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Sharp India Contact: Find below customer care, support details of Sharp in India, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on Sharp products whether TVs (LED/LCD), air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, mobile phones or other consumer products. In addition, you can also enquire on Sharp stores, product warranty or service centers for repair. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Sharp services.

Sharp India Customer Care
Phone: 1800 4254 322 (toll free)
Mobile: SMS “Sharp to 56161
Email: sharp@service007.com

Sharp India Head Office
Sharp India Ltd
Gat No. 686/4, Koregaon Bhima,
Shirur, Pune 412216
Phone: 02137-252417 (4 Lines)
Fax: 02137-252417

Sharp Service Centers
Reach the below contacts for information on repairing or replacing Sharp products whether TVs, air conditioners, ovens, phones or other products
Mumbai: 022-28507115 /6
Delhi: 011-28114536  /8
Chennai: 044-28170801
Hyderabad: 040-27652958
Kolkata: 033-23592680
Trivandrum: 0471-2331148
Ahmedabad: 079-26462628
Mumbai: 022-28110984 /27463646

Locate Sharp Dealers/Stores
Looking to purchase a Sharp product? Click here to locate a dealer closest to your street to enquire on new products, rates or other questions.

You can contact a Whirlpool dealer to purchase LED / LCD Tvs, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, mobile phones or other consumer products. Sharp dealers are found in all major cities across India, and that includes Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Goa, Guwahati, Raipur, Ahmedabad, Faridabad, Mangalore, Imphal, Bhubaneswar and Amritsar.

Locate Sharp Service Centers
Want to repair or replace your recently bought Sharp product? Click here to locate a Sharp service center nearest to your city.

About Sharp
sharp-indiaSharp is a Japanese multinational founded in the year 1912. The leading consumer products manufacturer employs over 65,000 people and had sales of over 3,000,000 million yen as of 2010. Products manufactured include LCD TVs, DVD players/recorders, mobile phones, refrigerators, microwave ovens, ACs, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, electric heaters, computers, telephones, LCD monitors, softwares, among others. The company’s operations in India were launched in 1989.

In India, the company sells LED Tv, LCD Tv, CTv, refrigerators (chang fan cool series, butterfly SJ, four door SJ, mango SJ series and T-Pro series), microwave oven (mid-convection, grill, oven), air conditioner (window AC, portable AC, multi split, normal split and more), vacuum cleaner, washing machine and mobile phones (alice, avatar 1, avatar 2, leia-V, tango, cyborg, blink and more).


  1. Ashima Gulati Reply

    Sharp Refrigerator Model SJ PK68G BK
    Complaint No :NDSC 2021564C
    1. The service is very bad.
    2. The compressor has already been replaced in 2019 in the ‘warranty’ period. This took over 8 days in peak Indian summer. Part was supposedly “out of stock” !
    3. Freezer stopped functioning on 23rd May 2020 (Saturday).
    4. Customer care closed on Sunday and Monday (Eid)
    5. Complaint lodged on Tuesday (26th May) 9 am. Technician promised “within 24 hours”.
    6. Complaint relodged on Wednesday (27th May) at 9.30 am as technician not to be found.
    7. Technician arrives at 12 noon. Diagnoses minor gas leak. Tops it up
    8. Informed at 6 pm that no ice being formed after 6 hours.
    9. He advises to wait “overnight” for QUOTE :”gas to take effect”. (Apparently SHARP appliances have special gas)
    10. At 11.00 pm no ice in freezer is being formed. Situation as was exactly before “Sharp Trainec Technician” appeared.
    Please share twitter handle so can relate my “Japanese” experiences with maximum people and “win” even more customers for Sharp !
    Thanks ??

  2. Atul Srivastava Reply

    Facing one of the worst after sales service,an expensive inverter AC of Sharp giving lot of problems.The service provider is simply ignoring the calls.
    Big brand with such bad service.

  3. Chandan Gupta Reply

    Dear Reader,
    I would like to bring your attention towards the complaint number 7183340 which was registered on dated 07/Sept/2017.(Complaint about Refrigerator)
    Technician called us and asked about the status over phone and confirmed his visiting timing.
    Over the phone ,after listening the problem,he conveys it might be a PCB(Printed Circuit Board) problem ad it will cost Rs.3500
    Upon Arrival and initial investigation, he said it cost Rs.5500 with 3 months warranty and he will take out non-operation PCB of ours
    We said OK, Upon physical verification of PCB which he was bought himself seemed old and repaired, we said it is not new and seems to be repaired, he said these boards can’t be repaired,
    We were not convinced, we said, if it is new board then what about the packing, as it was open like old. We denied to him after saying , come tomorrow and bring a sealed new pack, then again he switched his statement like similar type of PCBs are not in stock and will take 7-8 days to arrive,
    We asked to give his supervisor number, he shared but before sharing to us he made a call to him from his cell-phone, His Supervisor told him, Replacement of Board do not include warranty & if customer want sealed PCB Box then he has to pay Rs.9000 and old PCB will be not be taken.
    We asked,then what is the difference between the PCB you bring with you and the sealed one. he replied, replacement PCB are always openly received from the SHARP corporation…..NOW this is really suspect..How can a big brand can release its material openly and I am sure that these type of such cheap people are un-naming the SHARP.

