Contact of Aeroplan (Canada) customer service

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Contact Aeroplan: Find below customer service details of Aeroplan, Canada, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the loyalty programme and its benefits. Reach the Aeroplan customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
525 Viger Avenue West, Suite 1000
Montreal, Quebec H2Z 0B2

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-361-5373 (US/Canada)
Phone: 0800 756 3865 (UK)
Phone: 1-514-395-0300 (others)
Email: nil

About Aeroplan
aeroplan customer serviceAeroplan is a popular loyalty rewards program in Canada that was launched in the year 1984. Though it began as a promotional plan for Air Canada’s business travellers, today it covers hotels, car rental agencies and credit card companies. In 2016, Aeroplan issued 2.6 million rewards to members including 1.9 million flights. Owned by Aimia Inc., Aeroplan  boasts of more than 5 million active members.

Members of Aeroplan earn rewards every time they fly through partner airlines, book a hotel, rent a car or shop through co-branded credit cards. The partner brands include American Express, Hertz, Avis, AC Hotels, Accord Hotels, Aloft Hotels, Best Western, Baymont Inn & Suites, Courtyard by Marriott, Crowne Plaza, Comfort Inn, Days Inn, Fairmont Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inn Express, Radisson Blu, Ramada, Wyndham Hotels, Costco, eBay, The Brick, among others.

As for airlines, you can earn reward points every time you flight with Air Canada and other Star Alliance member airlines. Flight rewards are influenced by factors such as destination, time of booking, time of travel, and membership level. If you are short of miles, you can purchase them online. And if you have in excess, you can even transfer it to a friend’s account.

Aeroplan members can redeem their miles for new flights, hotel stays, car rental, online shopping or for vacation packages and cruises. To calculate the miles needed, you can use the tools available on the website. You can further track your rewards and see latest transactions by signing into your account online.

To register for Aeroplan click here. The membership program comes with three tiers – Silver, Black and Diamond. Each level has its own benefits and features. For more information or queries on new membership, purchase/transfer of rewards, missing miles, or others, reach the Aeroplan customer service.

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  1. I recently travelled with aeroplan where we paid business class miles and related taxes for Auckland – Vancouver – EDMONTON. We were not provided business class or even premium economy on either leg. We also lost the mileage difference between economy and business class (2 x 35000 = 70,000) because they are not returned. I have a real problem when services and paid for but not provided with absolutely no consideration for compensation. If they are unable to provide the service they should credit the difference in taxes paid and miles. As a result although I have been a loyal Aeroplan customer for over 30 years , I will be cancelling my aeroplan membership and the associated credit cards.

  2. Brian Peverill Reply

    Booking Reference P546TE
    Since the Saturday the 7th of December 2019 before my wife left to visit our children and grandchildren in Chilliwack B.C. for Christmas. We have been trying to fix the reservation I made on June 18/19 of this year. Aeroplan revised the last flight of the trip back from Business to Economy. I made a contract with Aeroplan / Air Canada when I booked the flight on June 18/19 and that contract was for Business flights. In the first contract there was an agreement there was one leg of Premium Economy from Vancouver to Montreal which is a little less with the same privilege of Business with the opportunity for upgrade to Business if seats are available at flight time.
    I didn’t notice the change until on Dec 7th we printed the itinerary they sent on Oct 14th 2019. I tried calling different times that Saturday and a couple of times on Sunday with no luck. I thought it is just the weekend and they must be busy. I thought, well Air Canada has now taken Aeroplan over so we should be able to straighten this out at the Airport in Halifax. Wrong, the Air Canada people sympathized with us and acknowledged it was wrong but added there was nothing they could do because of the class of ticket it was. I tried emailing Aeroplan and there doesn’t seem to be any way of contacting them through email. There is no other offer on their site to contact them, they only offer a phone number 800-361-5333 that you never get the opportunity to talk to a person on. From what I can see by all of the run around they seem to want you to break the contract by canceling and rebooking the flight. That is not happening!
    There was no justification to change the flight and from what I see on the seat map Air Canada provides for flights there was no need to be in Premium Economy as of Dec 16/2019 there were 5 / 27 seats taken on flight AC302 from Vancouver to Montreal and 3 / 12 taken on the flight AC1546 from Montreal to Halifax.
    I’m still trying to get through to Aeroplan, on Dec 16/2019 I spent from 2:30 pm until just before 5:00 pm NFT 2.5 Hours on hold (speaker phone) before they came on with a recording that stated there was some sort of problem and disconnected me. I came down to the office and went from 6:45 pm till 9:30 pm NFT on hold and they still didn’t answer. I have tried to find an email address but it is like going in circles, they won’t give me one to email them. I will try again on Dec 17th 2019 in the morning. From what I can tell on the internet their office opens at 7:00 am EST. I now believe they have a system where you have to enter your Aeroplan number and pin number in the phone. I truly believe now that lets them know who is calling so they can just ignore you. I just want to speak to a human!

