Contact of Justfly customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Justfly: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the travel portal. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Summerside, Prince Edward Island

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-717-5015
Phone: 213-986-3515
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected] (Extended Cancellation Policy)

About Justfly
Justfly is an online travel business established in the year 2014. It is a platform to book low cost flights across the US and globe. Headquartered in Summerside, Canada, the company employs around 200 for customer service, technology and marketing. According to its website, Justfly partners with over 440 airlines to offer best deals and cost-effective tickets. Besides flights, Justfly also allows travellers to book hotels and cars.

To search and compare best deals for flights, browse the homepage where you can enter the origin/destination, dates and begin the search. Upon seeing the results, you can further filter by number of stops, schedule, duration, airlines and airports. You can also see a number of options with detailed schedule, layover and cost. You can proceed to confirm the booking by paying through Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Those who already have a reservation, can sign in to their account to view or manage the same. They can check itinerary or even cancel a booking. All prices displayed on our website are subject to change at any time. Also note that all reservations are non-refundable unless stated. They are also non-changeable and non-transferable unless otherwise stated. If you find a cheaper fare, you can claim a full refund within 24 hours of booking.

Should a ticket be refundable, there will still be penalties users will have to pay. Cancellation can be made easily by calling the customer service. Refund might take up 6 to 8 weeks. Are you frequent flier? Register for the Justfly Travel Club membership program to have enjoy exclusive prices, cashback incentives and private sales. For more information or queries on tickets, payment, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Justfly customer service.

All posts are published by our dedicated team of writers who curate, gather and produce relevant content for public. Leave a feedback or report inaccurate information using the Comments form below.


  1. I went to go book a flight entered all of my account information, hit submit and the next page said that that flight is no longer available. My card was still charged, I called and the CS argued with me that my card wasn’t charged, that it was a pending transaction that would fall off within 24 hours. That did not happen, as I told them the first time it was not pending, the charged was processed, now a week later many emails with my bank statement and phone calls later, I still do not have my money back or any replies from just fly.

  2. Justfly has the worst customer service and they are trying to trick me and keep a large part of my refund.

    I cancelled a booking and was told that the fee is $200 – so I cancelled the booking. On the invoice I got later on, it shows the fee of $200 but additionally took $200 from my refund. Maybe they think people would not notice and probably it works quite often. They did not automatically refund my seat selection fees either, had to call about that.
    So check your invoices very carefully!

    Have called them three times already and was assured that it will be fixed and I get a new invoice within 24h. I did not get anything and still waiting for my money for over 4 weeks already. Maybe they hope I will forget about after they tried to hide doubling the fee in the invoice.

    My advice: avoid JustFly!

  3. Hi,

    I booked a flight ticket yesterday from Tampa to Chicago for 26th April and a return on 28th April by contacting the Just Fly customer service. They booked the ticket for me and even after spelling my name thrice they booked a ticket with wrong surname. After which I called them again and they said the only way is to go ahed to the airlines site (Spirit) and cancel the ticket and rebook again which I did but then Just Fly deducted an amount of $46.01 from my credit card. I called them again enquiring about the same and they said it’s Just Fly’s service charge. I don’t understand why do I need to pay the service charge when the mistake was from your end. It was your fault they you booked a ticket with a wrong name even after spelling it out to you thrice. Now I don’t have a ticket and I am charged $46.01 on top of that. And on top of that you guys just keep the call on hold and no nobody ever picks up and I am unable to talk to a representative.

    Kindly please refund me the amount as I should not be liable to pay the service charge because of your fault. And the only reason I called and booked a ticket through the customer service and not via online was my payment was declined twice when I was booking online so I called up and the person assisted me and booked it for me.

