Contact Lufthansa: Find customer care details of Lufthansa airline, including phone and address. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on services of Lufthansa. You can reach the below contact for booking new flight, refund, cancellation, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Lufthansa airline.

Lufthansa Head Office
Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Lufthansa Aviation Center
60546 Frankfurt/Main
Phone: +49 69-696-0

Customer Care Phone (Germany)
+49-01805-805 805.

Customer Feedback
Lufthansa German Airlines
Customer Feedback Management Germany
Guetersloh 33322
Fax: +49 1805 838 005

Lufthansa Contact – USA
1-800-645-3880 (Reservations)

Lufthansa Contact – UK
+ 44 (0) 871 945 9747 (Reservations)
+ 44 (0) 871 945 9124 (Baggage)

Miles & More Contact (USA)
P.O.Box 946
Santa Clarita, CA
91380 USA
email: [email protected]
Phone:    +1-800-581-6400

– Germany
Postfach 12 00
Verl Germany 33409
Phone: +49 – (0) 18 05 – 59 59
Fax: +49 – (0) 52 41 – 80 60 200

Lufthansa Cargo
Germany: 01805 – 747 100
USA: 1-800 LH-CARGO (800-542-2746)
UK: 0871 522 1000 opt 3

Flight Status
To check Lufthansa flight status online click here

To check Lufthansa flight timetable online click here

You can check-in online, from mobile or from airport desks. To check-in online click here

Manage Booking
To manage your boooking, including upgrade or cancellation click here
To check-in with your mobile phone, enter into the web browser and click on check-in. After confirmation message the Mobile Boarding Pass will be sent directly to your mobile phone by e-mail or SMS link.

Lufthansa allows one checked in baggage and hand baggage free of charge. These amounts may vary depending on the route, booking class, and Miles.

The allowances are:
First Class: 40 kg (88lb)
Business Class: 30 kg (66lb) –
Economy Class: 20 kg (44lb)

Excess baggage tariff applies if you are carrying extra bags.
For more details click here

To and From Airport
Lufthansa Airport Buses and  Lufthansa Airport Shuttles are available in Germany and France.
Lufthansa Airport Buses is available in Italy and Switzerland.
If you are starting your journey in Cologne, Siegburg/Bonn or Stuttgart and flying from Frankfurt Airport with Lufthansa, you can begin your journey with AIRail. Click here to read more

On Board
For details on food and beverages available on your Lufthansa flight click here
To check the in-flight entertainment click here

Miles & More
You can earn miles every time you travel in Lufthansa. You can also earn miles for hotel accommodation, car rentals and many others.  Miles & More status levels include Miles & More Member, Frequent Traveller, Senator and Hon Circle Member. You can start earning miles as soon as you have enrolled with Miles & More. To enroll right now click here

China, Japan, South Korea, India, Vietnam, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Italy, Russia, Finland, Greece, Norway…click here to read more

About Lufthansa
lufthansa-airlineDeutsche Lufthansa AG was founded in the year 1926 and is one of the world’s largest and oldest airlines that is based in Germany. It has its hubs at Düsseldorf International Airport; Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport. The airline is the world’s fifth-largest airline in terms of overall passengers carried. Currently it  operates services to over 180 destinations.

More than 76 million passengers fly with Lufthansa. This business segment includes Lufthansa passenger airlines (incl. Lufthansa Regional and Lufthansa Italia), Austrian Airlines, British Midland (bmi), SWISS and Germanwings as well as the equity stakes in Brussels Airlines, JetBlue and SunExpress. Together they serve 274 destinations in 104 countries.

Lufthansa is a founding member of Star Alliance, a global alliance that groups together 28 leading airlines. The Lufthansa Group employed some 118,000 personnel at the end of 2009. The group includes over 400 subsidiaries and associated companies.

Cargo – Lufthansa Cargo ranks among the world’s leading cargo carriers. In the 2009 financial year, the airline transported around 1.5 million tonnes of freight and mail. The company currently employs about 4,500 people worldwide. The cargo carrier serves some 300 destinations in more than 100 countries.

