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Garuda Indonesia Head Office
Garuda Indonesia Building Jl.
Medan Merdeka Selatan
No. 13 Jakarta, 10110 Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia Customer Service
0 804 1 807 807
or 62 21 2351-9999

Email Garuda Indonesia
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Garuda Indonesia Offices

Germany: (49-61-5) 206024
Italy: (39-06) 42013289
Netherlands: (31-20) 550 2600
UK: (44-20) 74678661

Saudi Arabia
Dammam (966-3) 864 4527/ 5638/ 8847
Jeddah (96-62) 665 6121/ 665 8730
Riyadh (96-61) 216 0855/56

Qatar: (974) 4622122

Abu Dhabi (971-2) 633 8700
Dubai (971-2) 3976161
Muscat (968-2) 470 2820

(86-10) 58797699
(86-21) 5239 1000 Ext 188/189

Hong Kong: (85-2) 2840 0000

Nagoya (81-52) 222 4771
Osaka (81-6) 6635 3222
Tokyo (81-3) 3240 6161

Korea: (82-2) 773 2092/5
Taiwan: (88-62) 2507 3037
Malaysia: (603) 2162 2811
Singapore: (65) 62502888
Thailand: (66-2) 285 6470
Philippines: (63-2) 5238581-88
Vietnam: (84-8) 87300 5858 / 7305 5888
New Zealand: (64-9) 366 1855

Adelaide (61-08) 82312636
Brisbane 1300365330
(61-07) 38350400
Melbourne (61-3) 8663 0222/ 0297
Perth 1300 365 331
Sydney 1300 365 331 /(61-2) 9334 9944

(416) 9243175
(604) 6897479

California (818) 9907083
Chicago (312) 3290053
Houston (713) 8771942
New York (212) 2790756

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Baggage Information
For checked baggage, Economy Class passengers can carry 20kg while Executive Class passengers can carry up to 30kg. For cabin baggage, passengers are allowed to carry one baggage, weight not exceeding 7kg and 115 linear cm. Visit the website for more details.

About Garuda Indonesia
garuda-indonesia-pictureGaruda Indonesia was founded in the year 1949 and is the national carrier of Indonesia. The airline flies to over 45 destinations, including the Middle East and Australia. Garuda Indonesia operates from its main hubs at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Ngurah Rai International Airport and Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport. Garuda Indonesia was named as the World’s Most Improved Airline by Skytrax during 2010 World Airline Awards. The airline further won Indonesia Best Brand Award – Best Brand Platinum 2010. Skytrax has given the airline a 4-star ranking.

Garuda Indonesia destinations include Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Seoul, Guangzhou (Canton), Beijing, Shanghai, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Dubai, Amsterdam, Banda Aceh, Medan, Pekan Baru, Batam, Padang, Palembang, Palu, Jakarta, Ampenan, Kupang, Kendari, Biak, Ternate, Solo, Jambi, Malang and more.

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  1. Debbie Noonan Reply

    We were in business class row 7 on last nights flight from Bali to Perth. When the galley started to prepare food for dinner service passages in row 6 in front of us where surrounded by cockroaches, the young teenage girl had them running all over her and she was very traumatised and thanks to another passenger changed seats. Unfortunately it didn’t stop there as we were all then subjected to roaches running all over the overhead luggage compartment in the business section the entire flight home. Sadly staff choose to ignore passengers complaint or pointing them out centimetres for the stewardess head. We pay a lot of money to fly business and travelling with cockroaches is not what I expected to pay for.

  2. Jabeen Reply

    Flight: GA-862
    Flight Date: 21/06/2017
    Passenger Name: Ms. Jabeen Dodani
    Seat Number: 37K
    ETKT No. 126133889458201

    Request for Improved Customer Service.

    1. This is to kindly bring to your notice that I am a Jakarta-based passenger who travelled with 3 other passengers as family members to Mumbai with details mentioned above.

    2. I am a passenger who will provide positive and negative feedback when it’s due but unfortunately on this instance, it’s the latter. The fact is that, if I did not provide this feedback, then it would be my and family last time travelling with your airline and with this I still have hope that my feedback will be taken on-board, investigated and improvements made in accordance to your status as one
    of the world’s best airlines.

