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Toyota Canada Contact: Find below customer service details of Toyota cars in Canada, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new Toyota cars, models, prices, dealers, warranty, service center locations, accessories,or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links of Toyota services in Canada.

Toyota Canada Head Office
Toyota Canada Inc.
1 Toyota Place,
Toronto ON, M1H 1H9

Toyota Canada Customer Service
Phone: 1-888-TOYOTA-8
Phone: 1-888-869-6828

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Click here to locate a Toyota dealer nearest to your street in Canada. You can reach local dealers to enquire on prices or new models.

About Toyota
Toyota was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in the year 1937. Headquartered at Tokyo, Japan, the leading automobile manufacturer employs over 317,000 people across the world. In 2010, Toyota sold 8.42 million vehicles globally. Toyota sells its products in over 160 countries.

Toyota began operations in North America in the year 1980. The Japanese automobile manufacturer employs some 43,000 people and has investment of more than $21 billion in North America. Toyota in Canada alone has sold over 3 million vehicles till date. Toyota has some 13 manufacturing plants in North America. Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles are distributed in Canada by Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI). The company has sales now reaching 4,000,000 vehicles. Headquartered at Toronto, TCI employs some 18,000 people across Canada. Toyota Canada has manufacturing facilities in Cambridge and Woodstock, Ontario. Toyota has over 230 dealers across Canada.

Toyota models in Canada include Yaris Hatchback, Yaris, Corolla, Matrix, Camry, Avalon, Venza, Prius, Camry Hybrid, Highlander Hybrid, RAV4, $Runner, FJ Cruiser, Highlander, Sequoia, Sienna, Tacoma and Tundra. Visit the website for more updated models.

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  1. Sangeeta Parmar Reply


    I was wondering why the Yaris hybrid is not coming to Canada? I would luv to have one as well as many people here that are environmental supporters. Please re-consider your decision.

    Thanks, Sangeeta

  2. #toyota #warrantyissue #toyotacanada
    I purchased a 2017 Toyota 4Runner from Toyota in Richmond, B.C. last December. In February at 24,264 km’s I took the vehicle in because I heard a humming sound and the front differential needed to be replaced (this is was a common issue with 2017 4Runners) . After extensive research and verbally checking with our Toyota salesperson about installing a lift on the 4Runner (to ensure that the warranty would not be jeopardized) I had a ReadyLift 3 inch system installed. One year after purchasing the 4Runner and eight months after having the front differential replaced the first time, I’m told that the front differential again needs to be replaced – clearly indicating the differential is an ongoing issue with this 2017 4Runner. This time Toyota is saying they aren’t covering the differential because they are blaming it on the lift. Not sure how they can do this when they know there is a problem with the 2017 models (memo to all dealers telling them this is an issue). Now Toyota wants me to pay $2,500 to fix the problem.
    Why have a warranty! Not worth it.

  3. Julie Cruickshank Reply

    I am writing as a last resort and, sadly, in the knowledge that the powers that be at Toyota really do not care about their customers despite the rhetoric.
    I took my car into Toyota Kingston for a brake job that resulted in both calipers mysteriously failing immediately after the brake job. The Kingston dealership admitted they may have been at fault so paid for the labour but refused to pay for the new calipers because they said they may not have been at fault. The cost of the parts would have been nothing for Toyota to absorb but instead they made me pay…completely ludicrous. You admit you could be responsible so pay to make things right. A few days later I was still having problems so I took the car back and was told that the problem was something related to the calipers but they would not cover the cost, again, even though the problem was related to the initial problem with the calipers that the dealership caused.
    When I called Toyota Canada I was told that Toyota fulfilled any obligation by paying the labour for the caliper replacement job.
    I cannot express how deeply distressing this situation is for me. As a solo parent, on a solo income, to be forced to pay for a problem the dealership caused is going to set me back financially for a very long time and has made me lose complete trust in Toyota.
    The way this situation was just brushed aside by Kingston Toyota and Head Office is incredibly disappointing. The company is so big they clearly feel they do not have to take responsibility for their actions. Many of the comments above reflect this sentiment but, as we know, Toyota just doesn’t care which is, I think, the worst part. Deeply disappointing!

  4. florence dean Reply

    I finally have to part with my 2003 beloved Toyota ECHO.. This car has served me well and I can’t remember ever having a complaint but it has finally worn out. Would love to purchase another Toyota (Carolla) but unfortuntely a fixed income will not allow me to do so. I would recommend a Toyota to anyone!

  5. I recently went to North London Toyota for an oil change. When I returned to get my vehicle later the same day, I was given an invoice that indicated my vehicle needed the following work:
    Lower control arm………………….$713.02
    Right side head gasket leaking..$4054.34
    Alignment with new parts………..$134.47
    Rear shocks…………………………..

    When I reacted with shock, I was told, “ well the vehicle is 9 years old”. I want to point out however, that my vehicle only has a little more than 106,000 kilometres.
    I left the service department still in shock and after talking to family members, I took their advice and made an appointment with an independent mechanic to get a second opinion.
    I was again shocked when I was told by this mechanic that my vehicle is in excellent shape and that it didn’t need the work that North London Toyota recommended.
    A short time later, my husband and I went back to North London Toyota and talked to the service manager, Mike about the falsely recommended work. He suggested that we come back so the shop forman, Dave could look at my vehicle and evaluate it for a third opinion. We did this the following day and Dave indicated the shocks did not need to be replaced, the control arm was slightly worn but did not need to be replaced and although there was slight seepage in the gasket, he would not have put leaking head gasket on the invoice.

    I am not looking for any form of compensation, in fact I will never return to North London Toyota for service or to buy a vehicle. I have totally lost all faith in Toyota. There is a serious ethics problem at this
    Toyota dealership which needs to be addressed.