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  1. Bill Nichols Reply

    Will Lufthansa be operating the Boeing 747-8i on the flight between Orlando, Florida and Frankfurt in the future? I am planning on one or more trips to Ukraine and Europe in 2017 and I would prefer to fly on the Boeing 747-8i. Currently I would have to fly to Washington, DC first in order to book a flight on an Lufthansa 747-8i to Frankfurt. It appears that Lufthansa is the only airline using the 747-8i on European flights.

    Thank you.

  2. Radmila Nikolic Reply

    Lufthansa Customer Service – the quality of service is not good! I was flying from Belgrade through Frankfurt to Washington DC. My luggage was delayed for 8 days. The Lufthansa staff informed me that I can purchase some necessary clothing and cosmetics while waiting for the luggage to be located (it cannot be luxury staff they said). After I purchased a few articles, I send the list of purchases along with the copies of receipts to Lufthansa Customer Service. They logged in my request as FB ID 30296585, and after that they would not respond to my inquires, nor they reimbursed me for the expenses (using the applicable rate). I received my luggage 8 days later. What was I going to do without my clothes? Other than email address to which they are not responding, one cannot find their customer service phone number. I am very disappointed with Lufthansa customer Service not being responsive to me as a customer. The quality of their service is definitely “slipping”.

  3. Jo Ann Reply

    today I was booked on a Lufthansa flight from Malta to Zurich with a connection in Frankfurt . The flight was delayed because of a tech problem with the plane s computer and I missed my connection in Zurich . I missed the connection for very little as I saw the Swiss aircraft close by on the runway when we landed . I was rebooked on a flight to Zurich for tomorrow morning ( no one asked if this was a convenient solution for me ) . I am very upset because I’m due for a small op tomorrow and it is very uncomfortable for me. Not to be home in Zurich the night before . To add on , the Lufthansa staff at Frankfurt airport bookings were very rude and said they were not ready to listen to complaints since they are a total different department to this people who sell tickets . It’s shameful considering you all wear the same uniform . You should have more empathy for an upset customer . If you can deal with short lay over times then just do not sell the tickets . Full stop . And train you staff to be more empathic and helpful . My ticket cost in the vicinity of 700 euro so I really expect star service for that money

    • Brigitte H Craig Reply

      I know, I find Lufthansa people very arrogant. They have forgoten what real customer service is. It’s like one should be grateful that they take ones money and let one fly….I love Virgin Airline and I just flew Turkish Airline….take Virgin Airline and you will be spoiled for good.

  4. Paula Swiggum Reply

    We flew Lufthansa for the first time April 27th from Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany. I have to say that even though the flight attendances were incredibly courteous and helpful, the tight seating in economy class was the worst I have ever encountered. We travel frequently, and to expect customers to be crammed into such a tight space for a transatlantic flight of 8 hours was enough for me to say no to any future flight on Lufthansa. It was tight to begin with, but when the person in front of me reclined her seat a couple of inches, the tv screen was literally 6 inches from my face. Terrible –

  5. Sherry Tanious Reply

    WORST costumer service I have ever seen. My baggage was lost flying from Chicago to Italy. It has been 4 days and still they cannot even locate the luggage, people on the phone believe it is in COLOMBIA. Lufthansa then told me to list all the items I have lost and FAX it to them. Who on vacation in a foreign country can find a working fax machine…. I see no email addresses I can write to. I will never use Lufthansa again, and I urge anyone who is considering booking with them to never use it.

  6. Malathi Reply

    Please let me know whom to contact for obtaining a travel certificate. My son lost the boarding passes and I need a travel certificate from Lufthansa to claim some percentage of air fare from the company that I am working for.