    3. I would like to draw your attention towards the misbehaviour by the cabin crew on the abovementioned flight with names mentioned as follows:

    a. Novelita
    b. Intan

    4. Various incidents described as follows:

    a. When we boarded the flight from Jakarta, we asked your cabin crew if we will be de-boarding while in transit at Bangkok and all we got were blank faces and they had no clue.
    b. I requested for drinking water from Novelita which was declined using the reason that it will only be served when meal services commence. What kind of an excuse is this? What if I was a passenger who needed to take my medication on time or any other bonafide reason?
    c. Vegetarian Oriental Meal was not given to me on the Bangkok-Mumbai Leg until I asked the cabin crew.
    d. My child was not offered a meal until we asked for one and then it was provided. On both encounters meals were served cold. Cabin attendants cared less on this instance and did not offer an apology or neither offered other means to remediate the same.
    e. My husband asked for red wine and received a response that each flight is equipped with 2 bottles of wine and it got over halfway serving passengers. Just so you are aware, that I have been travelling to India and other countries round the world using other well-known NON-BUDGET airlines but never ever have I heard of anything ridiculous and bizarre reason as this one. For once I was thinking if we were in the wrong flight until I noticed the Flight Safety card in front of my seat and was reassured of being on the right one but unfortunately facing a Shocking experience! Again, not even an apology or a smile was offered.
    f. Another incident that took place when some passengers requested for blankets and were advised by one of the cabin attendant that they had run out of it until another colleague arrived, opened the overhead compartment and found a whole sealed pack. What’s funny here is that, your staff is working in a fashion like one hand does not know what the other hand is doing. Aren’t all cabin attendants suppose to know where things and equipment are kept? Adding insult to injury, some passengers did not even get any food as part of the meal service because there were insufficient meals on-board. While this part affected other passengers that I personally knew of, but then I am putting myself in their shoe and this could have happened to me as well!
    g. To hammer the last nail in the coffin, when these affected passengers asked the staff of the insufficient meals, they got the most unbelievable response which was, the cabin crew themselves didn’t have any meals for themselves to open their fast!

    5. Observation:
    a. I have been travelling the world using various airlines and never once did I get this response from any cabin crew. It’s shocking that Garuda Indonesia being an esteemed airline and recently received an award from SkyTrax as having one of the world’s best cabin crew behaving in a shocking manner. Unbelievable!
    b. On a positive note, I had last travelled by Garuda on a return journey to/from Perth on the 25th April 2017 – 2nd May 2017 and it was an amazing experience.
    c. Based on Point B, I can’t help thinking and observing that flight to Mumbai was terrible but flight to Perth was amazing. Why? Isn’t there supposed to be consistency of service regardless of destination being serviced? Only Garuda Indonesia can respond to this internally.

    h. I am not saying that everyone should be perfect. I too have had this experience with other airlines in the past BUT the ONLY DIFFERENCE here is that the other airline cabin attendant offers an apology with a smile unlike yours that has caused me to take out more energy to express my disappointment via this letter.
    i. Is the cabin attendant to be blamed entirely? NO. They just happened to be a drop of lime that spoiled the entire milk which is the airline company in this case. We would not be raising this with you if proper training and professional service delivery were taught to them. So unfortunately, Garuda Indonesia has a HUGE role to play in this.
    j. A humble recommendation from a disappointed passenger to you would be to improve the overall flight experience right from Ground Service to Airborne v.v. and ensure this kind of experience is no longer happening to any other passenger.

    Thank you for your attention.


    Jabeen Dodani & Family

  3. John Mangan Reply

    • I booked flight for 3 persons
    • 9th September – return 16th September. Cost $2626.74
    • Realised I had put wrong return date which should have been 17th September.
    • Rang Garuda whom then charged $308.41 to change to return 17th September..
    • received my Visa statement and found Garuda cancelled my previous flight my credit card was again charged another AUD $2626.74 as a duplication.
    This was 26th of April- Now on 3rd of June after many emails I have not received a credit or confirmation from Garuda instead I get my bank to investigate.
    This is now 6 weeks and all I get is polite replies to stay patient.
    • Please confirm if will be done or I get my bank to follow up.
    It would also be nice if I could get a reply from [email protected] emails responded to to confirm what happened and when will be rectified?
    I see there is no customer service email address, if so can I have this or your head office address to follow up for answers,
    This has cost me due to the extra 27,500,000 Rupiah on my credit card and no one has helped return it prior to it becoming due.

  4. Angie Briggs Reply

    I would like to lodge an official complaint about Garuda Indonesia for their appalling “Customer Service”, how I was treated at a check-in desk and false information given to me about boarding.