  4. Anil Bhandari Reply

    I haven’t seen worst customer care /Service Centre other than Sharp. Today is 6th day for my complaint I.e. still not attended. Thry are not responding for any mails.

  5. Ramesh Raina Reply

    My refrigertor stopped working suddenly some days back and as is obvious I called the service callcentre who asked me to contact the authorised dealer the only one appointed by the company named by Om Aircon Solution . I contacted the dealer and after two days got a person to check the refrigertor. He said that the relay was not functioning .He took it for repairing and got it back and said that the refrigerator was fine.I was charged Rs 4500 for the same. The refrigerator didn’t start cooling .I called the dealer again but till today nobody turned up . Sharp being a reputed company , I was confident that it would have properly trained technicians but unfortunately it is not like that .I am still waiting for a proper technician with a proper know how and am still suffering.It would have been better if I hadn’t got this refrigerator .
    I do not know whom I should contact to resolve my problem,
    I am in a real mess.

    Ramesh Raina
    East delhi

  6. Beji Deboo Reply

    I bought a Sharp split inverter AC Model no-SHARP AC S1.5T AUX-18ST-W-INV on 24/11/215 from Kohinoor Televideo Pvt. Ltd, Dadar, Mumbai 400014.

    It stopped working on 02/07/2016 I notified the customer care on 05/07/2016 my complaint no is 178379. The repairs personal visited the site on 12/07/2016 & on inspection he found that some parts had to be replaced for the AC to start working again.
    It took Them more than two months to get the Ac running again.
    It has not even run for a month & again the AC has stopped working.The Technician visited my place On 24/10/2016 removed the faulty part (Indoor PCB controller) & took it with him for repair / replacement.
    I have owned several ACs in the last 40 years & none of them have given any problems after installation, all that it needs is regular maintenance.
    This is my first Sharp AC buy & it has broken down twice in 10 months.
    I want a replacement or at the very least an extended warranty for a reasonable amount of time for service & parts free of cost.

  7. I made complaint of my Sharp 1.5 ton window AC at the customer service. On 23rd june. A technician came on 24th, the following day. Said gas charging is required. Will take the machine to workshop. When nobody came to collect the AC till 25th evening, i called the customer service again. They apologized and said my complaint will be attended ASAP. Nothing happened. When I called them again today ie 27th afternoon, they said there is no complaint registered in my name or with the complaint number that they themselves had given me. And the supervisor of the agent refused to come on the line.

    This is terrible customer service. I have 2 Sharp ACs and 3 others. Have never seen this kind of casualness in customer service anywhere.

    • Ulhas Shah Reply

      My complaint no 1009240. My sharp freeze double door 339 ltrs capacity had drastic drop in cooling capacity. The mechanic checked and told that compressor gets overheated and trips in few minutes and needs to be replaced. The sticker on the door claimed to provide 10 yrs warranty on compressor. But the same was denied to me under the pretext that I had lost warranty card. The customer care gave phone number of nonexistent executives to assist, but none of the number existed. It is surprising that the company does not keep record of warranties provided on models sold just 6 years back, neighther believe sticker of warranty pasted at the time of sale just to save 3500 worth of part. I vow that I will not purchase any sharp product in future.

  8. Deepak Dhoundiyal Reply

    I think this ID is not working at all. I have sent email of complaint but not getting any response.

    I purchased Sharp 1.1 Ton AH-XP13PMT Inverter Split Air Conditioner (White) on May 25th 2015 since then i am facing lot of issues with the same.

    Two days after installing it, i started facing water falling issue from the corner. Mechanic came and changed the pipe after just after few days water started falling from between and both sides then a senior mechanic came and again repaired it. After once week, in the middle of the night it started having so much noise that we had to turn it off so that it shouldn’t get much harm. then again i called for complain. at that time a mechanic came and said that the voice is coming may be because Plasmacluster is not working properly. He removed the Plasmacluster and asked me to check if any sound comes after it for the next 15 days and then inform me so i will either change it or will put it again. just after 2 days again i heard the same voice from my AC again i complained about it. This time i received a call and then said that we are sending a senior technician so that they could check the issue.

    Technicians have already visited at my place 4 to 5 times but time by time i am having issue with this AC. i am really getting very bad nights with this AC. Because of this AC my multiple night have already been gone bad and i do not want to face more issues so i want this AC to be replaced without further technician visits or experiments.

    And if this cannot be done so this time i will have to go legal it.