    I have always been a believer in the Toyota product and my present vehicle is my fourth owned Toyota. In fact, in my extended family, five people own Toyotas, mostly because my husband and I have had such good solid reliable Toyota vehicles. Unfortunately, my recent experience has changed my opinion and my next vehicle will not be a Toyota.



  6. I bought a brand new 2016 Toyota tundra 1794 edition from peace arch Toyota now as open road Toyota in surrey B.C. During the purchase I had asked them to upgrade the suspension to the TRD suspension. Soon after purchasing my vehicle and driving it around the front right sensor kept going off when nothing was there. After taking it into the dealership they re-assured me they tested everything and it works fine. Still had same problems and required me to take it into the dealership again. Same response was given until I showed them a video of my sensor going off and nothing was infront of my vehicle. Then they decided to replace the sensor. Also after all my power outlets had stopped working. Had taken it in to the dealership. They said no problem we will change the fuse. Seems they didn’t not do a proper job as I went camping and tried to inflate my air mattress and my back power outlet would not work but the front one did. I had told them about the problem during my next oil change. They said they tested it and it works fine.
    Finally my front tires seems to have an alignment issue since purchasing the vehicle the tire tread had decreased a lot compared to the rear tires. From the previous services I was told it’s because I’m towing something which I do not. At my last oil change I asked if they ever did an alignment on the vehicle when the TRD suspension was put in they had no record of it but instead questioned me saying I put it in afterwards. They refused to put new tires after getting the manager involved. Saying I would have had to change the tires anyways. Feel stupid purchasing the extended care package in the first place. Dealership is always wanting to upsell other products like a fluid flush but never fixes the problems I address them with tired of going back and forth ready to sell my truck.

  7. Mark Keene Reply

    Hi just wanted to let Toyota Canada know what a great sales experience my wife and I had at Brantford Toyota! This dealership went above and beyond from the salesman Tim, and the GM Ben plus Drew were amazing to deal with 5/5 plus. The two Rav 4 products we bought were outstanding value. If you want to be treated great and need a vehicle give this dealership a try, you won’t be disappointed. It almost took me a lifetime of other products from other companies and lacklustre service to find Toyota. If this sales experience is any indication of how Toyota operates then I am glad we finnaly found Toyota and the Brantford Toyota Dealership. Again Thanks

  8. Dean Comeau Reply

    I have read with no surprise many comments from other Toyota owners about Toyota dealerships and how the customer is being treated. The word I would ask is WHY would Toyota want to lose a sale or have their reputation ruined by some arrogant rude employees who think they have the customer in their control. Without people buying the cars they wouldn’t have their jobs and Toyota Canada would not exist. Customer always comes first and that is a lesson that Toyota needs to learn fast. If you ever get the chance to drop in to the service departments at either Fredericton Nissan , NB or Riverview Ford in Fredericton , you will see how proper treatment of customers takes place. I own a Toyota and have it serviced at Riverview Ford in Fredericton, someone I can trust!

  9. Here is an example of how Toyota Canada handles their Limited Service Campaigns (recalls). It is interesting to see how they provide conflicting information and self-serving policy in order to avoid covering a relatively minor repair. Beware of their policy as stated in their final response to me: “Diagnosis is a regular charge even under the terms of Toyota’s New Vehicle Warranty.”

    I purchased a used 2008 Toyota Rav4 approximately one year ago and there is no warranty remaining on the vehicle. It has been a reliable vehicle until it recently developed an engine oil leak. The leak was found to be from the rear VVT engine oil feed line. This oil line consists of two metal ends connected to the engine joined together in the middle by a piece of rubber hose with hose clamps on each end. I subsequently checked on-line and observed hundreds of complaints from Toyota owners relating to failure of this oil feed line causing the destruction of their engines and leaving a dangerous oil slick on the road. The reports indicate that the rubber portion of the oil line is prone to premature failure due to oil exposure and deterioration due to heat from the engine. This has affected several models with the V6 engine including 2005-2009 Avalon, 2007-2010 Camry, 2008 Highlander, 2007-2010 Sienna and 2006-2009 Rav4. As a result of this faulty design, a Limited Service Campaign (LSC) was issued in February 2010 by Toyota to replace the defective oil feed line in vehicles in both Canada and the United States. According to a bulletin released by Toyota Canada (March 1, 2010) the LSC program ended in Canada on March 31, 2013 although it was extended until December 31, 2021 in the United States.

    I subsequently took my Rav4 to the Kelowna Toyota Dealership on October 9, 2018 and spoke with the Service Department about the matter. They subsequently did a VIN search and advised me that the rear VVT oil feed line had been replaced in my Rav4 in 2015 under the LSC program in the United States. When I told them it was leaking again they said it was a one-time repair and my Rav4 no longer qualifies to have it done again even though the same type of defective oil line was used to replace the initial one. I subsequently provided them with the Toyota part number 15772-31030 for the all-metal version of the VVT oil line and the Service Department could not find any listing for it. They explained that the all-metal version of the oil feed line was only available in the United States and said only the rubber version is available in Canada. They did not offer any solution to the problem other than to have the rubber oil line replaced with another one at my expense. They also said it would take a week to get an appointment to have a service technician diagnose the problem when oil was obviously dripping from the oil line. I advised them that I did not want another rubber oil line installed on my vehicle so getting a diagnosis from their technician was irrelevant.