    I booked with Garuda a so-say “5 star company” to fly from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur via Jakarta. When boarding at Amsterdam, I was told I was not allowed to get on the flight unless I showed an onward ticket from Indonesia. I showed them my flight to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and I was told it wasn’t acceptable as it wasn’t one of the “valid countries”. I have since found this out to be completely untrue! How do I know it’s untrue? Because I applied for a Visa in Indonesia and booked a flight from Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and it was accepted! So, if an official Government office can accept a flight out of Indonesia to Malaysia, why couldn’t Garuda?

    I was forced to buy a ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Thailand, a ticket I never had any intention of using purely to be allowed to board the flight. This had to be paid for out of my own pocket and I would like a refund for this ticket as it was NOT required. I don’t know what power trip the lady at the check-in desk was on, but it was FALSE INFORMATION which caused me a great amount of distress at that moment in time and upset me greatly.

    I do not like to be given FALSE INFORMATION by a company who I supposed to trust and I certainly do not like to be told I cannot board an airline WHEN I COMPLIED WITH FLIGHT REGULATIONS. Just to be clear, to enter Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, you are given a Visa upon arrival stamp … it’s a completely different country with it’s own visa regulations!! I wanted to leave this comment in public and I will be writing privately for a refund.

  5. Mark Reply

    I was on the GA714 flight from Bali to Sydney on the 23 April 2017. I was booked on the business class. This section was serviced by 2 air stewardess. I must commend the younger lady who went beyond her normal duty to ensure that we were comfortable. I now know why Garuda Indonesia is one of the top airlines in the world. Keep it up.

  6. Elainre Sewell - james xuereb Reply

    I have written to you before and was not happy with the response. I had my phone stolen on your plane 29 January Sydney to Denpasar , also flight going over , no TV was working, so long flight, you also ran out of Indonesian food, again your flight was empty how does this happen. The original response I got from you was shocking. We are frequent flyers and a member of your fly points. No 6008949066667624.

    I run my business out of my phone and the amount of money I lost through it was substantial , not to mention once phone was stolen all accounts were hacked and I lost quite a few customers through it. You say have put a report in , rubbish , iv seen so many complaints written here regarding stolen phones and ipads that have been left on plane. The response I got from you that it was my responsibility, how dare you come back with that. Its your responsibility to make sure there is TV working on board , and enough food on board and more importantly screen your staff so you don’t employ dishonest people . I look forward to hearing from you again with a better response.

    If I wanted budget airline I would fly Jetstar. Please do not come back with a sorry and hope to see you soon .

  7. Ciara Roche Reply

    To whom it may concern,

    I am writing regarding issues we had while making our journey from Sydney to Amsterdam with Garuda Indonesia.
    Date 20/7/2016

    Firstly we flew from Sydney to Bali on flight garuda indonesia 715 @10.25am 20/7/2015.

    Our flight was late taking off therefore, sat on the runway for over 1hour. We arrived at our hotelwith no luggage. We we told we would receive our luggage the following day but did not receive for 3days. We finally received our luggage at midnight. It was disgrace how first 3days spent with no luggage no clothes and promised it everyday from your airline, not good enough.

    We continued our journey from Bali to Jakarta flight garuda indonesia 421 @7.55pm. We got got a conncting fight from Jakarta to amsteedam flight 88 @10.30pm. Our flight was delayed from Jakarta to Amsterdam by 2 hours.
    We had a connecting flight from Amsterdam to Dublin catch and therefore missed that. We had plans for our families to stay in a hotel in Dublin and had to cancel and lost out on a lot of money. This was a major inconvenience to us and our families who had to book days off work in advance. This as you can imagine was very upsetting. Us and our families don’t have a lot of money so we we absolutely devastated.

    We arrived in Amsterdam at 10.30am 30/7/2016. We were handed 2 voucher to attend a lounge while waiting for connecting flight which was not until 5.30pm (7hours) later. We went to garuda help desk and no one was there for help. We walked about with 5 bags of luggage with nobody to help us check in. This is a disgrace after a long flight. This is unacceptable as 2 paying customers to be treated like this. I dont think its acceptable. We were tired and couldn’t get a shower because of lack of help. We are very unhappy with all of this. Firstly with 3 days of our holiday with the baggage and secondly the way we were treated when we missed our connecting flight. We are unhappy customers.

    Can you please get back to me regarding this matter.

