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Panasonic Head Office (Philippines)
Barrio Mapandan, Ortigas Ave,
Taytay, Rizal, Philippines
Phone: 63-2-635-2260/5
Fax: 63-2-284-2304

Service Center Locations
Want to repair or replace your Panasonic product? Click here to locate a Panasonic service center nearest to your city in Philippines.

Panasonic Dealers/Stores
Looking to purchase a Panasonic product? Click here to locate a retail store nearest to your street.

About Panasonic
Panasonic was founded in the year 1928 and is today one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. Panasonic employs some 370,000 people worldwide. The Japanese company had net sales of 8.7 trillion yen in fiscal 2011. Headquartered at Osaka, Japan, Panasonic has over 203 overseas subsidiaries in 46 countries. Read More

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  1. Maria Reply

    I have a Panasonic TV Vieta
    Model TX-32LX700M
    Serial No. MS7410121

    There is a loud vibrating sound that comes from the television when the volume is set around 20-30. It is not like this before and we’ve learned that it isn’t from the movies we watch. We’ve adjusted settings and it still does that. Please give us contact to your authorised service centre for schedule of repair.
    Thank you.

  2. Edwin Reply

    I need to replace my Boyu brand water chiller with a Panasonic compressor
    40 lra r 41a
    Please reply if you have this kind of a compressor that I need.

  3. Lenie Papasin Reply

    Good Day! I have called your Panasonic Contact Center, and I just spoke with this very accomodating girl named Melissa Midiylen, and she was very courteous and very kind to speak with and she just inform me and answer whatever I ask of her regarding on the refrigerator I brought this year. I hope all of your employees are like her. Thank you Panasonic. God Bless!

  4. Glenn Concepcion Reply

    I am a avid user/owner of your digital camera product Panasonic DMC-FZ35. For years now I am very satisfied with its performance. Just recently, without any untoward incident that happened to my camera, it doesn’t work. All its function bottoms are malfunctioning. It power switch is not working. Sometimes you have to hold on the camera shutter just to let its power on but when it does the worst thing is it does not capture photos. The picture view bottom doesn’t work also so I can no longer view those photos taken before the said problem occurred. My camera never felt down on the ground neither exposed to any form of liquid. It is well kept as specified in its owner’s manual when not in use. It just suddenly malfunctioned to our frustration of never capturing those precious moment when we needed it most.

    What shall we do? Can you help us solve this problem?

  5. Boyet Reply

    Where is the nearest service center repair for Panasonic Lumix underwater camera DMC-TS3? Either Carmona/Binan area or metro manila. Wanted to test their service as well, lots of bloggers are expressing dismay over their service, and funny, they are not reacting at all. Hope DTI is looking at these blogs.

  6. Boyet Reply

    I bougth a split type inverter Panasonic air conditioner for home use, and one for the office. It claims big savings on electricity. No wonder, it acts like a cooler only. Humidifier will be better off than this. Looking at the comments from many bloggers, I can see that this AC is not worth the money.

  7. jeric aquino Reply

    i have a panasonic dvd recorder… but the audio input was broken, where could i buy the whole module of it, and i have to order a new remote for it
    i’m from imus, cavite area

  8. Susan Reply

    I bought a Panasonic Washing Machine from Western Appliances in Festival Mall Alabang last January 26, 2013 and was delivered February 2, 2013.

    I even listened to the advise of the SALES REPRESENTATIVE and signed up a 3 year warranty extension. Ayun pala, it’s there for a REASON.