    I subsequently conducted extensive inquiries but I was unable to locate an all-metal version of the VVT oil line anywhere in Canada. As a last resort I called a Toyota Dealer in the United States and was able to order one along with the applicable gaskets at a cost of $98.73 USD including shipping, taxes and duties. The dealer said they had seven of them on hand and lots of availability. The fact that the LSC program was extended in the United States until 2021 obviously indicates that there is a serious concern about faulty design and liability. I submitted an e-mail to Toyota Canada Customer Service and subsequently received the following e-mail response:

    As previously advised, Limited Service Campaign # 922 regarding the oil hose was completed in April of 2015 and the warranty has expired and we are unable to offer any assistance towards the repair. We would like to further explain that Toyota vehicles distributed in the US and Canada may not have identical equipment and are built for different climates; therefore campaigns may vary between the two countries and parts may vary, such in the case with the metal and rubber oil feed line.

    I responded and advised them that this identical problem has been reported in vehicles in both Canada and the US despite the different climates and received the following response from Toyota Canada Customer Service:

    Thank you for your reply. We are very sorry to hear our previous response did not meet your expectations. We have noted your additional comments regarding the oil hose for information purposes. Your feedback is truly appreciated. We thank you for taking the time to contact us and allowing us the opportunity to comment.

    Customer Assistance Centre
    Toyota Canada Inc.

    After ordering a replacement all-metal oil line from the US, I replaced it myself in about an hour and the leak is now fixed permanently. It was interesting that the retaining strap bolt was only finger tight and was likely not tightened correctly when Toyota did the initial repair. I disputed their decision again on the basis that the Limited Service Campaign had been extended to December 2021 in the US but not in Canada. Toyota Canada responded as follows:

    The customer’s concerns have been thoroughly reviewed to determine any area in which Toyota Canada could extend assistance after the fact. There does come a point in both time and mileage where the manufacturer’s obligation must cease and the vehicle owner assumes the responsibility for vehicle repair costs. This situation is one such instance.

    Toyota Canada’s Limited Service Campaign 922 involving certain 2006-2009 Toyota RAV4’s VVT-i Oil Hose was originally issued by Toyota Canada Inc. in November of 2009. The Canadian Campaign is valid through December 31, 2021.

    The customer’s 2008 Toyota RAV4 had this campaign completed with a Toyota Dealership in 2015, with the updated remedy part which is indeed the same part number listed in the customer provided Toyota USA Campaign Bulletin.

    Diagnosis is a regular charge even under the terms of Toyota’s New Vehicle Warranty. This is a charge the customer is responsible for in order to determine which part is broken, why the part broke, and how it will be repaired. When, and if applicable, the diagnostic information will be sent to Toyota Canada’s Warranty department for authorization.

    The customer states that it was easy to see the oil was leaking, regrettably Toyota Canada cannot confirm this. We rely upon the factory trained technicians at Toyota Dealerships to accurately diagnose and repair conditions that affect Toyota vehicles, however this vehicle was not diagnosed with an authorized dealer at the customer’s discretion. As previously advised, this is extremely relevant when ascertaining our obligation to our customers.

    The longevity of vehicle components is influenced by many factors including; mileage, vehicle age, maintenance history, and the condition under which it is operated. As this vehicle has been in service since 2007, Toyota Canada feels that after 11 years of operation the manufacturer is no longer responsible for any repairs that this vehicle might require to keep it in operation.

    While we understand the customer remains dissatisfied with our decision, we must respectfully reiterate that our position remains unchanged.

    Thank you again for providing us with this opportunity to clarify our position.


    Customer Services Department
    1 Toyota Place
    Scarborough Ontario M1H 1H9

    Needless to say the statement “Toyota Canada feels that after 11 years of operation the manufacturer is no longer responsible for any repairs that this vehicle might require to keep it in operation” sums up their commitment to customer service when they admittedly have an active Limited Service Campaign to cover a defective part and still refuse to cover it. Thanks Toyota, I’ll continue to buy domestic cars in the future.

  10. Usman Qureshi Reply

    True that, I am also completely dissatisfied at Toyota servicing and maintenance after sale where ever in Canada I tried. My Brakes problem that I am experiencing from day 01 since I bought brand new 2017 corolla is there for over an year now – despite making 4 complaints on the same issue on 2 different Toyota dealerships (ORegan’s Toyota, Halifax and Attrel Toyota, Brampton). I even spoke to Toyota Canada this evening and they could not much as well other than sending me back to these dealers and their incompetent technician teams……desperate situation, Isnt it!!

  11. Vicente Goquiolay Reply

    I have left my car with Markville Toyota and for nearly a month now we have not received a feedback on its status.

    I have bought a Corolla 2017 with 22k on its mileage from the dealer’s certified pre-owned collection. It ran great or so we thought until 3 months down the road, the tires were found to be badly misaligned and eroded to their steel belts. The dealership has condemned the car as unsafe to drive.

    Brought the vehicle back to the dealer and had been accused by same that we had sustained an accident underneath that now racked us up to 5000 CAD to repair.
    We vehemently deny that we had had an “accident,”because we did not have one! We were just surprised that these issues showed up lately.

    With full belief that nothing had caused the said damages, I left the car with Markville’s Dealership since almost a month now (last week of August) but we have not even been given the courtesy of a call back.

    Thank you

  12. I have bought dealer certified pre- owned Toyota Corolla 2017 (w/ VIN 2T1BURHE8HC923152) last May 2018. The vehicle came into our custody on May 12. Three months of driving the vehicle to work, I and my wife noticed two things show up namely a dash light warning telling us that the lane change function and the pre-collision braking system were malfunctioning. At about the same time , we noticed that the steering wheel had set to about 25 degrees to the left when being driven straight.

    We attempted to schedule the vehicle for service at the Markville dealership but could not get a match with our availability. We were however able to bring it to the Toyota Richmondhill dealership last August 25 Saturday. Their findings confounded us saying that the steering assembly had sustained heavy impact damage that had caused the two front tires to wear down to its steel belt core. We were advised that the vehicle was unsafe to drive and that the tires were about to explode.