    Thank you

  7. Sunil M Reply

    Hello Lufthansa,

    I made an online flight ticket booking last week on 26th May and my reservation code is ‘6MFX9D’. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to cancel the booking immediately (i.e. in next 4 hrs on the same day). Before cancelling I looked up FAQs to see that online bookings are likely to be refunded in 2-3 business days and I was confident that Lufthansa being a premium carriers, the refund process would be within the time lines stated. Hence, I confidently cancelled by flight booking.

    Unfortunately Lufthansa hasn’t be able to keep up to its words. Despite repeated calls to call center and follow ups my ticket hasn’t been refunded till now and its been more than a week. Whenever I have contacted I haven’t got any firm date for refund.

    As I have don’t have additional credit card with this kind of credit limit, I am waiting on refund to book flight tickets again. I am very disappointed that for an online booking it is taking such as long time for Lufthansa to process a simple refund.

    I would really appreciate if I get a positive response from Lufthansa about my refund. And would also like to know whether Lufthansa will cover my opportunity cost as well, as part of refund process (since I have to wait for such a long period and I am missing other attractive deals).

    I am looking forward for a quick refund from Lufthansa.

  8. Dan Rourke Reply

    I just wanted to recognize an outstanding employee of yours. Our flight from Napleas Italy to Munich was cancelled due to bad weather in Germany (Jan 19 fkight UA 9253). There was Chaos at the Airline – plus it is Italy:) Ms Anna Del Vecchio was the supervisor who worked with 4-5 Americans who were having a hard time with rescheduling flight plans. She provided us a phone and found numbers to call. It took over two hours – but we were all able to get booked on other flights. We had to spend a night in Munich to make it all work – but considering all that happened it was not that bad. I had lost the piece of paer that had her name on it and jut found it today. She was truely super and managed to salvage a bad situation and take care of your customers. I will be flying again on your airline in the near future – thanks to her customer service.

  9. Rachna Reply

    I was on lufthansa flight to frankfurt and then to prague. Due to issue in germany, i was told by ground staff that they will put me on qatar airlines. Once i got boarding passes, i realized 1. I have to wait longer at Bangalore airport. 2. I noticed that i have to transit twice, instead of once, again i was like, its ok.. 3. My layover at Doha was for 6 hrs plus. I requested your staff to help me access lounge at doha as i am travelling with 2 yrs old kid. They refused saying, since i am taking qatar now, they can’t help. Maybe someone needs to remind them, that they only put me on qatar. When asked to help at their lounge at doha, the so called manager told me they don’t have one at doha. Once i was seated, i searched online and found a lounge at doha. The least i expect from reputed airlines like yours is a lie. Very disheartened !!

  10. Ellen Reply

    Has Lufthansa cancelled meal service to economy customers on trans Atlantic flights?


  11. EDGAR GOMEZ Reply

    Hi, my itinerary code 6LOZKA, I bought a round trip flight JFK-FRA-ARN-TLL. Date 08.30.2012. Before my trip started i decided to change the return flight date only, i went to LH counter in New York JFK Airport and the lady on the counter helped me. I paid the fee that was close to USD 350.00 then she told me i was going to get Refund, she printed a MCO (Miscellaneous Charges Order) paper and told me that the refund was going to be in the credit card i used when i bought the ticket, i had no problem with that, total pending refund USD 48.23. Just in case you need the MCO number 220 2703847933. Please, its been over a month and i havent been refund. Thanks for your help.

  12. Mr. Lekhy Reply

    Dear Madam,
    I am likely to travel to Brazil from India (for round trip). Before, I really appreciated the pleasing service of Lufthansa. But now I am regretting for buying the Lufthansa air-ticket for my Brazil trip. I contacted the Delhi based Lufthansa office, and they replied me that I can carry only one baggage of 23 kg and 8 kg hand bag. Brazil is relatively remote, thus people like to carry enough clothes, books, spices for personal use in Brazil. Unfortunately, I cannot do this. What is ironic that those who fly from Brazil they can carry two baggage of 32 kg, but not those who fly from India to Brazil. It sounds more funny that those who travel to nearer countries they can carry two baggage. I am really upset because of the unfair policy of Lufthansa!

