Philips United Kingdom Contact (customer service, phone)

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Philips UK Contact: Find below customer service details of Philips Electronics in United Kingdom, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on Philips products whether TVs, monitors, DVD players, mobile phones, mp3 players, or other consumer products in UK.

Customer Service (UK)
General: 0800 331 6015 /6066
Online Shop: 0800 3316016
Consumer Lighting: 00800-7445 4775
Faxes/Projectors: 0845 0900315
Monitors: 0207 949 0069

Philips UK Head Office
Philips Electronics UK Ltd
Philips Centre,
Guildford Business Park,
Guildford, Surrey GU2 8XH
Phone: 0870 601 0101

Philips Retail Stores
Click here to locate a Philips retail store nearest to your street in United Kingdom. You can filter products by categories or zip code.

Locate Service Center
Looking to repair your Philips product? Click here to locate a service nearest to your location.

Online Shop
Click here to access the online shop of Philips in UK. You can purchase monitors, household products, lighting products, PC products and phones, accessories and much more. You can make purchases by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Maestro and PayPal.

About Philips
Philips was founded by Anton and Gerard Philips in the year 1891. Philips, which is today a leading electronics company, had sales of EUR 22.3 billion in 2010. The Dutch electronics company has sales outlets in 150 countries. Philips employs over 120,000 people worldwide. Philips is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Read More

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  1. Victoria Sitton Reply

    I have been trying to register my product which I bought from Philips for over an hour and the invoice will not save as proof of purchase. How ridiculous. I have been trying to find some way to contact Philips about this, again for more than 30 minutes, and cannot find that either. Certainly the last time I purchase something from Philips because of the lack of ease to contact support. Very disappointing.

  2. I have today bought a Philips HD7462 coffee maker and have found that it does not include a reusable metal filter similar to your permanent coffee filter. Should such a filter be supplied with the machine?

  3. Dear SIR MADAM ,If you ask for TRUSTWORTHY names a lot of people will say PHILLIPS,as there goods are RELIABLE and have QUALITY running through them
    I purchased an AT886 modle,some 2 yrs ago from TESCO NEW MALDEN and what happens when you dont keep reciept,it GOES WRONG.I bought it because it only takes one hour to charge.Yesterday was re charging it and it has not done so.
    I AM EXTREMLY DISSAPOINTED IN PHILLIPS as would not expect this to happen after such a short period,as i have your products that are much older and still work

    As i say 2 years that is not good.Of course you are going to say did you send the guarentee if i did i cant remember,maybe its on your data,would be great if it was
    Iam not far from Guildford so could bring item it to you

    What REALLLY REALLY dissapoints me is that this is an ideal shaver for me and its probably obsolete by now,
    I hope is that someone could look and can say it can be repaired,
    Another hope is that PHILLIPS can restore their good name by helping a Disgruntled customer to regain its faith

  4. Julia Garber Reply

    I am on my third sonicare toothbrush and each one has failed to last much more than 18 months. I couldn’t find my receipts previously but I do have it for the latest purchase and again it has lasted just under 18 months. At the cost of £130 to over £200 this is really very poor.

    • Nigel Denning Reply

      I had exactly the same thing with TWO sonicare tooth brushes. My wife’s and mine. Same fault on both – the momentary microswtch behind the on/off button failed. Ee were disgusted that happened after 15 – 18 months

  5. Pauline Richards Reply

    What is the guarantee period for philips sonicare airfloss? I am on my second one and it has lasted just 8 months. At a cost of 60 pounds I don’t think this is good enough! I use it once a day so feel l it should have lasted longer.The 1st one lasted 28 months so you can see why I am unhappy.

  6. Good afternoon,

    My daughter has just bought an AVENT teether for her one year old daughter as per pictures attached. The code is 1005. Your attached brochure stipulates – stage 1 – front teeth massages gums and suitable for sterlization, stage 2 middle teeth etc and stage 3 back teeth multiple textures for cooling and massagng gums etc..

    All the items we have for this little girl are Philips Avent items bottles, dispensers etc – we already had one or two AVENTIS teeting rings which we had sterlised and nothing happened. It is only through sterlisation that germs are removed from bottles etc.

    As soon as she opened it obviously the first thing to do with new baby things is to wash it and then sterlize it to our surprise the end result is as you see in the pictures attached. Definitely your product is not suitable for Mediterranean countries when the sun is hot – and this warning should also be shown on the product brochure in the plastic moulding of the product.

    We are absolutly disgusted that the warning not to sterlize is not included in large letters on the advertising packing of the item itself – there is nowhere on the 2 and 3 instructions – the indication to buyers is on reading the instructions for stage 1.

    We are VERY VERY VERY disappointed and amazed.

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