Contact Western Union: Find below customer service details of Western Union, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on Western Union charges, locations, money transfer, telegram, prepaid cards, queries on receiving money and much more. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on Western Union services.

Western Union Head Office
12500 E. Belford Avenue
Englewood, CO 80112
United States of America
Phone: +1-720-332-1000

Customer Service Support

Phone: 1-800-325-6000
Phone: 1-800-877-8973 (TTY)

Western Union Location
Phone: 1-800-325-6000
Phone: 1-800-238-5772 (quick collect service)

Send Money over Phone
Phone: 1-800-CALL-CASH (1-800-225-5227)

Western Union Money Order
Phone: 1-800-999-9660

Gold Card Rewards Program
Phone: 1-877-984-0469
PHone: 1-888-628-8862

Fraud Alert
Phone: 1-800-448-1492
Email: spoof (at)

Lost Prepaid Card
Phone: 1-866-737-4949

International Phone Numbers
Find below customer care support of Western Union in countries around the world. You can reach the contacts for queries on sending money, receiving money or complaints on Western Union in your country. If your country is not listed below, click on locations to locate a local agent.

Argentina: 0800-800-3030
Australia: 1800 173 833
Austria: 0800 29 6544
Belgium: 0800 99 709 / +32 2 639 7102
Canada: 1-800-235-0000
Denmark: 80 82 66 68/ +32-(0)2 639 7110
Finland: 0800 14 14 14 /+32-(0) 2 639 7111
France: 0800 900407 /+32-(0)2 639 7105
Germany: 0800 181 1797 / +32-(0)2 639 7107
India: 1-600-44-1851 / 1-800-435-2226
Ireland: 1 800 654 238
Italy: 800 788 935 / +322 639 7099
Malaysia: 1-800-813-399
Netherlands: 0800 022 8781
New Zealand: 0800 005 253 / 0800 347257
Norway: 800 181 2
Russia: +7 (495) 797-2197
Spain: 900 983 273 / +322 639 7098
Sweden: 020 90 10 90
Switzerland: 0800 562103 / +32-(0)2 639 7109
Uganda: 0414341159/ext 8566
Ukraine: 0-800-500-5000 / 0250
United Kingdom
Phone: 0808 234 9168 (within UK)
Phone: +32-(0)2 639 7103 (outside UK)


Email Support
CustomerService.Asia (at) (Asia users)
customer (at) (general)

Live Chat
To chat live with Western Union customer service agents click here

Western Union Locations
To locate a Western Union agent at your country to send or receive money click here. You can search by street address, city, postal code or agent name. You can also view the location map.

Send Money
Click here send money through Western Union. You can send money to over 200 countries. You can pay with your bank account, or even with credit or debit card. If you are located in US, you can also send money online. You can also send money from one of 46,000 agent locations in the US. Visit the website to locate a Western Union agent nearest to your street. In addition to sending money in person you can also send money over phone.

Western Union Gold Card
With a gold card you can send money faster and can even earn points on Western Union transfer fees. You can even upgrade to Western Union Gold Card Prepaid MasterCard. You can get the card without a credit check or bank account.

Money Order
Why not use Money Order instead of checks so you can safely cash it or deposit in banks. You can buy money orders at any Western Union agent locations.

Gift Cards
Gift Cards can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. You can send a personalised gift card on special occasions such as for birthdays and anniversaries. To purchase a gift card right now click here

Prepaid Cards
Through Western Union prepaid cards you can enjoy benefits such as no maintenance fees, transaction fees, no bank account or credit check, free payroll direct deposit, you can add money at over 46,000 agent locations, you can use the card anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted. You can even earn rewards and manage your account online. To purchase Western Union credit cards right now click here.

About Western Union
contact western unionWestern Union was founded in the year 1851 as the New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company. Western Union is currently the leading global money transfer company that has over 470,000 agent locations in 200 countries. Western Union offers money transfer from website or agent location, money order services, payment and prepaid services. In 2006, Western Union handled some 147 million money transfers. The Colorado-headquartered company employs some 7,000 people worldwide. In 2010, Western Union had revenue of $5.2 billion.

Services – Western Union offers money transfer options such as sending money online, in person, by phone, in minutes transfer, next day transfer, three day transfer or inmate trust fund. In addition you can pay bills online (choose from over 10,000 billers to pay) or through Prepaid MasterCard. There is also Money Order through which sending money is fast and easy with over 380,000 agent locations worldwide. In US, consumers can also make their bill payments for their mortgages, auto insurance, auto loans, phone bills, credit cards and much more. Mobile transfer is also fast catching up with Western Union now having more than 3.6 billion mobile phones active worldwide. In Asia, more than 40 banks and postal institutions are Western Union agents. Online money transfer is currently available in Australia, Netherlands, Austria, New Zealand, Canada, France, Sweden, Germany, UK, US and Italy.

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  1. Narjis Reply

    I received emails many times , like printed a proper letterhead of western union, that my email chosen to received $15000,000 and everyday I will receive from any branch of western union the sum of $7,6000 .
    They are asking my personal details.
    I believe it’s all fake as lots of people get conscious to see these type of messages or emails and they sent their personal details to vonerable persons , but innocent people’s don’t really understand that how badly those cunts can use their ID.
    I think western union should send all their customers a warning email or alerts to all their customers that these type of emails or messages are fake.
    If it’s true lat me know or prove it …

  2. SJ Reply

    How can I know the list of countries where Western Union has its offices? I would like to secure my transactions hence would need a clarification on this.

  3. abid Reply

    i want a local agent in barcelona spain give me commercial office numbers

  4. omotosho kunle Reply

    My name is Omotosho. I received the following message saying I won an award. Is it true?

    “Dear Sir / Madam,
    For 160 years, Western Union has been connecting people. At Western Union, there’s so much more than money you’re sending. Every sender and receiver is important to us. To celebrate our 160th anniversary, we’re rewarding some of our customers with prizes of £100, 000……”

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