    Richmondhill further added that the vehicle may have sustained the damages possibly within the span of the last 6 months for the tires to have whittled as they did.

    Dumbfound and unnerved of the fatal possibilities, I and my wife cannot recall of any incident that we incurred during our brief ownership of the car. In fact the car drove well, still like new, except for the two issues that brought us to bring it for service.

    Toyota at Richmondhill suggested that we contact our insurer to head off the costs that would be required to have the damages corrected—nearly 5000 CAD. They enumerated the list of needed repairs:

    1. Replace two front tires
    2. Replace the steering rack
    3. Calibrate the steering sensor

    Having nothing to stand on to even feign that something happened to the car during our custody, I insisted to have the vehicle brought over to Markham which sold us the car to have the issues redressed. Richmondhill allowed us to drive the vehicle over to Markham albeit for one last time.

    On Monday August 27 at around 1730 hrs., I and my wife, on a second car, convoyed to bring the vehicle over to Markville. Our Markville sales agent, Cindy Lin instructed us to surrender the vehicle to John, a service rep. Since we made it to the dealership 15 minutes later, we missed John and just left the car to whoever was there in service. John called me the next day however to confirm Richmondhill’s findings but started defending himself that he has never seen a case like this in his last 19 years of serving the dealership. He also said that the extent of damage was one that cannot be missed as its stood out sorely.

    By Tuesday August 28, Cindy Lin had set me up for an appointment with her Manager, Mr. Sairoglu who would be available for me to see until 9p.m. When I got there however Cindy explained to me that the manager I was to see had to leave early and that I will just find audience with the Used Car Sales Manager named Ethan. When the used car manager freed himself up from inquiring customers, he breezed by me and went straight to service. He showed up three minutes later and said that no one was at service anymore and that I would just have to go home and come back the next day. I got annoyed and told him that I am the customer and it seems that what I have to say is irrelevant to what their in house-service had to say.

    Catching his attention, the manager sat down with me and listened to my story but had kept interjecting that Toyota with all its brand and quality splendor will not risk its reputation to sell customers a bad product. I told him about the “what if,” possibility that the vehicle since it was declared to us as previously a rental (although was not declared as such in the Vehicle Information Form Dated May 12, 2018,) one may have had one bad customer that had injured the vehicle. The Used Car manager kept on defending Toyota and said that the company will never release a car that is not Safety Certified and risk its name.

    I agree I said, that not until we have been told by the dealership at Richnmondhill that the car has been unsafe to drive had we only become aware of an existing problem. The car up to its most recent form drove well and gave us no indication of any hazardous situation lurking underneath.


    If Toyota can eliminate all possibility that the issue with the car steering assembly would have not occurred before we purchased the vehicle 3 1/2 months ago by giving me evidence to prove same, I would be most amenable to your suggestion that the car had sustained an injury during our charge.

    But nothing convinces me so far that it did. I believe Toyota obviously bears the burden of proof to establish that the damage occurred after they sold us the product. They obviously have the technical wherewithal to push the blame to the customer. However, my premises can be as follows:

    The car may have sustained the injury prior to our taking custody of the car May 12 onwards in that:

    1. We do not recall after driving the vehicle after three months and a half of any untoward road experience where the said major damage to the steering rack assembly may have happened. The clean Car Proof does not prove anything better than the clean Car Proof record that it is today as we, it’s new owners have had no incident/ injury to have reported since we took custody of the vehicle.

    2. The wear on the tire thread from an alleged healthy “5.8 mm,” to a zero, where the steel threads of the tires started being exposed from its state of pristine display, does not establish anything favoring or disfavoring my claim except that the tires did wear out as a result of an issue with the car. The window that indeed an incident may have happened spans up to the earlier of Toyota selling us the car in question up to August 25.

    3. To say that the damage was just too obvious to go unnoticed particularly through the trained eyes of the dealership’s service personnel only leaves us begging the question, “ Why would the dealership miss something far too obvious when we the customer do not find anything wrong with the vehicle other than a skewed steering wheel and a warning light malfunction that became apparent of late?” Otherwise we felt that the vehicle drove good. If you cannot establish and only by way of speculation that the car was injured after we purchased it in May 12 in the same manner that we are saying that it was indeed injured prior to May 12, your claim is not any more plausible than ours. I believe that Toyota should take the burden versus the ignorant customer. I would like to be presented with all checks and specifications that the dealership has on record prior to the car being released to us.

    4. As a customer it is not fair to be held liable because of “last touch,” principle. If it is certified pre-owned, there are still areas that may have been outside the scope of “certification.” For instance, if the dealership conducted or has a record of an alignment check just prior to delivery for tire or rim pronation then we can easily establish the difference from then and now. I do not believe that an alignment check has been conducted on this car lest an issue has already been speculated. “Safety ,” certification is still used in its general sense possibly enough for us to drive the car off the lot, but would obviously and definitely not apply to the vehicle’s present state. No one can rule out that the current manifestation of symptoms such as that found in the tire threads to have mainly resulted from road friction that must have been felt over a certain length or time period.

    If we cannot isolate the time when the injury happened from anywhere during the period of our stint with the car, or long enough, perhaps even before it regaled the dealers’ showroom, then we are in a quagmire. I do not believe that I the customer should bear the costs of repair alone nor should we resort to insurance at the outset. Due to unfounded variables that I have outlined, the dealership has to be made equally responsible and not unequivocally pass the liability off to the customer.

    I present this case before you and trust that your good judgement prevail over this issue.

