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Contact Bravofly: Find below customer service details of Bravofly, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers an overview of the travel website and its services. Reach the Bravofly customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Bravofly Head Office
BravoNext SA
Vicolo de’ Calvi 2 – 6830
Chiasso, Switzerland

Bravofly Customer Service
Phone: +39 0423 402040 (flights)
Phone: +39 0423 70 55 55 (hotel)
Phone: +1 866-988-8687 (tours)

International Contacts
Australia: 0061261403428
Canada: 0019007830149
France: 0899 140 870
Germany: 01805 892040
Italy: 89 20 40
Indonesia: 007 8033218047
Mexico: 0052 (555) 9854567
Russia: 007(495) 6696739
Spain: 902 123 999
Switzerland: 0900 272 863
UK: 00442034995209
USA: 0019176282152

About Bravofly
bravoflyBravofly is a travel search engine launched in the year 2006. Founded by Fabio Cannavale and Marco Corradino, the website is part of BravoNext SA and is headquartered in Switzerland. Travellers can search for hotels, flights, cruises and car rentals across 35 countries on the website and mobile apps. Other brands associated with the company include Volagratis,, Jetcost and Rumbo.

Visitors on Bravofly can search from over 350 airlines. Simply input the origin, destination and date to view the best fares for a route. You can refine your search by price, number of stops and time. Booking can be made using Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards.

As for hotels, visitors can search from over 300,000 hotels worldwide. You can filter your search results by price, name of hotel, locality or facilities such as parking, Internet, restaurant and swimming pool. You can view the pictures, rating and reviews before confirming a property. Besides searching flights and hotels, you can make your trip complete by even renting a car. You can search from the leading providers such as Sixt, Caro, Budget, Hertz, Alamo, Europcar and Dollar.

If you are planning a tour or cruise, you dont have to look elsewhere. Bravofly features some of the top destinations in the world. You can search by location or wide range of activities that include hiking, cycling, day trips, night tours, hop on/off tours and walking tours. For more information or queries on new booking, payment, refund/cancellation or others reach the Bravofly customer service via phone or email.

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  1. Aleksandra Reply

    I would suggest you to improve your customer service, I was waiting for my refund for 11 month, but this is not the worst part. I had scheduled flight on your app even though it was canceled, I arrived to the airport but apparently there was no flight, but on your app it was telling I have flight … how do you think I felt?? I needed to get back to Malta as fast as possible because I had my job, and I bought tickets for the next day for 500 euro, but it’s not about money. It’s the way you treat your customers who brings you business and income. Then finally I received my refund but not in money but some vouchers to use on your website. I thought ok maybe this company has improved their respect and professionalism towards their customer, but now all the same story with you Bravofly. You send me that my flight has been changed with 5 and 18 hours wait in airports, I have requested that you offer me different flight, and now I’m waiting again. Booking ID: 1754217967

  2. Me, and a friend of mine, booked with Bravofly as a third party agent, and were scheduled to travel in June last year (the trip was cancelled due to covid) and we have, for the past year(!) been trying to get our refund. We have gotten confirmation, both verbal and written, from Ryanair (which was the company we were flying with) that they have refunded our money to Bravofly, about 1400 DKK (danish kronor) and we have gotten only 200 DKK back from Bravofly. According to them, this is the only amount they have received. We have called their customer service desk multiple times, and they were extremely rude and refused to give us any straight answers about whether we would ever get to see OUR money again and refused to help us get in touch with someone who could answer our questions, saying that it was impossible for them to do that due to GDPR. For future reference, maybe you shouldn’t talk about laws to a law student if you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. It is not against GDPR to give out a company phone number – it is not personal or protected information, I did not ask for their names.)

  3. peter greve Reply

    Hi do you have an email address? i booked a flight in may and bought this cancellation insurance on your website..
    But after a while the flight was cancelled cause of covid19..Then i try to contact you for a refund…But nothing had happened yet??my booking number was 1640002040..the number for your danish service doesnt exist anymore

  4. I have try to contact bravofly to change my flight, but no body answer the phone call. May i know what is the e-mail address for bravofly…..any one can help me?

  5. LEE EUN JAE Reply

    Last year (5 August 2019), I got an e-mail from bravofly. The flight that I booked was canceled and you (bravofly) asked me to find an alternative flight or request a refund. So I asked for a refund. And then you send an e-mail that you had registered my refund request in your system and forwarded it to the appropriate department and someone will be in touch with me in no more than 7 days. But nobody contacts me until now.

    I also contacted JC airlines but they answered that refund thing is Bravofly’s business.