    With Regards

  13. Roman Reply

    It has now been 30 days since I took Lufthansa flight during when my guitar case was completely damaged. Following the customer service suggestion, I went and replaced the item with my own money. Forwarded the receipts and other information to customer service. I am yet to get the money reimbursed. More than money, what makes me sad is the sentimental value that I had towards my guitar. This cant be replaced.

  14. Florendo Padilla Reply

    It is so frustrating to know that Lufthansa do not even have a crisis management to ensure less disruption in the operation and that passengers concerns are well attended. What happened to me in CDG last August 31, 2012 is very unfortegable experience for one of the biggest airline who used to leave a foot print in the airline industry. Staff don’t even have clearn communication line on what’s the procedure, they cannot explain clearly to passengers on what is gooing on and provide correct assistance, management like the Director of Operations, Bade that I met who said would come back to to assist me , but never did, no food or refreshment had been provided to passengers while queuing up…This is such a disgrace to your airline and speaks so much on how bad your airline is in attending to situation like this. And now, passengers need to suffer including myself.

    After making so many demands to the ticketing staff to get me a flight back to UAE, a staff who was very rude to me initially and she didn’t even know how to provide options to passengers, finally got me to fly in via Emirates back to UAE. But the problem now is my baggage is left in Paris. And gues what, nobody could tell me where it is right now. What Mr. Great Promise Bade, the Operations Director told me that it would be on the same flight that I would take going back to Dubai. But apparently it didn’t happen. The staff who put me in EK flight told me that she would organize the transfer of baggage to Emirates, well it didn’t happen as well.

    I am requesting the airline for compensation and I demand my baggage to be ship back to UAE.

  15. Sunday Bobai Agang Reply

    Dear Lufthansa,
    I am one of your frequent customers because I like your excellent services. On July 18, 2012 I boarded the flight from Philadelphia to ABV. At the airport I was not allowed to take in my carry on which had two laptops and a projector. I had to pay $200. My flight number was LH 562. On arriving home in Kagoro, I discovered that the two laptops were missing. I saw a TSA red label that read, “cleared”. So I quickly called my friend in Philadelphia to check with the US Department of Homeland Security. He just got back to the information that the airport secuirty did not removed my laptops. That they must have been removed on transit. I hereby write to file a claim for the lost and the $200 that I was forced to pay.

  16. Chaya Bhatia Reply

    Please let me know if I can carry two pups from Washington DC to Bangalore.The pups will be eight weeks old.I have to carry them in the cabin with me.I cannot bring them in the cargo or as excess baggage.Please let me know asap for me to pay the advance for the pups.If you permit I can book my tickets also lufthansa much in advance.I will be travelling end April 2013.Since the pups of excellent breed and in high demand I have to pay up the advance today.Can you be kind enough to reply right away lest I dont lose the pups.My husband will be accompanying me so tickets for us and for the pups what are the rules etc.tks rgds Chaya Bhatia.

  17. Nicola McLeary Reply

    I have been due a refund from Lufthansa since 08th March 2012. I have now waited 3 months and the refund has not occurred (my reference number for the refund is 21572999 – Lufthansa). I booked a return flight for 2 people Munich/Nice/Munich – ticket number 220-2319853024. I cancelled my flight on 08th March by telephone (6 weeks prior to the flight departing) and instead booked a flight with EASY JET from London to Nice. You resold my seats for the flights Munich/Nice/Munich. Your company has confirmed the refund (see email from your company customer service below). Where is my money? I now also expect some form of compensation for the three months I have had to wait and in addition I do not expect to be charged the standard 30 euros administration fee for handling the refund. This is absolutely unacceptable.

