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Head Office
Turkish Airlines General Management Building,
Ataturk Airport, Yesilkoy 34149
Istanbul Turkey
Phone: +90 212 463 63 63

Customer Service
Phone: 444 0 849 / 0850 333 0 849 (Turkey)
Email: [email protected] (Turkey support)
Email: [email protected] (US support)

International Support
Phone: +973 1 619 66 64 (Bahrain)
Phone: +55 11 3878 8199 (Brazil)
Phone: +86 010 5697 13 30 (China)
Phone: 0800 0 009 145 (Egypt)
Phone: +33 825 800 902 (France)
Phone: +49 69 8679 9849 (Germany)
Phone: +852 3 071 12 56 (Hong Kong)
Phone: 98 212 3546 (Iran)
Phone: +1 809 453 174 (Israel)
Phone: +1 809 453 174 (Ireland)
Phone: 351 210608087 (Portugal)
Phone: +82 2 602 2 4270 (S Korea)
Phone: +41 0 848 444 849 (Switzerland)
Phone: +90 212 444 0 849 (Singapore)
Phone: 1-800-874 8875 (US)
Phone: 0844 800 66 66 (UK)
Phone: 8000 3570 43 43 (UAE)

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About Turkish Airlines
Air travel has become very popular and the preferred means of travel and what better example of this than the national airlines of Turkey, Turkish Airlines. Touted as the largest carrier of passengers worldwide, it has services to 304 destinations in Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa. In service since 1933 with a handful of aircrafts, it now has a fleet of over 300 aircraft. One of the only airlines with its own seat design and manufacture unit, Turkish Seats Industries ergonomically designs seats to improve customer comfort. Turkish Airlines has a quality goal to elevate passenger experience to new heights. Right from the time you book your ticket, checking in, cabin experience – every minute detail is designed to show the passenger how valued and cared for he is.

Turkish Airlines’ flights are operated from its hubs at Ankara, Istanbul, Istanbul-Ataturk, and Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen. New fliers can search and book flights on the website. You can club your flight reservation with a travel insurance or hotel. Explore the Route Map and Schedule to know the destinations to where Turkish Airlines operates flights. The major destinations include Afghanistan, Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ukraine, UAE, UK and US. The domestic destinations span Adana, Alanya, Ankara, Antalya, Bingol, Bodrum, Dalaman, Denizli, Edremit, Erzincan, Hakkari, Istanbul, Izmir, Kars, Konya, Malatya, Samsun, Siirt, Sivas, Tokat, and Van. Deal hunters will find incredible deals under the Promotions section. Tickets can be purchased online using all major credit cards. The cancellation and refund policies vary according to the ticket type. Existing ticket holders can skip the airport queues and check-in online or via mobile with ticket number and surname.

Inflight entertainment is taken to the next level with an extravagant choice of the latest films, TV shows, documentaries, current affairs programs, music and many programmes to keep the young travelers entertained and engaged. Turkish Airlines is also WiFi enabled and passengers can connect seamlessly with the outside world for business or pleasure. Inflight reading is provided by Skylife magazine published every month with enticing travel stories and exotic destinations.

You could opt between Business Class which allows you to take two pieces of luggage each weighing not more than 30 Kg and Economy Class which allows two pieces of luggage not weighing more than 20 Kgs each. The maximum weight of any single piece of baggage on all flights is 32 kg. Free baggage allowance may vary depending on reservation class and route. Cabin baggage allowances are different. The details along with the excess baggage tariffs and restricted items are published on the website. Business Class passengers can use the Lounge Istanbul and enjoy all the services it offers at the airport and on layovers. You could also browse through the books in the library, read international newspapers and offer prayers.

With the Miles&Smiles frequent flier programme of the Turkish Airlines, you could collect miles that you could redeem to buy tickets or use your miles to upgrade to a better class. Use the Miles you earn on the Miles&Smiles program to upgrade, and enjoy flying in Business Class. You can also reap the benefits of last-minute upgrades. Miles&Smiles has four tiers – Classic, Classic Plus, Elite and Elite Plus. The miles earned and and the benefits vary for each. Miles can be earned on flight booking, car rental, shipping and hotel rental. Members also enjoy priority reservation, special meal preferences, cabin upgrade and special promotions.

Flying Turkish Airlines gives passengers a chance to partake a gastronomic experience in the skies. Global cuisine coupled with Turkish delicacies are prepared by their food providers, Flying Chefs, making it a truly memorable experience. For more information or queries on reservation, refund, cancellation, lost baggage, frequent flier program, career, or others, reach the Turkish Airlines support.


  1. I haven’t even flown yet and already this airline is the WORST!!! Website didn’t work so I called customer service to book my flight. They want to charge $100 extra for calling them! Asked to speak to a supervisor and they said “NO” !!??? Have you ever heard of that with any airline? I called back three times and EVERY single “customer service” rep flat out refused to let me speak to a supervisor! Each one was SO was nasty I couldn’t believe it. One even said, “Well if our website doesn’t work then you should choose another airline on which to fly!”. Hard to believe.