  6. Otavio Dias Reply

    I got two emails saying that both of flights were canceled, but nobody answers me properly, I don’t know if it’s true that both were canceled neither how works the refund.

    I tried to talk on customer care, but I could only talk to robots. It seems like a fraud!

    Booking ID 1427642574

  7. Ahmed dawood Reply

    I have purchased 4 return flight from Melbourne to cairo (family with 2 kids). Yesterday we have started our journey from Melbourne, when reaching the transit in Dammam airport ,iwas advised by flynas desk that no booking under our names,i contacted the bravofly customer service line (paid around 30$) the customer service told me we will not do anything for you because it is an error by the flight company?? The flight company told me (with document) of the previous notification done by them to bravofly abot my tichets(that was not confirmed) . Now iam stuck in the airport with my wife and 2kids , i booked another flight that cost me 2900$ for one way. The worst experience ever with booking flight is this one with bravofly.

  8. Sandesh Khadka Reply

    I bought two way ticket and i was ment to fly from sydney to nepal via Quantas to hongkong and feom hong kong to kathmanfu on cathay dragon and returning as viseversa. But the airlines didnt let me to board the plan because I have nepalese passport and dont have visa in transit (the transit was 1hr 10 min). So i had to purchase new ticket and travel to nepal can i change my flight for returning to sydney or can i make a refund. Please help me.

  9. Michael Lim Reply

    Can you kindly provide Bravofly email address as I just could not find it anywhere in the web.
    I need to get in touch on an urgent basis to clarify on flight connection. Thank you.

  10. The worst agent I faced in my life, I would never suggest buying from them. I had to call over 15 times and around 300 calling minutes for them just to change the date of my flight. I had requested it from website 3 days ahead of my flight. The staff just clearly was fooling me around and giving false promises. I heard distinctively how the manager behind said to say something to get rid of me. Would never ever buy again from you in m life.

  11. Dear sir/madam,

    I am writing to inform you that i have just purchased a round ticket to london through your agency. The price listed should be HKD$16446 as there is a discount for HKD$869.48. However, when we received the confirmation letter, it charged us HKD$17679.66 which is not match with the original price. May i get a clear explanation of why such situation would happen? Please inform us with a concrete resolution. Otherwise, we may consider legal action. My booking no is 1416148696

    Please reply us as soon as possible

    The attached is the prove of the price.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Li Ip

    Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 10.56.55 PM.png

  12. I tried to book a flight yesterday from Clark to Singapore (SCOOT AIRLINES via Bravofly), It was confirmed that I was deducted in my credit card but I received an email informing me that my booking was unsuccessful. Can you please assist? And put my money back? Thank you!

  13. jessica blin Reply

    Booking ID: 1277082316
    I booked a ticket with check in luggage but air asia said bravofly had not notified them so I had to pay again to check in my luggage.
    Please refund me asap.

  14. Jorge Diez Reply

    Hi Bravofly,

    Sorry for my late reply, in 2016 I had a problem with a flight you can read the thread below. I write thie email in order to receive the expenses due to this error that your company made. Norwegian said that the mistake was by your company.

    Cancelled flight claim for booking reference 7YTTNY – Flight D86055 LGW-MAD 31.07.16 [Incident: 160803-001263]

    “We are sorry to hear of the difficulties you experienced when trying to check-in for your flight D86055 from London Gatwick to Madrid on 31st July 2016.

    We kindly advise you that when a booking is made it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that all details are correct before travel. We can see that your booking was made through BravoFly and the confirmation email was sent to the email address [email protected] . Unfortunately, the name registered, at the time the booking was made, was incorrect.”

  15. Ian Fitzhenry Reply


    So i purchased a fly flex ticket leaving today from LA to London returning next week.

    I purchased fly flex as I wasnt 100% sure if I would be able to travel today due to work, it showed me in the terms and conditions (attached) that in order to change my flights I needed to log into my account booking on there site and request a flight change. This had to be done more than 24 hours in advance. I went online yesterday 31 hours before my flight was due to leave and requested the change online as it says in the Ts&Cs. I then get an EMAIL response this morning (18 hours until i depart) saying that they cannot change the ticket and I have to fly and my request has not been possible.

    I am now not able to use the flight that Ive paid over £1k for for exactly the purpose of why i bought a Fly Flex in the first place! Below is the info of the Fly Flex terms and the customer service agent I spoke with at bravo fly rudely told me simply that it they simply just state ‘other cirumstances’ may mean that they cannot change the flight. So vague and generic! They also wait until within the 24 hours to email me and say ‘sorry we couldnt change your flight’ which means you cant do anything about it and paid an extra £250 to have the privildge of this Fly Flex service!…

    This is what the Fly Flex terms say:

    “If you wish to change your flight, you must contact the Company’s customer service any time up to
    24 hours before the planned departure of the first flight on your outbound journey directly through
    your personal account on Group’s website or by calling us (08000834000).
    If the booking has multiple passengers, the Service can be activated for each of them, subject to the
    conditions described under art. 2.”