    Ticket reference number is : 143-111-752

  4. I received confirmation from justfly in writing for my upcoming flight using my travel credit. I paid the differences such as airport charges. A month later, i called the airline to check on the status of my flight prior my flight- literally 4 days prior. The airline said there wasn’t my name in the reservation. I called justfly to check on this. After multiple phone calls, they couldn’t resolve and continue to ask me to wait 24 hours, 48 hours, 24 hours. They said the airline hasn’t get back to them and the airline only works Monday-Friday. I was so pissed. I sent them multiple emails to find out. No single response. I called them again. I was put on hold and the supervisor failed to assist as well. I needed to buy another plane ticket at less than 48 hours to get on my plan. PLEASE DONT USE JUSTFLY. THE SUPERVISOR WAS RUDE AND THEY FAILED TO TREAT THE CUSTOMER FAIRLY. NO REFUND FROM THEM YET

  5. Gregg Sullivan Reply

    I recommend not using this st all. Paid over 300 bucks for a ticket for my boyfriend, once he got to airport it was an hour-2hour delay bc it was extremely busy. And once he arrived at desk they told him his ticket was not valid and he needed a printed copy. He missed his flight and now they won’t give me a refund.

    Justfly needs to be boycotted. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS REAL SHITTY

  6. A flight was booked through Just for a one-way ticket from Shanghai China to New Orleans, Louisiana. The flight was paid for on June 19, 2018 in the amount of $904.20 with the Chase card listed above.
    I had no knowledge this card was being used to purchase the airline ticket but my daughter had the card information and needed to fly home to the states.

    When my daughter’s Travel Visa was issued she was told it was a 30 day Travel Visa. When she was about to board the plane the attendant told her the Travel Visa had expired, she examined it and saw that the 30 day Travel Visa had been dated for 21 days and not 30 so she had to miss the flight. The attendant told her she could use “credit” from the flight she missed towards another flight. On June 21, 2018 a cancellation fee of $150.00 fee was also charged.

    She attempted to re-book the flight and I have illustrated with the enclosed documents the fraud and misleading actions of Qatar Airlines and, I will attempt to explain the absolute deceit of those companies.

    She received an email from I have labeled it Exhibit A. It states “You have $838.25 in travel credit…… with a link that says Click here to use your credit and book new flights. When you click you are taken to the “Select new Flights|Self-Service-Flighthub. She selected a date and the fare was $400.00 more than the credit of $838.25. See Exhibit B. She used different dates as well to see if that would lower the costs to be closer to her credit but it did not. See Exhibit C.

    My Chase card had already been charged $1,054.20. The airline and/or JustFly wanted to charge an extra $400.00 for a changed flight that is absolute larceny.

    To prove the point, my daughter went to the same website used the same dates and times and the price for the same exact flight on the same airline is $863.72!!! See Exhibit D. When she saw this blatant attempt to extract more money for no valid reason she gave up.

    Chase agreed to reverse the $904.20 until the “investigation” was concluded but now have put that fraudulent charge back on my card.

  7. Justlfy didnt issue a refund for my cancelled flight. After Five emails, and two phone calls I received a ‘credit’ for my cancelled flight. However, trying to use those credits toward a new flight is a total joke! You must fly in and out of the same airport originally booked in. YOu must fly the same airline you orignally booked in. You cannot choose your exact dates of travel. And it seems to be twice as much as what is shown on if you are booking a flight paying by credit card. I am beyond disappointed and disgusted. This is horrible buisness, horrible customer service…very very upset!!!!

  8. kristine taylor Reply

    Looks like I fell into the same trap as all the people who commented before me….I went to change my flight after realizing it had a 11.5 hour layover I cancelled for the fee of $75.00 and then was re-charged $289.00 to re-book the same exact flight. I was ripped off!

  9. 108-618-962 (JFK – DAC)

    I requested for a middle name correction of the second passenger more than 10 days ago. I spoke with the customer service rep atleast 5 times. Every time they ask me the same question, and at the end i get same answer, just wait.

    We are 24 hours away from the scheduled flight. Please do something. I hope just fly is a real company.

