Occupying the Malay Peninsula, Malaysia is a multi-ethnic society featuring a constitutional monarchy. The fast developing nation with a growing economy boasts of beautiful scenic landscapes and mountains, rich history, and fascinating culture. Malaysia is home to many natural attractions, such as beaches, rainforests, mountains, etc. Also, its diverse cuisine is heaven for foodies who love to try something new.

According to recent reports, the Malaysian economy is the 5th largest in Southeast Asia, primarily because of its export-oriented stature. The country also has a low national income tax, making local food and transport fuel affordable for the common people. It also has a fully subsidised public healthcare system. Malaysia’s GDP primarily depends on the service sector, followed by the industrial and agricultural sectors, ultimately showcasing a low unemployment rate. So, if you are planning to visit Malaysia and want to know the status of your eVisa that you have just applied for, then you can do so by going through our extensive guide in detail.

What are the Steps to Check Visa Status

According to Malaysia Electronic Visa Facilitation & Services, Malaysian visas can only be obtained through the official eVisa website of the Malaysian Government. Foreign nationals must apply for eVisas before entering Malaysia, which will be subject to approval by the Malaysian High Commission/Consulate/Embassy or Immigration Department of Malaysia. Additionally, applicants might be required to submit further documents or be called for physical or virtual interview sessions.

Approval for Malaysian eVisas will be made within two working days from the time of payment, excluding public holidays and weekends. However, the eVisa application will be rejected automatically if the applicant does not confirm the interview or upload the additional required documents within five days from the date of request. Once obtained, the eVisa can be simply printed out in A4 format (either in black and white or colour format) and presented upon arrival in the country. To check your visa status seamlessly, follow the steps provided below carefully.

  1. First, you need to visit the official Malaysian eVisa website here.
  2. On the landing web page, proceed to click on “Returning User Login”. After that, sign in with your registered email address.
  3. Once signed in, head over to your submitted eVisa applications section and look for the current status of your eVisa. Keep in mind that the Malaysian visa authorities may ask for additional documents after application or ask for a physical/virtual interview – either or both of which will be showcased on your eVisa status.
  4. If your eVisa status is in good standing, then you can expect approval within two business days, as mentioned previously.

In addition to the above-mentioned process, you can also verify your eVisa through the official website here, simply by stating your passport number and sticker number.

How to Contact For Help?

The foremost way to get in touch with the Malaysian visa authorities is by heading over to the official website here and then clicking on the “Live Chat” option present in the bottom right corner of your screen. Proceed to state your name, email address, country of origin, and question. After that, click on “Start Chat” and then select the option “Chat With Live Agent”. Live chat is available 24×7.

Overview of Visas

Whether you are opting for an eVisa Single Entry Visa (SEV) or an eVisa Multiple Entry Visa (MEV), the Malaysian Government has created multiple visa types for you to choose from. For the uninitiated, Single Entry Visas are only valid for a single journey to Malaysia within three months from the date of issuance. On the other hand, Multiple Entry Visas are valid for multiple journeys to Malaysia within three months and six months from the date of issuance, based on the purpose of the stay.

Usually, Multiple Entry Visas are valid for only the following purposes: wedding tourism, medical treatment, business, and fly and cruise. Wedding tourism and fly and cruise eVisas will be valid for three months, while for business and medical treatment, the validity is six months. It is recommended to apply for your visa at least two weeks before your departure to Malaysia. To learn more about the eVisa sub-types, be sure to go through the below-mentioned list in detail.

Firstly, general eVisas fall into the following categories.

Tourist eVisa: Ideal for foreigners who require a visa for either single or multiple journeys to Malaysia for the primary purpose of a social visit.

Student eVisa: Students who are planning on a single journey to Malaysia for the primary purpose of education will be required to obtain a student eVisa. Additionally, upon reaching Malaysia, the respective student must obtain their long-term pass.

Expatriate eVisa: Applicants who want to make a single journey to Malaysia for professional employment should apply for this visa. Upon reaching the country, they are required to obtain their long-term pass.

Foreign Workers eVisa: Foreigners who are planning to make a single journey to Malaysia for the main purpose of temporary employment should apply for a foreign worker visa. After landing in Malaysia, a long-term pass will be required.

Apart from general eVisas, Malaysia also offers medical eVisas, which are only valid for medical reasons or treatment, along with entry information for companions (a maximum of two adult companions are allowed).

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