Toyota Malaysia Contact & Customer Service

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Toyota Malaysia Contact: Find below customer service details of Toyota cars in Malaysia, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new Toyota cars, prices, dealers, warranty, service center locations, or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links of Toyota services in Malaysia.

Toyota Malaysia Head Office
UMW Toyota Motor Sdn. Bhd.
2 Persiaran Raja Muda,
Seksyen 15, 40200 Shah Alam,
Phone: 603-5123 6688
Fax: 603-5512 0844

Toyota Malaysia Customer Service
Phone: 1800-8-TOYOTA (86 96 82)

Roadside Assistance
Phone: 1800-888-247
Phone: 1800-822-247


Locate Dealers
Click here to locate a Toyota dealer nearest to your street in Malaysia. You can reach local dealers to enquire on prices or new models.

Locate Service Centers
Click here to locate a Toyota service center nearest to your street in Malaysia. You can reach a local service center for repair or replacement of parts.

About Toyota
Toyota began operations in Malaysia in the year 1955. In 1982, UMW Corporation Sdn. Bhd. and Toyota Motor Corporation came together to form a joint venture company to manage the automotive business in Malaysia. The company – UMW Toyota Motor Sdn. Bhd. – has achieved asssembly volume of 1,000,000 units. As of 2010, Toyota had some 61 service centers across Malaysia. It also offers 24/7 roadside assistance to its customers.

Toyota’s models include 4Runner, Alphard, Aurion, Avalon, Avanza, Avensis, Aygo, Camry, Coaster, Corolla, Crown, Dyna, FJ Cruiser, Fortuner, Hiace, Hilux, Innova, Land Cruiser, Land Cruiser Prado, Previa, Prius, RAV4, Sequoia, Sienna, Tacoma, Tundra, Urban Cruiser, Verso, Vios, Yaris and Zelas. Read More

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  1. Aswathi Mukhan Reply

    Worst Toyota car outlet ever! Sold my 6-year-old car in August 2020, Got in touch with a Toyota sales agent in Telok Panglima Garang, as they had a rebate of RM3,000 so of course, I put a booking fee while waiting for my loan to be approved. The loan was approved within two weeks but I had to wait for my car due to stock. I was willing to wait but it was frustrating that I had to constantly follow up with them to give me a tentative date. I wasn’t asking for a free car, but basic customer service requires you to update your customer. Two weeks became two months, after calling their boss/manager, they gave me a date at the end of the month. A couple of days ago, the sales agent rang me, only to let me know that the new model has a VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) installed therefore your discount is voided by half. This was the breaking point, I got furious by the treatment I have been getting ever since I started dealing with them. Never once they apologized for the delay, not keeping me posted, and two weeks before I get my car, they said I can’t get the discount because of the system (which was installed by default). Mind you the VTS system in all new cars was installed a month ago, they just didn’t bother to inform me. So was it my fault? What was the purpose of the booking fee which was paid two months ago, only to find out that I will not be eligible for the discount and because you did not do your due diligence in informing me of the changes that took place 1 month ago?!? We rang her other boss/manager, and he said she didn’t explain correctly but they will find a car without a VTS system and get back to me the next day. Two days have passed, ? I have not gotten any call (as usual) and you guys are getting me on my nerves! You have substandard and the worst customer service ever! You are not giving out your cars for free, are you? You have no right to treat anyone like this especially when you are in a service industry and you need customers like us!

  2. Surainee Abdul Latif Reply

    I would like to highly commend Abang Ismail Abang Husairi, Service Advisor at Toyota Kuching branch. His attentiveness, friendliness and professionalism makes it one of the best customer service experience I have ever had. My sincere appreciation to Abang Ismail for making the service experience as pleasant and smooth riding as it did.

  3. I would like to lodge an official complaint regarding Toyota Service Centre, Old Klang Road (Wheelcorp Sdn. Bhd). I checked in today at 1.30 pm for 50K service of my Vios. To my surprise, I was charged RM 438.32 instead of RM 267.00, ie additional items added without my consent! I clearly told the consultant (Desmond) during the registration that no additional change of spare parts/service unless consulted first before changing. When inquired during payment, Desmond suggest he changed caused the filter is dirty (without my approval). There were two other items added. I am very unhappy and feel ripped off for the additional unnecessary repair and cost! And I feel that the service centre is being dishonest and charge customer for unnecessary work. Please help to advice the owner of the company. I have decided not to use their service anymore.

