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Here are 3 ways to get support on Ethereum

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The crypto scene is booming globally and demonstrating a steady upward graph. Besides Bitcoin, if there is another word that has become equally popular it undoubtedly should be Ethereum. Often confused to be a cryptocurrency, Ethereum is a software platform that runs on a blockchain. The decentralized blockchain network is powered by the Ether (ETH) token. As it is a distributed computing platform no single entity has control over any personal data. This makes it less vulnerable to hacks as data and financial records are not stored in cloud systems or individual servers.

First released in the year 2015, the platform was founded by a group of entrepreneurs, the popular in the list being Russian programmer Vitalik Buterin. The platform and the related technologies are currently managed by a private non-profit company called Ethereum Foundation. The Switzerland-based company is responsible for the development of the Ethereum blockchain.

Computers are used to “mine” or solve complex mathematical equations that confirm each transaction on the network. And the participants get rewarded with cryptocurrency tokens. There are a total of 18 million ether mined each year. Ether, which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain, is the second largest crypto by market value. Just like Bitcoin, the Ether tokens can be used to buy and sell goods or services. The digital currency can also be used as an investment. When Ether was launched through an initial coin offering (ICO) some 50 million ETHs were sold at a price of $0.31 per coin. If you have a query on the platform, technology or token, here are a couple of ways to seek help.

Visit Portal

As was already pointed, Ethereum is a community-run network and no individual or entity owns or controls the platform. The technology and apps are in fact open source. For starters, there is a public resource funded by the Ethereum Foundation available on Here you can connect with the community, learn on the technology, and find developer tools. There are content resources on ETH, NFTs, Decentralized Finance, security and governance. Most questions you can have on the usage of Ethereum or Ether are addressed here. If you have a feedback or comment, you can write an email to [email protected]

Report Bug or Issue on GitHub & Discord

There are a number of active online communities where you can meet other likeminded individuals and discuss a range of issues. Join the conversations on Reddit here. Love Discord? Then meet thousands of Ethereum supporters on Discord. Join the discussions or chat on Ethereum features, security, or events. There are tabs you will find to report a scam or suggest a feature. You can also report bugs within the channel. Another important platform to report a bug or give feedback is the popular code hosting platform GitHub. The Ethereum’s GitHub page has relevant docs, codes and recent releases. You will find here a large list of active contributors. Registered users can comment on the list of issues published or even create a new issue. Besides online communities, get involved by attending events in your city where you can connect with developers and experts in the field.

Contact the Crypto Exchange

Have a problem with your wallet? Most leading wallets including MetaMask, Trezor, Guarda, Argent and Exodus have their own dedicated support team to help. Sometimes your transactions can get stuck or the wallet does not disclose latest purchases, you can create a ticket or dial the support. Note that if you have sent ETH to a wrong wallet, is is irreversible. It wont be possible to recover the funds.

Queries regarding adding funds or buying and selling of ETH can be directed to the respective crypto exchange. All crypto exchanges and trading platforms facilitate the buying and selling of ETH. Yet to start? Try out the popular ones like Coinbase, Binance or Kraken. Through the platforms, you can add funds to your account by linking debit or bank account. Once the amount has been added, you can purchase Ether at the current ETH price in the market. The Ether coins purchased are added to your account.

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