Contact of Gautrain customer service (phone, address)

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Contact Gautrain: Find below customer service details of Gautrain, South Africa. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the rapid rail system. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
PO Box 1266,
Kelvin, 2054

Customer Service
Phone: 0800 GAUTRAIN or 0800 4288 7246
Phone: 011 253 0352/3 (Midrand Station Lost and Found)

About Gautrain
Gautrain is a rapid rail system in South Africa that was launched in the year 2010. Operating in Gauteng, the train line has a length of 80km. The main stations consist of the Johannesburg Park Station, O.R. Tambo International Airport and Pretoria Station. Other stations include Centurion, Hatfield, Marlboro, Midrand, Rodesfield, Rosebank and Sandton. Gautrain has a fleet of 24 trains and 125 buses. The company is a joint venture between Gauteng Provincial Government and the Bombela International Consortium.

If you are new to Gautrain’s services, you can know the schedule, route map and fares right on the website. The interactive route map on the website provides detailed information of the stops, timetable and key attractions. The trains begin at 5am and go until 9.30pm. For those travelling to the O.R. Tambo International Airport from Sandton, the Gautrain is a perfect mode of transportation. As for fares, you can purchase a single fare ticket or purchase the Gautrain Card which is a pay-as-you-go system. There are weekly as well as monthly passes.

The Gautrain Card can be used for parking as well as for travel on bus. The card can be purchased from stations or through ticket vending machines. And they can reloaded easily using cash, debit or credit card. Note that wheelchair access is provided to all trains, buses, stations and toilets. If you are on the move, you can download the Gautrain smartphone app to see route map and schedule. For more information or queries on tickets, schedule, payment, refund, cancellation, lost and found items, or others, reach the Gautrain customer service.

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  1. khulu marholeni Reply

    I lodge a claim for a refund because my gautrain card got broken on the the 12 of December 2019 and I was advised that their turn around time is 7 to 14 working days, and to date I made 7 follow ups at the gautrain park station but nothing has come to fruition, at first I was told that finance was closed on december, then I was told that the personel Kevin makhensi had not submitted, on further inquiries I was told it’s at the depo because its above a thousand, to date I still have not received my money, this is really frustrating and the lack of communication is so unprofessional and the worst customer experience ever, I want my money back and I will escalate this and draw media attention if necessary because this is simply unacceptable

  2. Yesterday, the 13th of November 2019, at approximately 6.37 am, we were almost pushed off the road by the driver of a Gautrain Bus, registration number BC34DHGP. It occurred on Grand Central Boulevard, in Midrand en-route to the Gautrain Station.

    We were travelling on the left hand side of the bus and the driver just decided to move left. My husband had to slam his brakes and put his hand flat on the hooter to avoid a collision. Needless to say we were shaken up.

    I approached the supervisor of the bus service and informed him of what had happened, his response was there is nothing he can do. I need to send an email for my complaint to be attended to. He said no one listens to him.

    Some of your drivers are driving very bad and recklessly. They have total disregard for other motorists or pedestrians.

    Some of your drivers need to be given training and taught manners.

  3. Maxwell Manana Reply

    I am really sad , frustrated and disappointed with the lack of service and information we get for gautrain buses on weekends. We live in the digital age, obviously we look for information about gautrain buses on the internet or gautrain website. There’s no mention of the fact that the shuttle buses don’t stop at the bus stations. There’s also no information on how you board on the weekend. I had to call customer services first after waiting for over an hour at the Epsom downs bus stop waiting for this shuttle bus that will not even stop for me. After being told I need to go to Monte Casino to get the shuttle , I am told by the bus driver that I need to purchase a ticket first at SINS . Why is all this information not communicated on the gautrain website. There’s alot of time and money that we spend just trying to get our selves to the right place . We pay so much for the gautrain services during the week but when it’s weekend we get the most poorest services in all SA transportation.

  4. I took the train from Pretoria to Midrand. Whilst waiting for my ride, I needed to bathroom. The security personnel – Ms Molaba told me I had to check through with my card and use the funds to pay for the use of the bathroom. This is not how the other stations handle a bathroom request . A customer simply shows the card and then signs in a book. Why do I have to pay to use the bathroom at Midrand.

  5. Beverley Sass Reply

    Your bus service between Menlyn and Hatfield in the afternoonis not up to scratch. I have been waiting since 3h15 for a bus and only for one at 4h50. What happened to 15 minute wait for the busses to pass.

  6. We have just caught the train from the airport to Rosebank. When we had to change at Sandton, the platform was very busy. The driver allowed the passengers off the train but didn’t bother letting all the passengers on the train. About 20 of us were stranded on the platform as he closed the doors and drove off. Could the driver of the 8:30am train between Sandton and Rosebank wait for all passengers to board instead of just leaving us on the platform?

  7. The Queenswood midi bus drivers pass every stop too early. This morning the driver passed 7 minutes early and didn’t even look as he was on the phone. We have complained countless times about this but it falls on deaf ears. 5 minutes is understandable but 7 minutes isn’t fair and he doesn’t even slow down as I watched him pass me and I was a few feet away. This is really getting out of hand now and really unfair. There’s other drivers who wait but the gentleman this morning was too busy driving while on his phone and didn’t even look or stop or slow down. Please either reevaluate times or have a word with your staff as a good brand like gautrain does not need such poor attitudes.

