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3 things to do after losing baggage on Emirates

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the Emirates was launched in the year 1985 with just about two aircraft. With a humble beginning but an ambitious agenda, today it proudly flies close to 150 destinations, across 6 continents in the world. From the breathtaking locales of Europe to the spectacular Asian cities; from the New World to the land of Aussies; from Kiwiland to the land of Savannas! You name it, Emirates flies it.

Emirates staff, crew, and working personnel belong to diverse cultures. Women, too, at Emirates, lead from the frontlines. They bring together a pool of talents and variegated experiences to deliver the best-in-class services to an international clientele.

Dynamic leadership with brilliant business acumen and a vision for growth and expansion has been the propelling force behind the stupendous success of the carrier airline. Global economic meltdowns, political turmoils, or even the Pandemic have not succeeded in retarding the growth of the airline – Emirates has been unstoppable! This easily qualifies it as one of the leading ones in the world.

The carrier plies the world’s largest fleet, and has been on a continuous mission to increase its capacity year on year – be it by expanding its network, adding new flight routes, or designing innovative service delivery systems to attract and retain the highest (international) customer base, Emirates remains unmatched. In 37 years, it has emerged as one of the major airline companies in the world.

However, the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry when your worst nightmare turns true. What do you do when you find yourself stranded in an alien land with missing/lost baggage? Relax. Emirates has an extensive tracking system and an easy and organic process of filing claims and reclaiming lost property which we shall be outlining here step-wise for your convenience.

Approach Lost Property Office

In case you are still at the airport and suddenly realize that you have left behind your belongings on the plane on which you arrived or at the waiting lounge, you can approach the lost property department of the airline from where you can claim your baggage. The cabin crew and other attendants on the Emirates flight will typically send over lost and found property to the lost property office at the arrival airport.

In case you flew with a non-Emirates airline and suspect losing your baggage in transit, you may have to contact the authorities of the other airline directly, and this would apply even if you were flying with an Emirates ticket but were diverted on a flight with another carrier airline.

In the eventuality of delayed arrival of baggage, the airline offers Interim Relief compensation to all its customers. This may be useful in buying essentials like toiletries, sleepwear, medicines, etc. You must approach the Emirates officials at their office nearest to you with your passport and a receipt of your purchased ticket. They also recompense suitably in case of lost baggage. You can make a claim on the web or by writing to

Submit Lost Baggage Report

There is no denying the fact that passengers put up with a lot of harassment when their baggage gets delayed en route. Contact the nearest Emirates office to file a claim for lost or delayed baggage. Have a copy of your travel ticket and passport handy. You will be given a file reference number on filing your claim for lost baggage at the counter. To track the status online, you will be required to enter your family/last name and the file reference number. The officers and staff are quick to get on their job of tracking your baggage for you and will keep you updated with the status.

Emirates conducts a detailed search, called ‘primary tracing’, in the first seven days of the passenger filing a claim and submitting requisite documents with the concerned authorities. Primary tracing involves inspecting all possible places physically, combing all the terminal points, and investigating in tandem with the Security and Lost and Found Teams. If the baggage remains untraced within this period, they launch a ‘secondary tracing’ which is more rigorous. Here they check with all airports and airlines, and try to complete the process within the next ten business days. The customer’s cooperation is solicited at every stage to expedite the process.

Track Status of Delivery Of Delayed Baggage

Emirates staff will keep you posted about the status of your belongings. Once they track it down, and the luggage has cleared the customs, they will contact you and seek a suitable time and place where they will deliver your luggage to you, ideally within 4 hours of tailing and claiming the lost property. However, procedures and laws in some countries can be a stumbling block, which could prevent the officials from directly handing over your belongings to you. In such a case, you will be required to visit the airport in person to claim your luggage. You will be informed about the process at the outset when you file a claim. It is also recommended that you use the “delayed or damaged baggage tracker” on Emirates’ official website to follow the status consistently yourself.


When you are in distress, it is as much the airline’s responsibility to reassure you in returning your missed luggage timely, or reimbursing you for damaged or lost property. The airlines’ staff do a remarkable job of keeping your trust, and delivering with speed and competence.

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