train or platforms, so you need to be doubly careful about your bags when you are traveling and alighting from the train. Remember to have your stuff on you all the time.

Let us not forget that these are commuter trains that do not yet have a dedicated system in place to trace lost items. They have several trips to make in a day across South California stations. Be extra careful when you carry valuable stuff like cash, credit cards, important documents, etc., in your handbag. There could be instances when it could get challenging for the concerned authorities to retrieve such items for you when they are misplaced on the train/platform.

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