    I have a screengrab of the time and screen when i placed the oriignal rewuest and the customer service agent agreed that it was done more than 24 hours before departure, but they hadnt received it and started working on it until after the 24 hour period had closed.

    How is this my fault?

    They wont give an refund or change any of the flights, but they have taken the money!

    Please help.



    My Booking ID: 1174247797 and E-ticket: 0145197707956, PNR code: AJNNNM or PNR-CRS: ZUTHCU

    I want to cancel my flight and book another flight. I was given tel number 044-2034998517 to contact but I couldn’t make a call because the cost of international call is too high in my country.

    Please instruct me how can I process to cancel and book a new flight.

    Thank you!

  17. Jacques Smekens Reply

    Re: Booking Ref 1044687807
    I made the above booking with Full Flex for which subsequently needed to be changed.

    I paid GBP £251.24
    Less Fully Flex GBP £29.97
    Total GBP £221.27
    Less 10% GBP £22.12
    Total amount to be refunded in GBP £199.15

    During his conversation with Bravofly today, the passenger was advised that he would be receiving Euros €202 as a refund in the form of a voucher. This is TOTALLY unacceptable because at today’s rate of exchange, this is only £177.16 which does not represent 90% after deducting the cost of the Full Flex and is therefore contrary to the Full Flex Terms and Conditions as stated on your website.

    Perhaps Customer Services quoted Euros in error during today’s conversation. If not, this could be seen as a manipulation of the two different currencies because in monetary terms, a refund in Euros amounting to just €202 represents a “Profit” of GBP £20 to Bravofly but a “Loss” of GBP £20 to me, the cardholder.

    I paid for this booking in GBP and therefore expect a voucher in GBP. Therefore I would respectfully request that the voucher will be in the correct amount of GBP £199.15.

  18. I have being trying to contact you for all week and cannot get through via phone as your agents always appear to dealing with other customers,There is also no email addresses or live chats for Bravofly anywhere. Can you please provide me with a contact email address or a number that i will be able to get through on ASAP. Thanks

    • DO NOT FLY WITH BRAVOFLY!!! THEY HAVE OVERCHARGED MY CREDIT CARD AND ARE REFUSING TO ISSUE ME THE REFUND!!! Upon reaching their customer care rep they have informed me that the difference charged is to cover their marketing expenses, since I found them through a 3rd party website. I haven’t been informed of it!!

    • Ann B. Desrosiers Reply

      I need to change the name on a round trip flight. I live in the USA and can’t seem to make a call. Is there a way to change the name on the flight doing it through email (one granddaughter can’t make the trip so I would like to bring another granddaughter instead)?

  19. Andreas Ryde Reply

    I can’t find any email address for bravofly. At the same time I can’t get through on the phone, as well as it costs me a fortune to call you from Thailand. Please supply me with an email address

  20. Booking ID:1141583077

    We have booked the ticket from JFK to Sydney on a China Southern Airlines on the 5th of January 2018. Flight has been canceled by the airline as the plane clipped the wing with Kuwait Airways. It was a day in hell at JFK. Airliner already confirmed that they have refunded the money. However bravofly is taking way more time to even update me on the refund. I have called so many time to get the update on the refund. This is way more than frustrating. Thinking of taking out a legal action as the customer service personnel are like a parrot says the same thing over and over again and shows no intention to resolve any issue.

  21. susan drury Reply

    I have booked flights to Athens from Goa flight tickets when printed left off Mumbai to Goa on 3rd July.could you please send tickets again so I can print new ones.PNR YFAVQT

  22. I would like to cancel my ticket. My pnr no EHT5TX. Please refund my transaction amount to my mastercard. Please make a arrangement to return back my account . I didnt receive any reply from email.

  23. Benedict Lim Reply

    I have purchased 3 returned flight tickets from KOTA KINABALU to Seoul (27-32/22/17) vide Jeju Air through Bravofly.

    Payment using credit card has gone through. However, checking with Jeju Air revealed that they are unable to retrieve my flight booking.

    Please assist to check and revert urgently.

  24. Booking ID 1055767033
    I booked flight from Jhb to CT and for 2 adult 2 children and needed to amend name change to 1 of the children. I called on to request a name change. The following day an email was sent to notify me that unfortunately the request will not be made the best alternative is to cancel and re-book. I then called to cancel for 1 child and 1 adult leaving the other 2 names unchanged. Subsequently they sent an email having cancelled the entire booking without any refund – I am currently waiting for their call to indicate to me how will they resolve this issue. I am travelling on the 29 Dec and need to have feedback asap.