    Since we do laundry only once a week every Saturday, we use the unit only once a week. The spinner no longer works on the third time, and that was February 16 , 2013. The spinner no longer works because the outer lid cover of the spinner can not be closed properly. I phoned Western Appliances and was told that the Panasonic Sales Representative whom I dealt with was on leave and that she will relay the message on Monday, Feb 18. Since the day ends on Monday with no phone call from Panasonic. I made another call to Western on Feb 19 and was informed that no one informed the Panasonic sales representative. So Leah the Panasonic sales representative from Western informed me that the service is scheduled to come on Thursday, Feb 21. Still NO ONE came over. Then, I made another follow-up on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning and was told that NASIRAAN ng SASAKYAN, therefore no one came over. But then, we waited the whole day and no one called to advise that no one is coming or they will rescheduled. I was told that Panasonic will resked the service on Monday. Monday morning, the Panasonic Service Center called up to inform me their on CODING every Monday and will resked to Tuesday. To cut the long story short, after 1 week and 3 days of follow-ups, I was told that the service man from DAIRO AIRE CORPORATION of NO. 18 NATIONAL ROAD, BAYANAN, MUNTINLUPA CITY(ELECTRONICS/ELECTRICAL/AIRCON AND REFRIGERATOR) will come. Finally, he came on February 25, 2013 arrived driving a motorcycle, tightened the loosened spring in less than 5 minutes and left. That was on a Monday(After they received my complaint that I will be returning the washing machine, they find ways to show up on a Monday even if it was their CARLESS DAY (CODING).

    That didnt end. In less than a week, come Saturday morning of the same week, March 2, 2013, I soaked the clothes in the washer and left it overnight. We left for a sleepover party and came back on a Sunday, March 3, our floor is all wet and the water in the washer were all drained up. I checked the selection knob and it’s NOT turned to DRAIN. I reported the incident to Western Appliances on a Sunday and was told that they will report the issue to Panasonic on Monday morning.

    On March 4, I was contacted by Paul Hernandez of Western Appliances Service Center and was told that a service has been scheduled and that on March 6, someone from Ventures(Panasonic Outsourced Service Center) will come over. I was then given the contact name of Ventures and contact person Jay-Ann and the latter informed me that from 9am-12noon, someone will come. On March 6, at 9:00am, I contacted Jay-Ann and was told that the service man has left and we’re second to be serviced. Right now, it’s almost 4pm and no one has come and there’s also no advise from this Panasonic Service Center that no one will come. I called up Western Appliances to inform them that I will be returning the washing machine to them today. I was told that they will contact me again within the day to find out why the service center didnt come. Panasonic After Sales really SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM NATIONAL PANASONIC MATSUSHITA PHILIPPINES, their AFTER-SALES SERVICE really SUCKS!!!!!!!

    • Vic Chua Reply

      I agree with you. I have been buying Panasonic products for more than 43years and to be honest with you, I’m happy with their products that they manufactured before but now now a days, maybe because of competition from the Korean and China counterparts, they have to lower the prices of their products but sacrifice the quality of their products. I bought 2 units of Panasonic refrigerators recently and both have factory defects.this will be my last time to buy any Panasonic brand. Please stay away from buying Panasonic product. You are better off buying a China or Korean brand than any Panasonic brand.

  9. Mark Reply

    I wanted to buy a fax machine in SM Makati Star Appliance Anex. Unfortunately, the staff assigned to your product is not sure about the features. What a shame!

  10. ren rejano Reply

    is there any panasonic service center in paranaque or pasay to repair my panasonic flat iron

  11. Regie Reply

    I bought a Refrigerator Model NR-BW414VSPH Silver Inverter less than a year ago. Middle of this year, the Refrigerator compartment is not cooling even when we turned the Temp control to maximum level 3. We also pressed the “Quick Freezing” mode outside the handle door.
    So finally 2 months ago, we called up the dealer and Technician came and after a week replaced the blower.
    Again at this time of the year, where you need to store so much food for the holiday season, we again experienced the same problem.. worst was most of our food in the ref got spoiled and the ants started to attack some of it…too bad I was loyal Panasonic consumer and this loyalty is now being put to test.. I hope Panasonic will do something to save 1 loyal consumer like me..

    • ian espartinez Reply

      I have the same problem with my Panasonic Inverter Ref. It takes a week before the freezer compartment freezes over. The ref was just bought a year back. Already reported it to Panasonic’s hotline and they sent over a technician last May 22. Until now they haven’t fixed my ref. They said they don’t have any stock of R600 refrigerant and that I had to wait. Their initial estimate is from 7-8K to repair it. I just cant believe the quality of their appliance and how expensive they charge for repairs. Were you able to have your refrigerator repaired? how much did it cost you?

  12. Steve E. Robles Reply

    My 2.5 HP Aircon is not cooling. I have it serviced twice but still the same. It’s quite new. Can you refer a very good service center as all our 7 rooms have Panasonic air cons. Thanks!

