How to complain against Facebook posts or friends

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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms across the globe. This social networking behemoth is currently hosting more than 2.4 billion active users. With the figures still growing, there is another kind of data that is surfacing that needs quick redressal. According to research, ten percent of Facebook users have experienced abuse in one form or another on the platform. Offenders find it convenient to post threats on the wall or send abusive messages directly to the user.

It is tough to fight bullies in the real world as it becomes tough to prove the mental damage that they are doing. But that is not the case with Facebook. You have written evidence in the form of comments, posts, messages, which can give you access to straight forward processes, that can ensure justice. If you are at the receiving end of such harassment on Facebook, here is how you can deal with it:

Complain within the app
Facebook takes harassment seriously. The social media leader knows the importance of security and has taken several steps to make it easy for people to register a complaint. One of the best ways to do it is by using the Facebook app. You can start by unfriending the person if he/she figures on your friend list. You can also effectively lock out the person by blocking the profile. Go ahead by letting Facebook know about the harassment, in just a few easy steps.

To report an offending post:
Go to the offending post and click on the little ribbon on the top right corner of the same. Click on the arrowhead and choose ‘report story or span’ from the drop-down menu. You will see a confirmation stating that the post is now marked as spam. Click on ‘file a report’ link and go through the step by step query process facilitated by Facebook.

To report an offending message:
Go to the specific message and click on the action menu. Select the option ‘report spam and abuse. The app will give you three options for further redressal. Mark conversation as spam, report individual messages from a hacked friend, or report the conversation participants for threatening and harassing me.

Complain on the Cyber Crime portal
Cyber Crime portal is a Government of India initiation that takes care of complaints regarding objectionable content, harassment, and threats on all the social media platforms. You can register a complaint on the portal for prompt action.

Steps to complain:
Visit the website, and select the ‘file a complaint’ option. Read the terms and conditions before proceeding further. Provide the information, including your name, address, and contact number. Write the details about the harassment you have been facing and attach relevant screenshots to support your claim. Click submit and follow up by tracking the reference number, which will be sent to your mobile number, to know the status of your complaint.

File FIR
If you are facing violent threats on any social media platform, including Facebook, take prompt action by reporting it to the nearest police station. You can file a first information report to ensure your safety. The police will go through the evidence made available by you, and the user will be tried under relevant sections. This process is quick, and you will be safe from any possible mischief.

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