  10. Su-Gwang Jeong Reply

    I would like to book a air flight ticket form SCE(State College) to ICN(Seoul, South Korea).
    Flight date is 12/06(Going) – 12/28(Return).
    I searched a economic flight ticket price through the Justfly homepage.
    The home page showed 1008.80$ of flight ticket price.
    Is it round trip price? or Just one-way Price?
    And let me know the exact flight price SCE – ICN (12/06 – 12/28).
    If it is reasonable, I will buy the ticket through your site.

  11. What a screwed up company. I tried to book flights for my wife and I and after several complications got frustrated and cancelled the transaction. Guess what! They booked the flights anyway and charged my credit card for two tickets. A few hours later they charged me for two more tickets. A few days later they charged me for another ticket. So far they have posted over $10,000 to my credit card account for a transaction that was cancelled (supposedly). This is like “Groundhog Day.” The hits just keep coming. I’ve been on the phone with them for over 4 hours (no exaggeration) over three days and am getting nowhere. Justfly…NEVER AGAIN!

  12. sandra rivera Reply

    I am having the worst customer service ever. I booked a flight for my son and months ago, now im getting an email saying that my itinerary has change but also I find that my sons name is not there; is my name twice but with his date of birth. I called and they said that they can help me with that sending an email with my sons passport. then I got a new email from them that say that I have to contact them. I have talked with 5 different people everybody say different thing and I still have my name twice. the airline changed my itinerary for one more convenient to me because I called them directly but just fly cant change a mistake they made? they dont train their people well since everybody say a different thing and give me different solution.

  13. Just fly is a rip off. I received a charge for $790.35 then a change to 1135.00. I was put on hold three times for over 35 minutes per call before the call was hung up. Finally, I pressed the selection to book a flight and told them I had an existing flight, and they hung up. This is a terrible site and people seeking cheap tickets should beware.

  14. I changed my flight to return a week later, and was charged 387 dollars for the changes, however Just Fly kept my original flight AND charged me the change fees. Change fees for what? Nothing was changed.

    I’ve emailed Just Fly and called; been on hold near 2 hours now with no answers. I highly, highly recommend not using Just fly if your plans could possibly, even remotely need to be changed. Customer support is non-existent it seems, and the site is apparently glitchy as online comments tend to show.

    • I misspelled my gf’’s middle name on a flight they hooked me up on through Alaska. And when I noticed I called justfly support ,there specific phone number directly to that specific person who is supposed to deal with this issue specifically and when the lady answered she had no clue why I was calling them to fix the issue and why I hadn’t already called Alaska Airlines. (who by the way I called and got confirmation that they do not and would not charge for a name correction and would and only do charge for the name to be changed.) Then I was put on hold for an hour plus, and in that time on my gf’s phone I was able to call Alaska confirm that justfly would not be charged and I also called that Same support number that had my phone which was STILL ON HOLD !! Talk a representative and have her tell me they would charge me 75$ to literally change one letter in my gf’s middle name and then was able to talk down to 25$ . I still even asked to talk to a manager after that and I was put on hold. I KNOW HAVE 2 PHONES ON HOLD WAITING TO TALK TO SOME KIND OF MANAGER OR SOMEONE THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN CHARGE . The first phone eventually was hung up on and the second one eventually after 45mins plus o waiting cane back and said there was no manager to talk to. Still the issue is not resolved! This place is a joke! Run as fast as you can! Can’t believe co-signs this bull $hit!!!!

  15. You have by far the worst customer service that I have ever encountered you deserve to be out of business I am certain it is only a matter of time.
    Don’t deal with this lowlife company you will be scammed.
    They put you on hold and don’t come back !!!

  16. JustFly has NO customer support, NO way to talk with a person, VERY POOR BAGGAGE POLICY information. BEWARE! I purchased 4 tickets to Athens 12/2017 and ended up paying $60 US each way ($480 total for round trip) for 1 checked bag for each ticket each way. This was never made clear by JustFly, the airlines changed their policy in March 2018 (Alitalia, Delta, Air France) and now NO WAY to get a hold of ANYONE at JUSTFLY. It wasn’t worth the cheap ticket – that’s for sure.