    Ciara Roche

  8. Marie Seraphim Reply

    I would like to file a complaint against Garuda Indonesia airline and staff due to the outrageous events that took place during my flights on the 10th of April 2015. Never in my life have I been so badly treated by airline staff and I demand explanations and compensation for this unacceptable behaviour. For an airline of your supposed standing, this is unforgivable and I am very tempted to go public with my experience. Please see below the details of the offence.
    On the 10th of August 2016, I went on your website to do the online check in for my two flights with your airline, Bali Denpasar to Jakarta (GA 0653 at 14:30) and Jakarta to Abu Dhabi (GA 9927 at 17:30). Upon the check in, I noticed there was something wrong with the time. While I was meant to fly at 14:30, the website announce my flight would not depart until 19:35. Hoping for a glitch in the system, I called your costumer centre. On the phone I was announced that the flight had been delayed, and that therefore my reservation for my Jakarta-Abu Dhabi flight was postponed by 24h. I was never informed of the first delay and never informed that my second reservation had been changed. When I asked about why I was not informed, I was told that it was because my travel agency never supplied an email or contact information. After this call, I called my travel agency where they assured me that Garuda definitely had contact information, so it is unacceptable that changes were done to my reservation without anyone telling me!
    When I arrived at the airport, I thankfully was transferred to an earlier flight so that I could make my Jakarta-Abu Dhabi connection. However I was told that the changes that were done to my flight reservations were not reversible. I expressed my confusion as I never demanded those changes, and even though those had been made by your airline, your staff were incapable of dealing with it. They told me that the change could only be reversed by your staff in Jakarta even though it would have been easy enough for your staff in Bali to make the call. Therefore I was faced with the possibility of having my connecting flight reservation postponed 24h, this being done without ever informing me. In the end I was told by your staff in Bali that someone of your airline would be waiting for me at the airport in Jakarta at the arrival terminal and fix all my problems. When I arrived in Jakarta, there was no one waiting for me. I had to retrieve my suitcase (as it wasn’t followed to my second flight) and take a very expensive taxi to your airline costumer service counter. When I arrived at the counter, I was told that I should have organised the change with your Bali staff! So neither your staff in Bali or Jakarta wanted to take responsibility for my case. I was even sent to the Etihad counter. Even though it was a Garuda flight, it was operated by Etihad and basically your staff tried to get rid of me without even an apology. They were very rude but I went to the Etihad counter anyways. There I was informed that the flight was fully booked and that I would have to wait 24h for the next flight, even though I had a booking since a few months already. I have no idea who took the liberty to cancel my seat but this is just unacceptable. Not once did I receive an apology, not once was I told I would be compensated for a 24h delay. From what I understood, Garuda had overbooked on the Etihad operated flight and left me without a seat. In the end I managed to get Etihad and Garuda staff together to try and work out a solution. They then told me we would need to wait until the very last minute to see if MY seat would free up. I asked to be upgraded to business class (I had verified and there were seats available), they refused. For hours your staff and Etihad staff ignored me and carried laughing and having their own conversations in Indonesian. At one point I tried again to ask what was going on and I was actually shushed by your staff! I have never been so humiliated and angry! In the end after much screaming from my part, they reluctantly granted me MY seat in economy class, after claiming for hours that the flight was full! This was totally ridiculous, I almost missed the plane and had to run through the airport. I was NEVER offered an apology for your ridiculous mismanagement.

    In my life I was never so badly treated by airline staff. I am not afraid to tell my story and yell it on every roof top. Garuda Indonesia is definitely NOT the world class airline you are claiming to be. On this day you have insulted me, lied to me, refused me my seat on the plane (which is illegal by the way), refused to answer my questions and much more! Your staff actually asked me to thank them for being so gracious as to allow me my own seat on the plane!!! The least you could have done is apologise profusely and offer me compensation and a seat in business for the stress and anxiety you caused me and the time wasted! But no, your staff actually expected me to be GRATEFUL!
    I warn you, if you email me back stating that it was Etihad’s fault, I will be very very angry. I want explanations and apologies now for the way I was treated.

    Not respectfully,

    Marie Seraphim

  9. Parvesh Kumar Reply

    Hi I Lost my baggage during travel back from Indonesia in garuda indonesia airways, while transiting at singapore airport. I filled a property irregularity report at lost and found counter. the baggage had an expesive camera DSLR and cloths purchased from DFS worth $(US)300 and other valuable clothes and shopping done at indonesia. request please direct me how can i get the baggage back or claim the baggage money.