  13. Ma Charina Romano Reply

    Hi! I live in Binan Laguna. Is it possible to have someone to service my airconditioner? Its a window type one. I called someone to fix it since its not anymore under warranty. The inside was never touched. Only the switch was removed since its the one broken. Ants ate all the wirings. What the repair man did was to directly connect it to a fuse box so that I can still use it without the on/off/temp control switch. My fear is the aircon will give way since once turned on, its full blast already. Please respond. Thanks!

  14. John Archie Reply

    Can you please tell me the nearest panasonic service center in CAVITE to repair my camera LUMIX DMC-FX55 ..? TNX ..

    • anonymous Reply

      just call Gain appliance service center contact no: (02) 531-3951 or (02) 531-0393

  15. Papadom Reply

    I need to replace the remote control of my National Air condition, split type. Where can I go to purchase or inquire?

  16. Amy Reply

    Is there a negative rating to rate a lousy company such as panasonic service center for their lousy customer service center. My hot water heater was not working since 2 weeks ago and I have been calling this sucks service center almost everyday and they said they have scheduled the mechanic to visit the next day. But the fact that they never come and they never call. Even they called to promise to come the next day but still no sign of them. I bought 3 units of water heater, 1 down and God Bless the other 2 will work as they should. TO ALL PEOPLE, THINK TWICE WHEN YOU BUY PANASONIC PRODUCT.

  17. Robert M Harper Reply

    We want to buy a new 19 cu ft Inverter type refrigerator. The model number is NR-BY552XSPH. Can you tell us if this model refrigerator is available here in the Philippines? Our new house is nearing completion and we want to find this model to fit the area set aside for a refrigerator. Thank you

  18. eric Reply

    Good day, I would like to inquire if you have 421L Econavi Fridge FreezerNR-BW415X refrigerators here in philippines and what’s the difference of it in this model PANASONIC NR BW415VNPH. Can I have an info where to buy this item and its price.

    regards, client.

    • anonymous Reply

      please call (02) 284-2279 or 284-2272-73 panasonic sales department for more info

  19. abegail constantino Reply

    Lex services Inc. SUCKS!!! there hasn’t been any action upon our concern. it’s been a month!!! fix this problem ASAP!!!

  20. winex007 Reply

    GOOD DAY!!! where can i buy battery of my digital cam…….Model DMW-BCA7……

  21. Lilian Fernandez Reply


    Our Panasonic Twin Tub (model NA-W6510BETQ) which is
    barely a year old has a problem with its dryer/spinner as it does not work now. Would appreciate being advised asap on possible service that could be extended. Thanks.

    Mrs. Fernandez

  22. Juny C. Ciudadano Reply

    i brought my panasonic washing machine to your service center in Roxas City, Capiz las June 13 2012 and it seems that there was no action upon my concerned because of lack of personnel to do so. Though i bought outside the Philippines my item and not covered the warranty already, servicing with same named product should be treat properly and professionaly.

    First and foremost i bought panasonic products because of your after sales service and yet you tied it up in a group of people who cannot afford the demand of your services.

    Thank you very for the space you provided for us to highlight to you some problems we encountered and mgiht help you to develop.

  23. augie Reply

    I have a panasonic multi point heater that overheated last week and now its not working. Where and who do you recommend to repair the water heater? I live along marcos highway near sta. lucia mall. thanks.

  24. Ram Lee Reply

    I had a Panasonic DVX100B Camera and using it for 6 years now. I would like to ask if how much it cost to change its LCD Screen and Camera Head. thanks

  25. teddy suerte Reply

    May i know the nearest Panasonic service center for refrigerators? i live in P. Noval St. Sampaloc, Manila. thanks.

  26. Marvic Escototo "Arman" Reply

    I would like to inquire the nearest service center here in pasig or mandaluyong city. Our projector Panasonic PT-LB20VEA need lamp replacement. Please give me feed back. Thank you.

  27. Nenita Reply

    I have a sanyo fully automatic washing machine. I came to know now the operations are undertaken by your company. The problem in my washing machine is with the pressure switch, from were I can get a new one? Is there any service center near by Las Pinas ? plz e-mail me.