    • Did you ever get an answer? I have a similar experience, 19 phone calls and counting with no help. In my case they changed my connecting flight to take off an hour before I get there.

  3. Tadeusz Plesowicz Reply

    My password failed because I did not log in before September 10,2019.I tried to follow all instructions to reset but failed again.Despite providing correct answers my account was cancelled.Message from Aeroplan was”forget you number”.Contact by phone is impossible due to great traffic of phone calls.What is going on there and how is to fix it?

  4. Douglas Jameson Reply

    Tried to log in to Aeroplan site but told I have to create new password. There is no link for creating new password. Tried “Forgot Password ” link which takes me back to log in page and can’t log in because my password has expired! Phone number is fucking useless. If I can ever reset password I will donate my miles and terminate my relationship with Aeroplan. They should be reported to the Better Business Bureau for incompetence.

  5. Isabel Gibbins Reply

    I got a message that my points redemption failed and it told me to contact the ‘web site assistance center’ at the same number as the Aeroplan help number. I have waited for close to an hour with no response. I will give Aerroplan another chance after Air Canada takes it back, but if the lack of service continues I will change credit cards.

    • Areoplan never answers your call unless you are 100K member. Our friends are 100K members and they never wait. I flew first class to Toyko from BC and returned from Hong Kong to Kelowna BC. Guess what flights dont qualify for air miles, and no one will answer the phone and I am missing 53 K mles, apparently I booked a flight using them….which I did not.
      Will RETHINK AC when I book my next business class flight.
      Horrendous customer service for any airline.

  6. Yaroslav Bortnik Reply

    Without any notification, (even though they calming that they did sent email) my miles expired, and removed from the account, this is totally unacceptable. Customer service on lowest level and refusing to do anything to reinstate the miles….. they tell me its my responsibility to know whats going on with my account. They can back track the miles, but i have to do all the leg work to prove something, that just conformation of something is sufficient….STAY AWAY. never trust a company, that will take your earned points back and wont let you know

    • They did the same to my parents. Terrible customer service. I was told not to call back again because they don’t care to assist with the issue. As customers we pay annual fees on certain credit cards to have access in building loyalty points. They robbed my parents of all their points which they’ve accumulated since 1991 when they first signed up. There were no email services at the time of sign up. The million points they saved up was a part of their retirement plan. They stripped my parents from their retirement plan and in return they can’t even speak nicely.

      They had sent one email in the midst of their 3-5 daily emails which stated their points will expire if they don’t swipe their aeroplan points card somewhere. The only walk in business that accepts their points card is Home Hardware, no other place accepts it. That email got lost in the midst of so many of their emails. As seniors they are from an era when there was no email and they are not good with online services. I was told that my parents should move with the future and learn to check their emails. That is a form of discrimination against the elderly! They send letters in the mail about promotions on how we can earn more miles but when it came to expiry of points they could not send one notice in the mail?

      The least they could have done was honour 28 years of loyalty towards their customer and supporter by only deducting some of their points. Not all million points. So much disappointment which this program and their services. They took away 28 years of loyalty and building of their retirement plans to travel over one email and a short time. It’s such a shame! I’m still waiting for them to call me back as they promised they would. Poor service is one things, but discrimination against a population who isn’t the best with technology and old in age is beyond AWFUL!

  7. Terri J Robinson Reply

    I have been trying to contact a real person to reset my aeroplan pin and password have been unable to talk to anyone what good is having an aeroplan card if there is zero customer service please send me a number so I may continue to use my card
    Thank you

  8. Aeroplan has THE worst customer service ever. They really do not want to talk to you. They truly hope that you just give up and leave them alone, that is why they make it so difficult.

  9. I have been using the same aeroplan log-in for years. Suddenly it is saying it’s all wrong! I have tried to reach help by phone but have been unsuccessful. The computer operated voice keeps telling me I am entering the wrong information. The code sent by email doesn’t work either! I am extremely frustrated and upset. PLEASE, PLEASE give me some unautomated help. I need a telephone number where I can talk to a human being!!!!!

