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Contact Wendy’s: Find below customer service details of Wendy’s restaurant, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on Wendy’s restaurants, jobs, franchise enquiries, location details or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Wendy’s products and services.

Wendy’s Head Office
Wendy’s International, Inc.
One Dave Thomas Boulevard,
Dublin, OH 43017
United States
Phone: (614) 764-3100

Wendy’s Customer Service
Phone: 614 764-3100, ext. 2032
Phone: 905 849-7685 (Canada)

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About Wendy’s International, Inc.
wendysWendy’s was founded by Dave Thomas in the year 1969. Wendy’s currently operates more than 6,500 restaurants in the US and 25 other countries. The third largest hamburger company in the US, Wendy’s is owned and managed by the Wendy’s International, Inc.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Wendy’s employs some 641,000 people (as of January, 2011). The company was formerly known as Wendy’s/Arby’s Group, Inc. and changed its name to The Wendy’s Company in July 2011. As for the menu at Wendy’s restaurants, one can find hamburgers, chicken and wraps, garden salads, beverages, fries and sides. Wendy’s competitors include McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Since 2009, Wendy’s has announced plans to enter 20+ new countries. Internationally, its restaurants are found in Canada, New Zealand, Guam, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Russia, UAE, Argentina, Venezuela, Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, and Panama, among others.

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  1. Wendy’s in Avondale, Louisiana on hwy 90 has the worst customer service. I’ve ever seen they never have frostys don’t know what the new strawberry frosty taste like they may as well stop advertising it the inside is always closed just close the store. I’ve lived here the last twenty years and never had as many problems as this store has.

  2. Victor Vikash Reply

    We went to Wendy’s with my 2 grand kids and my wife and ordered 4 GRILLED chicken to go and eat at home because of pandemic. when we went home and opened our sandwiched they were all spicy (NOT Grilled)

  3. 5/14/20 Got take out at 2pm at Grand Island NY. Decided even to upgrade to medium on 2 Dave’s singles which cost 19.97. Staff great, food so disappointing. Hadn’t had take out in 6 weeks and my boyfriend suggested McDonald’s and I said let’s do Wendy’s. The fries were cold , raw didn’t like noodle. Burgers dressed well, maybe warm. Coke flat. I have never had fries like that from any location. I would have taken survey but was not given a receipt. No line for take out. Thank you

  4. Debbie Robinson Reply

    I would like to know why you can’t bring a Wendy’s to North Battleford SK, A&W has 2 restaurants and you can’t bring one here? The population of NS is 15,000 but there is 7 Native Reservations around NB. that make a customer base of around 30,000. Please bring this email to the powers that be for consideration. Thank you.


    I am a long-time Wendy’s customer. I want to register my unhappiness at the removal of the cod fish sandwich from your menu. I understand marketing considerations, price/cost factors and menu variety limitations, but there must be a constructive way to continue a popular item on your menu. I will now be forced to find other sources to fill the void.

  6. Eileen Bailey Reply

    Yesterday, 2/1/19, we dined at the Wendy’s 7050 Jog Road, Lake Worth, Florida. We both had the Caffeine Free Diet Coke. Both us were ‘wired’ hours later. It could not have been caffeine free. This is dangerous. I had heart palpitations for hours through the night. The management needs to have the Coke supplier come in and check that the lines are not crossed. I cannot have caffeine. I usually drink water. I know all cola drinks have ‘some’ caffeine, but no way should there have been this much. I drink this product on occasion at fast food restaurants and in cans that I purchase from a grocery store and have never had these heart palpitations prior to last night.

  7. I visited a Wendy’s in out hometown of Oshawa, Canada one evening around 9pm with my son who has autism. He was excited to be going to Wendy’s as it is one of his favourite restaurants and he was using his own money to treat himself and his mother. We went thru the drive thru as he was tired. We ordered a chicken strip meal with a large fry, large drink, cheese sauce to dip chicken in and another medium drink. When we got home he opened the bag and was so disappointed. The order was completely wrong. We were given a spicy chicken sandwich, medium fry, no sauce for dipping and then realized we had 2 small drinks that were not marked as to regular or diet. I called the Wendy’s store several times to speak to the manager but was sent to voicemail each time. I left a message asking the manager to return my phone call. We never received a phone call back and my son was so disappointed that he spent his own money on food he could not eat (Sandwich too spicy). We were very disappointed with the service, and the lack of customer service.

