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Vodafone – Kolkata

Vodafone Phone Support 24×7
To contact Vodafone customer care in Kolkata call +91 9830098300 from any phone or dial 198 (tollfree) or 111 from your Vodafone mobile.

+91 9830410285 / +91 9830140409

[email protected]

Vodafone Essar East Ltd. ,
08 Major Arterial Road, New Town, Rajarhat, Block AF,
DLF IT Park, 16th Floor.
Kolkata 700 156
Fax: 9830098241

Address 2
Vodafone Essar East Limited,
DLF IT Park, Block AF, 15th Floor,
08 Major Arterial Road, New Town, Rajarhat,
Kolkata 700156

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Vodafone Store
To find your nearest Vodafone store sms PINCODE <SPACE> PINCODE OF THE AREA to 111 (toll free).

Vodafone 3G
For queries on 3G call 116.

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About Vodafone
Vodafone Essar was founded in the year 1994 and is the second largest mobile phone operator after Airtel. Headquartered in Mumbai, Vodafone has its operations across the country with over 130.92 million customers. Vodafone currently has equity interests in over 30 countries across five continents. Read More

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  1. Siddhartha Roy Reply

    I took a prepaid vodaphone connection on 09.01.2018 spending around Rs. 500/-+ as I can recall. I was told that the facility would include free voice call + 1GB data pack (4G) per day + 100 SMS per day for 84 days. My phone No. is 8697317373.
    but I never could send any SMS as it did not work. From one vodaphone store I was told to keep some amount as main balance to get the service. I did it but SMS was never operative and finally the entire service stopped afte 19.03.2018 i.e on and from 20.03.2018.

    The helpline only bored me by make me hear some messages through IVRS and work.

    I think people should immediately leave such a service provider which only harasses its customer. People now should think of taking KYSP (Know your Service Provider ) instead of giving KYC.

  2. Tapan Kumar Sinha Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to bring your kind attention that undersigned is your customer since 2004.Few months back I have taken another vodafone number in addition to my old number. Now I like to discard my new vodafone number with immediate effect. In this context I visited to your mobile store but they advised me to send mail.Anyhow,please discard my mobile number as mention wef. Number is 9830869758 and if you have any outstanding amount against this number please communicate me the same for payment

  3. Dr Anil Solanki Reply

    Respected sir/ madam,

    I Dr.Anil Solanki having a sim of Vodafone Kolkata with no 8238004125 (post-paid). I visited Vodafone centre nearby for portability of my number from post-paid to prepaid.I have completed all formalities and submitted documents including Adharcard on 12th Jan,2018..they assured me the process to be completed within 3 working days. I did payment of 552 rs as post-paid bill and also did a recharge of Rs 557 for prepaid.

    After a couple of hours, the New pre-paid card got activated and worked well until 13th Jan evening. After that suddenly stopped working. As I was travelling at that time, I called customer care, but they did not help me and asked me to visit customer-care. As customer care did not help me to solve my problem and all Vodaphone stores were closed, I was without any service until 15 Jan 2018 (2 days) without any mistake from my side.

    On 15th Jan 2018, I visited Vodafone store at Sarat bose road, Kolkata. They said due to a technical problem in verification of my Adhar-card, my application was rejected and they cannot do a conversion to prepaid. They gave a reason as Adharcard is issued in Gujarat, this problem happened. Finally, they activated a new post-paid sim card on same no 8238004125, and informed me that I can port it only after 3 months.

    For your kind information, I have purchased another sim card on same adhar-card of BSNL last month in Adaman, which is working well till today.

    So if another company varifies my adhar-card and link it to a sim as well as my New sim card (Vodaphone post-paid) is linked to same Adharcard, why it could not be linked to New pre-paid card..?

    If it could not be linked, the pre-paid card should be activated from the beginning. Why it stopped after working for more than 12 hours.

    What will happen to recharge of 557 rs I made..?

    Why Customer care cannot solve my problem and advised me to go to Store on Sunday, when they knew very well that all stores are closed. Is Vodaphone company working like government agency (during office hours only) ?

    Why I should suffer (without any network for 2 days), when it is not at all my fault.

    Why such punishment for me that I cannot port my number for another 3 months and should pay post-paid bills which are actually very high?

    What is moral and ethical responsibility company in such case?

    In the whole process was unnecessarily getting suffered when it is totally not my fault.

    Kindly look into the matter and do needful for portability process to be completed.

    Hoping for your favourable response.

    Dr Anil Solanki

  4. nagesh Reply

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    I am a senior citizen of age 63 and have recently requested for conversion of my postpaid number 7890264806 into prepaid by paying all the due amount to the vodafone store person. I have requested on 22nd September 2017 morning and on today morning the connection has been refreshed, but still I am receiving the message that I have to pay the 238Rs as a postpaid due bill.
    Another issue: I have also paid the first recharge amount to the vodafone store for this prepaid conversion, but still it is showing my balance amount is 0.
    I tried to call the customer care , but all in vain , there is no option for talking directly to customer officer.
    I strongly doubt about the honesty and business policy of this cheap mobile service provider.
    Please help me out in this issue. At this age I really can’t tolerate this kind of harassment.

