Contact Google – India: Find below customer care contact details of Google in India, including phone and address. You can reach the below contacts for feedback, complaints or queries on Google products.

Google Bangalore
Google India Pvt. Ltd
No. 3, RMZ Infinity – Tower E
Old Madras Road
3rd, 4th, and 5th Floors
Bangalore, 560 016
Phone: +91-80-67218000

Google Gurgaon
Google India Pvt Ltd
8th and 9th Floors
Tower C Building No.8
DLF Cyber City
Phone: +91-124-4512900

Google Hyderabad
Google India Pvt. Ltd
Block 1, DivyaSree Omega
Survey No. 13, Kondapur Village,

Google Mumbai
Google India Pvt Ltd
264-265 Vaswani Chambers
1st Floor
Dr Annie Besant Road
Mumbai, 400 025
Phone: +91-22-6611-7200



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Google was founded in the year 1998 by Stanford University graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The company is headquarted in California and has offices all over the world. The word Google was taken from the term googol, which refers to the number 1 followed by one hundred zeroes. Google’s search engine today is one of the best and comprises of billions of web pages indexed in a regular basis. Read More

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  1. Karthik Kannan Reply

    It seems that my account has been hacked and now the recovery phone number and the secret questions have been changed. What is the process in recovering the email. I had plenty of personal emails in the email. Please do the needful.

  2. Lakshmi Reply

    Yesterday I received a mail that I am selected for a prize of 150 million dollars that was held at Google and Microsoft companies, #1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043. Is it true ?

  3. D Biswas Reply

    I have purchased a Chromebook a few days back. When I tried to avail the free 3G dongle offer at Airtel outlet , Airtel personnel denied the existence of any such offer for the circle, namely Bihar circle. Airtel website says that such an offer is available for the circle. Kindly clarify what is the true position.

  4. Deepa Shah Reply

    We called up at your Hyderabad office for sever times today but the line got disconnected & we have not received any proper feedback about the letter & TDS Certificates sent through courier.

  5. biswajeet Reply

    Dear Customer Care,

    I lost my mobile yesterday and i activated for two step verification password.I am trying from last few hours to lo-gin gmail account but it is showing that your password has been changed 3 hours ago.

    Please help!!!

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Abhishek Basu Reply

    Hello there has been a serious problem cause i had successfully bought a domain from google apps but still could not find my website..! I need further guidance..! Please do reply..!

  7. Amit` Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I want to purchase Google app “Gmail” for our business Domain . How can i get purchase order and other details.

  8. jaisankarok Reply

    Hi, i am having trouble purchasing paid aplications from google play via google wallet. I try to add my debit card(VISA ELECTRON) after filling in my necessary details(Name ,card no, billing address etc) but i get an error message “Error connecting to server[RPC:S-7:AEC]”. plz respond

    • msankaran1943 Reply

      We are in the same boat! My Visa cards are rejected too. No one available for clarifications. Managing their fancy phone itself is like playing an intricate puzzle game. No email id for the email host! Maybe they don’t care much for Playstore business in India.

  9. rose mary Reply

    I enabled 2 step verification recently and changed my gmail password. Unfortunately, I forgot the new password and tried resetting it. But due to two step verification process, I had to fill in lots of info in identity verification.

    But retrieving my gmail is quintessential et the moment, so I give another try signing again …but it displays the password has changed 36 hours ago. I select can’t access account. I opt Password help form.I can access my phone or backup options,and give a password reset link at my recovery email.

    This message comes on screen: To get back into your account, follow the instructions we’ve sent to your *********@****.*** email address.(my recovery email.) But I don’t get any mail in my alternate account. I have checked thoroughly contends in inbox as well as spam.

    I try again the aforementioned steps but all efforts go in vain. Its currently the most important issuue for me -obtain my acc. and i really can’t figure out why google is not sending instructions to my alternate account. Can any one please guide me to get my gmail acc back?

  10. dhiraj gurnani Reply

    Hii i have recently bought a tablet of HCL company with android 4.0 icecream sandwitch version but its not having Google Play app in it i want to download how can i do that. please help me for this as without Google Play App for me this tablet is useless as i m not able to download any of the application.

    Dhiraj Gurnani

  11. ranjith Reply

    Some time back I activated my account for verification through mobile .
    So every time when i Log in to my account a 6 digit code will sent to my mobile.
    After enetering that 6 digit code only I can proceed.
    Now I would like to deactivate this code sending facility and simply want to access my gmail by using gmail password.

  12. arijita pal Reply


    After activating 2-step verification method, the browser crashed accidentally. My new contact details were not updated and the old number has been obsolete. I went through the entire process of filling up all information regarding the gmail account last week but have not yet received any link for resetting password or new way-out for accessing the mailbox.

    Fortunately, I can just check the mails and write short replies from my phone where the gmail account had been synced earlier.

    Please help!!!

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Rakesh Gupta Reply

    Some time back I activated my account for verification through mobile .
    So every time when i Log in to my account a 6 digit code will sent to my mobile.
    After enetering that 6 digit code only I can proceed.
    Now I would like to deactivate this code sending facility and simply want to access my gmail by using gmail password.