  2. Customer service was so rude and vulgar. I was traveling from northern Cyprus which is a touristic place so supposedly customer service should be at least representative and handle conversation! I had an accident on the way to the airport and i arrived before the departure 30 minutes and the name of the flight number was showing on the banner the guy didnt want me to check in and he asked me to go to Turkish airlines customer service i went there and clarified my issue the lady who was there was so rude to me i told her i tried calling airline’s airport office no one replied, i asked her to try to book me another flight that goes to my first destination and i will take the other plane from there she literally left the office.

  3. I want to tell you one story about our flight with our cat by Turkish Airlines and operator from Kyiv (Ukraine) – Winnipeg(Canada) transit through Istanbul and Toronto. claimed that Turkish Airlines has been named Best Airlines in Europe, but let’s discuss this in more detail.

    On 10 March 2019, we began to choose suitable airlines for our flight. Most important for us was: appropriate departure date(the end of May), additional baggage(+23kg for person), comfortable cabin, plus 4 hours during a connection in Toronto and foremost was the possibility of transporting our cat in the cabin. We contact and asked them to help us with this. After 12 hours of searching for suitable tickets, we were offered @TurkishAirlines which met all our requirements.

    We bought flight tickets: Kiev 10:20AM(departure) – Istanbul 14:15PM(departure) – Toronto 18:15PM(arrivals)- transfer 4h20min – Toronto 22:25PM(departure)-Winnipeg 00:01AM (arrivals).

    On April, 18, my wife called Customer service support (0800-501207) to book a place in the cabin for our cat(earlier we can’t call because we were busy with documents and even don’t know will the cat flight with us or not), in customer support we heard the answer no because on flight Kiev-Istanbul will be a dog in the cabin, thus cat and dog can’t be in one cabin! We can offer only place in the baggage. After that call we contact to Victoria from to change our flight on another time, besides we have an option to book the flight at 5:30 AM Kyiv-Istanbul, Victoria said that she will contact Turkish Airlines and clarify information.

    On April, 17, Victoria contact to my wife and asked the photo and size of our cat. After one hour she sent a screenshot of confirmation that our cat will fly in the cabin with us and price for flight pet in the cabin $170(this price indicate that our cat will fly in the cabin because price for flight in the baggage cost $270) for flight from Kiev-Toronto, and we should pay in Boryspil Airport during check-in, flight from Toronto to Winnipeg we should book in AirCanada(because this internal flight was made by Canadian airlines). After confirmation we even don’t believe how this possible that one operator said that we can’t book place in the cabin and another one booked my wife called to support again just to be sure..and it was really true, we’ve got a confirmation that our cat will fly with us in the cabin. After that, we bought a soft-sided carrier, (which doesn’t fit for transportation in the baggage) and began preparing all required documents for the pet.

    May, 17. Victoria from contact to us and said that flight Toronto-Winnipeg is delayed for 1 hour, departure time 23:25 PM, it was good news for us because we need to have more time in Toronto, I will write further why.

    May, 23. We took our cat to the vet for getting a reference F1 for transfer abroad.

    May, 24. We want to check-in online and here began an interesting! During online check-in my wife doesn’t have an option to book a seat in the cabin, we called to support and they offered to make check-in online by phone. Operator choose sits for us Kyiv-Istanbul (15F and 15E) and Istanbul-Toronto(43A and 43B), we again made sure that our cat will fly with us in the cabin. I’ve decided to check my sits online by myself and to my surprise, I found that I had another sit 46K and my wife still doesn’t have a seat! We called to support again and we talk to some girl operator, she confused in our tickets and started to offer some random places 15A,15B,46K, and 46J …and this is all 4 sits for 2 of us on one airplane. Then she said that she sees our booking from Canada to Toronto ..and that was the last straw ..and I hung up the phone. Turkish Airlines if you doubt you can check this call. The third time I called to support and talked to another operator he said that my wife can’t book her sit because she will flight with cat thus she has to pay and then check-in. And for my question why there was a mess with booking different places he answered that the previous operator started booked new places and did not remove previous reservation. Thus, we’ve got sit 15A, 15B, 43A,43B. P.S: all in all, during check-in at the airport our sits was 15A,15B, 46K,46J.

    May, 25. at 7 AM we were in Boryspil Airport, my wife went to the vet and change reference F1 on the international certificate for the cat. At 7:30 AM we were on the check-in desk and there
    Turkish Airlines representative said that we can’t take our cat into the cabin it should be only in baggage because some dog already exists in the cabin! Representatives didn’t want to listen that we have confirmation from customer support .. and send us to the ticket-sales desk we went there and here the same answer that they can’t help us and our cat should go only in baggage and we should go and call to customer support again for the clarification! We called customer support and there said that our cat flight in the baggage from Kyiv to Istanbul and then from Istanbul to Toronto in the cabin BUT on our question how we can pick her up in transit zone in Istanbul – they said – “IN NO WAY”! Then we talk to operator Vasiliy from customer support and @Vivamaretour representative for 45 minutes, Vasiliy from customer support was adamant, he said: “Yes, I see that your cat will fly in the baggage from Kyiv to Istanbul but you can’t pick up her being in transit zone!” and “I don’t know how to help you!” (this conversation Turkish Airlines also can be heard ). We spent an hour talking to customer support. We leave our cat with our relatives(it’s good that our family come to see us off) After check-in we saw that our flight from Istanbul to Toronto was delayed for 2h25min! Onboarding, we were upset and in a terrible mood. Thank you Turkish Airlines.