  8. Danny Spicer Reply

    I went in to the restaurant # 00011393 Lincoln Park MICH but will never be back there again. I did not get everything on my Dave Double and it looks like what was on it was just slapped on it, very messy. This store needs to be shut down.

  9. Yesterday ( Fathersday ) I was in the newly redesigned Wendy’s here in Lawrenceburg, Tn. They have a large screen TV which is great except for what they decide to show on it. Yesterday 06/17/18 they happened to have on FX which was showing a Adam Sandler movie. Not sure of the name but it had a scene in it were he is lying in bed looking at a picture of ( I presume his Grandma, not sure no sound ) a old Lady. In this scene it shows Sadler ( what’s to be presumed as ) Masturbating !!! This is supposed to be a family restaurant ( unless you have changed ) with children watching the TV. Please start making better choices of channels, I do blame Management as they should be monitoring what is being shown.

  10. Marcia Pitts Reply

    I am very dissatisfied with Wendy’s of Canton, GA: the service there is deplorable, management is rude and disrespectful!! The manages appear to be on drugs every time I visit this location. They have even given me my order with no meat on the bun. They don’t even apologize for their mistakes. They are short staffed, and the managers are even rude to the employees. The food is always nasty, cold, unflavored and thrown together and baled-up in the wrapper without any concern to the customer. This is despicable and and you have lost yet another loyal customer to the Wendy’s brand.

  11. skip tabor Reply

    I have read these many comments and wonder how Wendy’s could possibly remain in business.
    Whiners seem to always do it loudly and with a certain fervor.

    My car broke down in front of Wendy’s in Carlsbad NM today.
    It was 101 degrees. One young man helped me push it into their parking lot. A short time later a manager came out with a coke and told me it was on the house and to come in and cool off.
    I had much to do and remained outside. An hour later the same young man came back with fresh coke, an order of fries and a sandwich. He said it was from the lunch crew.

    So, i bet there are a lot more Wendy’s crews like this than those described in many of those other e mails.

    Customer for life

  12. No Responses

    VC Jordan
    January 23, 2018 every time I buy food Night time from Wendy’s 624 Irby st. in Florence Sc. my food is cold or warm over you can tell the grease is old,the nuggets taste like old grease.The burgers dried out. you can tell the employee doesn’t really care about the customers,food thrown in the bags
    and I never get a receipt for my purchase WHY?

  13. I stopped at a newly remodeled Wendy’s in LaPlace La. to get 2 cod fish sandwiches, because they are so much better than McDonalds square fish on a round bun. They no longer offer cod fish, only hamburgers…..What’s the deal. You have lost a customer…

  14. William Kondas Reply

    I have been stopping 4 days a week at this Wendy’s location 1011 burchard Boulevard Lady Lake Florida 32159. I have been doing this for the past 4 months or so in purchasing a small Frosty for $0.99 a $1.06 with tax. I have also been purchasing Junior Frosty’s periodically it wasn’t until November 26th 2017 that I noticed the Junior Frosty and the regular Frosty wear the same price how can that be it’s half the size. I feel as if I have been taken advantage of the person behind the counter told me it’s a better by to get the regular one since it’s the same price. I said to myself how much money have I spent on Junior frosties when I could have got a regular one something is not right here I don’t understand how this can’t continue I am very disappointed in the Wendy’s company. I spent a better part of my life in Hilliard Ohio and I know the Wendy’s Corporation and all they do now living in Florida I can’t understand

  15. Demetrie Porter Reply

    I visited the Wendy’s located on Mt. Zion in Morrow Georgia. To start we waited behind 2 cars for almost 10 minutes, which wasn’t a big deal. We finally made it to the order speaker to wait an additional 3-5 minutes, I’m not sure if the speaker needs to be replaced or the headsets the cashiers are wearing because when the cashier read my order back it was difficult to understand. We decided to have her repeat it at the window. Upon arriving at the window the cashier was sucking a lollipop, she never attempted to put it away while speaking with us, she actually kept sucking it while trying to repeat our order, which was wrong. Then another cashier came from behind her and said “well your large fry sounded like a large sprite, sorry.” Then she rolled her eyes, at this point I was done, the customer service from beginning to end was horrible. I went to Zaxby’s instead and received exceptional customer service. Customer service is the way to drive your business and it’s obvious this is not being talked about at this location.

