How to get support for Telegram app

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Telegram is an internet-based messaging app that is a secure alternative to WhatsApp. It focuses on security and speed. It is available free of cost, is simple to use, and efficient for communication. Telegram can be used on all your devices simultaneously i.e. seamlessly syncing your messages across any number of your devices. With 500 million-plus monthly active users, Telegram is one of the top 10 most downloaded apps around the globe.

How secure is Telegram?

Telegram is open. Anyone can check its protocol, source code, & API and make an informed decision. Telegram fully supports verifiable builds allowing independent verification by experts. Telegram is the most secure messenger than other mass-market messengers like Line and WhatsApp.

Telegram is based on the MTProto protocol. This makes security compatible with reliability and high-speed delivery on weak connections. Telegram continuously works with the community in improving the security of their clients and protocol. Telegram messages leave no trace on servers and maintain the secrecy of messages. The only way to access Telegram messages is through the devices of their origin. Telegram encourages security experts to audit their system architecture. It welcomes any feedback at [email protected] If you have any other queries, you can contact Telegram Support (Telegram >> Settings >> Ask a question). To report illegal content, you can write to [email protected]

How to report hacking in Telegram?

Telegram helps when it is related to secure communication and data transfer. It means that all data (including files and media) that you receive and send via Telegram cannot be decrypted when owners of Wi-Fi broadband routers you connect to, an internet service provider, or other third parties intercept it. Nothing can be deciphered except handing an unlocked phone to any other person.

Telegram strongly recommends using Secret Chats with a “self-destruct timer” feature to regular users. Telegram also recommends enabling 2-Step Verification for login. Set up a strong passcode to lock your app. You will find these options in Settings >> Privacy and Security. Telegram is cent percent sure that it is hack-proof. Telegram also runs a competition where it challenges hackers to decipher encrypted messages. The winners would be rewarded $300,000 for cracking the code.

Your queries on Telegram’s security will be answered at [email protected] All crack submissions resulting in a change of code or configuration are eligible for rewards, ranging from $100 to $100,000 or more, according to the fatality of the issue. Telegram does not offer rewards to the issues made public before fixing them.

Troubleshooting common problems

Login and SMS: Kindly ensure that you are entering your mobile phone number in the international format. i.e.: +(country code) followed (city or carrier code) and (your number). In case you have any registration or login problems, you can access this form and contact Telegram for support. Telegram also has an official Twitter handle to help with login problems.

Receiving a login code via phone call: For stringent security reasons, the login codes will be dictated via a phone call. This feature of Telegram is only available for those accounts that have enabled two-step verification. Enable two-step verification access by (Settings >> Privacy & Security >> Two-Step Verification). Telegram accounts can only be linked to a mobile number. The app currently doesn’t support landline numbers.

Getting a login code via Telegram: In case you have used one of the Telegram apps on another device recently (it can also be a different app installed on the same device), the login code will be sent via Telegram instead of SMS. To receive such a login code, just go through Telegram from any other connected devices. You can find this login code in the chat with Telegram, via a verified profile marked with a blue check.

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