    Arriving in Istanbul, we found that our flight was delayed on 2h35min! In the end, we had a departure with 3h30 min delayed! The flight was good, comfortable seats, food and aircraft staff.

    May, 25. We arrived in Toronto at 9:00 PM and 20 minutes we ride on landing strip …. so we come out of a plane at 9:30 PM…thus for check-in and going to another connection we have only 2 hours. Who knows what means landing in Toronto understand that this time will be not enough… So when we pass through all checks and go to baggage check-in it was 10:35 PM and check-in already was closed….. but AirCanada understand our situation that we have Landing procedure, that Turkish Airlines was delayed and thanks to shifting commander they took our baggage and we went to the gate (if we were late, next flight to Winnipeg was next day on Sunday at 12:15 PM and it means we should have stayed at the airport for all night and half a day!!!).

    Victoria from writes a complaint it has number TK-2261480 she was told that manager will contact with her. Now, June,3 but no one did not call her from Turkish Airlines and no one did not contact us.

    In total what do we have:

    1. Expenses for cat documents F1 = 180grn+ certificate 170 = 350

    2. Expenses for cat’s food and different stuff (we threw everything because we thought she will be with us) = 1000 grn

    3. Now we should pay for transferring her to Toronto by Cargo Service and it cost $510

    4. And this service has requirement chip for cat – 380 grn

    5. Tickets Winnipeg-Toronto-Winnipeg = $473 via AirCanada for one person

    6. Plus moral damage.

    Turkish Airlines – who will cover these expenses? or maybe you have another idea to handle this? The cat in Kyiv now!

    -in this case, I see that customer support in Turkish Airlines are fully incompetent

    -unwillingness to bear the responsibility to passengers whom you approved booking for the pet in the cabin.

    -No one help to solve the problem, your managers just bounced us around!

    Fly with Turkish Airlines and we don’t care about you and your problems and it possible that you leave your pet in the airport alone! – I think this is a good tagline for the company!!!

  4. The worst airline in the world! Do not fly with this pitiful excuse for an airline. Turkish Airlines treat their customers with total contempt. We flew into Istanbul from Sofia on a Turkish Airlines flight that took off over an hour late and then circled the skies above Istanbul for another hour before finally landing, 3 hours for a one hour flight. We missed our connection to Singapore due to their delay and after being herded like cattle for over an hour, surrounded by hundreds of other very grumpy passengers, as every flight in or out of Istanbul had also been delayed or cancelled, we were told they would not rebook our flights home because we had made the Sofia to Istanbul trip on a separate booking. I pointed out that it was also a Turkish Airlines flight and the delay had made us miss our Turkish Airlines flight connection so did they not think that they were responsible for us missing our flight? Did they not think they had a duty of care to their own paying customers? Of course not, because they wanted us to purchase another set of tickets for the flight we had already paid for. They did not give a damn. I pointed out that our luggage had been checked straight through to Singapore and we had already checked in and had been issued with our boarding passes to Singapore, so why hadn’t they held the fight for us? Apparently they had no idea of our booking and they had no responsibility. Yes, their IT systems also suck!

    After being sent on a wild goose chase around the airport from desk to desk only to be told the same thing, we finally managed to be directed to a phone to contact customer “care” ( a misnomer if ever there was one!). Another complete joke; the first line was dead and the second was a recorded message with no relevant option to choose. Eventually i was directed to the compensation office to use the single direct line they had with customer relations. They completed a “feedback form” over the phone that went unanswered and i called back repeatedly on their single telephone. Yes-hundreds of destinations, thousands of (misguided) passengers and only a SINGLE telephone to connect to yet another disinterested staff member (slightly less rude than the others because they know they are being recorded) who was unable to answer any of my questions. After 9 hours of enduring rude staff feeding us bullshit, and not even a remote smell of any apology from anyone, we gave up and purchased another ticket at twice the price of our original tickets to get back to Singapore.

    I’ve since learnt that they routinely overbook flights and put passengers on standby without even asking, so this means our Singapore flight was probably paid for twice; once by us and again by another standby passenger. We also had to purchase another flight, at a hugely inflated price, so they made three or four times the money-clever tactics! Until word gets around and passengers stop booking.

    Be warned, do not book your flight using any third party website because that is the other excuse they use not to rebook your flight!

    This airline deliberately overbooks all flights, then bumps passengers off, herding them like cattle, some to hotels, but mostly looks for an excuse to let them lie around on the airport floor because there are insufficient seats and not a single source of free water anywhere in the airport. They happily delay flights and then find an excuse not to rebook the passenger, instead charging them a huge amount to purchase new flights to get back home due to missed connections. Their staff have clearly been trained to bullshit everyone and there is a culture among staff that customers are ten a penny and you just need to stare at them blankly, (or pretend you don’t speak English is another ruse) until they go away. Oh, and there’s no need to apologise or accept any responsibility, and it’s fine to be as rude as you wish. There are plenty more customers out there. You hope!