  18. Lars Van Stralendorff Reply

    Dear Sir Madam,

    We have booked a flight with your company With the booking number MGVEDB.
    We are currently in the Ukraine and fly back on Monday from donetsk to dusseldorf through Vienna.
    Is there any possibility that we will fly from Kharkov to Vienna instead of Donetsk?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    Best regards,

    Lars Van Stralendorff

  19. Angela Bower Reply

    I will be moving to Germany in October, we have 2 cats and 1 dog all 3 are over the in cabin transport requirements.The dog is a small breed short nosed Boston Terrier 1 yr old the cats elderly and fat. Would very much prefer them in side the cabin with us would it be possible to pay for cabin seats for them so they go with us.The dog very well behaved and travels strapped in when in a car or on the train.Any help please

  20. Ramesh Chandra Nayak Reply

    I am shocked and surprised to find that my wife’s gold ornament worth Rs 10000/ and Indian Currency Notes of Rs1500/ was stolen from my luggage, checked-in at Bangkok Airport enroute to Kualalumpur on dt.19th April 2012 in flight No. LH 782. I was travelling along with my wife against ETKT 2209550067150 & ……152. Similar incidents happened to five of my group co-passengers in the same flight too. We have lost our faith on Lufthansa Air-lines and will never recommend anybody to travel with this airline. Please look into the matter.

  21. anthony Reply

    Dear Ms.Krystyna Pazucha

    Lufthansa German Airline
    Accounts receivables
    CGN ra/r, Von-Gablenz, 2-6 D-50679 Cologne, Germany

    Your denial of my request for the refund of $1533.90 was totally out of character of such a great airline. Here is what happened:

    . I booked a ticket on Lufthansa from Boston to Mumbai on 01-02-2012
    @ 10:43 AM. The reservation code Y3C5DF, ticket NO. 2202317770148
    price was $1533.90 US dollars

    01-02-2012 @ 2:35 PM, I called Lufthansa Boston Logan Airport for
    clarifications regarding baggage regulations. During my conversation
    I asked the female customer service representative why Lufthansa
    was charging me more money than other airlines. She looked at my
    reservations and told me that I can cancel my reservation because
    it is less than 24 hours and I can rebook my airline ticket on Lufthansa
    for the same flight and same schedule.

    4:06 PM, 01-02-2012, I canceled the booking Y3C5DF ticket number
    2202317770148. I have a copy of cancellation and confirmation of
    Lufthansa agreeing to pay the refund of $1533.90

    4:35 PM ,01-2-2012, I booked a flight from Boston to Mumbai same flight
    number and same dates of travel as before. My reservation code
    Y5MJC3, Ticket number 220231770329. I completed my travel on
    this ticket. I have copies of flight seat numbers Boston to Frankfurt to
    Mumbai and back. My fare was $1188.90

    5, When I returned from my trip I saw charges on my American
    Express card of $1533.90 and $ 1188.90. I disputed the charge of
    $1533.90 to American Express and YOU rejected my case saying
    ticket was non refundable and I was a “no Show” as a passenger
    which is totally not true. I took the same flights and paid the airfare
    I would like Lufthansa to refund me $1533.90 to my American Express

    I am a big fan of your airline and has traveled many times and
    enjoyed it. I do not want to sue my favorite airline but your denial
    of my legitimate request for refund will leave me with no other
    recourse. You can NOT charge a passenger twice for the same

    Please take care of my request as soon a possible so I can book and another Lufthansa flight for my upcoming vacations.

    Thank you

    • anthony Reply

      Thank you Lufthansa for taking care of my complaint in a dignified professional manner. I salute all the members of Lufthansa staff who took time to resolve my problem. No wonder Lufthansa is the best airline in the world and I would not fly any other international carrier. Lufthansa and all its ground, cabin and customer service staff are dedicated, customer oriented and thoroughly professional. Thank you all.

