Five ways to complaint against Xiaomi India service center

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Over the past few years, Chinese cell phone manufacturers have tried hard to carve a niche, particularly in the Indian market. One such star player, who has not only successfully carved a niche but also gave a run for money to bigger players was Xiaomi. The correct mix of affordability and functionality did hit the bull’s eye. What started as a pure online venture further led the company to soon dominate the industry.

Many Xiaomi variants became an instant success in the market. These variants include, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Y2, Xiaomi MI A1, MI Max 2, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, and the list goes on. The launch of each variant witnessed humongous online queues, with people rushing to bag its latest smartphone variant.

So far, the success story is maintaining its pace. With the number of devices increasing, the need for an efficient customer service echoes louder. Considering the number of devices that Xiaomi has sold in India, it is no surprise the people are seeking equally prodigious redressal options too. No one likes a faulty phone. Unfortunately, bugs, crashes, and other issues are inevitable. Here are some of the ways to get your issue resolved.

Call Customer Care
Xiaomi has a dedicated customer service line available to assist customers in the typical 9-9 slot. In case a customer experiences software or hardware malfunction, or any other issue that requires immediate respite, a call can save the day.

Xiaomi’s chat support is available for customers in a time window from 9AM to 6PM, wherein customers can chat with the Xiaomi representatives for quick redressal of any problem. The contact number for Xiaomi’s customer care service is 1800-103-8286.

Write a Mail
Customers with technical or functional issues can reach out to the Xiaomi customer support team via mail. The service support team is responsible for the customer mail received on the official server. Customers can mail the service representatives on [email protected], and the revert window is 48 hours.

Use Social Media
Social media has powerful leverage for companies as well as customers. Complaints on the social media platforms create rippling effects, and companies try hard to avoid engaging in bad publicity. One of the best resorts to a quick remedy is to jot down a complaint on social media. Outlining a complaint properly can garner better attention.

Locate Xiaomi Office
Xiaomi boasts an enormous network across the country. Their presence is marked in every major city, and that is a plus. Looking for their designated office should not be too hard. If getting a redressal for the complaint has been a roller coaster ride so far, visiting the Xiaomi office for better assistance is also an alternative.

Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum
This forum comes under the regulatory set up by the government to look into consumer complaints that find no respite otherwise. This can be one of the last resort to solving complaints against Xiaomi. This method is a little time consuming, but you can keep following up for a better way out.

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