  5. olukemi sonubi Reply

    I flew with turkish airline in december 2018 from heathrow and had a ‘supposed to be ‘ 16hrs stopover flight in Turkey and a prominse of hotel accomodation but due to the excess delay and a failure to provide accomodation or even access lounge – the whole trip / holiday became a nightmare as myself and my daughter end up sleeping on the airport floor for the duration of 20hrs stopoever – nightmare!!

  6. Dr/Ahmed Mohamed Reply

    I am contacting you regarding the delay occurred in Flight number TK693 from Cairo to Istanbul on 05-02-2019; the delay was 1 hour and 30 minutes, which leads to missing my next flight from Istanbul to Malta (flight number TK 1369)-the gate closes before the plane took off by 30 min., and we were standing on the gate at that time.
    We were told to complain to the Turkish airlines, and they provided us with two options: I choose to take a flight from Istanbul to Roma (TK1865) then transit for 3 hours and take the next flight from Rome to Malta (AZ0886) to arrive at 6:00 pm instead my original flight to arrive at 8:30 am. The second option is to take a flight from Istanbul to Malta arriving at 8:30 pm. To catch my colleague in a business dinner I choose the first option.
    After my arrival, I waited my bag and suddenly I was informed that I lost it. I directed to the baggage customer to make a complain, after contacting Alitalia they messaged that the bag is found in Roma (Fiumicino) airport and they will send it tomorrow on 06-02-2019 at 6:00 pm.
    On that day I was on a business meeting as a representative of my country (Egyptian Petroleum Ministry) and my company (GASCO) in “MEDGIO integrity workshop”-Radisson Blue- Malta. I had to wear the same cloths (not formal) for 3 days, moreover there was important papers related to my work in the bag.
    I stayed for 3 days without my insulin injection, which was inside my bag and of course I could not have them from any pharmacy as they need prescription. I managed to have injection on the second day.
    I received the bag before my departure on 07-02-2019 from Malta with one and half hours which means a high risk of departing without my bag and a late timing!!!
    I am very sad for the late delivery of my bag, I had to wear my underwear for 3 days which was very annoying to me as I do not have time to buy new ones.

  7. tamara hmeidani Reply

    To whom it may concern,

    Last night my friend and I had an awful awful experience with Turkish Airlines, And we discovered after that that TK is known for the bad experience and service after spending 7 hours at Ataturk Airport seeing all the people around us complaining. I really hope that this complaint will be taken in extreme seriousness and strict measures will be applied.

    We had two tickets flying back from Istanbul to Beirut on Sunday feb 17 at 12:25 pm from Ataturk Airport to Rafic Hariri International airport (Tamara Hmeidani & Remi Hanna). We arrived to the airport at 10 am, 2 hours and a half before our flight departure to discover how crowded and unorganized everything was. After struggling to cross the first scan point we were able to check in at the counter one hour prior to our flight’s departure noting that at the check-in desk no one told us that we are late. Instead, they checked us in normally (knowing we wont be able to make it and knowing they will charge us for a new ticket later on). After checking in, we rushed to the gate passing by another scanning check point that was also over crowded. We got to the gate at 12:05 pm, 20 minutes before the flight leaves to find out that we cannot get on the flight because we arrived at the same moment the gate was closing. The flight was not leaving before 20 min and the staff that was so rude refused to let us in.

    After this shocking incident they started directing us to other counters that would transfer us to other counters until we got out of the airport and they sent us to the sales office to change our tickets. There we found out that many many other passenger had missed the same flight which makes your airlines more accountable of this incident.

    At the sales office, our only option was to wait till the next flight which was 7 hours later and pay 600 dollars per ticket. Our tickets couldn’t be refunded and penalties couldn’t be applied except buying a new ticket that costed us triple our original two ways ticket (200$ per ticket).
    How can this even be possible? We’ve been all around the world to 100s of different airports and flew with many different airlines and have missed flights before, but never ever did we experience this kind of unethical, unprofessional and horrible experience.

    -No flights ever leaves without passengers that are already checked in and are inside the airport.
    -No flights ever leaves without making at least 3 last calls.
    -No Airlines lets you check in knowing you wont be able to make it to the flight on time.
    – No airlines doesn’t tell you what time the gate closes.
    – No Airlines makes you pay for a new ticket that is extremely over priced. All airlines makes you pay a penalty with is around 50 – 70 $ and directly change your ticket.
    – No airlines has a lazy unprofessional team that couldn’t even find a fair solution for us and the other passengers. Instead all they cared about was making money out of situations they created.

    All of us will make sure to never travel with TK again or anyone else we know!
    I expect professional and fair measures to be taken to compensate for our losses and a full refund.

    Thank you

  8. I was traveling from Koln/Bonn (CGN) Airport Germany to Jinnah International Airport Karachi on flight # TK 1674 on 24 November 2018. My flight got late and it took more than 2 hours to take off from the scheduled time due to which i missed my next connecting flight from Ataturk Istanbul Airport to Jinnah International Airport Karachi. I was told initially by the staff of Turkish airline that the flight was only 1 hour late but it was 2 hours late and from that time I have been informed to your staff that how important to take my next connecting flight. Once i reached at Ataturk Istanbul Airport my next connecting flight TK-708 had already gone. I work in Zalando as a Picker for almost 1.5 years and the core reason for this travel is to appear in my Final Examinations in Bachelors of Commerce.