  8. L Govender Reply

    Travel daily on bus and train. However, buses are breaking down frequently. Currently sitting in a bus enroute to Randburg which broke down this morning. Evidently, the bus has been fixed and parts replaced according to the driver despite pungent engine oil fumes and noises from the engine. Gautrain management take note of maintaining the optimal functioning of your buses including engines, heaters and air cons. With the recent price hikes, if this problem persists, patrons will be taking strike action since you overlook these complaints.

  9. Pam Mallela Reply

    I bought my midi bus coupons a month ago. The fare is now reduced from R15.00 to R10. I bought about 20 trips and left with 4. How do I get compensated.
    I enquired at the Marlboro ticket office. The gentleman gave me this Mobile number 0729206402. I made the call and was unanswered. Went back to the office and asked who the number belongs to as he gave two names. Says one of the names was his and he simply did not answer. I think that smack of manners.Names are Charles and Klaas.

  10. I refer you the response to a complaint from a customer received from Gautrain.
    I QUOTE:
    Thank you for writing to us.
    The issue here isn’t that our drivers are horrible or evil. Our drivers may NOT stop anywhere other than a designated Gautrain Bus stop to offload or collect passengers even if it is only 50metres. Please always be ready at a stop with your Gautrain card, signalling to the driver that you wish to use the bus. If he still doesn’t stop then please let us know.
    Many thanks
    This driver almost ran this passenger over as she was attempting to get to the bus. It is therefore not for you to determine what issue is of concern to the client. Her issue is as stated. I will put it to you that as a PR person it is not for you to stand in defence of a staff member but to find a balance in investigating the merits of the client’s complaint, whether perceived or real. Your lack of responsiveness or willingness to be helpful raises concern, for one questions what a client means to you and how their complaints can contribute to the improvement of intangible quality assurance expected from an organisation such as yourself.
    Your introductory sentence of thanking the client is an affront to the intended spirit of the communication sent to your offices, which is to correct a situation, which if not corrected, could result in the injury or death of a customer in future. When that happens, it will not matter who was to blame but what will matter is the customer perception of what your organisation stands for.
    As clients, OUR perception of service quality is what matters at the end of the day. We will all differ in our opinion of what quality service is. But I can assure you that we will hardly differ in what we consider to be the ‘closing of ranks’ noted in your correspondence to the complaint you responded to. You failed to address the issue and go further to redirect the matter in the direction of your choosing, choosing instead to educate the client on what her responsibility is towards your organisation.
    Public Relations 101 dictates that the client is always right. That is the point of internationally accepted departure for any customer-centred organisation. Whether YOU consider the client to be right or not, is not the issue. Good customer service is the issue. You cannot tell me that your organisation has reached the pinnacle of great customer service and does not require feedback for it to improve on its service track record!
    I have personally had a driver fly past a bus stop in spite of me holding my card out to him to stop. When I ask why he zoomed past the bus stop he said he did not see me. I would expect that when he approaches an area where there is a bus stop he would slow down in anticipation of a customer which he did not do; the reason why he did not see me. He proceeded to rudely tell me to send a complaint, thereby dismissing me. I now understand why he so easily suggested this. It is because you defend your drivers and the way they conduct themselves.
    As clients, we look to you to perform the promised service dependably, accurately and with customer safety in mind. Surely your drivers are not robots that they cannot exercise situational or environmental consideration, whatever the situation, such that they will run any passenger over with the bus if they are running towards a bus that is about to leave in the hope of catching the drivers attention and appealing to his sense of Ubuntu.
    Your knowledge of what constitutes customer service, your lack of courtesy or even empathy leading to your inability to inspire trust and confidence needs management attention.
    We applaud Gautrain on the strides it has made in changing the landscape of South Africa’s public transport infrastructure earning the country international recognition as we continue to strive towards world-class standards of public transportation. Your customer interaction, however, cannot be further from world-class, leaving a lot to be desired. With the number of international guests your organisation services, I would venture to say that some amount of training in basic customer service would be to the benefit of your organisation and all Gautrain clients.


    On the 1st May 2019, I was travelling from Pretoria station to Park station. That single trip was R72, I paid with R200 and instead of receiving R128 change I only got R3 from the machine. I passed this matter unto the cashier who told me they do not do refunds in cash of which it did not make sense to me. I filled in the refund form and he said to me the refund will reflect into my account after 7days. Believe me up-to-date there is no such. Gautrain is really failing us.