  22. SADIGHI Reply

    I have erroneously cancelled my ticket. I want my ticket back. Sorry for inconvenience.
    Reservation code:
    Travel dates for: SADIGHI / SHAHRIAR MR
    Ticket number: 220-2321126709 *

  23. Oluwaseyi Reply

    Quite surprised, am expected to fly Luthanza from Heathrow back to Nigeria after a holiday,unfortunately I wanted to pay for an extra excess luggage of 23kg online and I searched everywhere on your website but can’t find a link to pay online. I wanted this done online to avoid and reduce the rush at the airport because am travelling with my wife and 2 kids

  24. Kumar Reply

    I have done booking for my parents from BLR to LAX for 7th April 2012 and returning on 1st Oct 2012. There has been a mistake while booking tickets online with respect to the passenger names. The names are updated as below:
    Passenger 1: One space missing in the first name.
    Passenger 2: One word is missing in last name.

    I have been trying to get support from both esales and customer support (telephonic) from last 10 days and not satisfied with the response. I am told that it may not be possible to update the names correctly and issue the boarding passes with correct names printed. Also, i am advised to cancel the current booking and make new booking.

    However, I have also made a call to the Lufthansa office at Bangalore Airport and i learnt that it should not be a problem and it is possible to update the names correctly while issuing the boarding passes provided the names are same in both passport and visa.

    Now, i am confused as to who is correct and what needs to be done after corresponding with your support teams for 10 days. Also, i am worried a lot that my parents may face issues during their travel to the US.

    If i have to cancel and make new booking for 7th April it is too late now and i will not get tickets or the tickets are too expensive. Kindly let me know if this can be resolved with out the cancellation and booking tickets once again. Request your advice and help in this regard as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance!

  25. Mrs Jean Sutton Reply

    I am flying next Wednesday on a flight to Vancouver B.C. It is a flight that is managed by Air Canada, I believe.
    Can I travel with Bamboo knitting needles? If so can you send me an e-mail to confirm this please? Thank you

  26. Anonymous Reply

    Has anyone had any luck with “customer care’? Also, does “customer care” in Frankfurt have an e-mail address?

  27. Poppy Reply

    I am a 6kg JRT and want to travel with my owners(in cabin or hold) from UK to Spain via Munich and then home again to UK. I have all documents under pet passport scheme. Can I do this in August please. There seems to be some confusion whether Lufthansa can transport pets back to UK.
    Thank you

  28. lee Reply

    Hi,I would like to bring a cat from warsaw to dublin with lufthansa,but the customer care said lufthansa don’t take any pet to dublin Ireland from other EU country! But the rule for bringing a pet into Ireland from the other EU country will be changed on 1 of jan 2012, and no more quanratine any more,and also I checked the offcial webside of AGRICULTURE of Ireland…and appaerntly the approved airline is lufthansa! do you have any idea of this please

    • forinton Reply

      Not funny! I just was refused travel with my dog and accurate papers on Thursday29th from Frankfurt to Dublin! Reason : a.) a coward in the backroom Ms. …stein, who refused to talk to me and just said “No”.Refused also to tel the Agricultural Ministry in Dublin.
      b.) an out of date directive from the Agricultural Dep in Dublin concerning import of dogs from UK was quoted!

      I got reaffirmation from the Agricultural Dep in Dublin, that Lufthansa is authorized carrier for the import of dogs into Eire by air!

      There is huge confusion, and I wonder if there is no human being in charge of rectifying the “SYSTEM”?
      Lufthansa in Ireland who know the new regulations issued by the EU, sold me the ticket from Frankfurt to Dublin with notification that a small dog would travel with me.
      Now the dog is in kennels in Germany, and I am back in Ireland. The longer Lufthansa waits to clear the confusion the longer and bigger the bill my solicitor will send them.
      Does ANYBODY employed by Lufthansa read this and cares to respond ?
      At the moment Lufthansa in Dublin is very helpful, while an idiotic coward sits in a backroon at Frankfurt airport and says no !

  29. phelps Reply

    I have been enquiring regarding requirements of airlines for travel with my pet dog. I was suggested to call your airlines’ India office.. from there was given a number.. then aiport number, then another…..goes on; No one knows exactly. Can someone from Lufthansa at least give me correct person who can answer me.

