How to complain with Election Commission of India

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Elections are central to a democracy. The sanctity of a democratic system lies in the hands of a fair electoral process. Citizens are significant for the proper functioning of a democracy. As Louis D. Brandies says, “In a democracy, the most important office is that of citizen”. The opinions, ideas, and grievances of citizens are the bedrock of any republic.

India, being a democracy, allows its citizens to voice their opinion, and citizens must not hold back. A lot of the times, citizens are unaware of the channels through which they can voice their grievances properly. The election commission has provided the citizens of India with various avenues through which they can express their concerns. Complaints can be on the voting procedure, electronic voting machines (EVM), voter ID card, election processes, or others.

National Grievance Service Portal
You can visit the online service portal of the Election Commission of India to lodge your complaint. This is one of the fastest ways to register any grievance. The complaint need not be related to elections alone. Non-election complaints can be registered here as well. All you need to is visit the NGSP portal, log in, and write the complaint. You will get an acknowledgment along with a unique ID, which will allow you to track the status of the complaint.

cVIGIL app
The cVIGIL is an innovative app launched by the Election Commission of India. If you have a picture or video proof of any violation, you can upload it to the app. The app is designed to trace the origin of the uploaded video. cVIGIL does not allow pre-recorded videos to eliminate any chance of morphed evidence. The app provides a 5-minute window to record on-site and submit. Once the complaint is submitted, you will get an ID to track the progress of the complaint. The app sends push notifications to keep you updated.

Voter Helpline App
The Voter Helpline app is a multi-function app which allows a user to search for their name in the electoral roll, submit forms for voter registration/modification, download their digital photo voter slips, find details about contesting, and making complaints. With over 20 million downloads, this national award-winning application is one of the significant platforms for election-related activities. The app is available on Android, and you can submit a grievance registration form through it.

Voter Helpline
Citizens can call 1950 toll-free helpline number to ask questions and lodge their complaints. The number can be dialed on all working days during office hours. All you need to do is provide your identity details, and the calls are recorded to eliminate any chance of fake or prank calls. You will have to suffix an STD code as per your location (STD code + 1950). It is also possible for the citizens to verify their names and details on the voter’s list by dialing 1950.

State-Wise Grievance Redressal Mechanism
The Election Commission has provided a state-wise complaint redressal mechanism for facilitating common grievances. Complaints received through various forums such as call centers, state-based applications, in-person, or on paper are integrated promptly. The state redressal system makes sure that the complainant is provided with a receipt, which helps with prompt complaint status inquiry. For queries, you can reach the support via phone or email ([email protected]).

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