Contact Twitter: Find below customer service, support details of Twitter, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on Twitter tweets, technical support, user account, security or password issues. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on Twitter services.

Twitter Head Office
Twitter, Inc.
795 Folsom St., Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94107

Twitter Customer Service (Phone)
To reach Twitter support through phone call 1-415-222-9958.

Twitter Email Support
You can reach the Twitter support online by clicking here or by writing to [email protected]

Report Security Issue/Vulnerability
To report a Twitter security issue or vulnerability click here

Reset Twitter Password
Forgot Twitter passowrd? Or think its hacked? Reset your Twitter password by clicking here

Twitter Help
To access Twitter help page to search for questions/answers click here

Find Friends
To find friends or interests on Twitter click here

Twitter Mobile
To download Twitter for mobile phones, whether iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry or others click here or visit on your mobile device.

About Twitter
twitter logoTwitter was founded by Jack Dorsey in the year 2006. Twitter is today ranked as one of the ten-most-visited websites online. The microblogging site was launched in the name “Twttr”. People can read, write and share messages of up to 140 characters on Twitter. Twitter has 460,000 new sign-ups daily and has over 200,000,000 registered users. In fact each day 155,000,000 Tweets are posted per day. Twitter handles 1.6 billion search queries ecah day. The social networking site, headquartered in San Francisco, employs over 500 people. Besides English, Twitter is available in French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. To sign up for a Twitter account visit

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  1. Solon Reply

    Whenever i reply or mention someone it doesn’t appear on their notifications. But it appears on timeline. I am having this problem since March-April of 2016. I don’t know why ! So I tried to talk to the support in twitter but of course they will not get my mention. Any solution?

  2. Annette Marcantonio Reply

    My Twitter password will not work with Social oomph????
    Why is this? Can you help please. I don’t want to have to go back and change my passwords again. The password works on everything else.

  3. Shannon Plumb Reply

    My account has been locked due to ‘unusual activity’ as one of my tweets had an usual amount of retweets and likes and I now need my password reset to reactive it.

    I have logged into my email account and checked through my inbox, junk mail etc and have still not received a email to reset my password.

    I need to change my email address on my account however It wont let me

  4. Shahanuzzaman Reply

    Whenever i reply or mention someone it doesn’t appear on their notifications. But it appears on timeline. I am having this problem since March-April of 2016. I don’t know why ! So I tried to talk to the support in twitter but of course they will not get my mention. Any solution?

  5. Karen Reply

    How do i talk to someone about my twitter account. I can’t get this new direct message update where you get the blue tick when someone reads your direct messages
    I have tried up dating twitter and uninstalling and re installing it but it hasn’t worked. My phone is up-to-date as well. How do I get this feature. Please help

  6. Josh Reply

    Every time I open the twitter app on my IPhone, my timeline automatically refreshes to the most recent news story at the top. This used to not be the case. In the past I would open app and it would still be at the last event I read on my timeline. How do I get it to go back to this setting? This seems to have happened after I had a twitter update a couple of days ago.

  7. Vivienne Sang Reply

    I am not getting emails about comments, mentions, retweets or new followers any more. I also want to change my profile photo. I can’t get any help with either of these as there seems to be no way to make a direct contact with twitter and the faqs aren’t covering my problem!

  8. mohammed Reply

    My followers on twitter not getting notifications when I mention them.. I don’t know why! so I tried to talk to the support in twitter but of course they will not get my mention.

    Also if i tweeted in #tag no one will see my tweet, even though my account is not private.

  9. Ian Willis Reply

    Since 4th june twitter is slow and unresponsive. Pages fail to upload and uses up my battery. If you cannot fix can I please go back to the old twitter? It is so frustrating. I have tweeted this twice to support and sent a previous email with no reply. Please help. Thanks.

  10. Dianne McLafferty Reply

    I want to cancel my account do not have an option with my my Mac computer or my amazon fire. How can I cancel. Idonot find twitter useful anymore

  11. Charlotte Reply

    I’m getting so frustrated! I have an account that was open over 7 years ago and hasn’t been used in 6 yeah but you won’t resolve it because I no longer have the email address for that account or password. You can clearly see that it hasn’t been used in over 6 years so I don’t understand why it hasn’t been automatically deleted or you haven’t deleted this. Please email me to sort this out I can sent in ID

  12. Vicky Reply

    I have spent the best part of 5 hours trying to deactivate my account. Guess what? You wont let me. I tried using the help centre and still didn’t work. So how am I supposed to deactivate my account?