  5. Sukumar Dey Reply

    I am extremely disappointed with services of Vodafone.
    Here is my experience
    I have been using Vodafone prepaid services for more than 12 years.
    Recently I lost my phone and for getting a seamless for my new phone I was forced to accept post paid connection.
    I have a airt6seam but without any hassles they gave me a same prepaid seam.
    I am now going to USA on holiday and visited Vodafone store for international roaming activation. They said I have to give a SD of Rs 10000. Noting such with airtel.
    I will port away from Vodafone to elsewhere upon my return from USA after 45 days.
    I wish to share my experience with Vodafone with my fellow users.

  6. Sidhartha Dasgupta Reply


    I am using my vodafone number for 6 years, 3 months ago, I turned to post-paid with the 499 CUG plan, last month suddenly saw my bill as 817 while the normal bill comes to 575. When checking the bill I saw some VAS added to my bill which I have never requested. I called the customer care 4 times since April first week, everyone said sorry, this extra amount (243 approx) will be reimbursed/reversed to your account within 24/48 hours. Till now nothing has reversed and outgoing calls are stopped in my mobile since yesterday, although I have paid the regular amount of 575 as I was told by an executive. Even today, one executive has promised me to resume services in 10 minutes, but asusual nothing has happened so far and I cant do any calls even though paying my bills. If your customer care executives cant do what they promise, the company should stop chest thumping on customer service.

    Can you please tell one good reason if I continue with Vodafone post-paid or even Vodafone at all with this kind of cheating and robbing carried out to post-paid customers?

  7. Mrs Sumitra Acharyya Reply

    As I was receiving excessive phone charges in my Plan 599 I visited your store on 3.01.17 and changed to plan 499 which took effect from 15.1.17. Plan 499 offers unlimited local call, unlimited STD and 1 GB data plan. Although I asked repeatedly I was assured that all action would be taken from your end and I need not take any action. But I continued to receive excessive charges as before. For this I had to visit your store several times. It was found by your office that data plan charge of 1 GB continued from Plan 599 has not been deactivated. This was done now since 17.02.17, but I have been charged for this additional 1GB Data Plan charge from 15.1.2017. I am thus requesting you to waive this Data plan charge and provide me due refund and oblige.This may kindly be done before due date of my current bill

  8. Dr Arup Kumar Chatterjee Reply

    Dear Sir,

    With utter disappointment we are writing this mail. For last 1 and half years we are just fed-up with the service we are getting from your representatives. We have been informing for last few months for disconnection of certain numbers and every month we are said that once the bill is complete paid it will be done. Every month we pay the bills, but never the connections are disconnected and again the following month we have to pay a huge bill.

    Since last 6-7 days we have paid the bill, but the plea for disconnection of certain numbers and provide some new numbers has been simply not heard off. Only last night we got the mail from Amarjeet that it will be done. Only 2-3 calls are made and it says that the limit has been exceeded.

    We are just very disappointed and frustrated with this service. We now request you to disconnect all the numbers except the two numbers viz. -9674114444 and 9674007444. These aforesaid numbers we will switch to some other service providers. As per govt. norms we can do the same and help us in this juncture to do the same.

    Looking forward for your earliest reply and co-operation in this regard.

    Thanks and regards
    Dr Arup Chatterjee

  9. B.K. Mishra Reply

    I think I made a mistake opting for Vodafone.
    Some documentation problem after it worked for a week. At the time of purchase all documents were found perfect and now the phone is temporarily out of service. Interestingly no one knows what exactly went wrong and which document is not needed.

  10. Aranyak Maitra Reply

    Horrible service. I am about to surrender my 12 year old connection. I was using 4G, but most of the time I was getting 2G. There was no change even after repeated complaints. I decided to give up the connection when suddenly my incoming SMS service was withdrawn. My bill payments are up-to-date as they paid by my bank. I am also having other connections from Airtel and MTS, and I have never seen such a travesty of service.

  11. B Venkat Krishna Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I just want to know that are you people serious with your business & services.After going through the complains of various customers,still you are not serious & neither resolving the problems.My Cell Ph. Vodafone No.9051031687. At the time of taking the connection it was pre-paid.But unfortunately I lost my cell ph. & went to Vodafone Store in Kalyani,Buddhapark,Nadia.The person told that the pin No.of my address is not matching. Instead of 743166 it is 743165.I have not cross checked.Then the person suggested me to go for Post Paid connection.The monthly Rental will be Rs.399/- exclusive service tax.I agreed.But when I am not using my Ph. why so much bill amount is coming.Moreover after paying the amount at Vodafone Ministore at Kanchrapara,your people are calling and telling that my payment is outstanding.First of all I got shocked about the bill amount.I was told that I will be getting 1000 time,500SMS & 500mb internet surfing.First of all I don’t use net with that No., secondly SMS are not used & thirdly my talk time is not more than 200 mins. roughly. Very sorry to say please don’t say that you provide the best service.See I am also working in a Ltd. Firm with Senior Position and I don’t have that much of time to go through with all these.You are forcing the customer to go Consumer Forum and lodge a complain.If you really feel that you have a good reputation then please stick on that with judicious service.I want all the details of the charges that you made.