  4. I sent my car to your service center last month to do services. Your technician told me that my brake pad nearly finish and ask me to replace. After replace then have a abnormal sound came out when I press brake within 2 weeks time after replacement. I go back to your authorized dealer’s service center and left my car in the morning around 8.30am and was told done on 3pm. I drive back my car not even 3km far from your service center then I can hear back the abnormal sound so I straight away immediately call back to your service center and ask about what they do. What they told me is that no problem found and already reinstall and now no more sound. Then I ask them to go test drive with me but they said no need and straight away drive my car to behind and fix. After waiting 2 hours they said again already done. I ask what is cause of this they said they did not put enough oil (they did not told me what kind of oil specifically) so they just add it and now no problem already. 2 weeks after they services, another sound appeared! I do not know what and how your authorized dealers or technicians do. What I know is that Toyota’s staff all not well trained and irresponsible at all. I think you will agree with me brake is of the most important part in a car. If the problems did not solve thoroughly, it may cause serious damages or accidents on me or any other person who drive my car. It put me in dangers and also other road users. How come Toyota can allow such irresponsible culture in your company? Totally disappointing after sales services! I did not dare to buy any other Toyota make vehicles nor recommend to others. It totally ruins your hard build reputation in the old eyes. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Toyota are not longer non national car best seller in Malaysia. They give 100 of excuses or said no problems when we found problems under warranty periods while they will said the problems after the warranty periods and ask us to pay for it. Totally unacceptable and unreasonable. I hope that you can send someone who really are expert to go to each of your service center to upgrade your technician skills and knowledge. You should also monitor what your authorized dealer do and how they treat your clients. Totally disappointing services. Each branch will have different services package and will add on unnecessary items into our services. As a consumers, we reserve the right to make a complain to the relevant authority. So make sure you all do it before we make further actions. I will send back my car 1 more time to fixed the abnormal sound found when pressing brake and hope that when the time I send to your authorized dealer they can properly check and investigate what is the problems caused and fix it accordingly. I believe you are also not willing to see any incident happened which caused from your faulty parts or irresponsible staff. I really hope that Toyota can put in more effort in maintaining the quality not quantity just like before in the old people eyes.


    • I want complain about slow service and the car dvr problem.
      After making appointment the week before and reconfirmed again this morning, I arrived at the center at 9am but they only attended the car problem at 11am by a service advisor because the one and only technician that was supposed to check the dvr problem was not around as he had to send a car to Batu 8 which is about 10 miles away.. the service advisor was trying to be helpful by uninstalling my dvr and swapped it with their test car dvr.. until 11.35am…the dvr was not swapped because.the service advisor had to attend to other customers at the same time. I didnot know that why that a technician’s task include sending car to other places and left the one with appointment waiting in vain for 3 hours
      I was only made known about the cause of delay when one moment i saw the advisor attending my car and the next moment he was at the counter servicing other customers. To be honest that was when i got heated up and made a complaint.. that technician came back around 11.40am and the problem was detected in less than 10mins.
      Please do not employ irresponsible staff.

  5. I bought my first car with Toyota Setia Alam. Car model :2019 CHR. Upon delivery on 31st May 2019(Friday), huge disappointment as salesman failed to explain everything. Delivery not up to 5 mins. Car registration was placed wrongly (number and letter was joint together) and me as customer had to change it myself when none of your team would want to respond on the mistake. Talked to other salesman in the showroom and I was brushed off as they claimed they are not person in charged. Requested to speak to the manager and never been entertained. At the end of the day, Im unable to be acknowledged on the car’s features and had to google everything. As Toyota is a big company, to get this kind of treatment is such a rude, humiliated and unprofessional on your side. I personally believer the car is good however customer service received was bad.