  13. Berlita and David Kloss Reply

    Friday, May 4, 2018
    My wife has purchased 2 new vehicles in the last five years at Toyota Town, London, Ontario. With the first vehicle, there were no problems. The servicing of the second vehicle has been very disappointing and frustrating. Our Prius is now two years old and on each yearly spring scheduled maintenance, the vehicle has been damaged. The first year the damage was quite large and we were told that we probably did not notice it prior to bringing it in, because it was dirty, this was ridiculous. Because we did not inspect the car just prior to bringing it in, we agreed to pay half for damages, and then there was our time, effort and loss of a vehicle for days. Today Friday, May 4, 2018, we brought our vehicle in to Toyota Town and because of the damage caused last spring, I walked around the vehicle and took notice of absolutely everything and mentally noted, that there was no damage. The car was left with Toyota Town and maintenance, tire change and wash were performed. I went to pick up the vehicle at about 5pm and when walking up to the driver’s side, noticed the car was dirty and there was damage to the rear door and driver’s door. Because of the line of damage to rear door, I would say another cars door was opened into our Prius. The damage to the driver’s door was a large dent on the window frame of the door. I spoke with John a manager who spoke as if I was mistaken about the damage having occurred at Toyota Town, even after I informed him I had done a very thorough walk around. After speaking with the person who received the car and being told no damage was noticed, he reluctantly agreed to fix the car. Now again my time, effort and loss of a vehicle for several days will occur. The first occurrence was not pleasant and now this time, we are angry and very disappointed. My wife originally purchased a Toyota because of a reference from someone in the Filipino community, here in London. My wife Berlita, who is a member of the Filipino community, will not be purchasing another vehicle from Toyota and will not be giving any more references and in fact will speak of the poor service and disrespect, she has received.
    David & Berlita Kloss

  14. David Bald Reply

    Today I had an appointment for 11:45 AM at Conyon Creek Toyota in Calgary. My car was moved into the service department a few minutes later. When I came back 2 hours later, my car was moved outside again, but not serviced. I was told it would take another few hours before my car would be serviced. Obviously someone else was move ahead of me. My son Daniel Bald, who has been a customer there for many years, had the same problem several times.I’m very disappointed and we will not deal with them again.

  15. Colin W Smith Reply

    My son and myself both own 2015 Toyota Venza’s. I purchased mine new,and my son recently purchased a used one, as the car is now out of production. Last week I obtained a quote from our local dealer to fit a towing hitch on my Venza. $778.00 plus tax, a total rip off!
    Today my son went in to get a quote to have his factory fitted GPS up-dated.$202.00!
    I have a Garmin unit that I can get free updates for and it did not cost that much to buy. Get real Toyota and stop ripping Canadians off

  16. Ted Doucet Reply

    I purchased a 2017 Camry Hybrid on the 23rd of August 2017 from Competition Toyota in London. The first time I went through the touch less carwash, the window visor on the driver side flew off during the drying cycle. Water also leaked in at the small window on the rear passenger side. When I brought the Camry in to have these problems rectified, I was told they are not responsible for any damages caused by a car wash. I explained that this is the fourth Camry I purchased over the last 15 years and all vehicles have been put through the same car wash on numerous occasions with no problems. After 1-½ hours waiting, they finally informed me there was nothing they could do to rectify the visor problem and they sprayed water on the small rear window for five minutes with no signs of water inside the car. My daughter owns two of the four Camry’s I purchased in New Brunswick. I compared the visors on both cars and found them to be of much better quality. The plastic is thicker and fits in snugly. The visors on the 2017 Camry are flimsy looking and loose fitting. I am very upset with the way I was treated. They were arrogant, uncooperative, and made little or no effort to address my problem. They made me sit around for 1 1/2, which I am convinced was done deliberately. The visors they installed are a piece of junk compared to the ones that were installed on my previous cars in N.B. I get the distinct impression that they are more concerned with their profit margin and could care less about customer satisfaction. I purchased a 7-year extended warranty and intend on cancelling it. I have no desire to spend the next 7 years with this dealership

  17. Bought 2017 Toyota 86 in Dec 16 – last two visits to Charles glen dealership –

    6 weeks ago – car washed – custom plate at front damaged with jet guns used to clean car – no comment from tech…

    Last week winters put on car… upon leaving dude says I’ve put a pen in for free (me a pen) didn’t think about it until I got home to unload tyres… went to passenger side and phone a massive scratch over handle… I’ve emailed Toyota but at no point did any one at Charles glen point out the damage nor identified or informed me that they had damaged my very expensive sports car….

    The initial work with Toyota was great but the deal for me to get steel rims with winters washed washed under the carpet as my error…

    Very annoyed and angry with my treatment…


  18. I purchase 2015 Cololla from Eastway Toyota Windsor with extended warranty, under-armour and other 2 add-ons. When I purchase the car I noticed few mechanical issues with that and I asked them to fix, but they said they will fix when I come for my first service. after a month when I book for service appointment they are charging me 350 dollars + tax on it. and I said I had extended warranty and I brought these issues you when I purchased the car you guys are committed to fixing these issues on my first service. But now they turned negative and replied me back saying you don’t have any warranty on it and no add-ons. then where did my go? 2299 (ULTIMATE), 499(ETCH),599 (UNDERBODY),699(VEHICLE ARMOUR 6) +HST + interest. I still remembered that financial lady words, she said bumper to bumper for 5 years for everting including dings, paints, bumper, windshield, tyre and rims etc., etc., except reverse cam and sunroof they said everything included. but these guys are negative. They cant able to fix my safety requirements such as break, wheel alignment, car cleaning internal and external, scratches.. nothing and no where they added on there system… Please someone address this problem on priority. because I am paying 25000 CAD for 2015 corolla with 80,000 Km on it. I believe definitely I can get brand new 2017 corolla for monthly 272 to lease, but I am paying 308 for 2015…. so annoying and wearied. I can simply say that Toyota cheated me.