  25. Bonnie Stowe Reply

    We just booked our flights on Norwegian using Bravofly and need to select our seats. Please let us know how to reserve them.

    Our booking ID is 1097058723.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  26. Ursula Alexander Reply

    Please urgently assist with contacting Tiger Air who cancelled my outgoing flight to Sydney from Perth on 23rd September 2017. We had to be in Sydney for a paid concert so had to book alternative flights that costs $1400AUD! We need Tiger to refund our outgoing flight especially because they did not inform us of the cancellation. We don’t want vouchers but a credit on my payment to Tiger via Bravofly.
    Tiger code A789JZ cancelled TT758 Perth to Sydney – paid $1089.45
    Bravofly booking ID 1078867647 -paid $1133.71. Thank you

  27. Requesting you to please stop the transaction I have done for flight journey from Vijayawada to Bangalore. As this is a wrong transaction, please stop the transaction. My booking ID – 1078867805

  28. Anna Ermisch Reply

    I tried calling and emailing you several times.
    Please support:
    Unfortunately we were not able to collect our tickets that I purchased with According to the ticket box and the Management of Apollo Victoria Theatre there was no reservation made in my name. Payment with paypal was successful though. We kindly ask to check this issue and refund the money as soon as possible.

    • Iris Schulz Reply

      On 21 of September I booked a rtn fligth from Palma to Stansted for Dec 14/18.2017. I had not chosen the insurance which had been charged. I claimed the refund which was confirmed via email that same day and of which they had said it could take up to 15 days which expired withouty refund. My 1 & 1-hosted account was hacked the day before yesterday. I could no longer send but receive emails. That has been sorted yesterday. Strange enough is that my flt confirmation and the email of the Bravofly support that dealt with the refund have disappeared at the same time. I would recommend not to book via this source.

  29. Nana Makawi Reply

    Booking ID: 1069515061
    Cancellation code: N36D54

    I had to change the dates and tried doing that through ‘Manage Your Booking” but was unsuccessful. I have spent HOURS ringing the provided contact number (00442034998517) but have had no reply. I have sent emails to ‘[email protected]’ but have received no answer. I have since then cancelled my booking through the actual airline Lufthansa ( – Cancellation – Reservation code: N36D54) which I have sent to the email address as well. I am trying to get a confirmation of the cancellation from Bravofly and a refund!

    Thank you

  30. Flirence Tosh-Kilcooley Reply

    I tried to book a flight with your airline. I recieved an email to say that the booking was not successful. However, I recived a call from my bank saying that I had been charged twice for the booking. Please can you send me and email for the customer services team.

    I need to sort this problem out as soon as possible and I am travelling in India at the moment and need access to my funds urgently. I do not have access to a mobile number so need to contact you via email.

    Yours sincerly,

    • Jonas Molina Reply

      Can you please send the email address of Bravofly?
      I need to get in touch with them immediately for some important matters.

      Thank you.


  31. My booking ID is 961855433,PNR No. CRYMMV, e ticket No. 0011243517449-50-51 from ORD to SNA return.. American airlines.. please let me know how much I can carry?? personal items,carry on bag,check in bag??? otherwise I want to book for that to avoid excessive charges at the time of chek in on the day of travel.
    Further, i want to choose my seat. How can i choose??
    Moreover, whether any physical ticket is needed at the time of traveling???
    I will be always thankful for resolving my aforementioned queries..

  32. Aishwarya Sasidharan Reply

    Booking ID: 914406461
    I had made a booking about a week ago via bravofly, ID for which has been mentioned above. Nowhere while booking was it mentioned that the flight had a 1 hour layover at Gold Coast, causing great inconvenience to me. I had to return from the airport as I did not have a transit visa for Australia. Not only did I miss this flight, I am also going to lose my working hours, as I now have to book another flight and there is no guarantee I am going to reach New Zealand before Monday. Booking a new flight is going to cost me double as much and all this is just because you didn’t mention something you were supposed to, even in the confirmation mail sent to me. Highly disappointed and frustrated with the service. I require a full refund or I will take this complaint to the higher officials.

    Aishwarya Sasidharan

  33. Ms Linda Hunter Reply

    I contacted by phone your office to cancel flights due to strike problems in Greece. I was assured that my refund was being dealt with and would receive a email confirming this. I have not had an email and it’s a week ago since I called. I am calling from Greece and cannot keep calling your UK number
    Can you please advice my ref no 807493003

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