  17. I will not be using Justfly in the future. I made my initial reservation on May 28, 2018 my flight was for May 09, 2018 and after doing some research I found out that I needed a visa in order to travel to the country I wanted to visit. Had I known this when making the reservation I would not have book the flight in the first place. On May 30, I called to cancel my reservation and the agent told me that It would cost me $210.89 plus an additional $100.00 but the total cost of my flight was $1126.47. Can someone please explain this type of math to me? I am totally confused. I am going to the better business bureau and anyone else that I can get me to help me resolve this issue and help make this right. Because this is fraudulent.

    Booking number 103-769-892

  18. Pamela Jarvis Reply

    I will not be using Justfly in the future. They are frauds. I made my initial reservation on May 28, 2018 my flight was for May 09, 2018 and after doing some research I found out that I needed a visa in order to travel to the country I wanted to visit. Had I known this when making the reservation I would not have book the flight in the first place. On May 30, I called to cancel my reservation and the agent told me that It would cost me $210.89 plus an additional $100.00 but the total cost of my flight was $126.47. Can someone please explain this type of math to me? I am totally confused.

  19. Manoj Goel Reply

    Why my credit card is charged $150 against cancellation of the ticket. Why you are not deducting from the ticket price which I already paid. On top of that you are not giving my money back and I have to use it as a future credit. This looks like a fraud company. Never book through this company. My ticket reference number is 566-7087319031. If they are not going to return my money I am going to file a suit against them.

  20. Haregu Bereketeab Reply

    I booked a flight for a wrong time right away within a minute
    changed the flight time. called customer service (1-800-717-5015)Talked with Sarah at 1.48 mentioned the situation and cancelled all the flights. After a long discussion I agreed to receive $454.30 travel credit for next trip which expire in one year. Now I received only $254.30 in travel credit. Please check with you recording and credit the remaining balance.

  21. SHAME on your company for taking advantage of people and not responding to peoples concerns!
    I received credit for a cancelled flight in Dec and now to book a new reservation I need speak to customer service at 18003871338 (the regularly posted number is only for sucking in more money and hence the circus that loops around). And there is no person there!!!! I have been on hold for 50+ min and I have done this 3 times already, who can we report them to???!! Thanks for any help guys

  22. On December 2017 I purchased two round trip tickets. The price listed changed after I paid for tickets. Booking number is 084-609-362. I was promised a refund at that time being told it might take 30 days. It has been much longer than that and after phone calls for my refund attempting to talk with an Agent that could hardly speak English who gave me several numbers and was told to take these numbers to my bank for the refund. I took this to my bank and they did not have a clue of what these numbers were and said there was no refund showing up in my account. It is now been over 4 Months and still no refund. My current plan is to take what ever legal action is needed to expose the criminal, fraud operations of JUSTFLY

  23. To whom It May concern,

    I am saddened to have to write this email to explain the worst customer service I have ever experienced with flying issues. For starters, flying is a very stressful thing on most customers, and when we use a company, we trust that you are there and ABLE TO help in certain situations.

    I recently booked a trip from Fayetteville NC (United 3914) to New York, LGA. I originally was on a flight on Monday, April 16th but was informed I needed to get back to work early. I called to switch my flight from Monday to Sunday, April 15th. Sadly, on your website it says exchanges for domestic flights have a fee of $75 yet, I was quoted $275 to change my flight.

    When I went on to United’s site themselves, the change flight price was NOT that much in price, also noted that the cost to buy a brand new flight, was only $237 (less than fee to switch a flight i already had a reserved with a seat on through your company). So not only did I already pay for a flight with you on United, you basically wanted to charge me more than what another flight by itself would cost to change my flight.

    Finally, your agent (unhelpful) was able to get it down to $225 (a whole $50 cheaper, woohoo). This was still very unsatisfying, but because I needed to switch my flight and UNFORTUNATELY, had to go through you, I paid $225.