  19. Manish Katyal Reply

    Toyota Canada’s customer service is one of the worst that any company could possibly provide. I even reported the issue to the President’s office and the assigned customer service manager was absolutely useless as for weeks he did not do anything. I have been to dealer 5 times for the same issue but they could not find the root cause issue as there was no effort done other than just an eye wash. Their warranty support is absolutely a joke as they just want to sell the car and then walk away. I have been left with no choice but take this company to court. I have been a loyal Toyota customer company in the last 20 years but will never ever buy any more Toyota in my life as they do not care about their customers. Shame on Toyota Canada.

  20. Alan Newcombe Reply

    In March got a 2016 Highlander Limited for 50 grand, by the way this is my 6th new Toyota, previous one was a 2013 Venza.My concern is that the Entune system doesn’t allow me to access all the features which a software upgrade will probably do.All I really wanted was the weather app, can I get a software upgrade to enable this? A expenditure of $50,000 should allow me this!

  21. Sava Krstic Reply

    I am writing this letter to complain about Dartmouth O’Regans Toyota very poor customer service experience I have experienced on March 23, 2017. That day I had an appointment for oil change on my Rav4 2010. After the oil change service, it was brought to my attention that there is the problem with left rear axle seal leaking fluid and diff vent stuck on my vehicle. I was given the quote from O’Reagans Toyota service advisor about cost of fixing both issues on my vehicle. The proposed cost was $490.19. I was also told, that I could wait some time but it is recommended to fix the problems in the next few months.

    After that, I asked for a second opinion in the registered reputable mechanic shop in HRM (in business for more than 30 years). They did inspect the vehicle very carefully and I was told that above described problem on my vehicle (RAV4) does not exist at all. It appeared that the “leaking fluid” is actually the undercoating which I apply every year to protect my RAV4. I was even brought under my car to see personally the area of the “problem” and they gave me the proper explanation what is the difference between fluid leak and normal undercoated vehicle condition.

    I don’t think that I have enough and right words to describe my disappointment. In the last 4 years I service my both Toyota cars (Rav4 and Celica) in Dartmouth O’Regans Toyota. I don’t do just the oil change, but also breaks, shocks…all maintenance. On my last Celica service, radiator has to be changed as it start leaking while service technicians were changing the fluid (complete fluid service). How do you think I feel right now? This is absolutely unacceptable service. Obviously, all the service work done at Dartmouth O’Regans Toyota in the last 4 years, now looks questionable and suspicious to me.

    There is the reason why every successful customer relation management has one very important component – trust. I expect nothing less than what O’Regans Toyota advertise “Driving higher standards” but instead of that I got a quote for totally unnecessary work.

    Really unbelievable and I do feel very bad after whole customer service experience with Dartmouth O’Regans Toyota.

  22. Robert McRoberts Reply

    Dozens and dozens of tiny rust spots are appearing all over my 2016 Toyota Prius vehicle, purchased in March, 2016. We are less that two months into our salty winter experience in Ottawa, Canada. The spots are not just on the front where possibly stone chips might occur, but even on protected areas where no stone or scratch is likely to cause damage. Obviously something is not right about the finish on this car.

  23. another unhappy Toyota owner. We recently took our Sienna van for a new Radio/CD player to be installed, as the original one was making strange sounds. we reported the issue since Oct 2015. its now June 2016 and we’re still being pushed around by the dealer. but the most unpleasant experience is that they took our vehicle in on June 23rd, and 2 1/2 hours later brought the van back to my husband with 2 huge cracks on the Wind shield and told him it will cost $1100 to fix, saying the cracks were caused by a stone chip, (which you cannot see with the naked eye) the Customer Relationship Manager used a magnifier glass to detect that a stone chip caused the huge crack. The service is very poor at Brimell Toyota dealership. We told them that we didn’t bring the vehicle that way and they are giving us a very hard time to get the windshield fixed. I find it very unfair that we brought in a perfectly fine van,and suddenly we have to be out of pocket for $1100.00. the CRM a Mr. Shaw was very rude, keeps on cutting me off when I tried to explain. What started out as a good relationship, has now turned very sour. I guess the Car Dealerships out there just want to get money from unsuspecting customers.

  24. We purchased a brand new Toyota Highlander Limited Edition 2016 the serial number of the brand new vehicle is 5TDDKRFH7GS256432.

    When we purchased the Highlander Limited the dealer St Leonard Toyota had said that they had found a black on black Highlander Limited for us and that is was outside of Montreal and they had to drive the Highlander back to Montreal and I advised Mr Eric that I was not to keen on the idea of them driving my future new vehicle he said we do this all the time and we are very careful.

    So we picked up our Highlander Limited March 22, 2016 last Monday and on Tuesday morning we noticed there was a scratch on our passenger front side wheel, so I emailed the photos to our salesman Robert at the St Leonard Toyota dealer and he had spoken with Mr Eric Corriveau and he said we cannot do anything but he said bring the Highlander we will look at it and see what we can do, so my husband brought the vehicle this morning and he said there is nothing we can do.

    Honestly to say I am very upset and very, very disappointed with this service. Here I pay $54,500 for a brand new SUV and the answer I get is we cannot do anything really. They could of at least replaced one Chrome Clad alloy rim for us. We did not damaged it because the tire show no marks of being hit all, instead it could of been the fault of the St Leonard Toyota dealer because they did drive my SUV from one dealer ship that they had found it to there dealership.

    I used to own a Volvo and they give much better services to their clients and satisfy their client in every way, so far I am very disappointed with the service, the SUV itself is a beauty to drive and very comfortable.