  16. No receipt is my first complaint. How are you supposed to put in an official complaint without the information on the receipt? My next problem is the Wendy’s we frequent always screws up the order, especially the drive-thru. Today , only half of my order was taken, nothing came up on the screen so I could not check my order. I get to the window and the worker didn’t even take the rest of my order! She also gave us the wrong soda. Whatever happened to customer service? She gave no apology. I will consider other restaurants instead of Wendy’s from now on. Enough is enough.

  17. Jessica Cole Reply

    First of all i cant fill out the survey because i didnt get a reciept. So this is what i found. If anyone drom wendys corporate is reading this I WILL NEVER EAT AT WENDYS AGAIN. The service is awful. We pulled up to drive thru and had to pull up top order with the girl at the window who was hugging another girl and crying. She turned and asked if she could take our order with tears and had heckeys all on her neck. We get our food and some of its missing and the taco salad i ordered i had to throw out because the lettuce was all brown. So i spent $25 dollars on crap. This was on 9/22/17 at the Bristol Va exit 7 store. Bad experience…

  18. Paul Dujmich Reply

    I always stop at the Wendys in White Oak, PA to get some chili. About every 2nd time the chili has no beans and is very watery, like they added water to it to stretch it for a longer time. I am disgusted with Wendys and I will NOT stop there anymore.

  19. Daren Williams Reply

    Case# 490219.


    This is second incident at store #3049. Manager very rude when I informed them there was something wrong drink and this time wife found a bud in here drink. Will never go back to this Wendy’s again and may never go to another one will be letting others know about this

  20. On Saturday, September 2, 2017, at approximately 11:45 PM. I arrived at the Mount Pleasant Wendy’s (400 Summit Ridge Plaza, Mount Pleasant, PA 15666 Ph# 724 542-2435). Upon arrival, I purchased the new, Giant Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger $5 combo meal. While waiting in my vehicle I happened to observed through the drive-thru window a young man preparing my order. What happened next totally disappointed, horrified and disgusted me! While the young man prepared my order I observed him dropping my fries on the prep floor. While he laughed with someone out of my view, he bent over and scooped the fries from the floor with his bare hands. He then placed the fries in my order with the intent to serve the contaminated food to me. At that time, I knocked on the drive-thru window to capture his attention. However, before he approached the window he intentionally walked out of my view towards the person he was laughing with. However upon the employee opening the service window I advised him to what I observed. At first he denied his actions, then soon after, he apologized. Stated, “I don’t know why I did that”. At this time, I demanded a refund and requested to speak with his supervisor. Upon speaking to the supervisor he suggested that he would address the issue and refunded my money ($5.30). However, because of the supervisors cavalier attitude towards the incident – I can only hope that there is surveillance video of this incident. Because I believe he (supervisor) was the person out of my view laughing with the employee as he (employee) placed the contaminated fries in my order.

    I am genuinely outraged at the employees actions. l respectfully call for the employee and his supervisor be disciplined, retrained, and/or terminated! I apologize for not providing the supervisors and/or the employee name. However I believe that information could easily be accessible via the above said date, time, location and refund.

    I have patronized Wendy’s for decades. However, until this matter is resolved, my family, friends and I will not set foot on any of your properties.

    Sincerely disappointed!

  21. Just ordered Wendy’s on my way home from work. I did not receive a receipt and therefore cannot submit an official complaint so this is the only option I can find. Not getting a receipt is my first complaint.

    Second, with only myself and two other customers in the store it took almost 15 minutes to get my order. On top of that, the employee served the fries long before the burgers were ready. They were cold by the time I got the burger, not to mention the time it took to drive home.