    Then the very next day, I get to the airport only to be told my flight was delayed by an hour. This would mean, the 43 layover time I had to get to my connecting flight to New York, I would miss by more than 20 minutes. This was also the last flight out that evening, so I would in turn be stuck in DC airport.

    When I called your customer service, the man I spoke to not only could do absolutely nothing to help me in the 50 minutes timeframe I had to get on this flight or not, but said he could ‘send me an email and follow his instructions’. That is insanely unhelpful for customers who are in dire situations and at airports, and the most your employees know how to do is send an email? You think I have time to sit and what, wait for the ‘forward’ email to tell me if confirmed or not would be sufficient? No. I asked to speak to a supervisor.

    Then your employee recommended a great idea- I try to deal directly with the airline itself. I am sorry, but didn’t I just pay your company over $500 to deal with my travel arrangements for you not to tell me to go then deal with the airline for you because your travel agents (wherever their office is located not in the US) cannot help their own customers? Either way, of course, the actual airline gave me a new flight– THE NEXT DAY, free of charge.

    So now, not only did I waste $225 giving you money to get me on a flight on Sunday, April 15th that I was UNABLE to get on. You also, did not help me switch my flight, you did not offer to find me another flight on a different airline to make sure I got on to a plane on Sunday, April 15th, you did not offer to help me find any accommodations for being stuck overnight due to this situation and you did not give me any money back for doing absolutely NOTHING on your end but direct me to the airline to fix the problem you failed so miserably at to accomplish.

    With that said, I will contact anyone and everyone I need to #1. make sure this is actually addressed and you are able to handle customer service for the amount of money you can easily take from your customers, for doing pretty much nothing on your end and 2. make sure anyone else is aware of the scam you are of a ‘deal company’ that prides themselves on saying “Mam’m you wanted a deal thats why you hired us, so you can send an email if you have a complaint because u won’t get to speak to any other supervisor” – (Quote from Kumal, your oh so helpless supervisor who handled my what I hope to have been recorded phone call for ‘QUALITY ASSURANCE’ so someone else can actually hear the quality-LESS assurance he gave me).

  24. I am very disappointed in JustFly. I booked a flight, and ended up having a family emergency and was not able to attend my flight. I contacted to see if I could use the cancellation policy I purchased and I was told “no”. I purchased the cancellation policy that allowed me to cancel up until departure, but yet they were telling me I only purchased the 24-hour cancellation policy. I am a full-time graduate student and teacher in a low-income public-school district. I cannot afford to spend $500 for nothing. If I couldn’t cancel my flight, I was just wanting to receive a credit so I can use it on a trip I am taking this summer. I am so upset with what happened, and the customer service representative I spoke to as she just kept telling me “there’s nothing she can do”. I will not use Justfly again nor will I ever recommend it to anyone.

  25. Customer service is so rude! I tried to finalize my booking online by calling 1 800 717 5015. he gave me price twice as much as I have seen online. He keep on telling me that I should read the disclosure before I hit the Confirm button. In short he never helped me at all. I told him that I will just call back to end the conversation because I know that I will not get anything helpful from him. I hanged up my phone and after about 5 seconds my phone ring which is unknown. I answered my cellphone and the justfly customer service told me “do not call back anymore!” then he hanged up his phone. I put my phone in silent mode because it is 12:15 already in the morning but he keep on calling me 3 times more but he always put me on hold. Justfly should give disciplinary action for those kind of customer service!

  26. Hello everyone who has been ripped off by Justfly company,and I have been ripped too when I brought a ticket from desmoines to Cairo but when I went to airport two weeks earlier for my returning from Cairo to ticket didn’t exist in system and I have to buy another ticket for 2,000 dollars plus 1,000 which meant the entire trip cost me 3,000. I have been called them or email but nobody returning my call or email until now. Now I’m seeking legal matters at this point,I wanted money back and I have been working hard for myself not justfly or anybody else.

