Google Maps common problems: Here is how to report

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Gone are the days when one had to stop by and ask locals for directions to places! With just a smartphone in your hand, you can navigate, shorten your commute or explore the entire world today using Google Maps. However, technology may have certain drawbacks that users alone would be able to tell. Users then need to know the existing options to send feedback or to report a problem they may have come across while using Google Maps. In this article, we plan to give our readers an exhaustive account on how to report whenever there is a Google Maps problem.

The ‘Send Feedback’ option exists under ‘Menu’ and users can find it while accessing Google Maps through the application or browser alike. The ‘Menu’ option lists ‘Your Opinions and Maps’ that allows users to propose new features and to report on missing places, wrong information, opinions as well as on technical issues. The feedback mechanism is so designed that your suggestion will only go live after it is reviewed by peers or locals from that area. Because of this review option, suggested changes may take a while to take effect. Basically, that’s all there is to go about it but it is essential to know further as outlined below:

To report on inaccurate directions or a closed destination
On opening the Google Maps app, you may type in the name of the place or simply tap it on the map. The name of the place or address is available at the bottom and the user may choose to either report or edit the problem faced. On screen directions will accordingly assist you in sending the feedback.

To report on absence of a destination
Google Maps permits users to add places that are otherwise non-existent on the map. Users can do so by simply adding a missing place, after tapping on the address typed, following which on screen directions ensure that you are able to send your feedback.

To report on wrong lane guidance
Google Maps allows you to search for a place and then choose turn-by-turn navigation. For lane guidance, users need to tap on the lane symbol located on the top left hand side. The option of the problem faced is available for the user to select.

To add a missing place
After opening Google Maps, a user can pinpoint on the location, zoom in if necessary and click for a menu that shows an option ‘Report a data problem’.

To report an image issue
There may be times when a user may find an image blurred or objectionable. There is an option to report such matters too by simply locating the image concerned and selecting the option of reporting a problem.

While it is true that not every problem reported gets resolved instantaneously but the mechanism is designed such that if the same issue is being reported by multiple users, there is a greater possibility of a quick acknowledgement and fix. Google follows a transparent policy in such matters and users can access their Help Center as well as their Community forum at Google Maps Support.

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