    From here starts a new struggle, I was given the boarding pass at Ataturk Istanbul Airport for a flight which was after 24 hours. Moreover, I was not provided with the visa or anything. I got the visa by myself after paying 54.26 Euros visa fees without any help or support of Turkish Airlines staff and after being ridiculed for 6 hours on Ataturk Istanbul Airport I finally got a room to sleep at night, but again it was shocking to know that I had to checked out from the hotel by 1200 hours otherwise I would be charged. I took that bait too and went to the airport from the hotel directly although my flight was after 9 hours at 2135 hours with the idea that I could make the most of it and this could be the blessing in disguise. I reached airport at 1100 hours and wanted to take part in the Tour Istanbul on Sunday from 1200 to 1800 hours but I was told that I can’t do so as I’ve already taken the hotel accommodation facility and can’t take tour Istanbul. So I was stranded again on the Ataturk Airport Istanbul for another 10 hrs. 16 hours of being stranded on the same airport within the last 24 hours is nobody’s dream when they are flying with the best airline in the whole of Europe. But this doesn’t end here. Once I reached at my final destination one of my luggage was missing as well. My all essentials was in that missing bag meaning again I had spend my hard earned money to buy some essentials.

    However, i concluded that lost of my next connecting flight, spend 16 hours on Ataturk Airport Istanbul and lost of bag at Jinnah International Airport Karachi and missed my examination.

    Apropos, this is very painful and mental torture for me to travel with Turkish Airlines.
    Now, I would have to appear in the supplementary examinations meaning I would have to overstay than initially planned and I am not sure whether my employer Zalando would give me the desired holidays as my total quota of holidays have already been exhausted. I might have to end up losing my job.

  9. Azar sadat Rezapour javareshk Reply

    I had a ticket on 22 December from Gothenburg,Sweden, to Meshed, Iran. With 3h and 55min transfer in Istanbul
    My first flight from Gothenburg has one and a half hour delay. When I the airplane landed in Istanbul. I found that my next flight to Iran had 6h and 55 min delay. After this time passed, it was written on the board that my flight had 3 hours more delay. At last after 12h and 25 min delay the flight that were scheduled at 21:05, 22 September, departed Istanbul at 09:30 next day.
    I want to complain because
    1)Turkish Airlines haven’t informed me about such a long delay before my trip by email or SMS.
    2)All during this long time, Turkish Airline didn’t provide us any facilities or lounge or hotel for passenger to rest.
    3) there were no office or responsible person in the Airport to go there and ask for some kind of help.
    4) I miss one of the most important meeting on the next day which had a very bad influence on my reliability and credit (as they didn’t inform me before the travel and I couldn’t rearrange my meeting)
    I expect that for all these, Turkish Airlines should recompensate all these at least by giving back me the ticket price.

    Best Regards

  10. I am tired as hell because I cannot update my password for Miles and Smiles. The server is not available. it says Tried all: 1 addresses, but could not connect over HTTPS to server: port: 443

    My miles going to expire soon, I called you several times but still cannot update the password.

  11. Hello,
    I have booked ticket for 6/12/2018 through MONONTO website.
    The flight was from Berlin, Germany to Istanbul, Turkey and then from Istanbul, Turkey to Dubai airport via Turkish airline. Furthermore, the next flight was from Dubai airport to Karachi, Pakistan via Flydubai. When I reached airport I come to know that I can’t take boarding pass (need to transfer my luggage in Dubai and Turkish airline doesn’t have agreement with Flydubai airline for transfer luggage) because I don’t have valid VISA of Dubai.
    I booked another ticket from Berlin, Germany to Karachi, Pakistan that cost me very high as I am student.
    Please resolve this issue as soon as possible. Your cooperation should be highly appreciated.


  12. Turkish Airlines use to be a very good carrier. Sadly, times have changed. On a single ticket itinerary (USA to Nepal) purchased directly on the Turkish Airlines Website, we were only allowed the United Airlines baggage allowance of 1 checked piece of luggage: Even though Turkish Airlines was the most significant carrier (MSC) and United was just a short one hour flight. We were then told that if we wanted to add a second piece of checked luggage it would cost us $225 per bag per flight. We will ensure that family, friends and coworkers do not make use of Turkish Airlines again.