  27. Allen Crawford Reply

    I too am having horrible experience with JustFly. One leg of our flight was cancelled. JustFly tells us to call the carrier (Lufthansa). We did. Lufthansa says they can’t do anything because the first leg is provided by Air Canada. So I called Air Canada who tells me they can’t do anything because they need a waiver from Lufthansa. Air Canada told me to call my travel agent. I was on hold for 40 minutes and never moved up in the queue. I have sent an e-mail to JustFly but don’t expect to get a reply. I have travelled in business and pleasure for over 40 years. This is the WORST experience in customer service I have ever had!!

    • Greg Alford Reply

      Same crap with these people , they don’t speak clear English and don’t understand plain English . Worst experience of my life regarding travelling , they so far to cancel my dog’s flight when all I asked was a confirmation of it.

      Never use thi service again

  28. dolores davila Reply

    This is in regarding to purchase a ticket October from Justfly Booking:076-727-512 for the price of $348.58. Justfly email the receive by $348.58. Surprise when a got my credit card statement you charge twice the same amount of money. It’s has been impossible contact this company because you are a phantasmal company without address and phone number. 1800-717-5015 is only for purchases without any option to talk with any person to get answers. I hope to get any answer ASAP

  29. I never completed my reservation on line as I was away from my computer for several hours. When I got back to my computer, the reservation was completed. How did this happen without me entering it? Also, was a higher price than it advertised.

  30. I attempted to change my returning flight and was told by United Airlines that I had to contact Justfly to make the changes. After struggling to understand the agent and waiting 20 minutes for a supervisor I was informed that I could not change my flight. The supervisor was rude and threaten to terminate the call when I question her to confirm my returning flight was not cancelled by the ineffective agent.
    After reading the comments I am concerned that my complaint will also go ignored.

  31. Sandy bagley Reply

    I booked my flight for Nov. 30th I broke my ankle Nov 23. Call to cancel/ change my flight….. The guy I spoke to said it would be no problem. I had cancellation coverage. They guy say dont worry it will be taken care of if I just put in for a credit until I can fly back home. I call today to schedule my flight home as my grandfather is not doing well and I need to get home hopefully before he passes away . my flight was 358 I paid and should have 358 a viable for credit. They tell me today I will have to pay an additional 373 to fly home. Why is it double what it orinagnaly cost? I do not have this money. So not what I can’t go home? I can’t get my money back. I see flights as I look online for same price why are you charging me double what the one way flight cost. Help me help me help me

  32. TIM ALFORD Reply

    Your system changed my flight dates when I changed my passenger number. A glitch that you are now charging me a cancellation fee for. I called within 5 minutes of the accidental booking and got them to lower it from 75$ to 25$ per person (I have 5 people in my family). I should be charged nothing as I called literally within 5 minutes of the booking and it was a mistake created by your system. I will be disputing these charges with my credit card company and I will never book through your company again!

  33. I dislike the automated call service that I cannot speak with a person. I am trying to change a flight on line, and it says to contact the airline. The airline won’t talk to me because I booked through a travel agent.

    Please contact me ASAP since my flight leaves in 2 weeks.

    This is much appreciated.

  34. When booking a park/fly hotel through your company how do you notify the hotel that your car will be parked for the duration of your trip? Am I responsible for calling the hotel myself directly to alert them to our parking stay even though we’ll be booking it online?

  35. Annette c Stewart Reply

    I booked a flight on Oct 20, 2017 for travel in 2018. I received confirmation emails including one that stated payment received. About ten days later I attempted to pay my card for this flight. There was no record of the charge being processed by JustFly. I attempted on numerous occasions,via every email listed,to contact JustFly to make inquiry about this. No response. The airline has no record of my reservation. It has now been over two months and still no transaction processed. Airline still has no record of my reservation. I cancelled the flight via email and changed my card number. I refuse to call and speak to people who are not knowledgeable nor understandable.