    • hanna Reply

      I am having the same problem. I traveled on LH last summer with my small 3kg dog from germany to ireland. I had obtained a declaration of pre approval to bring my pet into the country. Having flown back to Germany with the dog, I would now like to return in Jan 2012. I am aware that the rules re travel with an animal change on 1 Jan 2012. Both the Dept of Agriculture and my local Veterinarian have told me I would be allowed to bring the dog to Ireland, but now Lufthansa tell me it is not allowed to bring an animal on board, and that I will have to book it on a separate cargo plane. One helpful LH person from the Reservations dept told me that although the rules pertaining to travel into the UK and Ireland change from 1 Jan 2012, these rules will not take effect until March 2012!! They also told me that “emotional support animals” or “Help animals” are not permitted on EU flights! You get a different answer depending on who you talk to, it is so frustrating!

  30. Victoria Reply

    I have a question. I am planning my trip from London Heathrow to Lithuania Vilnius. I want to take my little dog (2kg) with me on board. Am I allowed ? Or he needsto be put in cargo? Can u let me know please?

  31. Judy Reply

    i gave up my first class seat in Frankfurt on the way to venice..I have a compensation voucher..can i send the voucher by mail for reimbursment?
    If so what is the address
    BTW: I love Lufthansa!

  32. ildiko Reply

    I was booked on flight 404 from Frankfurt to JFK on sept 5 th 2001, flight was overbooked , and I was asked to give up my place, and take a flight next day, I was promised a free ticket, which I didn’t get, only they put me up to an Airoport Hotel.
    I would like to get the free ticket I was promised.
    Thank you

  33. ABHISHEK RAY Reply


    I travelled from Philadelphia Airport,USA to Bangalore,India via Frankfurt on 25th June 2011. On arriving at Bangalore I found that my watch in the checked-in baggage is missing. The Lufthansa Bangalore personnel completely ignored me saying that valuables in checked-in baggage is not part of the airlines’ liability. My question is, why should it be found stolen in the first place ? If nobody takes responsibility, then how would I be assured of security of things inside my baggage. Please help.

  34. Debra Koutnik Reply

    To Whom It May Concern:
    I have a complaint. My son, Sage Trail, flew back from Europe June 11 on Lufthansa FLT 319 from Florence to Frankfurt and then Lufthansa FLT 400 from Frankfurt to JFK in New York. He had 2 normal size bags, 1 carry on bag, and a tube that held three paintings he had painted during his study abroad in Florence. For this, you charged him 360 Euros ($527.67 US) in baggage fees. This is completely outrageous. He is a 20 year old kid trying to get home after 5 months away, so clearly was in no position to argue with your “authority.” However, this is highway robbery. According to your website, on tickets purchased before June (his was purchased in March 2011) he is allowed 2 normal size bags for free and 2 carry on bags. Both of his carry on bags were normal carry on size that he has used all over the world as carry on. Yet your staff made him check one of these bags. But even for that, it should have been a charge for 1 extra bag and an 89 cm by 9 cm diameter plastic tube that weighed very little–much smaller and lighter than skis, for example, which you do not charge for. So, please explain to me why I was charged $527 for baggage fees for 1 small carry on bag (that you forced him to check) and 1 lightweight plastic tube. None of his luggage was overweight or oversize. This seems an example of your airline taking advantage of a young boy who didn’t know any better. My husband and I are traveling to Europe again this October, but I guarantee you I will never fly Lufthansa or any of your companion airlines again if you do not make this right. I will post complaints with every public agency available in the US and Europe about your unscrupulous business practices. Debra Koutnik (USA)

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      Dear Debra,

      Firstly, why did your son pay the baggage fee instead of informing the baggage desk that he is entitled to carry 2 check-in and 2 carry on. If your ticket had mentioned it clearly there is no reason why Lufthansa should charge you that much in amount. I request you to kindly call the Lufthansa customer care asap.


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