How to receive help for offline orders on Alibaba

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If you are looking for the biggest chain of suppliers for bulk industrial and consumer goods, Alibaba is the place to go. Alibaba, a directory of trading companies and factories in China, helps customers across the globe connect to suppliers. One of the most popular destinations for B2B shopping, Alibaba is also the fastest growing e-commerce giant. With the online sales totaling to a whopping US$ 248 billion in 2019, Alibaba has surpassed eBay and Amazon combined. Alibaba started in Jack Ma’s apartment, located in Hangzhou, back in 1999. The e-commerce behemoth now provides services to millions of small enterprises and individuals. The portal emancipates the productive forces of the small enterprises and simultaneously offers a wide array of consumption choices to all its customers. The best part is you can safely place offline orders on the portal with Alibaba’s trade assurance.

Trade Assurance Order
Trade Assurance, a free service from Alibaba, is designed to create a bond of trust between the supplier and customer. The assurance will get you some peace of mind, and you can make sure that the product quality is up to the expectation and the ship date is on-time. The assurance covers the buyers with a hundred percent payment protection from the selected trade assurance suppliers. Seeking the trade assurance will get you covered if the products do not ship on time or do not meet quality standards as per the contract with the supplier. For online orders, you will have to tick the Trade Assurance filter when searching for the product. For offline orders, you will have to ask your supplier to draft the contract that you can upload later.  You can select the type of coverage, ranging from pre-shipment to post-delivery. If the supplier fails to ship on time or the product quality is different from what you ordered, you can push in Trade Assurance, and Alibaba will process the refund within thirty days of the delivery. Alibaba takes care of investigation, mediation, and resolves the claim with a satisfactory outcome, which includes a refund, if necessary.

Submit a complaint
Although Trade Assurance can help you secure some guarantee, if you have not availed one, you can file a complaint with Alibaba regarding any issue with your offline order. Alibaba promises to handle the complaints if the supplier fails to deliver the promised goods to customers, or the buyer refuses to make the payment post-delivery. This is to be noted that Alibaba does not entertain complaints regarding product conformity, shortage, or damage. If you have encountered an offline scam of not receiving the products even after payment, you can file a claim for quick redressal. You will have to sign into the complaint center with your Alibaba account credentials. Click on the ‘other trade dispute’ and select ‘report’. Fill in the information, including the email address, product URL, Member ID, and choose the ‘scam type’ to continue further. After filling in the detailed complaint form, click submit. You should take note of the accepted evidence formats and upload one conforming to the set standard, otherwise, the submission will fail or might be deemed irrelevant.

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