    Third, there was no syrup on my drink, just colored carbon water.

    Very dissatisfied, and disappointed I will not being able to go back to that particular Wendy’s or submit a formal complaint in the hopes of going back someday.

  22. Mark Cassidy Reply

    It is out of character for me to create a letter like this one. I am a big Wendy’s fan and I eat lunch there on average three times a week. However, I have noticed over the past couple of months longer wait times, decreased accuracy of orders, and increased unavailability of items.
    Case in point today 8/9/2017 I went to Wendy’s on Route 4 in Fairfield Ohio. It was about 11:30 am when I got in line. There were two groups of people in front of me in line. One was an older couple, and the other a younger couple with two little girls. I assumed there would be some wait time based on this. I was unprepared for the 25 minutes that passed before I got my food.
    After getting the food, I put the tray on a table and went to the drink area to fill my ice tea from the bulk ice tea container. There were no bulk ice tea containers there. There was a however, a stand for them that was empty. The line had gotten longer and I hated to go back up to the front counter but I did and asked them to fill my cup with unsweet tea. I asked for please no ice because I could get ice from the self-serve machine and I didn’t want to have to make a second trip to the counter for more tea. After about 5 minutes I did get the tea (unfortunately with ice). I didn’t complain. The people in line were not amused that they had to wait while the counter person went for the tea.
    I went back to the table where my food was and took the tray up to the condiment area to get ketchup. The bulk ketchup container was not there just a hole in the counter where it used to be. I went back to the front counter. There was a container there that held squeeze packets of ketchup. It was empty. I waited and asked the person behind the counter for ketchup. She went to look. The people in line were not happy that I was taking away their order person to get something for me. A few minutes later she came back saying they had no squeeze ketchup. I think you would agree that ketchup is pretty much a staple at a fast food restaurant.
    I went back to the table and unwrapped my sandwiches. I had distinctly ordered them with no mayo (I really do not like mayo and it is a no-no on my diet list) I normally add the ketchup to my sandwiches from the self-serve because when I order it from the counter I have had them put on way too much. I should note here that I ordered three sandwiches made the same (minus mayo with lettuce, tomato and pickle). I checked the display on the cash register to make sure they got keyed in correctly. They did. The order given to me had two with mayo and one without. Also, none of them had lettuce. I am not sure if they were out of lettuce but I was not going back up there to ask because the line was long and because I had inconvenienced the people in line twice already once for the tea, and once for the ketchup. I just scraped off as much mayo as possible and ate them. My tea was empty by this time (had to wash down the mayo) but no way was I going back to the front counter for more tea. The people in line would have lynched me.
    I was going to include my receipt number here but the receipt did not make it back to me from the counter when they filled the order. Wasn’t going back to ask for that either.
    I am a manager myself, though not in the fast food industry. I can appreciate the difficulty in getting a team trained and a supply chain in place that is reliable. I think you will agree that even though it is hard it is necessary. I do think that having a look from the outside-in via a customer can be helpful. I look forward to being a delighted Wendy’s customer in the future.
    If you would like to reach me in response email is the best way.

    PS: I am not sure if Wendy’s owns the parking lot where a lot of your customers’ park next to your building. If so, you should know that it is in terrible shape. Some of the spots cannot even be accessed because the sink holes are so large and deep. Winter is the worst in that parking area. I got my car stuck there last year during a snow event. Lots of larger trucks park there and it is hard on the lot. If you do own it, it needs help.

  23. David Hessel Reply

    I have always had excellent food and service. Suggestion, Frosty with vanilla and chocolate ice cream. I would buy it every time. The pickles you use are gross. Fish sandwich has to be the best,why not sell it all year long?

  24. Dear WENDY’S,

    Thank you for serving us hot fresh hot food, when it’s hot and fresh.

    If the store is 2 hours close to closing – please warn consumers.

    What a bummer to pull up to a Wendy’s scheduled to be open yet service is not available because the store has closed early unbeknown to customers.

    Please let me know when Wendy’s ARE open

    It can be tough to wait 35 – 45 minutes to receive chicken nuggets.