  10. I lost my card and I don’t know my number. I can not talk to a real person as I don’t know my number and I need the number to do so. I am trying to register for a new card but it says my address is not a real address. I have been trying for hours now. I can not reach a human and I can not register on your site for a new card because the address won’t be accepted. I am very frustrated.

  11. Aeroplan must take us for fools. I received an offer today for a reward seat alert. Great! After wasting my time going through their hoops in finding a flight (not an easy or efficient process) I get to the fine print. The more miles you redeem the cheaper the airline mileage booking fees. So the bottom line: a return trip from Calgary to Santiago is as low as 52,000 miles BUT $700 in fees. If I want to use MORE miles then the fees are less. How can Air Canada possibly think this is a sale that is worthy of clogging my inbox and wasting my time?!?!? It is a bait and switch sale and I feel cheated. And to top it off – no where does it give us an email address that we can tell them what we really think. Air Canada, I try to avoid you at all Costs!

  12. Bonnie Lindsay Reply

    I am disgusted with your customer service! I ordered an iLuv Amazon Echo Dot Speaker because I purchased and Echo Dot. The Echo Dot is 3rd generation, and the speaker is 1st generation, therefore they are not compatible. I called Aeroplan to try and return the speaker, and you have a NO RETURN POLICY. The unit is in the box as it came to me. It is useless because it doesn’t fit the Echo Dot. The description never mention what generation the speaker was or I would never have purchased it.

  13. Hi,
    I do have a question. I just booked 4 tickets to fly from Edmonton Alberta to Los Angeles using my air miles with aeroplan. So I used up 100,000 miles and then it cost me another $1,000.08 dollars. SO I went online and I see I can book 4 tickets including taxes and everything for under $1,500.00 So it cost me lots of money to get air miles and I don’t see the benefit of spending all this money to get air miles and then I save less than $500.00 Can you please explain to me how this costing me every year for this special card plus spending lots of money to get air miles but it isn’t saving me a lot of money. I have another credit card and there were no extra charges nor taxes to fly. Please explain to me before I make a decision about credit cards because I am using 2 of them. Thanks Doug Klan

  14. jeanne legare Reply

    What kind of customer service does Aeroplan provide when the website does not list a telephone, email or snail mail address for customers to get in contact(by the way snail mail is ridiculous way to manage concerns in 2018). I find it highly offensive that the customer support consists of a handful of FAQ responses to questions they want to answer – not the one I need to ask. Is this program sustainable?

  15. Gayle Downing Reply

    I have just spoken with a customer rep regarding a problem I have been having for 2 days about trying to book a flight for 2 days & getting a 400 500 error page. Sept 11 @ 2:50 PEI time. Please check out the rep, i hope the call was recorded. The rep was very condesending! Its easy for aeroplan to say their webpage is working fine & it is the customer’s devise. He said he would speak to a supervisor to waive the $30.00 charge if he books the flight. I have been a plan member for 7 or 8 years & never had to use this service but this a 1 time only consideration. THEN he offers a flight with 4 stops. I was able to see on my phone flights with 1 stop. What is this – smells like a scam to a loyal customer with a rep that is very condescending. Please do not treat me like a fool. What proof do I have that your web site is working properly, what proof do you have that my device is the problem, why do I now have a an offer of a flight with 4 stops? That is certainly an easy out for Aeroplan! It all escalated with a rep a bonus condescending & lying! What a way to treat a long time customer who has enjoyed good service until now from Aeroplan.

  16. [email protected] bounces back and does not exist. Is there an email address for customer care? This is incredibly frustrating. Customer service used to be Aweroplan’s best feature – now I can’t figure out how to reach you

  17. Mary Johnston Reply

    I, too, would like to speak to a real person in real time as your online access and telephone prompts are sending me in circles that go nowhere.
    The email address on the Aeroplan contact page bounces back.
    This is very annoying. I have run out of avenues by which to seek help and consequently I have no way of knowing what my Aeroplan points status is. I am left wondering whether the ethics of Aeroplan are to be trusted.

  18. Gary Adams Reply

    When I try to log onto Aeroplan, it just keeps looping back to the log in screen. I agree with the others. Provide a phone number so we can talk to someone that hopefully knows what they are talking about.

  19. Robert L Kerr (Bob) Reply

    Can you provide an email address for ‘ Customer Service ‘ as I am having trouble contacting you from Australia. I joined Aeroplan March 2016 and have misplaced my Aeroplan Members No which is a problem as I have recently booked flights on Air Canada and and an affiliate airline.
    Looking forward to your reply.