  10. Gareth Reply

    Good day

    I would like to complain about the service of Garuda which claims to be a 5 star rating, what myself and my partner (first international flight experience to be noted), experienced was nowhere near 5 start service or a 5 star rated economy class.
    The flight was from Sydney to Jakarta on 11 June on flight GA713

    My issues are as follows:
    – the seats were uncomfortable, leg room was poor
    – on board entertainment was old, outdated and the screens were small
    – no USB charging facility on the seats. Our first connecting flight from Wellington was with Qantas and they even had better on board entertainment and USB points on their screens
    – Indonesian option for food ran out. How is this possible for the national carrier to run out of the Indonesian food choice? To make things worse the flight wasn’t even full, so I would expect to have the full choice for everything
    – My pre-booked seating changed from my initial request when I reserved the seats in row 30, when I did the online check in the seats changed to row 40. I would expect the system to hold my seat if I requested them during my online check in on 27 May.
    – Checking in at Jakarta on our departure was unpleasant as the check in operator did not check the bags all the way through to our final destination, Wellington, this caused major problems for us in Melbourne and Wellington as the bags did not arrive. This matter was taken up separately, but the check in operators should be trained better and should know how to check baggage all the way through to final destination.

    I trust Garuda Indonesia takes these matters seriously as myself, friends and family will never be on a Garuda international flight again due to this extremely poor service and very bad experience.

    Garuda Indonesia have a long way to come to compete with Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Air New Zealand and Qantas.

  11. Johanes Alim Reply

    The worst customer service I ever experienced. I always so proud about Garuda Indonesia, but today I called the customer service regarding my open ticket. I request to use my open ticket but after one hour conversation with the them (including the team leader name edo, when I ask his complete name he said he can’t mention his complete name, anyway he is team leader of customer care night shift 30 May 2016 around 20.00 WIB) finally they said that I need to call other office or to go to airport to make reservation using my open ticket! And he keep give me nonsense suggestion. Really really disappointed with how the customer care work! Hope Garuda which I think one of the best company in Indonesia can improve their customer care team! Regards,

  12. Thanathorn Asanarong Reply

    To Garuda Airways, I am raising a complaint of your slow and extremely bad customer service in refunding my air ticket. You have cancelled my flight and have taken more than 3 months to refund my money. I have emailed several times and have only received a reply stating my refund is being process and to wait 14-30 days. I have been waiting for 3 months and your extremely bad and slow customer service had shows how unprofessional your airline is. How much longer do I have to wait to get my refund? I bought my ticket assuming Garuda provides better service than budget airline but so far you are not living to such expectation. I hope any passenger planning to purchase to rethink before purchasing as my experience has been extremely unhappy.

  13. Anshu Siwal Reply

    Please note yesterday my children were served food with fungus in the fruit bowl. Initially she thought it wascream and she ate one ate one grape. Then she realized there is something wrong and informed the air stewardess who felt sorry and replaced the food. Since she has arrived at home she has vomited three times.
    This is just not the only thing, we requested for vegetarian food on the morning of 24th December at the time of check-in at Garuda Indonesia Senayan City office in Jakarta for flying to Singapore on 25th December i.e 24 hours prior to departure – However we were served Chicken in all the three meals on both our flights from Jakarta to Singapore (25th December 2015) and then Singapore to Jakarta (16th Jan, 2016). I am a Hindu vegetarian and it is against my religion to eat non-vegetarian food.
    So firstly we were served Non-veg food and that too with FUNGUS.
    We hope Garuda will look into this and take appropriate action.
    We also need Garuda Indonesia Airlines to compensate for the same because this is VERY VERY serious issue.
    We have also addressed this issue at Airline Consumer Forum.
    Garuda Confirmation Number – 7V2N4X

  14. Fufu Lawriza Reply

    I am a member of Skyteam elite (GFF Gold). Now I am at GA lounge in Sam Ratulangi Airport in Manado. It has been approx 3 months the door at Male toilet has been broken and has not been repaired yet. No improvement at all. Where is the customer service value of Garuda?