  13. We booked this trip to go to my mother’s funeral in Bulgaria on March 16, 2018. – It was booked as a direct fight Houston – Sofia, Bulgaria, with transfer in Istanbul, Turkey.
    – We arrived in Istanbul, Turkey and boarded the flight to Sofia as scheduled.
    -The pilot reused to land the plane in Sofia and turned back to Istanbul, Turkey. The flight was only supposed to be 1 hr but we spent 3 hrs in the air.
    – Once back in Turkey, we were told to stay at a hotel and come back the following day for the next available flight.
    – Due to this we had to enter Turkey, we were only transiting though Turkey as per our itinerary.
    -We were not allowed in Turkey as customs and immigration told us we needed visa to enter Turkey. We explained our flight was delayed and we were told to stay at a hotel, near the airport. They wouldn’t not let us in.
    -We had to go to Immigration and obtain a Visa for all three of us and paid EU60 per person.
    – Afer we spent the night in Istanbul, we returned to Istanbul airport and had to go through security again.
    – Once at the gate, Turkish Airlines had technical difficulties and changed the gate 3 times on us.
    -Our flight was delayed by an additional 3 hours.
    – Instead of arriving in Sofia, Bulgaria on March 16, 2018, as per our original itinerary, due to the delay, we arrived on March 17, 2018 instead.
    – – Our itinerary never changed. We don’t have an updated version. Turkish Airlines delayed our flight 24 hrs and never gave us a new updated itinerary. We were given new boarding passes which they took, once we boarded the plane.
    – We were traveling with our 11 month old daughter. Turkish Airlines never gave us food or water for 24 hours and it was all their fault.
    – I’m asking for e refund on our flight tickets, since the flight was delayed 24hrs in Istanbul Turkey, we were unable to attained to funeral as planned

  14. Hello, I am travelling today from Ethiopia to Tunisia and according the Turkish airlines website I will have to take only one suitcase of 40 Kg, so I would like to confirm this information or I can take two suitcases of 23 Kg.

    thank you

  15. Saturnin Tomeho Reply

    I am a Turkish airlines frequent traveler, # TK445221540, and enjoy traveling with Turkish Airlines. In January I booked a ticket from NYC to COO. Got sick and missed my flight to Cotonou. I called Turkish Airlines and it appeared they could put me on a different flight. The line got disconnected and couldn’t conclude. When I called the following day, a very different story. I only needed to get to Cotonou and take my return flight back.
    After the multiple emails, Turkish wanted me to buy another ticket, roundtrip, more expensive that the competitor. I contacted the Boston Office where I reside, and another disappointment. Meanwhile, I found a ticket and expected to take the turkish return flight. Turkish informed me that by not traveling out, I forfeited the return and lost the entire ticket. I was obliged to get a roundtrip ticket with a Justfly and traveled. Upon my return since February all my correspondence with Turkish are vain. Yet I am a member of their frequent flyer program.
    I am requesting a reimbursement of my ticket or at very least my return ticket. If I still can’t get a resolution, I should contact the Department of Transportation.
    Thank you

  16. Muhammad Numan Sabir Reply

    I am traveling from Pakistan – Islamabad on a work permit to Grand Cayman Islands via Cuba – Havana.

    I will start my journey from Islamabad to Istanbul on 18th June, 2018 and then from Istanbul to Havana Cuba on 19th June 2018. My stay in Cuba will be for almost 36 hrs before I take the next flight for my final destination to Grand Cayman Island on 20th June 2018.

    Will Turkish Airline ask me to present Cuban Tourist visa because I don’t have it and as per research for 72 hours stay they don’t need visa.

    Will there be any issue at the time of requesting Boarding passes from Islamabad?

  17. Can someone help me l am Canadian l flew into Turkey due to weather in Amsterdam l had to pay for a visa they told me to claim online l have tried with no success to find where l can make a claim Toronto Canada phones never ever go through someone assist

  18. Turkish Airlines is a complete disgrace of an airline. Best airline in Europe-IstanBULLSHIT. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia and I have be trying to resolve an easy problem for the past two years. The staff in Istanbul was completely inattentive and rude. After I was stranded in the airport for 18 hours, I was told that I would be reimbursed for food, drinks, etc if I provided receipts. Did I purchase meals during those 18 hours? No because I was a volunteer and I had no money to buy overpriced airport food. Now I have been trying to get refunded for a cancelled flight that did not have another flight until 4 days after. A family member drove 4 hours in a snowstorm to pick me up. Please contact so and so, we cannot do the refund on the phone, please go to one of our offices. Sorry that I live in a state without an Turkish Airlines office. Never will I ever fly with Turkish Airlines and I will actively discourage all work partners, friends, and family from using this horrendous company. Potential flyers this post is your warning. Choose to fly with an airline that truly respects its customers.

  19. Jemima konadu Reply

    Turkish airline is one of the worse airline I have ever seen…I promise to let everyone know the kind of poor service you give to your customers….how can a customer be responsible for a delayed flight….my husband is at Istanbul right now because he is asked to pay six hundred euro before he can get another flight to Berlin….how can someone pay for a mistake done by the airlines….how can somebody who is on transit to Berlin pay before he can board a flight….poor customer care airline

  20. Liviu Toderic Reply

    Just wondering if I can take my drone in the cabin luggage. We are flying from Dublin to Seychelles via Istanbul, than back to istanbul. We have another internal flight then from Istanbul to kayseri and back, and than back to Dublin. We have flew many times in Europe with the drone in the hand luggage and there was no issue. Also, do you need a permit for flying to be able to bring drone into Turkey?
    Kind regards

