Salesforce: Getting support on renewal, refund, or cancellation

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In this age and time, when the market is flooded with innumerable products and services, what sets a firm on the path to a successful future is not confined to the quality of offerings alone. A successful business knows that the only way to succeed in this cut-throat market is by listening to the customers. Companies that successfully develop a relationship with their customers understand the value it adds to the business. Salesforce.com recognized that the producers no longer dictated the terms. The ball was in the market all along. In the year 1999, this American cloud-based company started providing customer relationship management services. 

Salesforce dabbles into analytics, marketing automation tools, and customer service as well. So if we go ahead to simplify it, Salesforce helps companies sell their products by offering support in domains such as marketing, sales, customer service, and information technology. Since Salesforce specializes in what they do, it allows the companies to develop their core competencies rather than focusing on secondary functions. This not only enhances the nature of their products or services, but it also increases their efficiency. A firm that specializes in areas such as customer service has a very robust one of their own, and you can contact their team for renewal, refund, or cancellation in more than one way.

Call them
Any cancellation or renewal can be done from the website itself. You need to go to the ‘help’ page of the Salesforce website. From there, you can go further by clicking on the ‘documents’ option. Under this option, a hyperlink to ‘essentials’ and then to the ‘manage your essential subscription’ can be found. Not only can you manage users, but also update payment information and other data sections. In addition to this, you can cancel the subscription from here as well. However, if issues remain unresolved, you may also choose to call them at 000 800 001 6000. This number will direct you to an IVR, which will connect you to a customer service representative. 

Chat with them or write to them
You may choose to opt for the in-app chat. While the in-app chat may be used to tackle smaller issues, the ‘contact us’ option can be used to address issues that require more assistance. In the dashboards section of your Salesforce application, you will find the ‘contact us’ option. A dialogue box will appear asking you to explain the issue that you are facing. The support coaches at Salesforce are active between 6am to 9pm. It must be noted that the website lists numerous frequently asked questions, and if you do not have enough time or bandwidth to wait around for the reply, you can browse through the website to try and find the solutions to the issues.

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