  14. mbabhyankar Reply

    We tried to purchase storage space for Gmail account vide debit card on 30.04.2012,
    however the said transaction has been cancelled by google due to insufficient balance which was not the case.
    We want to purchase 25 GB plan with cloud computing space 5GB, through Debit Card.

  15. SUDIPTA NATH Reply

    My gmail account has been hacked by some one, if anybody uses this account for any misuse I am not responsible for this deed.

  16. Syed Javed Shah Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m Happy member of your website.Well,I want to know does the gmail Family can provide me my old pics which I’ve deleted in between Jan’08 to Aug’08.I know it first come to trash then delete.

    Please help me if its possible.I need that pics.please help me for the same.



  17. Suyash Nikhil Reply


    I purchased an Android app for my sister last august. Now I am getting charged every month. Can you please help me out with the cancellation of this recurring payment. I don’t want to continue with it.

    Your reply would be appreciated.

    Suyash Nikhil

  18. Gaurav Reply

    My Gmail id has been hacked and all security related info is also been deleted. I am unable to recover my account. I use my gmail id for my official purpose. I am helpless now.

  19. Muthukumar Reply

    Could you please stop mentioning about birthday information of American and European personalities on the main page? Start putting information on Indian personalities only. They are centuries older than American and European personalities and most important for the entire planet.
    Muthukumar K.

  20. Biplab Reply

    Hello Sir,
    Please help me. I was trying to blog using my email Address. While trying to setup a nickname
    I by mistake changed my last name.

    Can you please please help me restore my last name to Ghosh.

    That is the Last Name I want to see. I am having issues with this. Please HELP me.

  21. N LISHIN LOUIS Reply

    I had been informed that I had won a prize from the google and yahoo lottery corporation and two laptops from a sweepstake prize draw which is being held every year. I need to verify this. So please response me that whether I am a winner or is it fake. Please….

  22. martin luther Reply

    Dear sir, I am using samsung galaxy note model no n7000. I am unable to sign in to my gmail on the phone…if i want to sign in every time iam going to internet explorer to open it…

  23. ragesh Reply

    I have received A Message on My E-Mail I. D. “ Prize “ Open Attachment From Google and asked me some required information for Claiming of a prize.

  24. sudesh kumar Reply

    i am not able to open gmail in my htc phone… also not open andriod market application ..

  25. NAGA SWAROOP Reply

    I am Naga Swaroop from Bangalore. My Question is that “somebody deleted my gmail account. I want to know whether we can reactivate the account or create new account”. Please clear my doubt. Please send the details how to reactivate the e-mail account.

  26. aft Reply

    I have deleted my account for some reasons but nw im trying to recover it but i can’t. Im trying from last 4 5 days. I filled the recovery form but it was giving a same reply again and again.

  27. Anuj Reply

    Google maps is indicating my current location- Berhampur,Odisha instead of Mumbai for past 3 days

  28. Sudheer Reply

    I have recharged the amount 10$ using my credit card for “GoogleVoice”.The credit was successful. But, when I try to make call to mobile number, It says “Sorry! You do not have enough credit to make this call”.

  29. ADI Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have two requests:1.Stop all the business related mails immediately.
    2.My mail is almost full. Now me how to increase my mail ID capacity.

  30. Pradeep Reply

    I have received A Message on My E-Mail I. D. “ Prize “ Open Attachment From Google and asked me some required information for Claiming of a prize. I was suggested to deposit an amount of Rs 23,000 as custom duty. I want to confirm if Google has organised any draw or given any prize?

  31. shushant Reply

    I lost my mobile and recently i activated for two step verification password.I am trying from last 5 days to login but it is showing that your password has been changed 5 days ago.

    • tarun Reply

      same with me better leave Google account two stage verification as it is full of troubles

  32. silver Reply

    I changed my password and have been unable to log in with the new one. I have activated the 2 step verification as well but no response on my secondary email id which I had given as my back up option.

  33. Avinash Reply

    My google account is blocked I am trying to recover it but not able to do so

  34. saidalavi Reply

    After activating verification code still unable to connect to google talk..kindly fix the problem

  35. Kathavate Reply

    I am using google mail in my mobile. If the translation facility is extended to mobile users, it would be excellent. I am using translation feature in gmail and it is wonderful feature. I am of an opinion that this should be extended to mobile users as well. In India, many are now accessing websites through their GPRS-enabled handsets.

  36. abin cleatus Reply

    dear sir
    how can i send google doodle to google india.
    pls give google email id

  37. Raghupathi Reply

    Google you guys and thanks for all the awesome services you are giving to us!!

  38. K L A Murugappan Reply

    First of all I would like to place on record my sincere and hearfelt thanks to
    Mr Lary Page + Mr Sergy Brim for thier superb efforts to bring whatever details, we required to our finger tips by a simple click. ‘ Wonderful effort.
    It works like a Magick Lamp.It gives /clarify details on all matters/subjects.What more we need?.

    Once again my grateful thanks to all the members of Google team

  39. Vivek Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I was in touch with Mr. Dipankar of Google India regards site promotion via AdWords. He gave me a number which rings and is being picked up but even after holding for several minutes only music is played and nobody answer.

    Pls. forward this message to Mr. Dipankar and tell him to call back on my mobile number: 7278569540.



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