  25. Laura Freeman Reply

    I am looking at your latest promo that arrived in the mail and I’m thinking that although I like the Taco Salad & my son, the Frosty’s, I will admit that I was quite disgusted that when I turned over the flyer and saw that out of 14 coupons only ONE was for a $2.00 off ‘any LARGE entrée salad or combo’. This day and age of awareness and social responsibility, ONE coupon OUT OF 14 promoting a $2.00 savings off a somewhat ‘healthy’ dish?! I can buy a Baconator for $4.00 in total, or for only $2.00 more, a whole cheeseburger combo, burger, fries and drink. But a SALAD? $2.00 off…..and ONE coupon at that. I can feed my family for $17.99 though….2 cheeseburger combos and kids cheeseburger meal combos…complete with pop and fries. But…sorry, the salad? Only $2.00 off. The message this sends is that healthy choices come at a cost vs unhealthy choices. Hope the “mom” that is represented in your logo would approve, because this mom is disappointed and disgusted.

  26. Theresa Boucher Reply

    I am truly disappointed with Wendy’s! Every summer I do the drive through a few times to enjoy a classic chocolate frosty and today was the first (and last) frosty of this summer. After I left the drive through I opened it up (it came with a lid unlike previous ones) and it wasn’t even full! And it was frozen like it had been pre made and kept in a freezer and after my first spoonful I realized it was hollow all the way down to the bottom of the cup! What a disappointing experience! It was no different than eating a chocolate soft serve ice cream!

  27. Kathy Morris Reply

    I have gone to our local Wendy’s several times and ordered sweet tea, but was told they were out, so I quit ordering it. Two weeks ago I went by the same Wendy’s and ordered a chocolate frosty and was told they didn’t have chocolate only vanilla. Today I went to the dame Wendy’s, ordered a meal with two cokes. The machine was out of ice and they were out of coke. All of this had occurred in the last two months. This is horrible business. We buy food there at least once a week and there is always a problem of some kind.

  28. Gregg Best Reply

    The only thing you serve worth eating is your fish sandwich. You only sell this for a very short while. Why don’t you put this on your regular menu?

  29. I love Wendy’s for your basic cheese burgers and fries. You beat the competition like United Airlines beats customers!

    A friend told me how much he liked your Baconator burgers so I figured I’d give it a try today. I was dining in the restaurant. The staff were friendly and efficient at the register, greeting and thanking me while seeming genuinely sincere. Kudos there to store 00000999.

    I ordered the Baconator Double combo meal. The fries were fairly hot, not fresh but good. The Baconator Double was nothing short of disappointing. The meat was dry and over cooked. It did have two slices of cheese and what appeared to be a single slice of bacon, broken in half and crumbled because it was so dry. The buns were flavorless (what happened to the buns that were almost buttery tasting – they were what made you great). The buns were also dry. By the time I started eating there was a long line in the store and I couldn’t waste time because of appointments coming up.

    When I got home I filled out a survey ad the link, and afterwards found a link to the Wendy’s site and looked up the Baconator in your menu. What I got was NOT what you advertise. These were not 1/4 lb patties and there was no way there were 6 fresh cooked pieces of bacon that were “fresh cooked.” The small amount present was dry and crumbled. There was no mayo or ketchup on the buns; mine was dry and plain and it was not ordered that way.

    For more than $9 after taxes I feel duped for thinking a high end menu item would be worthwhile. I will stick with my favorite stand by, Junior Cheeseburgers. I won’t ever pay this amount again for any item at a Wendy’s. Perhaps it was the store, perhaps not. Disappointment is the key word here.

  30. Faye Williams Reply

    Please spend more time and money on training employees in customer service and completing the order correctly. I hate to have to hold up the drive thru line by double checking my order but find when I do not I end up with an incorrect order. I wasn’t feeling well today so my husband made a run to the store in Athens, AL. I wanted , and he ordered , a grilled chicken sandwich. What I got was a fried chicken sandwich with bacon and about a cup of mayonnaise. He tried to call them 6 times and never got an answer. I spent 8 years managing a fast food restaurant in NC and this is not good customer service.

