After Oppo became one of the largest smartphone makers in China, they wanted to create a spin-off sub-brand that could directly cater to the budget consumer category. As a result, Realme was born, and its name was intentionally similar to that of “Redmi,” which is also a budget sub-brand of Oppo’s rival, Xiaomi. Thus, the playing field was created from the get-go.

Realme entered the Philippine smartphone market in 2018 and swiftly disrupted the local market with its value-for-money products. Realme smartphones and accessories not only provide competitive specifications at an affordable price but also offer innovative features and a pretty good user experience in the long run. This soon made the company an overnight success among Filipinos.

As of 2023, Realme leads the Philippines market with a 21.1 per cent market share, allowing the company to release some of its popular smartphones in the country, including the Realme C53, Realme C55, Realme 11 Pro+, Realme 11 Pro, Realme 10, Realme 10 Pro, Realme 10 Pro+, and the Realme 11 5G. So, if you own a Realme device that you want to get fixed from one of the company’s very own service centres, then be sure to read through our extensive guide.

How to Book a Repair on the Phone

If you want to book your service centre repair appointment via phone, then follow the steps provided below carefully.

  1. Reach the Realme customer support on 1800 1853 0038 (for PLDT and Smart subscribers) or +63 282712579 (for all other subscribers). Phone lines are live between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM (local time), from Monday to Sunday (excluding holidays).
  2. Once you are on the call, select the option to speak to a customer care executive.
  3. When a customer agent connects to your call session, state your phone make and model, its warranty status, and its serial/IMEI number, and then explain the issue that you are facing.
  4. The representative will then ask for your name, address, and phone number so that a booking can be registered with a service centre near you. Do not forget to state your preferred time for visiting the service centre.
  5. Finally, once the booking is registered, a confirmation message will be sent to your phone number. Now all you have to do is take your device to that specific service centre and get it fixed.

How to Book a Repair via Email

Booking a repair appointment over email is a common practice. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Start by first drafting an email from your preferred email address.
  2. In the “Subject Line” of the email, ensure that you put the word “Repair” and then followed by your Realme device model name.
  3. Then, in the email body, state your full name, phone number, residential address, device serial number and IMEI number, warranty status, and the issue you are facing.
  4. Once done, send the email to [email protected]. Wait for a follow-up email from the company’s customer care.
  5. In the follow-up response, customer care support will walk you through the service centre booking process, and the same will be confirmed to you via your email address or phone number.

How to Locate Nearest Service Center

If you want to find a nearby Realme service centre for your device needs, then follow the recommended steps mentioned below.

  1. First, you need to visit the official service centre locator here.
  2. On the landing page, choose your preferred region for service centres.
  3. Once you have selected your region, the online system will suggest relevant service centres within that area.
  4. Proceed to note down the service centre details that you want to visit, such as the address, operating hours/days, and contact number(s).
  5. Lastly, head over there with your non-working Realme device so that you can get it fixed on the spot.

Types Of Repair

Realme Philippines offers a multitude of repair options for its handset models, and some of the most common repair options have been listed below.

Display Repair: Screen replacements form the most common type of repair for any smartphone brand, which involves changing the exterior glass and internal viewing panel. This is to ensure that any cracks or damages can be mitigated. Keep in mind that each smartphone model has its own screen type, and the cost will differ based on the model and viewing panel type (TFT, LCD, OLED, etc.).

Mainboard Repair: The mainboard or motherboard of a smartphone acts as the “brain” of the device, which means any damage to it can render your device useless. As a result, they require the most expensive repairs. Mainboard failures can happen due to a variety of reasons, such as water damage, overheating, faulty software updates, or extensive device usage.

Battery Repair: Over time, smartphone batteries lose their charge-holding capacities, either because their charge cycles are over or because of excessive fast charging (leading to heat generation). If your Realme smartphone needs to be charged multiple times a day, then a battery replacement is justified.

Camera Repair: Smartphone camera repairs are usually very rare these days, but if your Realme smartphone is not clicking as well as it should, then a trip to the service centre is worth it. Remember that the intrusion of dust inside the camera lens can affect picture quality.

Finally, ensure that you keep an eye out for Realme Philippines’ official support page for any FAQs or troubleshooting guides that you may require, without visiting the service centre. And remember to always check your warranty status after purchase, and maybe sign up for Realme Care+ for extended warranty and repair assistance.