Contrary to popular belief, the global smartphone market has been on the decline since 2021. Due to stagnant smartphone innovation and consumer replacement cycles taking longer, it is no surprise that global smartphone sales are well past their growth stage. However, even in the midst of dwindling demand, Oppo has been able to maintain its market share.

Originally launched in 2001, Oppo entered the Pakistani mobile market as recently as 2017 and quickly became one of the most popular smartphone brands in the country due to its competitive pricing and stylish designs. The Oppo F1s was the first smartphone released by the company in Pakistan, and its success further allowed it to introduce additional models, making Oppo a household brand. Some of the popular models that you can explore include the Reno 6, Reno 6 Pro, Reno 6 Pro 5G, Reno 5, Reno 4, Reno 4 Pro, A57, A96, and Find X2 Pro.

Oppo has also been investing significantly in its service centres located within the country, allowing its customers to swiftly resolve hardware or software issues. Additionally, the company’s aggressive advertising and marketing campaigns, along with a strong retail presence, allow it to enjoy a whopping 13 per cent market share.

Having said that, if your Oppo smartphone is currently acting strange and is not providing the desired performance, then booking a service centre appointment can prove to be indispensable in making your device usable again. To learn more about how you can book a repair appointment, continue reading our guide.

How to Book a Repair on the Phone?

If you are planning to book your repair appointment over the phone, then simply follow the below-mentioned steps for a smooth experience.

  1. Start by first getting in touch with Oppo Pakistan’s customer care at 008009004455. Phone lines are open from 10 AM to 6 PM local time, between Monday and Saturday (excluding holidays).
  2. Navigate through the on-call options and proceed to speak to a customer care executive.
  3. Once a customer care agent connects to your call session, provide your device model name and serial number, and ask for a service appointment booking.
  4. After that, you have to describe the problem you are facing in detail and also state your name, address, phone number, and email address so that the customer care representative can book a service appointment in your name at the nearest service centre in that specific region.
  5. Finally, once the service appointment is registered successfully, you will be notified on-call by the customer care agent. Additionally, you will also receive confirmation messages on your phone number and email address.

Besides calling the customer care, you can also send an email via the official support page here.

How to Book a Repair Online?

For any reason, if you are unable to reach Oppo Pakistan’s customer care via phone, you can still book your repair appointment online via the steps mentioned below.

  1. The primary step involves visiting the official service centre web page here.
  2. On the landing page, click on “Find A Service Center” and then select your preferred city. The online system will then suggest nearby service centres in that region.
  3. Browse through the list of service centres, and once you have found your preferred one, select “Reservation Service”. You will be redirected to a new web page where you will be given an overview of the reservation process, the option to check spare part prices and some reminders. Once you have glossed over them, click on “Start”.
  4. Proceed to first choose your preferred date and time slot for your visit. Once done, click on “Next”. Then you have to enter your name, phone number (with SMS verification code), product type and model, and a description of your device issue.
  5. Lastly, accept the reservation terms and conditions, and then click on “Submit”. A confirmation message will be sent to your phone number regarding the successful appointment booking.

How to Locate Nearest Service Center?

If you are looking to visit your nearest Oppo service centre without any prior appointment booking, simply follow the suggested steps below judiciously.

  1. Start by first visiting the official service centre web page here.
  2. Click on “Find A Service Center” and then choose your preferred city.
  3. The online system will then suggest a notable service centre within that region.
  4. Proceed to obtain a glimpse (and preferably note down) of the service centre credentials, such as the address, phone number, working hours, directions to reach the centre, store details, and parking information.
  5. After that, simply head over to the service centre with your non-working Oppo device and get it fixed right away.

Types of Repair

Oppo Pakistan offers a wide range of repair or replacement options for its smartphone models. Some of the popular options have been listed below.

Display Repair: Faulty or damaged displays warrant a replacement, and the cost depends on the model that you have. Being the most common type of repair, screen replacements are usually completed within the same day.

Battery Repair: Over time, batteries tend to wear out since they have a fixed charging cycle. If your phone’s battery is not holding its charge properly, then a replacement is due. The cost of a battery repair will typically be on the lower side.

Motherboard Repair: Mainboard or motherboard repairs are the costliest repairs for any smartphone and are usually required when the device fails to boot up or is simply dead from water damage.

Other Types of Repair: Some of the less significant repairs include speaker repairs, replacement of the phone’s vibration motor, camera module replacement, back cover replacement, fingerprint sensor replacement, etc.

In addition to learning more about the different types of repair options, you should also keep the user guide for your specific smartphone model handy with you at all times, so that you can troubleshoot any minor issues quickly.

Finally, do not forget to keep an eye out for your Oppo phone’s authenticity and warranty status after purchase so that you can raise service requests whenever you need them.