  6. RITA GHOSH Reply

    I would like make an official complaint on the quality of car service at Toyota car service centre in Kuantan Pahang: Fokus Timur Sdn Bhd. I sent my altis for half yearly service on 12/8/19. The mechanics signed off saying everything was all right. I left for KL for a month using a vios. Then upon coming to kuantan on 15/9/18, I discovered there were stains underneath the car implying there was something leaking. I drove my car to the service centre to request for a check. The mechanics who checked on my car told me after checking that there was nothing wrong with the car and the stain could be something else.The next morning I wanted to drive the altis to KL but I couldn’t engage the gear and I saw stains on the floor again. I called the toyota carcare centre for help and was told the service was close on 16/9 which was Malaysia Day. I had no choice but to drive the vios to KL and return on 20/9 to send the car for checking and repair.
    Complaint 1: the tow truck came with just one person and expected me to help to push the car. He was also late.
    Complaint 2: the service centre was slow in diagnosing the problem of the car. I had to show them the leaked fluid in a container. Thursday I sent in the car, only by Friday they came out with the diagnosis and then only ordered the parts.
    Complaint 3: All in there were three major issues-radiator spoilt, break fluid leaking and gear shift belt spoilt. But during service in August, it was signed off as everything ok.
    Complaint 4: I have to keep phoning to keep the pressure on the workers or else everything was moving slowly. Only at around 4 pm on Saturday I got back my car.
    I have been a loyal customer of toyota but the qulaity of the after sale service is getting from bad to worst over the years. I am totally disappointed.

  7. Voon Siong Reply

    I am writing to you to voice my utmost dissatisfaction with your product. I bought my Vios in June 2017. On the very day I collect my brand new car, the 360 panoramic view monitor was not working. The salesperson was obviously apologetic and assured me that it would be fixed. They brought in a technician and they thought it was a faulty cable, which will require time to get the required replacement parts to fix.

    2 weeks later, I got a call to replace the cable and the panoramic view monitor was then working. Unfortunately, in less than a month, the 360 panoramic view monitor went offline again. I again contacted my salesperson and the service centre. They advised me to bring the car back for a checkup, which I did. They then informed me that they suspect that the some board has short-circuited and will need to order the board to repair the damage.

    1 month later, I got a call to replace the faulty board and I went. In less than 1 month, the 360 panoramic view monitor again malfunctioned. This time, it took out the entire audio system. I again called my salesperson and the service centre. I voiced my dissatisfaction then and told them I cannot keep going back to them for a problem that has been plaguing me since the purchase. They assured me they would do everything in their power to make this fix permanent. They even told me that they would assign this case to their head technician. I brought my car back to the service centre. After a checkup, they told me that the same board has short-circuited. They planned to replace the entire board and the cable.

    1 month later, I got a call to replace the board and the cable. I went and both the audio and 360 panoramic view monitor were working. Alas, in less then 1 month, the 360 view camera again went offline and took out the audio system with it.

    I am very disappointed with my purchase and I am very frustrated with the quality Toyota has to offer. I made my decision to purchase a Toyota because it came highly recommended by my friends and family. I cannot believe that a new car would give me so much trouble in less than 1 year. If I ever have the financial capability to own another car, rest assured it will never be a Toyota again. If I was asked to recommend a car to friends and family, rest assured that Toyota will never be one of them.

  8. audrey siew Reply

    Car : Toyota Vios. Car No : VAX7718. ‘
    First of all I am very disappointed with Toyota Parts. I bought a new car last Dec 2017 at sg besi. I have complaint and claim 3 times or 3 sets the headlamp until April 2018. There are watermarks. I been in and out toyota few times and its wasting my time. I have to wait for confirmation regarding my complaint to change the headlamp. Please check on the quality.

    PLease get some expert and someone that can check on the parts. This is very frustration each time I have to send my car to show the defect. Then they will take photo and make a complaint. After that I have wait for few weeks or months to confirm weather to change the headlamp.

    Please check on my matter urgently. Or you can contact me if you need any clarification.

  9. Dear Sir, I am very upset to find that my Camry has not been satisfactory because of the broken Cable Assembly Transmission (CAT) at the mileage of 16033 KM. It was confirmed by the Toyota Service Center at Penang. To resolve this problem, the CAT was replaced with the cost of RM915.47 (exclusive of labor cost of RM120 minimum and GST).
    This is a serious problem as the vehicle did not show any indication that the Transmission Cable was broken and the Transmission Gear was locked at R (Reverse) mode. Imagine if I am in hurry and switch the gear to D (you are still able to change the gear mode but the engine is locked at R) and drive. What would happen? The car will moving backward (Reverse). Toyota must initiate some safety measure for all its brand name Toyota automotive offerings to its customers.
    Now that I have the CAT replaced, and I would like to seek a waiver of the CAT part and request you to examine this defective CAT and kindly do the needful at the earliest.

