Wyndham Hotels And Resorts was founded in 1969 as a subsidiary of Ramada Inns. Featuring multiple sub-brands, the company’s goal was to cater to a multitude of customers with their offerings. From economy hotels to distinctive resorts – Wyndham Hotels and Resorts have it all under their belt.

Being the largest hotel franchising company in the world, the brand operates more than 9,100 hotels across 95 countries, Wyndham Hotels And Resorts allows travellers to choose from a wide range of hotel properties at competitive prices. For those frequently booking rooms, Wyndham offers a rewards programme, where members can earn points and then redeem them for upgrades, free nights, and other essential benefits.

If you are a member of the Wyndham Rewards programme and you happen to notice some missing points from your account that you are destined to receive for previous bookings, then be sure to follow our all-inclusive guide for more details on how to claim them.

Steps to Claim Missing Points Online

Wyndham Reward Points combine the reward points from three of its sister enterprises, namely Hotels By Wyndham, Caesars Rewards Destinations, and Wyndham Vacation Clubs. Reward points gained from each of the above-mentioned corporations will be credited to your account, depending on varying timelines.

For Hotels By Wyndham, if you checked out more than five days ago and still have not received your reward points, then you are eligible to apply for a claim. For Caesars Rewards Destinations, if you checked out more than 10 days ago and still have not received your reward points, then you can file a claim. Lastly, for Wyndham Vacation Clubs, if you have not received your reward points even after checking out more than 30 days ago, then you will be able to file a claim.

It should be known that no points are provided for Wyndham’s other sister enterprises, such as Vacasa Vacation Rentals, Cottages.com, and Landal GreenParks. Also, the company states that there can be several reasons why reward points might be missing from your account. For instance, if the total amount of your stay was less than $25, then no reward points will be granted. Similarly, if you have booked your reservation via a third-party service provider, then no reward points will be granted as well. Lastly, it can also be possible that you have previously redeemed your points for a free night’s stay.

With the crucial terms out of the way, it is time to focus on the steps you need to follow to file your claim right away.

  1. Start the claim process by heading over to the official website here.
  2. On the landing page, click on “Missing Points” as your primary issue, and you will be greeted with a claim form that you are required to fill out.
  3. Proceed to enter your name, address, phone number, email address, and membership number. Ensure that the details you provide are the same as those in your Wyndham Rewards account.
  4. Once done, you need to choose whether you are missing points for “Hotel Stay” or “Partner Earning”.
  5. If you have chosen “Hotel Stay,” then you need to enter your reservation details, such as your name and confirmation number. Alternatively, if you have chosen “Partner Earning,” then you need to enter your earning partner’s name, describe your issue in detail, and attach a document or photo to support your claim.
  6. Once done, hit “Submit”. A confirmation message will also be sent to your registered email address.

How to Contact Customer Support

Interested individuals can get in touch with Wyndham’s customer support either via live chat or via email. To perform any one of the aforementioned actions, simply visit the official “Contact Us” web page here.

Live chat is available from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 9 PM EST and from Saturday to Sunday between 9 AM and 6 PM EST. Additionally, you can expect a response from email support within 48 hours.

Finally, you can also contact Wyndham’s customer care via phone at 1-866-996-7937. Phone lines are open from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 11 PM EST and from Saturday to Sunday between 9 AM to 6 PM EST.

Overview of the Program

Whether you are travelling for a vacation or your profession, Wyndham Rewards offers you more ways to travel and helps you obtain the rewards you want. With Wyndham Rewards, you will be able to earn points on qualifying stays, which can then be utilised later on for online shopping.

You will get reward points for various booking activities on the Wyndham website and network, and then later redeem them for free nights. Currently, Wyndham Rewards supports more than 50,000 hotels, vacation rentals, and vacation club resorts around the world, which means you will never run out of choice. Some of the other benefits have been listed below.

Members will have the freedom to redeem their reward points the way they want. For instance, you will have the option to spend 7,500, 15,000, or 30,000 points per bedroom when opting for free nights, which will be available at multiple Wyndham Rewards properties across the globe.

By simply redeeming 1,500, 3,000, or 6,000 points per bedroom, you can get discounted nights on your stay at participating properties. Additionally, you will earn points for every dollar you spend on your stay.

For every qualified stay, Wyndham Rewards offers 10 points per dollar or 1,000 points – whichever is higher – to their members.

Lastly, Wyndham Rewards also offers benefits for active and retired military personnel, veterans, and their spouses, such as bonus points, discounts, and more.