  12. Arindam Biswas Reply

    The customer care of vodafone is bullshit, and it dosn’t work at all. I don’t how they advertise ” HAPPY TO HELP” The customers are really unhappy with their customer care help. If it goes on like this surely they shall loose customers in future. Horrible customer care

  13. Talukdar Reply

    Every month my bill for postpaid connection is coming extremely although I am not doing much calls. This is an ad-hoc connection and the bill goes by ECS transaction of the bank. So, I want my ECS connection to be cancelled before the next bill of August month. Is it possible to do so?

  14. Raktim Adhikari Reply

    My name is Raktim Adhikari, mobile no is xx, I have taken the connection on 22.06.2012 and have submitted documents to the respective person on 24.06.2012. I have received 3 nos. of sms from you at 03.19 am, 03.34 am and 04.01 am dt. 25.06.2012, describing that ‘connection will be disconnected if any discrepancy in documents is found’. Is it desirable to send these sms at 03.19 am, 03.34 am and 04.01 am, when I am sleeping after the day’s works. Weird!!


    Hello I am Avishek Mandal, I am a user of vodafone . My number is xx. I use vodafone 2G service’s . Plese tell me how i can know vodafone gprs balance by sms.. Plese send me a mail to my email address.

  16. manish Reply

    I am really fed up from your service. This is second time my vodafone SIM has been disconnected. If you people are not getting documents properly then why activate. After contacting customer care they told me there is some problem in the documents. After enquiring what the problem is , they did not know. I cant understand then why you people make them sit at customer care if they are unable to give proper and exact information.

  17. Nitin Reply


    Iam writing this email after getting fully frustrated by the service that has been provided to me. To cut the long story short, i have recently joined TCS, Kolkatta and relocated from Delhi, the exact date being 12th of Oct 2011. To remain in touch with my family i had purchased a prepaid connection from a shop at FE Block Salt lake on 15th Oct 2011. On 1st and 2nd of November i got messages from customer care that there seems to be some problem in documents, please visit nearest vodaphone store to get it rectified else your connection will be blocked. And indeed it got blocked (both outgoing and incoming) on 4th November.

    I visited the vodaphone on 5th November morning at City Center, Salt Lake Kolkatta and submitted all the required documents along with the photograph. I would like to Thank Mr. Bimal for his kind help and the connection got restored on the same day i.e. 5th Nov. 2011 within 4 hrs.

    So i thought “Happy to Help” really works. However that was not the end of the story. My connection again was blocked yesterday night i.e 7th November without any prior intimation by phone or message. Called up customer care but according to them “Happy to help” but can’t help, please visit nearest vodofone store.

    I don’t understand how many times i have to visit the store, i think just to have a mobile connection i have to leave all my planned work and visit vodafone store every 2-3 days.

    Iam working with a reputed organisation at a senior postion and i don;t understand any logic as to why you are playing such tricks or harassing me.

    I hope the above critisisim will be taken in a constructive way and my conenction be restored ASAP.

  18. Tanmoy Basu Reply

    I have to draw your kind attention that I am your customer since 2002 having number xx…nowadays I am facing serious problem regarding network . Since last six months more than ninety percent(90 %) call (Incoming/out going) did not occur from my house. When I call to a number the network icon comes down nil. People having Vodafone connection in my locality are facing such type of problem since last six months. In view of above I would request you to kindly rectify my problem as early as possible.
    Address: Monsabari Road, Kolkata

    • mrinmoy Reply

      pl take my complain, my no. is 9804810396 which is blocked for past 20 days due submission of documents. I submitted the documents at retailer who says he has already forwarded. why it has not been resumed till date when care says it takes 02 hours only. on date 07/02/2012

  19. Saunak Bose Reply

    I have been trying to speak to a customer care executive for days. your toll free numbers do not work, and Vodafone has deducted 30 rupees automatically from my phone and given me a caller tune which i had not requested in the first place.The tune is a religious caller tune and had hurt sentiments of many of my friends and relatives. I want to take legal action against Vodafone. You people have no idea what customer care service means. this is pathetic. And most of all you have charged me wrongly for something i didnt even request, and gave me a very offensive tune.


    Dear Sir,
    RE- 9674901191
    I find that you are deducting Rs 2/- per day towards extra value added
    services since so many days.

    Please not that I have not asked any such services.

    You are requested to stop such value added services immediately and
    credit the amount wrongly deducted by you.
    Sunil Singhania

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      Dear Sunil,
      This happens several times. You might need to call Vodafone at the number given so they can disable the value added service.

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