How to complaint against FASTag payment or recharge

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Getting stuck in a jam for hours, especially when you are late for a meeting, is nothing short of a nightmare. After managing your way out of the mess, you begin to feel relieved, until you realize that there is a long queue at the toll plaza. Thus begins, what seems like a long journey, of you checking the time, again and again, just to ascertain that you are, in fact, late for the meeting. All of this has changed because of a smart initiative by the National Highway Authority of India, which saves you from the hassle of waiting in queues.

NHAI introduced FASTag, an electronic toll collection system in India. FASTag is a reloadable tag that allows for an automatic deduction of toll charges. It helps you pass through a toll plaza without having to stop for a cash transaction. This tag can be obtained from toll plazas or a few banks. You will be asked to submit the registration certificate of the vehicle, a passport size photograph, an address, and identity proof.

The tag is prepaid, and you can recharge it online. The process is simple, but sometimes a customer faces issues with the transactions. To register such grievances and complaints, you will have the following ways at disposal.

Grievance settlement through banks

FASTag tags are issued by banks, and they act as the authorized authority to settle any dispute related to recharges or payments. The tag issuing banks have separate helplines that allow a user to register his/her complaint. The settlement of such transactions is done by NPCI (National payment corporation of India).

However, the complaints travel through banks to NPCI. The helpline numbers of these banks can be accessed on the website. To ensure hassle free complaint redressal, make it a point to keep all the communication related to the transactions (SMS) hand. Any dispute such as Double debit, Excess debit, Charges deducted for an exempted vehicle, can be registered by calling on these numbers.

Some important phones numbers to dial for assistance
Phone: 1800-120-4210 (PayTM)
Phone: 1800-419-8585 (Axis Bank)
Phone: 1800-266-9520 (Federal Bank)
Phone: 1800-120-1243 (HDFC Bank)
Phone: 1800-2100-104 (ICICI Bank)
Phone: 1860-266-6888 (Kotak Mahindra Bank)
Phone: 080-67295310 (Punjab National Bank)
Phone: 1800-11-0018 (State Bank of India)

Grievance settlement through portals

A more efficient way to register your grievances is through specialized portals. Banks who issue these tags have also developed web portals for the users. The users will be required to register their tag in the portal. The registration is OTP based and can be done in minutes. After successful registration, the user will be able to log in and view detailed information on his tag. From the current balance to the last ten transactions, all the information is readily available.

The user will also be able to locate a “dispute” option. The portal will prompt the user to enter the date of the transaction to access related records. Transaction dated to that particular day will then be displayed post which the user may raise the dispute. Most of these portals will allow the user to select any transaction from the list of transactions and raise a dispute specific to that transaction.

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  1. Mahendran K Reply

    Yesterday I started journey from Kerala to Goa by my car with fastag. After reaching at Goa I checked the balance of the fastag account. Deduction and the message are not tallying.

  2. My vehicle is registered in fastag on another mobile number which is not my own. I am trying to cancel that and register on my own.

  3. D Dasmunshi Reply

    Sharing my experience with ICICI Bank FASTag , used frequently at Vashi Toll Naka(Mumbai). Yesterday, on 25Nov2020, received 3 sms messages, stating that ” for dispute on trip, Rs 70 debited to my account, for journey made on 9Sep2020, 10Sep2020 & 14Sep2020 !! In case of discrepancy, share RC Copy and vehicle image by raising a complaint under Dispute transaction/Chargeback in Fastag Customer Portal. I tried to raise complaint with Trip number, it said no dispute is pending !! I called helpline (Free) , found no response. Desperate to contact called chargeable helpline , someone responded and suggested RRN to be typed and not Trip number. Tried again, this time error message appeared stating journey day is beyond 40 days , claim cannot be lodged! I called up ICICI chargeable helpdesk number again, someone picked up, after listening to the details, asked to hold for 2 minutes and just disconnected. On 3rd trial, able to get guidance on the value to be selected from Dropdown Menu to submit the complaints. Waiting for refund of UNETHICALLY, ARBITRARILY DEDUCTED Rs 210 from my FASTag Balance, since the Debit is appearing against such trips in my Account Statement. On raising query to why was my account was arbitrarily debited without checking the backend details, Bank says it was a mistake by Toll Naka people & Toll Naka told me to take up with Bank for dispute resolution. Shall update for knowledge of other ICICIFastag Customers.

  4. On 6th November, I crossed Vashi Toll Naka at about 1315 hrs, the display shown black list. I was charged with double amount and receipt was given for single charge(which I noticed after coming home). Next day, I received debit for crossing toll. I raised complaint on ICICI bank, from where the tag was purchased. There was no response. As a result, I paid 3 times the toll amount. When I called the no, which was answered only after 10 minutes of holding the phone, that the complaint was wrongly made and hence can’t be attended to. Again he told me to raise another complaint, which is not attended so far. This is nothing but waste of time. My id is 11563543.

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