    • Pam Mallela Reply

      The bus stop along Sterling and corner John Street is a haven of criminal activities. A woman was once dragged into the open veld. I no longer stop there but rather closer to my home as I am usually the only person boarding. This morning at around 10h30 I was told to go and board at the designated stop. I explained to the gentleman who was accompanying the driver what our experience is. He was nonchalant. I will continue waiting at a safer place

  12. I fail to understand the bus route times, i work in Mall of Africa and the last bus for the day says 20:25 but im always there early to catch the 20:05 bus, and before it leaves we wait for like 10 or 15 minutes, today i arrived there same time as ever day, but the bus was not there, what kind of service is this because we paying way too much for gautrain to get such service, now i had to taxify to get to the station, can someone please explain to us the bus routes, as it is very annoying to come running only to find that you will wait for nothing. Im so confused and irritated at the same time

  13. Checked my card on website the previous night , there was R160 credit. Next day 12 April 2019 i was told the card has expired. I had to pay R50 for new card, and R140 for return trip Hatfield / Rosebank. Only to realize later I still have same old card, except my credit was gone … Last year i also lost R280, because the ‘card expired’ three months before the real expiry date …. I complained in vain….

  14. Sally White Reply

    Gautrain complaints
    Please could you explain the following:
    Card serial number: 4490228253
    On the 15th February I bought a return trip from OR Tambo to Rosebank for R340.
    I did not do the return trip to OR Tambo but travelled to Hatfield from Rosebank on the 17th where I had to pay an extra R69 – according to the internet the cost is R49.
    I then travelled from Hatfield to OR Tambo on the 18th February and had to pay a further R156.
    Please can you explain what happened to the R170 money paid for my return trip from Rosebank to OR Tambo,
    Thank you,
    Sally White

  15. Gautrain service is clearly failing, your bus Drivers whilst driving are on their cell phones, when I rang the bell to get off in Lenchen Road, Centurion near the eco park road he ignored me and I had to get off in Rooihuiskraal, how the hell was I meant to get back to my drop off in Lenchen???? Your bus drivers do not keep to the time schedule. This is unacceptable especially in view that its expensive and it results in missing appointments etc BAD SERVICE, WAKE UP GAUTRAIN

  16. Trevor McCarthy Reply

    On Friday 18 January 2019 at about 16h30, my wife arrived at Rhodesfield station to collect me. Encouraged by the rain, I lost no time getting into the car.

    The rush hour exodus took just over half an hour, to drive from the drop off zone, to the station’s booms. (Perhaps, not to my surprise) when we got to the booms we found only two of them were servicing traffic. The third was standing open but had been blocked off by a yellow barrier.

    As a result we were overcharged for parking (it’s only fifteen bucks, but that’s not my point – I still want it back though).

    My problem is that I sat half and hour on a Friday afternoon, in a traffic jam that is clearly of their making – and then I still got overcharged for the pleasure.

    Keep in mind that the station is serviced by two entry booms. Add the remaining vehicles that need to exit the station (the ones that have been parked there throughout the day), and there is no way that you can get out in time with only two booms running, at rush hour.

    I’m sure blocking the third boom was a “genuine unfortunate occurrence”. But I’m sure you can see how it might not be interpreted that way.

    I must say though that the “customer service” at the station is very diligent, and hold to the rules well. They simply inform you that YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED as you have stayed here for a WHOLE half an hour. The fact that they’ve blocked a third of the traffic flow is completely beside the point.

    I have applied online for a refund. In the follow up email I read that it can take up to 14 days, AND may be subject to an admin fee. Why should I have to pay an admin fee to get back money that (as far as I am concerned) was stolen from me?

    This is unacceptable Gautrain.

  17. Norman Twala Reply

    Good morning I’m writing this letter with sorrow and really bad experience we received AS A FIRST TIME TRAIN USERS ME & MY FAMILY I was promise a good trip to the Pretoria Zoo by train & a Bus. But when we rich the Gautrain Pretoria station the was no Buses to the Zoo and I have to pay R150 TEXIFY(with no receipt) from Gautrain Pretoria station to the Zoo,The was no Activities at the Zoo like free games,spa and free cable ridding as it was promise when I spoke to Tiny from Midrand contact center I’m so ashamed of what I told my family Hope you will be better organised next time.

  18. Rene Myburgh Reply

    Hi, I travel daily from Jhb South to the Randburg in the North a total of 100km. I listen to 947 and every day i have to endure your advert which encourages one to use the Gautrain. I would love to have the freedom of traffic by sitting in one of your trains, reading a book and maybe having a chat with someone next to me.
    Are you ever going to venture to areas south of Jhb. Like Soweto, Alberton, Mulbarton, Meyerton.
    Please please put us on your forecast for future areas. And chop chop

  19. Hello! I’m here to lay a complaint about the bus stops. I find it very difficult to go to bus stops as they are very far, could your buses please stop in every street because one time I had an asthma attack as I was having a big laggage and had to walk about a km to the stop, the other time I got robbed because it stops far from where I stay on the other street. please fix that the bus should stop in every street to avoid the inconvinience

  20. Doug Herold Reply

    Guatrain from Pretoria to Park Station on Monday 12/02/2018 stopped at Sandton Station at +-4.00pm. I was the last of a family of six to get on the eight coach train, I had my wife’s and my suit case, one in each hand, my left foot was in the train when the train doors closed on me. I pushed the button on the outside of the doors, nothing happened and with that the train departed and I was left at the Sandton Station. The person responsible for checking to see that all passengers have properly alighted should be reprimanded. The coach was not full.

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