  21. leslie miller Reply

    Our flight from Istanbul was delayed due to mechanical difficulties causing us to miss our connecting flight in SFO. The agents tried to put us on a flight 24 hours later and it was only after a great deal of insistence that they agreed to put us on a flight the next morning. They said that they would put us up at a hotel and provide a food voucher. When I asked for a written voucher, they insisted that it was not necessary and that the reservation was made and a food voucher was waiting at the hotel. This was confirmed by several people including a supervisor. She even put us on the bus to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel, there was no reservation and no food voucher. The manager attempted to call the airlines for more than an hour with no luck. We went back to the airport where we spent the night on airport benches.
    After our return home, I contacted the regional sales manager who asked me to put it in writing, which I did. He promised to get back to me after sending the information to the proper person. After not hearing back for more than a month, I called back (several calls before making contact)and was offered an upgrade on out next Turkish flight. When I said that we didn’t have plans to travel where Turkish flew in the near future, we were told that they in fact travelled to our next destination. We already had tickets but I agreed to cancel them and buy tickets on Turkish. Because he needed to confirm the availability, he promised to get back to me very soon. Weeks passed and I never heard anything . I wrote several e-mails and called numerous time but the phone was never answered and the e-mails received no response. I tried calling various numbers and finally reached someone in accounting who promised to relay the message. I never heard anything. I called accounting again. He stated that he had given the sales manager my message and he had said that he would be in touch. I have never heard anything since. Why does everyone make promises that they have no intention of keeping?
    Turkish had the obligation to provide us a room and food for the night of the misconnection. They failed us then and then continued to fail on every promise thereafter.

  22. I cannot access to my miles&Smiles account, I forgot the password and the recovery email has been cancelled. is there a way to change the email address?
    Thank you,

  23. Hi! I need help to correct my name when booking, it was interchanged, my last name in the itinerary was printed as my first name, and my first name is my last name. Name in the passport should be the same on the ticket, please help to rectify this matter to avoid problem at the airport. Thanks.

  24. Anthony Wong Reply

    Hello, PR department of Turkish Airlines,
    I have flown worldwide for over 30 years, and now over 8 times yearly to all parts of the world. Last week I flew round-trip from GRU to HKG, through IST. Compliments to your EXCEPTIONAL service and flight. I would like to acknowledge and praise all your attendants on all four legs of the trip but especially Miss Goher Ozturk, who was amazing, in the leg from IST to GRU on Sept. 22, 2017. In all my years of travel, she stands out as the finest example of courtesy, dedication and service to all the persons under her care. Please compliment her for her work.
    On the other hand, boarding and getting off Istanbul airport terminals was terrible. We had to land on remote all times and the boarding gate was overcrowded and disorganized.

  25. Nabeel Wahab Khan Reply

    I have my flight on 30th August from Frankfurt to Islamabad via Istanbul. My first and last name is interchanged on the ticket. I called the customer care and he said to buy the new ticket.
    The names are all correct only misplaced. I can not buy the new ticket even if the previous is refunded as all my trains are already booked. I never thought this could be such a big problem. I am worried sick. These name swap happens all the time, it has never been a problem before.

  26. Olga Lazarova Reply

    Can someone please write a valid email for Turkish Airlines where I can communicate with a person? It seems everything I see online is that you guys don’t reply?

  27. To: Turkish Airline PR Department

    I want to take this moment to explain to you what a very unpleasant experience I had on one of your flights. Before doing so, I want to provide you with a little background.
    I have been flying with Turkish Air since 2004 related to my work. Unfortunately I was unable to collect mileage on many of my trips due to government related flights. I did collect 36K miles related to personal trips. I have flown not only coach but business class during many of these flight to Central Asia. I have always been very satisfied with all my trips but this last one.
    Now to the issue: On my return trip from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to Washington D.C. on 20th of July 2017 I flew through Istanbul. The flight from Bishkek to Istanbul was uneventful; but the flight – flight number 007 from Istanbul to Washington was unbelievable.
    The seat I was assigned was # 20. As the passengers were boarding I was asked by a passenger if they could change seats with me so they could sit with their friend and I take seat # 19. This request was supported by a stewardess – I agreed. When the flights reached altitude, I noticed the screen, sound system and call button did not work. I waited till things had settled down and requested assistance. Other than “we’ll look into it” I was ignored and it took three times and more than 45 minutes before any positive response. They played with the system and stated – wait 15 minutes and all should be working. After close to 30 minutes I again attempted to get help. Note: I had to use the call button in the next seat. With no response I went to the front of the cabin and talked to a stewardess. She seemed to be irritated but stated she would look into it. Shall I say more? I even asked if I could be put in business class, which had empty seats and I would be willing to pay or just feed me coach food… All I wanted was a seat. They stated – they could not do that.
    After breakfast was served, a stewardess came to the seat and said they could move me to the front. I was assigned to a seat in the first row middle seat. I had bassinets hanging on wall and numerous children crawling in and out of these seats as well as nursing mothers. Now if that wasn’t bad enough, a young lady had an infant between my seat and hers who had just gone in his dipper and the lose stool ran all over the arm of the seat and on to me. So from no electronics to this, I chose to move back to seat # 20. (That is after I washed up in the restroom.) Now you would have expected one of the crew members to respond to this… but nothing. Not once was I asked what had happened even though they had witnessed the action. So for the next 9+ hours I sat in a seat with no entertainment as well as no communications. Not once was any attempt to assist me or even asked if I was ok. I have worked in more than 54 countries and am an experienced traveler. I have never, even in developing counties flown in such conditions.