  15. Juha Heinanen Reply

    I had Garuda ticket from Sabang to Medan on Nov 18. On Nov 16 my travel agent informed me that the flight has been canceled and gave phone number in Sabang to call. When I called, I was told that the flight has been canceled due to too few customers! The cancellation caused me lots of trouble, since I had continuation flight booked on LionAir from Medan to Jakarta and then from Jakarta to Makassar on Nov 18 and there was no Garuda flight from nearby Banda Aceh that would take me to Medan early enough. I then asked Garuda to book me a flight one day earlier on Nov 17 from Banda Aceh to Medan and arrange me hotel in Medan where I can wait one night and then catch my continuation flight next day from Medan to Jakarta. They refused to do that.

    Questions: How can Garuda glaim to be 5 Start airline and Pride of Indonesia when they cancel flights at will do not care a bit of their customers (at least normal ones not flying first class)? How come such an airline has been accepted as a member of Skyteam? Is there no consumer protection laws in Indonesia that would apply to airline?

  16. Irna Reply

    A very bad service from customer service regarding my flight from Jakarta. The Garuda service team has a very bad attitude. I have been asked to wait, and I still dont know if anyone is going to call me.

  17. Peter Scaife Reply

    I have been trying to contact Garuda Airlines using its online customer feedback form and have e left 4 messages over past 4 days on it and no-one is getting back to me. Could someone from Garuda please respond to my requests to discuss an important matter I encountered in my recent flight. I have used Garuda’s recommended form to make that request. Why isn’t anyone responding to my enquiry. There is no other channel available to me other than writing a letter to Garuda which I will do if I have to.

  18. R Chivers Reply

    I am trying to trace my lost baggage (a surfboard bag) from Padang via Jakarta via Denpasar but the World Tracer page your link sends me to asks for a 10 digit figure to be entered and the Garuda baggage tag has only 8 digits ie GA123456.
    What digits do I use to fill the blank 2 digits???

  19. Rahul Kapoor Reply

    I am Rahul Kapoor, travelled on 21/09/2014 from New Delhi to Jakarta, Indonesia, as per the attached flight details –

    From New Delhi to Singapore – Jet Airways ,India (9W) – 18 – departed at 8.45. AM
    From Singapore to Jakarta – Singapore to Jakarta – (9W) – 4104 Flight operated by Garuda Indonesia.
    TICKET NUMBER : ETKT 589 5456138897
    Regret to inform that after checked-in my luggage; following things were missing that I noticed when I again got my trolley bag/luggage in Jakarta –

    1- 150 USD (Hundred US dollars) money stolen which was kept inside the baggage;
    2-One medicine pack kept inside baggage also found damaged;
    Trolley bag lock was also found damaged. I was not pleased that incident had happened. I would like to know what I am suppose to do. Please let me know what is the process and whom I should contact to claim this with. Please leave details of numbers or email address of whom I should contact.

    It was astonishing for me to receive such type of service from a reputed airline like you.

    Request you to look into the matter and investigate. I have also sent mail to ‘[email protected]’ however did not get any reply.

  20. Ricky Reply

    Good morning,
    Could someone please advise Amelia Nasution’s e-mail address. I need to contact her regarding the future promotional business. Unfortunately I lost her e-mail address last month when I changed to a new e-mail account.
    Thank you and have a nice day.

  21. Noraida Reply

    I need clarification, when we purchased Garuda Indonsia air ticket, normally there will be insurance as well. Does it still include?

  22. Fify Reply

    Very difficult to web check-in for Garuda Indonesia flight, unlike other airline company. Moreover other airline company gives 1 week day before departure.

  23. Christine Pan Reply

    Flew with Garuda GA 835 from Singapore to Jakarta on the evening of January 24, 2013. Flew with my disabled mother who cannot walk without her face wrenched with pain. Had reserved the flight with wheelchair request. When it was time to disembark, my mother was told to wait until a wheelchair is available. When I looked toward the exit, however, there was no ramp but only stairs to reach the bottom. So I inquire an air stewardess, who said “Oh, I don’t know,” and then referred me to an air steward named Rustam. I take it he is her senior, and I further about how my mother will have access to the wheelchair on the ground. He just plainly told me that mother would have to walk. I tried explaining to him that it is impossible for her to walk. His solution? They will carry her. What year is this – 1900??? Where is the safety in that???? When I pushed for a different solution, he very rudely said that it’s all up to me. The stairs is what’s available. Either my mother walk herself or allow them to carry her. At this point, I could no longer tolerate his behavior and started reminding him that he is in the service business and that I did pay for my flight, to which he basically waved his hand and told me to go off. I berated his attitude, to which he replied that he gave me an attitude because I was also pushing, and he did this while waving his finger on my face. This in Indonesian culture, is very very extremely rude. All this happened witnessed by the pilot and other air stewardess and ground crew, who did not do anything, did not offer help, did not try to resolve the situation. Is this really the world’s most improved airline? Improved in what sense?? My family always try to fly with Garuda out of national pride but after tonight, no more. Everyone should be aware that Garuda, still choose convenience to customer service. Their crew is rude, not knowledgeable, and lazy. This guy especially, do not have an ounce of manners. Do not fly with this airline ESPECIALLY if you need special assistance.