  10. Wong Peng Lam Reply

    Sent my Camry Hybrid for service and install a Toyota DVR on 7th March 2018.
    My car runs very well after service but I cannot say that for the DVR. The DVR was not setup properly as I found later that the date & time were incorrect. It showed 2016 date instead 2018.
    There was no briefing on how to operate the DVR and the user manual description was not comprehensive.
    I regret to install this Toyota DVR.

  11. Soo Chee Seang Reply

    This is with regard to my service experience at JB service center. On 28Sep 2017 I’ve my car serviced. Invoice no. 142V357766. The Service Advisor requested me to complete the Merit Membership form, which I duly completed, based on my merit points accummulated and explained to me that I’m entitled to 5% discount on my next service of my Toyota car. However, the 5% discount was not given to me, the latest being the service done on 19Oct 2017. Why is this so? According to the Service Advisor, the system doesn’t indicate that I’m entitled. If the form is lost/misplaced while in transit at Toyota, customer cannot be the one paying the price.

  12. Hi Toyota Complaint Management

    I would like to express my dissatisfaction to your management as this is my 2nd time sending my car to Toyota Taman Midah for service + repair. 1st time sent my car there, it took me few days to get back my car. this time would be my second time, it takes me 3 days to get back my car for normal service + repair. Nowadays, in this competitive industry, 3 days for this kind of service request is considered very bad, does not meet the customer’s turn around time. it has resulted inconvenience to client like us

  13. Last week, my daughters car met with an accident, send for repair to Muar Service Centre. Met up with with Mohd Faisal Bin Mohammed Mizram. Faisal was very cooperative and from the time log in for repair with insurance claim, he keeps me updated on a daily basis the progress on car repair. Not only I found him very helpful, he was always taking the extra mile in ensuring all my concerns and doubts were clearly communicated. My daughters car was repaired within 3 days and I left the service centre as a happy and contented customer.

  14. I recently send my Vios 1.5E (2010 model) silver metallic to the service centre at Jalan semenyih, Kajang in the middle of January. I noticed that my vehicle was in a dirty condition and the staffs did not wash and clean my car despite being charged rm9. It is written in the invoice and receipt but I reckon my car wasn’t cleaned. I think the staffs may have overlooked this matter. I noticed that the technicians has reduced in numbers and I don’t think the service advisor check on the technicians daily routine. I observed this when I was waiting for my receipt while making payments at the counter.

  15. Sim Meng Huai Reply

    I am very unhappy with the attitude of your Service Advisor when I complain about a scratch on my new Vios after the service.
    On 1st February, I made a appointment to service my new Vios BPC 8038 in Sungei Rasah Klang at 3.45 pm. The service was attended to very quickly and I collected my car by 5.30 pm.
    As I stayed in Klang, I reached home and noticed a 2 in scratch on the driver side door.
    Immediately I called the service centre to highlight what I saw. The service advisor who attended my car was not available and I left a message expecting him to return call. Until the next day there was no response, so I called again.
    Manage to speak to the service advisor, and his answer was that ‘ it was raining and he got no time to check’. Without an apology and never admitted that it was his mistake that he did do a follow up check before releasing my car.
    I had been sending my previous new Toyotas to the same service centre for past 3 years and never had a need to file a complain.
    All my car services were properly taken care of until now.
    My question now , has Toyotas service standards drop so badly ? What happened to the very service orientated Toyotas Service Centres ?

  16. Pls assist me how to handle this situation. I put a booking fee for a New Fortuner at UMW Inanam Branch in the month of July 2016. Sales personnel who attended me is Francis Leong who is an experience guy with more than 20 years in UMW (as he mentioned). i was told that the booking fee is refundable in case i change my mind later.
    As i waited for the car nearly 4 months, i decided to cancel my booking. When i contacted him, he asked me to get a letter from my bank to mention my account number which i need to go back to Labuan (my hometown). Soon he received the letter, he mentioned that my deposit will be deducted RM100 for admin charge. i agreed on this but until now the balance of the booking fee is not in my account. My question is, what is the SOP for returning a booking fee? Would it take few months (as my case is 7months)?? Do i need to lodge report to KPDNKK?

  17. I bought my Camry in 2008. Last year I had my aircond cooling coil changed at your Subang Jaya Service Centre. Unfortunately my dashboard was badly damaged. I made a complaint about it to your customer service advisor but after few queries to the same personal, there is still no answer. I even requested a copy of my report, but was denied. I was made to understand that I can get a replacement for my damaged dashboard!!


