Since its launch in 2007, the iPhone has continued to be a dominant player in the US mobile landscape, thanks to the sleek design, cutting-edge features, and foolproof software support. While Apple’s smartphone might not still have that ‘wow’ factor that it used to back in the day, it continues to sell reasonably well, almost making up half of the company’s yearly revenue.

There is no denying that the love for iPhones among Americans continues to be a major reason why Apple holds more than 60 per cent of the US smartphone market. And the same is showcased among most US mobile network carriers, allowing users to obtain iPhones at subsidized rates compared to purchasing fully unlocked versions while also offering incentivized upgrade programs, especially for those who want to upgrade every new generation.

If you belong to the iPhone crowd in the United States and want to officially trade in your old device to experience something new, then our extensive guide should help you get a proper rundown of the process that you need to follow.

Steps to Officially Trade-in Your Old Device

Before you begin the trade-in process, it is crucial that you understand the terms and conditions of the process as well as the maximum value you will get for your old Apple device. To do that, visit the official trade-in web page and explore the official trade-in values that Apple currently provides in the US. Once you have done that, follow the steps provided below to kickstart the exchange process.

  1. The primary step involves heading over to the official Apple US online store page.
  2. On the landing page, click on ‘iPhone’ and you will be redirected to the iPhone section, where you will be able to browse through the available list of Apple smartphones for sale.
  3. Once you find your preferred model, click on the ‘Buy’ option, and you will be redirected to a new web page, where you need to select your desired color and storage.
  4. After that, under the ‘Apple Trade-In’ section, select the make and model of your old Apple device that you are planning to exchange. Additionally, you also need to disclose your device’s current condition. Once you do that, the estimated trade-in value will be shown on your screen.
  5. If you choose to accept Apple’s trade-in offer, the trade-in amount will be deducted from the cost of your new device, and the final price will be showcased to you.
  6. After that, you need to choose your preferred mobile network carrier and also determine whether you require an Apple Care protection plan.
  7. Once done, click on ‘Continue’ and you will be redirected to a new page, where you will be required to activate your new smartphone with your mobile network carrier.
  8. After activation, you will be required to pay the remaining amount as well as ship your old device to Apple’s designated address.

Finally, once the new device gets delivered to your doorstep, your exchange process will be successfully completed.

How to Exchange if Buying on Amazon US

Amazon US also offers a robust trade-in process for Apple devices, and if you would like to use their service instead, then be sure to follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Begin by first heading over to the Amazon US trade-in store page.
  2. Proceed to first sign in to your Amazon account, and after that, select ‘Cell Phones’ as your device category.
  3. After that, choose your old device’s manufacturer, model, and condition, based on which Amazon will provide you with a maximum estimated trade-in value quotation.
  4. If you choose to accept Amazon’s valuation figure for your old Apple smartphone, click on ‘Continue’.
  5. Once you confirm the trade-in order, you will be required to ship your old device to Amazon’s designated warehouse, which will notify you via email.
  6. After Amazon receives your device in the mail and it passes their inspection process, an Amazon Gift Card, equal to the trade-in value of your device, will be provided to you (or directly credited to your Amazon account).

You can then use the gift card balance to purchase a new smartphone of your choice from Amazon US.

Other Platforms to Consider in Your Region

In addition to opting for trade-in offers via Apple and Amazon, you can also look for third-party vendors operating in the United States, such as Swappa, eBay, or Decluttr.

Third-party trade-in platforms operate in the same way as Apple or Amazon, where you need to first state the make and model of your old device. And then, based on its current condition, you will be provided with the estimated trade-in value. If you decide to accept the offer, your device must be shipped to the company’s address, following which an inspection process will be carried out. Once your device passes the verification process, you will receive your payment.

The aforementioned websites can also help you purchase refurbished devices at competitive rates, helping you to save money and be environmentally conscious.