  24. Yulia Reply

    Hello! I forgot the booking code of flight between Jogjakarta and Denpasar (Bali) on 24 December. There was no marks to remember this code…. But anyway, I would like to know how I can take a new code of my flight? By the way from Sunday till today I haven’t get the conformation by mail. Please, help me. Thank’s in advance, Yulia

  25. Nurul Widiati Reply

    I’m Nurul Widiati with my GFF number 121 237 3** I Travelled with Garuda 2weeks ago from jakarta to Batam. I’m so surprised that while I were waiting in Soekarno Hatta waiting room, there’s so many people seated over there, all of the seats were full, because lights had delayed. So it was so crowded. I feel so amazed that the FLIGHT ATTENDANT OF GARUDA INDONESIA WERE SITTING TOO..!!

    Hey! There were some pregnant women in waiting room!! women with children were everywhere…!! How can they be sitting and enjoy their mobile phone, iPod, and show off so much of arrogance.

    Please teach your staff to behave!

  26. Umar Abubakar Reply

    My wife GFF no combined with citibank card is xx. She was the second person to check in for Garuda 167, 4 Oct 2012, from Padang to Jakarta but she got seat in the row 27. How come ? The checking time had just began, its impossible that the plane suddenly went full in a matter of minutes. It seems that the GFF card is not valid in Padang airport. On the other hand GFF card is very effective in JKT-S’PORE Flight. We hope that Garuda will maintain its reputation by employing true customer oriented personnel in Padang.

  27. Amrullah Asnawi Reply

    I think I don’t need to comment anything about Garuda Customer Care. Even the link to Customer care does not work. I have my baggage damage from Incheon to Cengkareng on 21 Oct. I reported on 22 Oct since I read on garuda Website that Passenger can report within SEVEN days international flight. What was Garuda Response? no way dude….my baggage claim is 8039. .

  28. Geoffrey Lloyd Reply

    I joined GFF many years ago and still haven’t received my card although I have called Garuda many times. My # is 815258441. I am concerned that I am losing my credits because I do not have this card and I fly tens of thousands of kilometers each year. Please respond……

  29. Andy Darwin Reply

    Hi my name is Andy Darwin. I got problem that un resolved for 3 weeks already. Garuda charged me 3 times for 1 single flight. The flight was from Bpn to Jakarta on 25 june 2012 night. Transaction date was 24 June 2012. However i forgot the booking no ( nobody going to remember it) under name Andi Darwin Kasan Hidajat.

    The problem started when Garuda rejected 2 times my credit card payment through was said unsuccesful. I did call garuda customer services center and they said it was not paid yet. Then i pay again using debit e-banking. Through Cimb Niaga ( same bank with my credit card). However, garuda did charge me 2 times through my credit card again ( so i paid 3 times for a single flight ).

    I did call customer services 3 weeks ago, they said they r working on my case. Last week i called again they said they r going to return my money. But 1 week passed i dont see that money in my account yet,neither do my credit card. The ticket price was 12425000 IDR. So garuds in total owe me 2485000 IDR. Please somebody check my case !!!

  30. Chaterine Reply

    I want to ask about the GFF. I already signed up for the GFF member. Then was sent to me soft copy for GFF card in PDF form. I forget where the file is stored. How can I re-register to be members of the GFF. thanks

  31. Bianca Reply

    I was a passenger on a flight from Bali to Melbourne last week. I had picked up my baggage at the baggage claim and notice that my luggage had been damaged in transit from Bali to Melbourne. As an executive passenger, I was not pleased that incident had happened. I would like to know what I am suppose to do as a friend just recently informed that i can complain to the airlines for the damaged baggage. Please let me know what is the process and whom I should contact to claim this with. Please leave details of numbers or email address of whom I should contact.
    Thank you

    • jokosmb Reply

      Bianca, just go to Garuda Office in MEL, ask to Customer Service dept. Tell your problem. Don’t forget to bring your ID and baggage tag.