  36. Lester Wagner Reply

    Most pathetic service ever! Got a travel credit but I cannot use it on the flights of my choice. Website under refund status states that my refund was done 30 days ago but it still has not been credited into my account.

  37. John Shirley Reply

    I booked 2 tickets to Australia and could not make the flight due to illness. I paid JustFly to move both tickets to November. The day of the flight we tried to check in and found out that no ticket had been issued in our name for that flight. We missed the flight and I have called Just Fly several times just to be moved from 1 queue to the next. They have refused to give me a refund. I have tried to explain that this is fraud and the agents don’t understand the word.

  38. Nicholas Kolias Reply

    Air canada told me they notified justfly three weeks after tickets were purchased April 2017. A schedule change was done. I found out six months later. I’m told 12 can go if we pay $3,000.00 ++ per person more. The refund may not happen either if I understand this recorded conversation with two supervisors . My travel insurance and tour group will be contacted along with my credit card company.

  39. Rosedandaro Reply

    Thanks for your answer, but you need to understand I am looking for a
    long layover in Toronto, mainly. That was the main reason I have booked the trip with AIr Canada.
    It is a gift for my daughter to see Niagara Falls on our way to Colombia.

    I found the following flights that will work for us; I have sent three emails to your customer service in the last four days, no answers…
    JUSTFLKY Must improve its customer service because it is a mess!

  40. I have been dealing with justfly the last 2 weeks since the airline has cancelled a segment of my flight. It has been the worse experience of my life. First they out source their from the Philippines and these agents are helpless. I’ve called 5x to confirm my flight and all they can do is read from their script and send emails supposedly to their travel partners. I still have yet to confirm my international flight. There is no one from the U.S and no one can help. What is this company’s goal? Scam customers? I will never use justfly again!!!

  41. Angela Washington Reply

    I booked a flight and 12 hours later went on line and cancelled it and they did not cancel, I want to talk to someone about this, then they charge me $75.00 to cancel again and can’t take it out of what I already paid. I am in tears, that was the last of my money and the job was canceled that my husband was going there for, I want to speak to someone besides a customer service agent that was no help except to take more of my money. I expect a phone call back, 907-982-1293. As soon as possible before I go write a bad review.

  42. Brenda J. Franklin Reply

    I have emailed you numerous times to correct the overage amount you charged me for your mistake. How do you plan to stay in business if this is what you do to all your customers???

    A corporate manager or someone in charge, if you have such a person, needs to call me to rectify this situation.

    If not, you are accumulating funds that are against the law – due to your fradulent advertising on line.

    Thank you.

  43. Richard Stangler Reply

    Your company makes a mistake, then it cost me money, Vigil #3145, and Eddie, refuses to make it right.

    How can your company survive in a world of completion by not putting people first. Why would I go back for more of the same? I ask a girl who works with your company how long the company has been in business, she told me she could not say. Really? What are you trying to hide. I would hope you would at least respond to this email.

  44. David Bureau Lapointe Reply


    I’d like to have a cancellation on these tickets (booking : 071-379-272) because your website told me it were sold out and not been charged but it still charged me and the airline told me that there was an error with these tickets. Received that email after an hour of the declined transaction. I called my credit card company and they told me it has been charged. I’d like you to cancel this transaction as i’ve booked tickets from another company after your website declined and told me they were sold out.

    Thanks you
    David Bureau Lapointe

  45. Deveda Jane Rush Reply

    Your service was great on the recent purchase of a ticket. I will definitely depend on your service.
    Justfly did charge me twice for a seat on AeroMexico. How do I get a refund?

  46. Reynaldo A. Magboo Reply

    This is in regards to Purchase summary for Justfly Booking: 063-586-243. How did you come up with Total of $541.40 when it should just be $493.60 total for 4 persons when I was booking it. The lower amount ($493.60) was also appearing in the first confirmed booking status document that I printed. Please explain. I am wondering whether you may just have made a mistake in adding the charges together.

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