  13. Aditya Reply

    My phone rebooted and I lost my logged in accounts. I had three connected Twitter accounts and Twitter is only allowing me access to two of them. The third one, I have been asking them to send a reset to the connected email. Every attempt over the last month or so has been futile. Everytime I ask for help, you claim I ‘may’ still be logged on via some device… No, no I am not. Please help out by making your site work properly. How am I supposed to send you a confirmation/problem id through a tweet from the same account I have a problem logging into? What sort of logic is that?

  14. Sarah Reply

    Recently I’ve had numerous accounts on Twitter and all over social media suspended for impersonating my 10 year old daughter and myself. My daughter is an actor and her online Google search is very important to her. Prior to this no one in my family used Twitter.

    I need the identity of this person released to me and or all information Twitter has connected to identifying him released to me. I have a right to protect us from further damage to my daughters reputation and to protect our personal physical safety. I am interested in pursuing legal action and forwarding more information to police so this person can be stopped. It is my fear he is hurting children and using Twitter etc… To connect with these children.

    Could someone please contact me with some help regarding this matter. He won’t stop doing this . An account he was using photos of my daughter in I had suspended I see is now up and running. It’s called @childstars2. He hacked these photos from my private fb. There’s another girl on this account and I’m certain her parents did not release or allow her photos on this Twitter account.

    It’s insane that Twitter doesn’t employ people to deal with such matters as impersonating children on Twitter. It took 2 days to remove an account impersonating my 10 year old daughter. There is NO excuse for this. It’s disgusting. When someone impersonates another online their identity should automatically be exposed and their IP banned permanently.

  15. Gail Curti Reply

    Just purchased the new iPad Air. All the data was transfer from the old iPad to the new iPad. The only app I cannot access is my Twitter account. When they ask for the password it does not recognize or my password and email do not match. I am at a lost. Where do I go from here. I did request a password reset. Still cannot access my account. Help!!!!!

  16. Sonja Robeck Reply

    I need to delete my Twitter account. Haven’t used it in over 5 years. That account is tied to an email address that I deactivated years ago because it was compromised and can’t recover it. Can my Twitter account get deleted? Username is Sonja_Robeck. Let me know what info you need. No cell# is tied to this account.


  17. Jerry Steiner Reply

    I am currentlly using Windows Vista HomePremium 32 bit. My browser version being IE9. The last I signed on to twitter a version of twitter that I was not familiar with. I signed on and when I tried to sign off I couldn’t find the sign off spot. I panicked and finally got signed off. If I sign on to twitter again will I be able to sign off with out any problem?

  18. Vanessa Reply

    When I try to find contacts through my phone number it says it’s already in use and I need to get rid of it on the other account before I can add it to my account now which I only found password and signed on today after 2 years. I don’t know of any other account and I’ve had this number for over 8 years now. What can I do? There’s no point in this without my contacts and people to talk to. Thank you.

  19. Elke Hassell Reply

    I have been trying in vain to get my twitter unlocked. I reported this issue on the suggested channels but to no avail. I do not feel that my account was compromised and I am the authentic owner of this account. Please resolve this issue

    • john Reply

      Hi elke. That is the same problem am having at the moment and it is so frustrating and annoying. Pls do you know of anyway it can be undone? Thanks.

  20. jane Reply

    No idea how this happened, but my Twitter account assumes I have become Russian or that I speak Russian, which is not true. I can’t contact customer service because that page also converts to Russian.

    Please help.

  21. Andrea Reply

    Every single time I try to log in to Twitter, I get “the email & password you have entered does not match our records”! I am tired of it! I am tired of changing my password….the last time was on 1/4/15 & I haven’t been on Twitter since….due to this continuous problem! I did NOT forget my password! I have ALL my passwords written down in a safe place plus they are in a safe place on my computer! I have 2 email addresses & tried both, even, though I rarely use Google’s [[email protected]]! I refuse to change my password again! If you say I have to, I will delete my account & make sure I let everyone I know about my experience with Twitter! I would use Twitter more often, if it weren’t for this reoccurring problem! I can’t & won’t deal with this again!

  22. don merry Reply

    My account is still locked I did not get one security up date from twitter, not one e-mail from twitter, this is the worst customer service I have ever seen, I am going to write a letter to Microsoft on Monday and see what they can do, thanks for nothing. Don Merry

  23. Shelly Reply

    I am having an issue with my twitter account. For some reason its connected to my personal facebook account and its supposed to be connected with my fan page. Ive tried several things to fix this but alas I have not been able to fix it. I dont want my tweets on my personal pages I want them on my business pages.

  24. James Carver Reply

    Once I log in, why does the account freeze on the home page and not respond to any command?

  25. corrine Reply

    I keep getting an error with the security certificate. Tried several times. I am trying to establish my account. It is not a fake one.

  26. peter Reply

    Am trying to call the numbers, but it doesnt work. Need to get to the customer support for a request.

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