  32. Alexandre Gomes Reply

    Dear sir,

    I will travel with you in September between jakarta and Denpasar and I would like to know if I can take a bag with surfboards. My boards are 5’10” and 6’0 however the smallest bag I can find is 6’6”. Do you charge extra for this? How much?
    the flights are: GA418 on the 27th sep and GA419 on the 12th October.

    Thank you.

  33. steve kent Reply

    Please stop transporting dolphins for travel shows. These are very intelligent sensitive animals and much be cherished and protected. By transporting them your company is an accessory to a crime.

    Thank You,

    Steve Kent

  34. Priyoko Reply

    I lost my baggage in flight from JED to PGK via CGK on 1 of May 2012 flight number GA 0981 and GA 0138. My baggage number is GA 203303. The staff of Garuda in Pangkalpinang said that the baggage still is in process. Already a month but no information even though I regularly contact them. I just want Garuda to answer my question, where is my baggage now?

  35. Emmy Lan Reply

    Dear Garuda Indonesia.

    I’m Emmy, your passenger from GA320 to Surabaya.
    On March 1st 2012, I travelled with Garuda to Surabaya.
    During check in, surprisingly the general check in counter told me that my ticket is not ok to board, therefore they cannot issue the boarding pass for me, and asked me to move one side so the que can move on.
    I wasn’t very pleased with the situation and the way the person handled me. From that moment on, I was assisted by a girl on a green uniform who said she will help me to settle the issue. But after a while, she also gave up and passed my passport, ticket, and credit card to another men. That man then took my credentials and went missing to a room near the cashier. After a while, he also said he cannot help.
    I urgently needed to go to my destination for an urgent business meeting. And by that time he passed back all my stuffs, my plane was almost boarding, and it’s been 1 hour for me standing there without any way out for the issue that I was put in. I have paid the ticket of USD 279 for a business class seat using my American Express card during my booking through internet.
    I hopelessly search for a help to one office to another, yet no one was able to assist me. I was quite tired after my journey, and still have another important meeting to attend.
    Luckily I met one lady with black suit, she was using Garuda tag, and she does willingly help me to settle my problem. After she took my credentials, and ran to the cashier, she requested my permission for additional fee for re-issuing the ticket, after I signed the receipt from my credit card, she was able to issue the ticket for me, and guide me through the check in process until I get my boarding pass ON-TIME. That time, due to rushing time, I had forgotten to compliment her for the service. I hope through this email, you can help me to address my thankfulness for her help.
    I hope Garuda will have more competent people to assist your passenger who urgently need helps in the future. Thank you.

    Emmy Lan

  36. Nanning Reply

    On 12 January 2012 I had a flight booked from Denpasar to Singapore KL 4060 which changed into GA 840. This flight was already delayed 40 minutes before leaving and by the time we arrived in Singapore the delay was one hour. That was very short time for my connection flight KL 0838 from Singapore to Amsterdam. At the counter on the airport I only got little help to go from terminal 3 to terminal 1 (?) with all my bags (4) and as I am a heart patient, I could not walk very fast. So I missed my flight KL 0838 on 12th January.
    Due to all that I had to make arrangements to stay overnight in a hotel, eat and drink, pay again for my overweight luggage (which I had payed already in Denpasar).

    Total amount SGD 1.026,13

    I can show you all original bills

    Would you please be so kind to consider this situation and refund the amount into my bankaccount.

    My insurance does not cover this because there is no medics involved and I asked KLM about this, but they say that Garuda Airlines is responsible because the delay started already in Denpasar.
    It would be very kind of you to refund because from this delay I got many more problems (I could not reach London in time).

  37. A. Hamid Reply

    I have problem with my GFF Card (xx).
    I already call GFF call center many many time(021 4223721 and 021 6528118) but busy..nobody picking
    I got information, my card already expired and need to replace it. I have already filled the new form registration on Nov’ 2011, but until now, i have still not reveived the new card.

    • ira widiya Reply

      I and hubby have a problem with our GFF Card too…
      I would like to redeem my Credit card point with Garuda Millage, unfortunately, the officer rejected due to my expired GGF Card (04/2011).
      Every time, we check-in city in Garuda Office at Jalan Medan Merdeka, the officer doesn’t suggest us to fill the new form.
      How can Garuda Indonesia compete with other Airlines?

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