Zong is a leading telecommunications company in Pakistan well-known for revolutionizing the way Pakistanis connect and communicate. Featuring state-of-the-art infrastructure, the company has become synonymous with reliability, speed, and customer satisfaction.

Being one of the pioneers in the telecom industry, Zong has consistently pushed boundaries to provide cutting-edge technology and seamless connectivity to users. From providing super-fast 4G internet to introducing affordable data plans, the company has efficiently transformed the digital landscape of Pakistan. Originally launched in 2004 as Mobilink Warid, the company then merged with Zong in 2010 to create the current enterprise that is known today.

Presently headquartered in Karachi, Zong commands a twenty per cent market share in the country and is also the fourth-largest telecom service provider. Besides offering robust mobile communication services, the company also provides several value-added services, such as mobile TV and music streaming. And in 2021, Zong registered a whopping 45 million subscriber base in Pakistan, with more than 14,000 4G coverage sites across the country.

However, not every aspect of the company has been free from user criticism, the primary one being its inconsistent customer care service. Users have rigorously reported long wait times, billing errors, and unhelpful staff. To further add to the misery, the company has also taken a step back in terms of innovation because it has been slow to adopt new technologies such as 5G and VoLTE.

Having said that, if you believe that your hard-earned money is better spent elsewhere, then it makes sense to cancel your current Zong number and shift to a different mobile network service provider. So, to make your task a little easier, we have designed an easy-to-follow cancellation guide that you will be able to carry out without any confusion.

What are Zong’s Cancellation Terms

Zong allows its customers to cancel their service anytime they want by simply calling or sending an email to the company’s customer support. Service cancellations can also be registered by visiting a nearby Zong services center. However, do keep in mind that the cancellation terms and conditions differ based on whether you have a prepaid or postpaid connection.

For prepaid subscribers, service cancellations can be registered at any moment without having to pay any charges. However, for postpaid customers, service cancellations will be effective only at the end of the monthly billing period. For instance, if you register your cancellation on the 15th day of any month, then the cancellation will be effective only when that month ends, which is on the 30th or 31st day. Additionally, customers have to clear their dues before their service is terminated.

Steps to Cancel Your Zong Number

If you have ultimately decided to sever your relationship with Zong, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps to cancel your number.

Cancelling via Phone
  1. To begin the cancellation process, you need to first get in touch with customer care at 310 from your Zong number or (051) 111-222-111 from any other number. Phone lines are open 24/7.
  2. Navigate through the on-call options and proceed to speak to a customer care executive.
  3. Once a live agent connects to your call, provide your name, number, and CNIC ID so that your customer’s identity can be verified. After that, ask the customer representative to register a cancellation request for your Zong number. Additionally, you have to state the reason for your cancellation.
  4. To retain you as a customer, the representative may provide you with solutions such as special offers and exclusive benefits. However, if you are not happy with the provided resolutions, then you can go ahead and let your decision be known.
  5. Once your cancellation request is registered, you will receive a confirmation message on your number stating your effective date of cancellation.
Cancelling via Email
  1. First, you need to draft an email from your email account.
  2. The email should contain your name, phone number, address, and CNIC number. Additionally, you should state your cancellation request and the reason for it.
  3. Once done, proceed to send the email to [email protected].
  4. Wait for a follow-up email from customer care asking for your final confirmation.
  5. Once you provide your ultimatum, your cancellation request will be registered, and confirmation messages will be sent to your phone number and email address.
Cancelling via Zong Service Centers
  1. Start your journey by first visiting the official service center locator here.
  2. On the landing page, look for the nearest service center location or franchise center for Zong. There are more than 300 franchise centers that you can explore.
  3. Once you have found your preferred store location, head over there with your mobile phone containing the Zong SIM card and identity proof (such as your CNIC ID).
  4. At the store, your identity will first be verified by the store representative. After that, state your request for cancellation along with your reasoning.
  5. The store representative will then register a cancellation request on your account, and you will receive a confirmation message on your phone number stating your effective date of cancellation.

For any additional queries, you can get in touch with the customer care on Twitter at @Zongers.

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Last Update: November 20, 2023