  31. john grieves Reply

    Not a fast food person and after my food I received at the St Cloud restaurant in Florida . I ordered what was to be a new type for fish sandwich. New it was not. At least 20 minutes old. Drowing mayo and dried up. I will ask others at he club if it was just me or if this is the way your food is.

  32. The manager at the Sudbury Ontario location hires young kids to work, then treats them poorly, doesn’t give them a chance to learn how to do things properly, and now just doesn’t schedule them to work. Second week in a row now. No explanation, and he is unwilling to hear or listen to his young employees. NOT the way to run a business, especially with so many critisisms of the restaurant around town. V (the manager) had better smarten up quick, as this place is going downhill and has only been open since Nov 2016.

  33. On Feb 22 around 5pm my wife and I entered your Wendy’s on Red River road in Thunderbay ont. We always enjoyed going to Wendy’s for a quick meal pick up. This time it was not a good experience. We ordered 2 burgers, hot potato and a chocolate frosty. There was no business at the time we visited so thought that we would get our order quite quickly, but that was no the case. Orders were going to the takeout window and a patron came in after us and he got served before us. We waited far too long, I’m always one to give the benefit of the doubt in most cases due to some unforeseen circumstance but this was a bad experience. The burgers had no flavors and as I was enjoying my chocolate frosty after the meal(that was always the peace the resistance for me) I saw a hair staring back at me, I almost hurled.
    The most important thing to me when I’m in a dining establishment, is cleanliness and that the food is prepared with the utmost care.. You need to make sure that your staff is clean and neat and is vigilant in making sure that the restaurant and the food is top notch, that is what made us to do many return visits up to this point. Staff should be free of pet hair and their own hair on their clothes to eliminate this from reoccurring. Please be vigilant in making sure that all your staff are trained properly of health regulations on personal hygiene and in the preperation of food. This is of the utmost importance in any food establishment. I am not looking for any compensation and I likely won’t be going back to eat there, but please keep on top of your managers and staff too take pride in where and how they work, it is only a reflection on Wendy’s reputation.

  34. Robert Freeman Reply

    Dear Wendys. Im so disappointed the spicy nuggets are discontinued.PLEASE reinstate the spicy nuggets. No one else makes them this good. And you can eat the 4 piece with anything, chili a burger chicken sandwich etc. Love, Bob.

  35. I went to Wendy’s on Route 1 in Edison NJ and ordered a barbecue chicken salad. When I got home I discovered they didn’t put the chicken on the salad. They should be more careful about that.

  36. At Wendy’s, Mackey St., Bahamas. Got breakfast order wrong, but seemed put upon to correct it. Then tried to order a coffee – no coffee!! Really!!!

  37. Hello Wendy’s Canada. I live in Toronto and I have a 5 year old who loves your restaurant. We as a family like to visit your establishment as a treat. I notices awhile back you stopped using the paper cups for catsup and are using the plastic cups, I believe that we can all do our part in helping manage the waste that we produce and I know the cups are small but when you add them up it makes a huge impact. please bring back the little paper cup, I feel awful each time I get catsup!

  38. Went to pick up lunch at Wendys on Baseline in Sherwood Park Alberta. The young man was taking and delivering food orders without any gloves or anything. He would take cash, credit cards, and then handle food. he had a cold and was continually wiping his nose with his bare hands. To complicate this the roof was leaking and there were pans placed to collect water as it fell. These were situated in very close proximity to where the food was placed for client pick up. My order was received cold and took approximately 12 minutes. Burgers were allowed to sit while drive through was taken care of. The staff was young and had little supervision. Bad food and unclean circumstances….I will not be returning any time soon

  39. David Miner Reply

    Visit the Richmond Rhode Island location often. Worst Wendy’s ever been in. Always confusion with orders, long waits. Trash over flowing, never any ketchup in dispensers, filthy bathrooms. Bad management. Surprised this place is still open.