    I bought an Camry Hybrid on May 2016. PMN 3830.
    There are many problem & they service centre & Sungai Rasau branch can’t solve it till now. They promise to give me answer since my last service about 1 month ago but I didnt get any response from them. ** The most important problem is the car is shaking when driving 70-80km/j. Please help me investigate. Thank you.

  19. I would like to make a complaint on the Toyota Service Center. I’ve sent my car for repairing 2 months ago due to accident. I understand that we should queue to wait for our turn. However, should it takes 2 months to complete the repairing process? Within these 2 months, I faced lots of troubles and spent unnecessary time on travelling from my home to my workplace. I really hope your team can look into this matters seriously as we bought car due to necessity, shouldn’t you speed up the process to please your consumer? Initially I disagree with rumors that your service center will take long time to repair 1 car as I trust the your reputation. However, it seems a bad experience with your service center.

  20. I would like to raise a complaint of your poor service and incompetence service personnel at your UMW service branch in Puchong. I did my 190k service of my Avanza 1.5G during Feb’16 and your service advisor ask me to service the air cond I did agreed to paid extra RM200+ for this poor unprofessional service which your service technician lost the little cap that cover the gas connection(for topping up gas).
    I did bring back my car to complaint at the branch 1 month ago, the technician never did any diagnostic and just said my compressor broken and front cooling coil got leakage but at the end the gas leak just because of they lost the little plastic cap.
    I ended out looking for other external workshop who are unable to find any leakage and just put back a new cap that solve the problem
    Please look into this as I will raise my complaint to Malaysia Trade ministry and consumer group in regards to your incompetence and irresponsible service personel.

  21. I would like to make an official complaint on Toyota Service Centre in Sandakan.

    Last year in July I’ve bought a Toyota Vios in Perak and I got the news that my work was transferred to Sabah in October so I brought my newly bought car along.

    Somewhere end of April, in Sandakan I’ve met with a chain reaction accident and I’ve brought my car to the service center within few minutes after getting the police report. I was in dismay as they said my car needed to be kept at the service center as the crash caused it to go through medium repair which will take 2-4 weeks to get it done.

    The period given was frustrating due to the car being my only source of transport. And I was told the get documents of my car and also of the car which hit me. It took me less than a week to prepare all the documents needed even though I was still working and had to pay for rental car. I wasn’t given a courtesy car in view of unavailability.

    Now it has been more than a month, and to my disbelief I was just informed that they had just sent the car for repairing and it will take another 2 weeks more. Also I was told there are some dents on my car maybe was not due to the accident (which initially the staff showed me it was also due to accident when I first brought in the car) due to rusting, which now I will have to pay extra around RM600 if I want to get it done. I’ve contacted the staff to get me to talk to the manager and up till now I’m not contacted.

    This process has made me waiting in vain and there is no any steps taken to ease my difficulty travelling even after I’ve contacted the Toyota costumer service few weeks ago. It hasn’t been a year since I bought a Toyota car and the service I’m receiving is bad. Please do look into this matter and I hope this time I’ll be treated fairly.

  22. I’m having problem with my toyota vios 2013 regarding it’s very noticeable knocking sound when I’m driving on uneven road surface & drive over a stop bump. After I complained at one of your service centre, they replaced the engine mounting so called “improvement part” and the problem doesn’t solve and it get even worse. Then I was attend by a senior technician and the answer is this is normal and there’s no solution for my complaint. May I know is the new Toyota vios 2013 have this so called knocking sound and it’s a unsolvable issue? I hope I can have a solution for my complaint from toyota malaysia.

  23. Noorazlinda Reply

    I am writing to complain about the regular service and check up that i had for my prius with toyota alor setar today. I came at 10 am and till now, 2.15 has not been completed.. Where is the 90 minutes service guaranteed?

  24. TAN Lay Hua Reply

    I would like to draw your attention to your excellent Service Advisor, Karen (at Toyota @ Jalan Persiaran Desa Tebrau, Johor Bahru).
    On 6 Feb 2016 morning (Saturday), we went to Toyota @ Jalan Persiaran Desa Tebrau as our car window was smashed the night before. The receptionist at the service centre is not able to help. Fortunately, We met Karen,she took it upon herself to try and resolve our issue. This meant taking a lot of time and effort on her part to assist.
    With employees like Karen on your staff role I am sure Toyota will go from strength to strength.