    I was debating to write you until a friend of mine came to visit the other day from Istanbul. He too experiences an unpleasant flight. I hope this is not the norm.
    I’m hoping your response will not be in generic form. What I want is to be compensated for this flight. I feel there was no real attempt or interest in resolving this issue. I was on the flight so what was I going to do – get off. Well let me say, if I had known this before the flight departed, I would have removed myself from this flight. I have always been a loyal customer of Turkish air and hope to continue. But this will depend on how you respond to this.
    I am sending you a copy of my ticket.

  28. Shubhangee Reply

    Please let me know the customer service email id of Turkish airlines . The email id which was given to me at the Istanbul airport was [email protected] which seems to be wrong. Kindly give me the correct email id.

  29. Hello,

    We were a group of 6 traveling on your flight from LAX to Istanbul and then to Greece with the return connecting flight from Istanbul. Our flight from Greece left late and with weather issue, it was delayed and so our flight to LAX left.

    My complaint is as follows:
    1. no representative at the gate to give direction on what the process is
    2. your staff at the counters are rude and not willing to help
    3. the hotel we were put at treated us with no respect – gave us the same food for lunch and dinner
    4. we were advised at the airport, we would get toiletries which was not the case.

    The way we were treated at the airport by Turkish airlines was not professional at all. I was very dissapointed since this was my second time on your flight.


  30. vivek katju Reply

    I applied for membership of your miles and smiles program this morning. My feedback number is 9410479. i would request acknowledgement of my application at either my mobile number supplied to you or an email at my email address.

  31. I was greatly disappointed with one of the workers in Istanbul with the way he dealt with us. He was extremely rude and unprofessional for simply asking a simple question that is ( where is the business lounge please). I was shocked by the way he responded. I come to Turkey every year but this year will be my last. I strongly suggest that the Turkish airways in Istanbul show their staff and teach them how to talk to people because it reflects a bad image for the country.

  32. I am trying to register for Miles and Smiles. My city is not shown in the dropdown list. What do I do? Thank you

    • I am having same problem and have contacted customer services via telephone spending over 1 hour between 3 call centre advisors to no avail . I have also sent emails x3 which have been confirmed as received but have received no responses . This has been going on for around 3 months . I am not happy .

  33. Peter Canzoneri Reply

    My flight was delayed from Dhaka, Bangladesh on 29 May 2015 causing me to miss my connection in Istanbul to Houston. I was rebooked on a Lufthansa flight the following day (30 May, LH1305). My baggage claim ticket was taken from me by the Turkish Air counter and I was told that my bag would be brought over to Lufthansa. When I arrived in Houston. The bag was not on my flight with me. I haven’t been able to find much help locating my bag. I have the baggage Identification form. But, I don’t know where to e-mail it. That information is not on the form. Please help me.

  34. Sandra Whyte Reply

    I have been unable to complete my booking with Turkish Airlines on line. When I try to continue from the payment page I am told I need to tick the box accepting the terms and conditions. This I would happily do if I could locate such a box. Having wasted a lot of time I am now giving you till 12 noon tomorrow, 29th June to reply. Otherwise you have lost a customer who intended to make several bookings from Ercan to both Manchester and Edinburgh.

  35. A camera from my baggage was stolen. This after my baggage was lost for several days. The camera is not very expensive but the SIM cards had photos going back 3 years. What frustration with this company!!

  36. Hello, can i check 2 baggages with 23 and 10 kilo weight from cairo to budapest for free?

  37. I lost my bag when I arrived to Doha. I start calling the airline to track my bag but it seems people or your staff does not know what to do or where to find. I then gave a call to Turkish airlines. I am not satisfied with your service. I could not find assistance by anyone from past 20 hours.

  38. The agent who booked my flight with Turkish Airlines is not giving my refund. I need to complaint on this.

  39. This is to inform you that I was greatly dissappointed with Turkish Airline, being voted the best airline, as I had very bad experience with your flight maintenance. This is what happened, I was on Tk66 on 6 Dec from Istanbul to Singapore(Arrived on 7 Dec 2011)seated on Row 30G, the whole flight went smoothly from Istanbul to Singapore but to my horror when the plane landed at Singapore Airport, the whole piece of cover of the aircondition above seat 30K fell off and almost hit me..if my husband who was sitting next to me did not pull me away in time bad would have resulted. I had got scared and the passengers sitting near to me all had a great fright too. I picked up the cover and was shocked to see that 3 masking tap were used to secure the cover to the wall of the plane. This is totally unexceptable and horrible as since it had 3 masking tape on it which means that your engineer already knew that this is a pre existing problem and they just simply used the masking tape to secure it to the wall without even considering the safety of the passsenger. I believe even any budget airline will not do such thing to their aircraft more so how can You, Turkish Airline do such a thing. I am trully disaappointed with it. I expect a good explanation from your office on this issue

    • customerhelp Reply

      please escalate your complaint with the customer support over phone..

      • I have not received my baggage yet. My flight number is TK 0637 Which was MAY 26th, 2014 from Istanbul to Tripoly.

        Kindly help.

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