  28. Cyril Alegrado Reply

    Hi can you help me i have Panasonic TV Model TH-42S10S how can i play movie using SD I’ve formatted my SD to FAT using SD Formatter V3.1 and save my movie clip with the extension of mpeg2 and mpeg 1 and i also try multiAVCHD but i have no luck it say’s no supported format. What is the specific file extesion or any converter so that i can play using SD card..


  29. WTO Reply


  30. Norlyn Reply

    Is there any authorized service center in Batangas? Can I have the contact number and the address please? Thank you.

  31. kim, sinkyung Reply

    i live in BF homes, paranaque, Manila. I boght a freezer, brand of panasonic(model: NR-A1009FTG) a year ago. After 1year, it has a problem, suddenly stopped. So I have called service center they came and checked it. They said I have to change a compressor. The cost about 9000pesos. April 12, 2012, I paid half cost for fixing but until now they do not repair it. I called them but they do not keep the primise. It was past 1 month….how can i use this brand from next time? how can I recommend it to others?

  32. lorenz Reply

    For those looking for Panasonic customer service, you may call this numbers: 636-3101 loc 6400 or 284-2272.
    I got this from a Panasonic sales representative.

    • Maria Reply

      Thanks for this info. I wonder why their website support is blank and i don’t see any replies from Panasonic in this “supposed to be customer service support.”

  33. dolly Reply

    Please tell me where the authorized service center(s) for your freezers is located in quezon city. Unfortunately, your website could not help me out.

  34. cha Reply

    i bought a panasonic inverter air conditioner model CSUS12MKQ 1.5 HP,i just want to inform you that it is not worth buying.

  35. Bong Reply

    I bought a Panasonic aircon window type CW XC94JPH I HP last April 28, 2012. Where can I send the warranty slip? Do you have a fax no.?

  36. victor Reply

    Please send me a list of your room airconditioner cleaning service companies servicing the san juan city area. Thanks in advance.

  37. Bart Smeele Reply

    Hello Panasonic Customer Care…

    I purchased a LUMIX FT10 in February and was pleased with the way it functioned until yesterday when the screen came up with an ‘error message’ stating… ‘SYSTEM ERROR (FOCUS)’. As I use this camera regularly I want to have a warranty repair done ASAP… AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE… and hope that you are prepared to do this. I was very concerned to read many reports of poor service from Panasonic Philippines and would suggest you do not ignore or delay replying to this post or carrying out repairs as I need to use my camera again now. I look forward to a prompt reply… and speedy repairs. Regards… Bart and Ritchel.

  38. Ynarra Reply

    Good Day,

    I would like to ask some question about your requirements. I am planning to put up a retail store and sell some of your products, i would like to know all of your requirements and if you are going to give me any factory price and how much it will cost me in everything?

    Thank You

  39. Romy Reply

    Can you please tell me the nearest panasonic service center in Makati to repair my wireless phone?

  40. John Ryan Reply

    Where can I find a retailer for Panasonic inverter type air conditioners and washer/dryers in Catarman Northern Samar

  41. Cesar Santos Reply

    I just bought a condominium unit installed with a Panasonic toilet seat/bidet, with Model No. DL-EDX10 but unfortunately it is written in Japanese. There is no user’s manual included so I would appreciate it very much if you can send me online any user’s manual with English translation or any illustration with buttons specified in English. Thank you very much.

  42. Doris Tan Reply

    Panasonic after sale service sucks! The split type inverter air conditioner functions like an air cooler. I should have stuck with Carrier brand which I have been using all these years.

  43. ruby dela cruz Reply

    may i ask for the contact nos. for the repair of my panasonic freezer? i had bought it 2 years ago. where is the nearest place for me to seek for repair assistance? i lived in san mateo, rizal. thank you..

  44. Rawen Reply

    My lumix fz-40 had a crack on the LCD. Is there a way to replace it?

    Rawen Balmaña
    Mabini, Pangasinan

  45. Trina N. Dayrit Reply

    my panasonic LUMIX TZ-7 was flooded while diving. which repair service center should i bring it to?

  46. ren Reply

    Hi, Can you please advice me a panasonic service center that is near in cavite? I urgently need to find one.


  47. Rosalinda Reply

    I live in Lucena City and looking for the nearest Panasonic service center for my Panasonic LCD tv. Please advise the exact address. Thank you.