    Following are 2 complaint numbers which i wrote when they gave it to me.
    622570, 615684

  9. Ankita Sikka Reply

    i bought sharp AC a year back. till date I have logged 4 complaints for the same product which was supposed to be in good condition till the warranty period. The AC is again not functioning and as usual we had the worst experience with the customer care guys and the technician.
    The customer care does not respond appropriately to the complaint. All the numbers they have given me to contact the branch manager or customer care center are either non responsive or switched off. And when I informed the customer care executive. he simply put down my call without providing a solution or alternate number.
    The technician who came did not even touched the AC to troubleshoot the issue but wanted the service amount handed over to him first.
    I want an action to be taken immediately in this regard as I suspect the technician only has altered the product due to which the product stops functioning every 15 days or the company accepts that the product they manufacture is of such quality that it cannot function beyond 15 days.

  10. Virendra Kumar Arora Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I purchased 4 units of Sharp Inverter AC 1.5 tons from Sargam Electronics wide invoice number SPP-013840 on 20th October 2015. The said units were installed at my residence flat number 704,705 Tuntex Tower Omaxe Heights Omaxe City Sonepat Haryana. Now when summer started I was surprise that out of those four units only one unit is working and three care not working. I lodged an complain wide complain number 617224 on 17th of April 2016 with your customer care department. Your technician visited on 20th April 2016 and checked that there was gas charging was required and will get it done on 21st April 2016. On 21st April 2016 I got a call from your another technician mobile number +919050140290 that the technician visited yesterday was new and not aware of the unit, there is only problem with setting from remote. Since on that day I was in Pune for my business tour so I requested him to visit my sight and get my family satisfied if the problem is only of setting from remote. The same fellow again visited on 22nd April 2016 and the checked but the problem was same that the gas charging was required. On 23rd I again got the call from your service Centre to tale click of the original invoice and send through whatsapp. The same was done that day only. Surprisingly when today I call at your customer care number they said that it will be resolve very soon but we are unable to provide any time line.
    If the brand like Sharp are giving such kind of after sale service as it must be a brand of some Japanese company and Japanese companies are famous for their after sales service. What should we expect from any other brand.

  11. I had bought fully automatic washing machine 3 months back, now its not working. Customer care executive came and just said some part is damaged, we will replace when we get it. Plz help.

  12. We have purchased Sharp Ref Sj-K20p on dt. 10th May, 2013 from Navrang Audio Video Pvt. Ltd., Delhi. For a long time my fridge is not working despite several complaints. I am tired of continuing.

  13. I am from Bhubaneswar want to buy a 4door sharp refrigerator …from e zone…but you do not have any service centre here at Bhubaneswar….plz call me ….9437052522…if you have any service centre.

  14. I purchased a Split AC last year, Invoice 1262 dated 20/6/2011 Model 1.0T AH-12LET split V-AVR-VG-400 from SADANA Electric store, Lucknow. For last more than one month the cooling is not good. I had lodged a complaint earlier also but the service person who came for inspection told some irrelevant reasons and suggested to put AC on very low temperature like 16 deg etc.

    I was completely dissatisfied with this and asked him to correct the fault, but the sercive man promised me he will come some other day. But has not come again even after repeated phone calls.

    My AC is still not giving proper cooling. Therefore requested you kindly get it thoroughly checked and get the problem rectified at the earliest.

  15. please suggest latest technology ac, is sharp’s 18 mv 1.5 ton ok ? please mail me current price of this model in bareilly UP 243001

  16. I want to buy Aquos SH08 or Aquos SH104 both of which are wonderful Android phone, want to know know if there are any sellers in India for these wonderful Sharp Phones..plz help.

  17. I am following up with your respective sales team for Avatar2 mobile phone in Pune.
    Always I get the response that we’ll get back to you with details, However no one reverted back.
    I waited for 15 days and bought another handset.
    I hope Sharp Sales could have converted one customer in Pune if they would have handled it correctly.
    I clearely see that there is huge scope for improvement in Pune.


  19. I just bought a new sharp washing machine model ES N80-GS-A..i want to know if your company is selling the same model (ES N80-GS-A) in different capacity i mean in 9.8kg and 8.5kg and more.

  20. Read a lot of reviews about Sharp. I am going to buy one for the first time. Hope I have a great experience. What matters more is the customer service and repair responses.

  21. looking for spare parts for the below LCD TV.
    MODEL- LQ9D168K

  22. I bought Sharp model Alice SH0037D from Kolkata. When I enquired, before purchase about the service centre of Sharp at South Kolkata, I was told there is one near Rash Behari Avenue, which I now believe is not true. However, I would like to point out that when the music is played on speaker phone, the sound cracks even at a lower volume. I tried the memory card on other phone, there is no such problem, which means the speakers are of very poor quality. Is there anything that can be done to overcome this problem?

    • if its under warranty..you can get it replaced..just visit nearest service center

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