    Thank you Karen and Toyota will be proud of you!

  25. joanne gin Reply

    This letter is to complain about service I received last year (please check record) from UMW services center customer service representative, I just realize that the request to claim for the dashboard (bad condition: sticky surface and with lots of little holes all around) I reported to your representative last year (report not made once but many times personally and via telephone call, all respond from him was that : wait and once arrange will inform and if you want it quick need special arrangement), until my recent service last week 18/06/15 another representative told me that the previous report about dashboard was not recorded in the system and nothing was mention at all and worse of all is that the warranty has expire for just 2 months. Because of the Irresponsible Representative the warranty that I am entitle was cancel is seriously not acceptable, needless to say, I was quite frustrated with all the excuse given.
    I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am very disappointed. Because I do not want to spend any more time on this problem, immediately, I need the attention to settle this matter. I will be informing my friends and family about this experience.

  26. Wang Chong long Reply

    I’m writing this comment while waiting for my hilux single cab to be serviced and two parts under warranty to be replaced in the service centre in Inanam, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
    My appointment was 1015hrs and I arrived earlier at 0945hrs, it’s already 1315hrs, and I am still waiting in vain…
    The vehicle is already in the service bay, but it seems to me that only four mechanics are attending to more than 30 toyotas in the service bays.
    This is pathetic! Can this be the type of service that I pay good money to suffer for?
    I need to reconsider buying a Prius which I have been eyeing for recently…

  27. My Vios was recalled for some power window check. My appointment at Section 19 Toyota Service Centre was at 8.15am today but I went early and arrived at 8.00am. Didn’t get attended to until 8.25am. Was told that the check will take approximately an hour and I indicated that I would be waiting.

    At about 10.45 am, I decided to enquire if my car was ready as I noticed that some of the cars which were sent for servicing earlier were already finished. Mine was just a check – why should it take so long?? Found out that the car was ready at 9.35 am. The supervisor, Encik Arwan did not inform me. If I had not had the intelligence to go and enquire, I would still be waiting like a fool, wasting precious time!
    Then he was nowhere to be found. I had to find another staff to give me the Exit Card or else I would be waiting again and can’t leave the premises.

    I am thoroughly disappointed with the service this morning, not to mention the inconvenience as I had to take time off to get the power window checked since the job can’t be done on Saturdays. Time is precious, so please instill a sense of responsibility and accountability in your staff to be efficient in discharging his duties and providing good customer service.

  28. I lost my Vios tiny wiper nut cover/cap and Toyota quoted RM14.30 for it but still have to wait a few days for delivery. Can anyone let me know where can I find a cheaper alternative elsewhere? Even Honda is selling it cheaper although some people often think Toyota spare parts are cheaper than Honda.

  29. I would like to enquire about the Toyota Prius 1.8 Antenna price and stock availability and is it original from Japan cause mine has been stolen.

  30. Law Yam Heng Reply

    I had given my Toyota Hiace for 2nd service on 26.3.12. I was very certain that I had my toolkit bag place behind the passenger seat before the day of service. Only recently I found out that my toolkit bag was missing when I needed it.
    I regret that I didnt check my toolkit bag immediately after the service but it is my usual practice to drive away after my service in Toyota Service centres.I contacted the service centre and they have denied the consequences. The service advisor Encik MOHD FARHAN of FADASON SDN BHD (21591-P) has agreed to consult the management but there is no news until today.
    I am using my Hiace for my own use and no one else has driven my vehicle. I needed my toolkit bag for emergencies and I hope I can retrieve my toolkit bag to regain my future confidence with TOYOTA SERVICE.

  31. My Toyota Vios 1.5E(AT) on 11/08/2011 was being replaced with 4 tyres due to abnormal outer wear at mileage of 14,198km. Today 4/01/2012 on normal 31,428km service, 2 of the front tyres are worn out again, which means the new tyres for VIOS can run for only 17,230km. How could the types be worn out so fast, not even for a year? I would like to get help from TOYOTA.

  32. My avanza (old model 1.3cc auto) recently producing some noise from its rear axle (differential gear).. My question; can the gear be fixed or its recommended to be replaced, what would the be the cost for the same.

  33. Another nightmare with toyota services center. The appointment done earlier @ 8.45 but now almost 20 mins gone. Was advised by CSO to wait.. It defeat the purposes of having an appointment. All CSO seems to be busy.

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