  48. Dennis A. Dichupa Reply

    I’ve bought a 2HP Panasonic inverter split type aircon last Jan. 27, 2012. Upon installation and during test run, the technician found out that the new unit has no freon and has to be filled up first. Less than a month later the unit was again seen by technician because it was not cooling, and another re-fill of freon was done. Less than a month passed and the same problem recurred. There was no leak in the lines when tested by service technician. It seems that the compressor unit itself is malfunctioning. Why does the company not replace this newly purchased unit if problems had been recurring. This is supposed to be covered by warranty but response from Panasonic is very slow. I strongly demand that the unit be replaced….This is an expensive appliance yet Panasonic is not strong about customer care and satisfaction.

  49. Pocholo Reply

    I need service on a panasonic aircon whose compressor stopped working last month. Can you tell me who are your service contractors who can serve me? I live near intersection of Mindanao ave and Congressional ave, beside Project 6. Thanks

    Can you also fix your website? When I click for service on the support page, nothing happens except a blank screen. The same happens to the download button.

  50. oscar Reply

    I would like to complain about my washing machine model NA-F70G2X automatic spin. Where is nearest service center? my location is singalong.

  51. Beth Chua Reply

    I recently bought a split type inverter aircon – CSU-24NKQ. Out household wire for aircon is stranded wire #10, breaker 40amp. Panasonic authorized installer installed a circuit breaker 30amp w/ stranded wire #12. The first night we are using the unit, our breaker became hot. We compared it with the other breaker (for the other panasonic split type aircon), it wasn’t hot at all.
    Why is this? Need help. In my work place, the breaker tripped, apparently the compressor of the aircon was ‘sira’ na. it was a way of telling us it’s dangerous to continue using this.

    Beth Chua

  52. jose santos jr. Reply

    I replaced my national window type acu after 17 years of troubleless service with a panasonic. Now comes the trouble from this new one. The fan blade when operating is touching the cover plate making a “grinding noise”. When I inspected it, I found out that the base pan is now thinner which holds the fan motor that it easily bends thus causing the noise. What happened to the quality of national panasonic? Can you correct this cheap engineering work to your loyal consumers? I will wait for your reply.

  53. ana beroy Reply

    where is the nearest panasonic service center here in araneta qc?

  54. Charmaine Reply

    Where is the nearest panasonic service center here in laguna? I live in here in Balibago City of Sta Rosa Laguna. Thanks…

  55. random Reply

    Panasonic has abandoned the Philippines, their customer service does not work..nobody answers their phones and the site also seems dead.

  56. noyme bo Reply

    gud day!

    i have a panasonic digital cam. model no. DMC-FS42,

    im asking for the price of the lens, because its broke…/

  57. rey Reply

    I have a panasonic blu-ray player given to me as a gift from the U.S. It worked fine the first time but now it won’t stay ON long enough just to even show the HOME screen. I updated the firmware to the latest version (1.33) which made it even worse. Can your guys at the service center make the player REGION-FREE for it to play any dvd no matter what region it came from? And is there some sort of FIX for the shutting down problem of my unit? BTW, model is DMP-BD75p-k and it runs on 110v only. thanks.

  58. louie Reply

    where is the nearest repair shop for panasonic cordless phone, i live in paranaque.

  59. RAMIL SURETA Reply

    i would like to ask what is the dimension of indoor unit for a 4 hp air conditioner.

  60. Josephine Reply

    I would like to know where is your repair center of wireless phones in Pasay City. Thanks

  61. jason Reply

    where is the nearest panasonic service center in my area. i’m from binan lagauna. i have a component that came from japan , its 110v and got accidentally plugeed in a 220v outlet,is this still repairable?

  62. rachel Reply

    Dear Madam / Sir,
    May I know the address & telephone number of your Panasonic Customer Service? I am from Dasmarinas, Cavite. What is the nearest Service Center you have? Because, I want to consult about my refrigerator. Please respond to me here. Thank you so much.

  63. virgilio Reply

    good day..may I know if panasonic battery MODEL:VW-VBS20 is still available at the market?