  40. Melissa Miller Reply

    I have celiac’s disease. Therefore eating out is a risk. However if I learn that a restaurant has a gluten free menu; I trust them. I was thrilled to find out that Wendy’s has a gluten free menu. I ordered the bacon cheese potato. As I was in line waiting to receive my order the lady on the cook line had just finished cutting breaded chicken. She did not change gloves when she got my potato and she proceeded to cut the potato with the same cutting utensil she used for the chicken. Anyone who has gluten issues knows that this can be really bad for our health. I called out ma’am 3 times before she even acknowledged me. I explained to her that because of the breaded chicken on her gloves and on the “knife” that I would be unable to eat the potato. She was not happy about this and even rolled her eyes. However she did change gloves and got another potato out of the warming drawer. This has taught me that just because a restaurant has a gluten free menu doesn’t mean that the employees know that cross contamination is a huge health risk to individual.

  41. Marion prince Reply

    I live in Canada… And I just went to Wendy’s in Huntsville, Ontario…. It was gross..The Manager wiped his head three times from sweat and the he went and started making Sandwiches… Plus no one washed there hands and no hair nets

  42. Phyllis Chasin Reply

    We have our lunch at Wendy’s every day. I am on a semi-restricted diet, and the grilled chicken wrap has served me very well. And now much to my dismay they have changed the recipe.It is no longer one that I feel I can eat safely, without problems. I wonder why you would do such a thing. I’m certain I’m not the only one who feels this way, but rather than write to complain, these people have gone elsewhere to eat, something I will probably need to do. Even if the original grilled chicken is bland to some, they could always supplement its flavor. But the flavor of this new recipe cannot be altered. Popeye’s, McDonalds, DQ, Burger King, here I come.

  43. raymond terry Reply

    Went to Wendy’s in Vandalia, Ohio. The hamburger was like eating a leather was cold, tough like it had sat for day or two. The fries were not crisp they were rubbery it was a horrible experience , I told my wife I will never go back there again. Poor old dave Thomas would be rolling in his grave..not worth 10 cents.

  44. I went to your West Edmonton location on 170th in front of Safeway and was blown away by the terrible service, so much that I walked out. Two nights in a row I have tried to go and the drive thru line up was atrocious and not moving. I decided last night after work to go inside instead of waiting in the drive thru line up. I go inside to only two people waiting for their food, someone in the back kitchen screaming in their native language and the two other staff members looked scared. A guy came out laughing and stood in front of the till, pressed some buttons and then stood there some more. So I figure he’s ready to take my order. I was wrong. I gave him my order and his response was “M’aam, to the side please”. I said ” but I haven’t paid for my order yet”. His response again was “M’aam to the side please, I am on my break”. I said “You’re on your break? You don’t look like you’re on your break. This is where you take your break”? And his reply was “Yes” before I walked out angry. Why would you allow your associates to stand at the front line in front of a till looking like they are ready to take orders if they are on their break? Completely idiotic and I will never go back to that location again. Terrible service and terrible attitudes. I hope the poor girl working back there last night gets a new job because she’s obviously afraid of whoever is running was leading that kitchen. Also, I think its ridiculous to only allow purchasing customers to fill out a survey on their experience. I had a terrible experience and did not purchase anything because of it, but am left filling out a story for all to see instead of privately doing a survey and leaving my comments.

  45. Gregory Yount Reply

    REQUEST: I was wondering if you could start making and selling vanilla frostys with bacon crumbled up in it people love bacon and frostys combining them would be delicious. Thank-you

  46. Went to the Lloydminster, Alberta location 34 degrees outside air conditioning broke. This has been down for sometime. Money saving for the owners staff are not in position complain as ALL foreign workers and afraid to say anything. Pretty darn sad!,,,Sweatshops not sure that’s not Dave had in mind.

  47. Got Wendy’s for lunch. I must say that your friies had to be the worst fries I have ever had at Wendy’s. They were not crisp and hot. They were really soft with no flavor. In the Past you had some of best fries in town. I could not eat most of them. I am very disappointed with your food.

  48. I went to Wendy’s and ordered the Asian salad and they forgot the cashews. I went to a different location today and ordered the apple pecan salad. I ordered the full size and got the half size. I am getting very discouraged about going back. Speed is nothing without accuracy.

  49. How many Wendy’s restaurants are in Costa Rica and where are they located? I can’t seem to find a list on the Internet. I live in San Jose.



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