    I hope something gets resolved because I am really not a happy client and I do know lots of future clients I could refer but with this experience I cannot I am just very angry and disappointed.

    • OMG I feel for you. People should be buying their cars like buying a house. The dealer has contracts to sign when you purchase your car BUT that doesn’t mean that you can’t type up your own demands and have the dealer Manager sign them. Like your concerns about them driving it from Montreal. That is crap you should have had it transported or just went to Montreal and either picked it up yourself or bought it from the dealer in Montreal yourself. LOL Why people pay for something in full for something they have not seen yet. LOL I would love to sell you your next It’s in China but trust me we will get it here and there won’t be any damage.. (Sarcasm) Do up a separate contract as an Annex stating that you will put 10% refundable down until you have had a chance to inspect the vehicle for damages and to ensure it is exactly what you wanted in the vehicle and the dealer promised they will get you. If the dealer doesn’t sign your conditions walk away from the deal. Since your damage is already done and you payed for it take them to small claims court have them fix their mistakes . I had a similar thing happen to me I did what I had to to try and resolve this but at the end had to threaten them that I was going to take them to small claims and I would notify the media as well. They settled my issues within 10 min. Start sueing theses car companies people it only costs $104.00 for court cost which you can sue them for a well. Make sure you are prepared record what you can and save copies of everything. Communicate through text and e-mails so you have proof but get the dealerships into court and answer for their mistakes.

  25. Ken Kinnear Reply

    To who this my concern,

    My name is Ken and I have purchased a new Toyota tammoca last year in October at SherwoodparkToyota. With in the last 3 weeks I had an accident with my nab system and then glass is broken. I tried to get in to Sherwood Toyota to have them look at it but, they would not give me the time of day. My friend was talking to one of your associates and said it would be under warranty for it is bumper to bumper 3 years or 60000km. All I am asking if this is true or not. And where I should take it to get it fixed if this is under warranty.

  26. I have a 2011 Toyota Corolla with 30,000 miles. I purchased a new Toyota Villa in Gatineau.
    Because I live in the province of Quebec, I get my tyres changed to winter tires. When I had my car changed for summer tires, I was told I needed new tires. It seems that tires should last longer than 30,000 miles. Please advise me about this.

  27. Amherst Toyota. **** Service Customers Beware *****

    Avoid this dealership.

    I brought my truck here for replacement of an O2 sensor. Service staff could not offer any explanation as to why sensor was being set off. Probably because vehicle was still under warranty no explanation could be given. If warranty was expired I assume they would have an elaborate and expensive diagnosis for me.

    After having to reschedule an appointment because parts were not in stock as usual, I made my way home. During the drive I noticed that driver and passenger side doors were making lound clicking noises over any bump on road. Once home, I examined the doors and there was a liquid covering the weather stripping. I promptly wiped this liquid off. The noise problem persists 2 months later with a clicking sound as the weather stripping rubs against the door.

    I guess the joke is on me, a sadistic, jealous loser at the dealership has effectively made my 2 year old quiet vehicle sound like a ten year old beater.

    I thought about returning to the dealership, but that would only begin a confrontation. I dont trust them with my vehicle any more so how could complaining help me?

    I will help you though. AVOID Amherst Toyota!

    If your the type of customer willing to pay for 20$ for windshield wiper fluid top up or 75$ for cabin air filters, maybe this stealership is for you.

    Anyone with any mechanical aptitude and a bullshit detector should stay well away. They don’t want you as a customer and will tamper with your vehicle as an insult to your intelligence.

    Avoid Amherst Toyota!!!

  28. I had no problem with my RAV4 until October 2012 the recall service at KenShaw Toyota. They were supposed to change airbag censor only, but anyways they changed some connection wires in and around steering wheel. A clicking sound since existed. I went back the second day. It took 2 minutes and the sound disappeared. The sound came back on the way home (I thought it a minor issue therefore did not go back again).

    March 5, 2013 I got a call again. This time for recall of suspension arm. I brought the issue up again and thought it could be fixed quick. This time, OMG, $700 for repair (something they left there). On top of that, the service recommended changing water pump, for another $800.
    I refused to both because I can not swallow why I SHOULD PAY FOR THE PROBLEM THEY LEFT THERE. KENSHAW TOYOTA breached the trust of a customer!
    Several days later, the car broke down on the highway with an overheated engine! My own mechanic checked and found no coolant in the car! Not even a drop!
    I contacted David Whyte, the GM of Kenshaw Toyota. And the following is the responses and (implications):
    1. “We gave you the quotes and recommendations. You refused. What do you want us to do now?” (Tough luck?)
    2. “You said we changed steering column. We did not. Where did you get the idea?” (You are wrong and falsely claimed the thing you do not know. [email protected]#$ off?) (You said you are not a mechanic? HaHa, tough luck!)
    3. “Although you did not say so but you implied that my technicians made mistakes.” (I can throw you out because I think you insulted me and them!)
    4. “Your own mechanic if he is honest would tell you the clicking sound and broke down are coincidences.” (Or he is a crook!)
    5. “We are absolutely sure that our mechanic did not do anything wrong although none of us witnessed anything” (but you can’t even make a doubt to ask)

    I just want to remind everyone that Kenshaw is currently running a stunning 99.3% customer satisfaction rate. Certainly not to me! You may buy cars there. But if you know better, please do not service your vehicle there! You can not reason with these guys!

  29. I drive a 2010 Tundra.Recently a warning light came on indicating a brake problem.I went to the nearest dealer(Port Hawkesbury,NS) and was informed that the brake pads and rotors needed to be replaced.I was very surprised by this .The truck had 53000km on it.I have had many other trucks(GM and Ford) and have never experienced brake failure with so few kms.The repair cost
    $1097.13 .I asked about warranty,but was told that brakes were not covered.

