Lost Voter ID card? Here are five steps to take

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The electoral Voter ID card in India serves as an essential proof of identification. Besides being a valid address proof for most of the people welfare government schemes, the Voter ID card helps fulfill one of the most crucial exercises relevant to a democracy – voting. Voter ID card id is issued to the citizens of India by the Election Commission of India. If you have been using your voter ID card as an identity proof, losing it might open up an entire pandora of problems. To apply for a new voter ID card, you need to undertake a few steps to seek the quickest possible solution.

File an FIR
Losing valuable documents is exhausting, especially when there is a risk of misuse. Voter ID cards contain all the sensitive information which can be misused for identity theft. The best thing to do is to lodge a First Information Report at your nearest police station. If you have the photocopy of the ID or you have the Voter ID card number, the police can help you locate it. An FIR protects you from any misuse of the Voter ID card after you have lost it.

Visit nearest electoral office
Voter ID cards are vital, and you will need a duplicate for future processes. Visit your nearest Electoral office, and apply for a new card using the form EPIC-001. You need to fill in all the relevant information, including your name and address. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive a reference number, which will give you access to track the real-time progress of the application status. After a proper verification by the electoral office, a new card will be issued against your name.

Check if name appears on the voter list
Even if you have applied for a duplicate Voter ID card, it might take a couple of weeks to reach you. In such a scenario, when you do not possess a Voter ID card, and elections are right around the corner, you can visit www.nvsp.in, and search for your name after entering your voter Id card number. The website will give you access to the entire voting list, download the list and carry a substitute identification proof to cast your vote.

Apply for duplicate card online
If you have access to an internet connection, you can apply for a voter ID card from the comfort of your home. Just visit the NVSP link to fill in the relevant details, including your name, parentage, DOB, address, gender, EPIC number, and reason for applying for a duplicate card. The website will ask for supporting documents, including address proof, age proof, you will get a reference number that will help you track the progress of your application.

Use a voter slip
You can search for your name in the electoral roll, from the official website of the Chief Electoral Officer. When the search is completed, your name will pop up along with a ‘View Details’ option. Click on it, and it will redirect you to the detailed voter slip. Download your voter slip, take a printout, and use it to cast your vote. You can download the digital copy of the voter slip from the Voter Helpline app as well.

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