  20. Agnes Ebbs Reply

    Lost my Aeroplane card. Need a replacement please. Tried telephoning but can’t get past supplying Area Code. Would like speak with a human being or can you supply a mailing address. Tried emailing but can’t get past password? Tried hours on Monday

  21. Hi.
    I received an email from you with the wrong date on it. it says: “on qualifying Avis car rentals from July 1st, 2017 to Septmber 30th, 2017 and make your next road trip more rewarding! Reserve now”.
    Fyi we are in 2018. Or is this message for time travelers?
    Thank you for looking into this,

  22. Penny Lyle Reply

    I received from you a notice that my aeroplan card will be cancelled if I don’t use it by a certain date.

    I live in Sechelt, British Columbia and occasionally I take the ferry to the mainland and shop some in North and West Vancouver.

    I have been an aeroplan member for a long time and would like to continue with the card, however I have found Air Canada very expensive on all flights in the past five years or so, so of course I use other carriers. I also don’t wish to buy anything I don’t want or need just to keep the card.

    Thank you.

  23. Penny Lyle Reply

    I’ve received notice that my areoplan account will be cancelled if I don’t use it by a certain date. Will you please give me the names of stores or other places in my town that give areoplan points? I have been a member for many years but have difficulty here finding places to use the card.

    I live in Sechelt, British Columbia and very occasionally I shop in North and West Vancouver which requires a ferry to reach.

  24. Conastance M Scott Reply

    I travelled to Orlando from Toronto on Feb. 18 and back on March3, 2018. I have my boarding passes. Is there an address I can send them to to qualify for Aeroplan points. Constance Mae Scott

    Aeroplan Number 760 621 086

  25. Why are the taxes and fees charged when you use your aeroplan miles higher than the taxes and fees charged when you pay for a flight? At the beginning of my membership with aeroplan the only charge above the flight miles was a small handling fee ($35) now with few direct flights and the taxes and fees being what they are (I know that you can use miles but it is insane when they are more than the miles used for the flight itself!). My husband is seriously considering not using the travel rewards credit card anymore because of these issues.

  26. John Hurdle Reply

    I am trying to have my card replaced. I applied for a new one which will arrive in about 4 weeks. In the meantime I was sent a temporary verification code to help reset my password but can’t find where I should put this code
    Thank you

  27. Steven Levy Reply

    When it was announced that Aeroplan will no longer be part of Air Canada, you asked customers to share questions and concerns. I asked then and I will ask again, what happens to my points as of 2020, when the program ceases?

  28. John Rammell Reply

    I have been trying to contact someone as I have a number of questions that need answering.The latest problem is that I am told my question is too short and that I have to add more lines. How do I get hold of a person to talk to re: my account. Can you help?

  29. Martha Wickett Reply

    This is an exercise in frustration. I don’t think I have an Aeroplan account, but am not sure. Can’t speak to a human to check, so tried to sign up for new card. For some reason, online site doesn’t accept my postal code which is MY POSTAL CODE. Have tried 5 times. So I can’t sign up. I call for help but I can’t get help because I DON’T HAVE an Aeroplan number. Both your phone numbers won’t allow me to talk to a human if I don’t have an Aeroplan number. Very poor customer service. Why would I book with Air Canada if I can’t get miles like every other airline???

  30. Gabriela Avendano-Gonzalez Reply

    The customer service number 1-800-361-5373 is useless if you want to get a hold of a customer service rep. Who do you ask questions to? The website is not useful for this end either.
    How can I call aeroplan?
    What to do if I never got the aeroplan card??? i keep getting emails indicating how many air miles I have but I dont know my aeroplan NUMBER???????????? because I never got the CARD!!!!! PLEASE HELP

  31. I want to know which gas station will replace Esso.
    I have been going to Esso because I can collect Aeroplane points but May 1, 2018 there will be stopped.
    Please inform me so I can be prepared.

  32. Stephanie DEon Reply

    I have been trying to contact aeroplan but cannot find a number where I can speak to a human. I used my aeroplan card in May of 2017 in Halifax at Budget rent a car and have to date not received my points. Budget claims they were awarded but my transactions do not show it. I am getting very frustrated not being able to speak to anyone on your end to resolve this issue.

  33. Can you provide me an Aeroplan Customer Care Email contact address, i want to send a request from China, international phone calls are so expenvisve, thanks

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