    Today I called Toyota customer service(1 888 toyota8)to register my disappointment with the quality of my truck(brakes).I spoke to “Maggie”,related my experience,and told her how disappointed I was in Toyota quality.She told me that she had not had any complaints about brakes on the Tundra but would pass on my concerns(how nice).She also confirmed that brakes were not covered under warranty.I then called the nearest Toyota dealer(Corner Brook,NF),spoke to a service tech,relayed my experience and was told that they have had
    ” all kinds of problems with brakes on these vehicles”.Very strange that your customer service rep knew nothing about this problem.A search on the internet showed that this problem is systemic.I am disappointed in both the quality of the truck and the quality of the customer service rep.A friend said he thought I was fortunate to have gotten 53000kms since the brakes on his Tundra failed around 25000kms.I feel that Toyota should have replaced the brakes free of charge especially since brakes seem to be an ongoing problem for Toyota.Depending on your response,I intend to contact the BBB to register a complaint as well I will tell all about the poor quality of the Toyota product and what I consider to be the less than honest response from your customer service.

    • Claude Lapouble Reply

      Same thing with my 2010 Matrix. Last Friday, I had to put 500 $ on new rear brakes at 42 000 km. I want to adress a complaint to Toyota. Any contact info to whom adress?¸



  30. Ron Lefebvre Reply

    This is a copy of an email sent to Brigestone Tire Sunday March 24, 2012
    I hope I can get an answer and some assistance in this matter

    RE: Bridgestone Turanza EL400-02

    These tires were original equipment on my 2009 Toyota Matrix when purchased (new) from the dealer. Had I known that, these tires would perform so poorly , I would have requested another product/maker.

    From day one I have not felt comfortable with these tires in wet conditions. Thank goodness for ABS. In rainy weather when applying the brakes, the ABS kicks in as there is little purchase with the pavement. Not a comfortable feeling at all.

    I am a very conservative driver and obey all posted limits/signage. These tires have only 4/32″ tread left with only 30,000 KMS (Canada) on them. 37,000 kms actualy but approx 10,000 kms on witer tires/rims.

    I am by no means satisfied with this product and would not recommend to anyone.

    I have searched websites to find out reviews about this product and must say, Bridgestone cannot be too pleased either. My review is my concern only and was not based on what others had written.

    Thank You,
    Ron Lefebvre

  31. Hamzah Awid Reply

    December 14,2011
    Dear Sir/ Madam
    I have made a purchase of Toyota Camry April 12,2011 at Ancaster Toyota, 30 Mason Dr., Ancaster/On 905-648-9910. The car was certified as out of any damage. With a purchase of the car I have got rims with low tires secured with special screw which I never got the appropriate tools to take them off just in flat tire case.
    On Saturday November 26,2011 I had an appointment to change my tires for winter tires. This particular day I have got very bad experience which is never happened to me with purchase of 4 Toyotes before.
    My appointment was set at 12:00 pm I left the shop at 14:30. At the time when my :summer tires were taken off the service discovered that the springs are in very bad conditions and it is unsafe to drive the vehicle, so I asked the technician how come when I bought my car recently I was told that the car is in perfect conditions and is good to drive. I was told to talk to Service Manager whom I asked to talk with. No one in the Shop helped me to call him. I discovered he was just standing beside (Mr. Dave A. Martens – Service Manager). After that I was seeking a help at the front desk. Some one appointed Mr Ray Ash (Sales manager). I explained Mr Ray Ash it can be that I am driving this car only 5 months (max 4,000 km). I am driving home – Work about 3-4 km and I can’t make this damage in this short time and recently I made oil change and no one told me that vehicle is dangerous to drive . Mr. Ash told stated that The Sales Department pays The Service Department to make check out that sold vehicles are safe to drive. He appointed Mr. David to talk with. I went back to Service Department and finally I had some conversation with Mr David. Who told me that I have only 35 days guarantee. I asked him how he could let me drive unsafe car. I never got an answer.
    I disappointed the way Toyota treat people, and I had to fix my recently bought car no one was interested to make a concession to solve problem I paid over $ 1,500 CAD to change the springs.
    The reasons of broken have been checked springs with specialists and with other Toyota dealer, it has been found that the Toyota dealer in Ancater had sold me a car with the wrong size of tires on it. It was dangerous for my life.
    I hope I will get an answer which will satisfy me
    Yours Truly

    Hamzah Awid

    • Hi Hamzah,

      I just read your post about Ancaster Toyota. I also have had a recent problem with customer service at the service department and also with Mr. Martens, among others. I wanted to know if you actually complained to the district manager there or toyota canada, and if so, did you get any kind of a resolution.

      Thanks for your time!

  32. John Wimsatt Reply

    I am moving to the USA and would like to drive my 1999 Toyota Tercell to states. I have learned that my car is not in compliance with USA standards. My question how would I find out what I can do to make the vechile come into compliance? The vechile was assembled in Japan.

    • customerhelp Reply

      you could simply call the customer support and they shall guide you

  33. I am writing to ask for an email address so I may send a copy of an email I’m sending to the service dept at Upper James Toyota, Hamilton. I do not have a complaint with Toyota, I LOVE my Rav4, simply a complaint about one individual department manager. I look forward to a prompt reply. thankyou, Diane Ruggier

  34. I am emailing you today to express my complete dissatisfaction overall with my recent used vehicle experience at Richmond Hill Toyota, Ontario, Canada. I purchased a 2010 Toyota 4runner 2 weeks ago from the said dealership, and can not express how displeased I remain with the entire experience!

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