    • Dhon Reply

      are you going to use it in panasonic camcorder?? because i am also looking for a spare battery for my Panasonic HDC SDT750.. i bought a Wasabi Power Battery VW-VBG260 and it works great.. but i bought it online from the US and i lost my extra batt that comes with the camcorder.. let me know if you find one.. thanks

  64. myrna imperial Reply

    where is the nearest service center here in Quezon City i stay at the back of SM North
    My washing machine timer is broken and do you change the body and i want to know how much


    • Dhon Reply

      you can find service center in tandang sora .. take a u turn in mindanao ave going to st james tandang sora.. and go straight heading to sangandaan… you will the find the Panasonic service center on the right side about 200 meters after the ARBY-BON General hardware..

  65. Tessa Vazquez Reply

    I bought 3 units of panasonic 1 HP manual window type from Western Marketing at the Festival Mall Alabang Muntinlupa last August 8, 2011. I was informed by the salesperson assisting me that installation is not included. Because of this I opted not to install the aircon units right away since my house was not yet fully finished at that time. When I finally had it installed last December 2011 we immediately tested the units to find out if it was working properly. We noticed that the rooms weren’t getting cold as it was supposed to and so we decided to report it to Western Marketing. They in turn got in touch with Panasonic and they sent people from Ventures Technologies & Home Products Care Center. They inspected the units and came up with the conclusion that the compressor was vibrating and the units were icing after 2 mins. Of operation. From this observation alone shouldnt it be enough to conclude that the units I got are LEMONS and that they should be replaced. Panasonic keeps sending people over here to always check with no concrete answer given to us on what the next step would be. If I do not get a response from you within 24 hours then I would be forced to go to the consumer post to report my problem with your product. You are making this so hard for a consumer like me who opted to buy your brand because I thought I was getting value for my money.

    • ed gornia Reply

      icing over!!! that means there’s moisture inside the system, which freezes at the expansion valve (or capillary coil). SOUNDS LIKE POOR REPAIRMEN OR
      INSTALLERS. They didnt vacuum properly, or put USED freon, or stole your new dryers (removes water from the freon)

  66. Theresa Milallos Reply

    I bought a Panasonic automatic washing machine last January 2011, my first Panasonic product. It broke down last December 2011 before the holiday break starting December 23. The technician had been to see the machine twice already, once in December and yesterday, due to some serious phone barrage on our part, otherwise Panasonic Service Center would not have prioritized us and would have put us for a visit only by January 27, more than a month after my request for repair! Yet, the machine had not been repaired yesterday due to some missing parts! While I understand that the technicians are not at fault, and that it is the Service Center that is inefficient and incompetent, this experience is teaching me not to buy any Panasonic product anymore. The post-purchase service is terrible and has given so much stress.

  67. Emma Besa Reply

    We live very close to your service center, Virex Enterprises along Shaw Blvd. Just this morning, we ordered a fan blade (and paid in advance to have the order processed) only to find out it will take them 1-2 weeks to make the item available since the warehouse in in Taytay, Rizal a jeepney ride away. Don’t you think we deserve better service than that. (Being such a small item, these could have been held in stock just in case rather than pick up from Taytay each and every time there is a need). We’ve always been happy with your products (from the wide screen TV to the flat iron) but your service center gives you a bad name!!

  68. lc Reply

    Greetings !
    Where is the nearest panasonic service center here in Manila . I live in Muntinlupa City

    Thanks .

  69. cathy Reply

    I would like to complain about your service center here in Tacloban namely, Dessert Ref & Aircon Service Center located at Marasbaras. I had my appliance fixed at their end oct 24 and until now its not yet fixed.. Their assistant manager is very unprofessional. If its the only service center you have here in tacloban i dont think anyone would buy your products..

    • wayne Reply

      Hey. So very true. I bought a camera in Tacloban and it failed after just one week. Tried in Tacolban to get it fixed but needed repair in Manila.
      6 months later Panasonic REFUSED to honor their warranty.
      BUYER BEWARE if you are buying Panasonic. SAD to see a once great company go down like this.

    • sad panasonic customer Reply

      yeah. The panasonice service center here in Malolos sucks too. It has been 2 months since I contacted them to repair my full auto washing machine and until now it hasn’t been fixed!

  70. John Reply

    Panasonic has some great products. I specially love the men’s shaving kit. Have been using from last 2 years. It still works strong and sharp!!!!!

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