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Contact Vodacom: Find below customer service details of Vodacom in South Africa, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new Vodacom mobile connections, billing or cancellation, internet plans, prepaid / postpaid subscriptions, or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers links and information on Vodacom products.

Vodacom Head Office
Vodacom Corporate Park
082 Vodacom Boulevard
Vodacom Valley
Midrand 1685, South Africa
Phone: 011 653 5000

Vodacom Customer Service
Phone: 082 111
E-mail: [email protected]

Other Contacts
Mpesa: 082 1082
New Products: 082 1 9326
Upgrades: 082 1959
Sales: 082 1950
Repairs: 082 1944
Cancellations: 082 1958
Vodacom World: (011) 6536530

Regional Offices
Below are the phone numbers of Vodacom offices across South Africa. Visit the website for details on locations.
Bloemfontein: 082 271 1400
Cape Town: 021 440 8211
Century City: 021  440 8211
Durban: 082  277 3511
East London: 043  721 0911
George: 044  874 5683
Kimberley: 082 271 1680
Klerksdorp: 018  462 1349/50
Mpumalanga: 082 276 8000/1
Limpopo: 082 277 5000/1
Port Elizabeth: 041  396 3111
Pretoria: 082 271 2400

Service Provider Contacts
Altech-Autopage: 0861 232 424
Altech Supercall: (011) 280 700 / 711
Nashua Mobile Contract: 0861 412 412
Smartcall: 082 241 4949
Mweb: 0860 001 177
Vodacom Direct: 082 1950 / 0821955
Gogga Connect: 0860 046 442

Vodacom Stores
Click here to locate a Vodacom shop or a authorised dealer store nearest to your street. You can visit a Vodacom office to subscribe to new services or to pay your past or current bills. Vodacom shops in South Africa can be found across major cities including Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Soweto, Port Elizabeth, Pietermaritzburg, Benoni, Newcastle, East London, Welkom, Witbank, Carltonville, Rustenburg, George, Nigel, Pietersburg and more cities.

Online Shop
Click here to access the online shop of Vodacom.

About Vodacom
vodacomVodacom was founded in the year 1994. It is a leading telecommunications company in Africa, with over 43 million customers. Vodacom provides voice, messaging and data services to customers in South Africa, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Lesotho. The company in fact was the first cellular network in South Africa. Vodacom is a market leader in mobile broadband services in all its markets with over 7.6 million active data users. It sold some 6.4 million mobile devices in 2010.

Vodacom is majority owned by Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile communications companies. In 2010, the company had a revenue of R58.5 billion. Vodacom currently employs close to 8,000 people across the country. Vodacom retained its leading positions and was rated the second most popular brand in South Africa by the Markinor Sunday Times 2009 survey.

Speaking of Vodacom’s services, it has several packages such as data price plans, prepaid price plans, contract price plans, top up plans, BlackBerry plans and Smart plans. Under contract price plans you can find packages such as 4 U Contract, All Day 100, Everyday Off-Peak, Business Call, Talk 12o, Shared Talk 1500 and more. Prepaid plans include Vodacom All Day Per Second, Per Second Plus, 4U Prepaid, Big Bonus and Day saver. Prepaid connections can be topped up at an ATM or via internet banking. For broadband, there are plans such as MyMeg 30 Standard, MyMeg 100 Standard, MyGig 1 Standard, MyGig1 Advanced and more.

On the website, you can filter phone devices of brands such as Acer, Apple, BlackBerry, Dell, HP, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsng and Sony Ericsson. Vodacom phones enjoy a range of entertainment services that include DStv Mobile, TV: On Demand, Vodafone live!, Facebook, and more.

Speaking of broadband, Vodacom offers a high-speed connection to the internet through networks such as 2.5G (GPRS), 3G (UMTS) and 3.5G (HSDPA and HSUPA), and HSPA+. Broadband Standard data bundles are available to all Vodacom Top Up and Prepaid customers. Vodacom has Internet Starter Pack that combines a 3G USB modem, 100MB of data every 30 days for one year and a Prepaid SIM card.


  1. Vodacom services are shocking very good to ensure you take the premiums but when something goes wrong no rush on their part to fix , I have been waiting for 2 weeks for someone to come out and sort out my problem and still nothing

  2. It is an utter disgrace to associate myself with Vodacom. I was a loyal customer for 21 years with 26 contracts. During the past 18 months, the service level just dropped from bad to worst. Till today I have not yet received my refund of over billing although I have terminated contracts on time.

  3. Colleen Pote Reply

    I am sick of being asked how I am by call centre operators. They do not know anything about me, and really don’t care how I am.
    The polite introduction when calling someone is to firstly identify yourself, not ask “How are you?”

  4. Audrey Ntambala Reply

    I upgraded my contract about the beginning of December 2020 before the 14day cool off period I canceled that contract just to find out that the contract was never canceled. I’ve tried numerous times to call send numerous amounts of emails. Got a call back twice which I could not answer because I was at work and still today the contract is active and now in arrears. All I want is to be done with this contract cause it’s affecting my credit score negatively. Please help me

  5. Tania Jansen Reply

    I am desperate. Vodacom is making it near impossible to cancel a contract. I have called in and cancelled my SIM-only data contract with the company on 23 December 2020. I was rold I had to give a month’s notice despite it being a month-to-month basis. I accepted this as I had no recourse to take my query further. Surprise, surprise (not) – the contract was not cancelled and the payment was once again recivered from me on 2 February 2021. I called once again and was passed from pillar to post for the next hour. At the end of this I was faithfully promised someone will call me back and rhe situation willbe resolved. This never happened. Guess what? The payment was just deducted from my bank once again. I consider the service I have received from Vodacom Customer Care to be so poor that it is indescribable and such that I would not recommend Vodacom as service provider for anyone out there. I want to know what I am to do to get reaction out of this faceless company who does not grasp the simple concepts of human interaction and service delivery? What is protecting me in this instance?

  6. Struggling to cancel a contract with vodacom.
    I phoned in December 2020 to have my 10gig data cancelled. After which they have told me it will be done. Guess what…??? They have not. I have paid for December and paid again for January. I have called again beginning of February and again the same story they will cancel it and escalate it. Still it has not been cancelled. I have phoned once again today to have it cancelled. Again they had the same story it will be cancelled and be escalated.

  7. I pre ordered a new iphone 12 the day after we could pre order. To date there has been no communication from Vodacom about the delay and the email.

    My email then reached the executive client liasion who same as call centre agents could just confirm stock would arrive next week. Which next week? It’s February
    Why do we have the option of pre order when you don’t have stock? WHY ADVERTISE THIS PHONE WHEN YOU KNOW YOU DON’T HAVE STOCK.

    This has really been pathetic customer service. No communication, nobody willing to go the extra mile and actually helps us as customers.

  8. I have been trying to cancel two contracts that have come to an end in July 2020. Up until now I have not been able to cancel the contracts with the cancellation team. I have called over 23 times to cancel the contracts since July 2020. The clock is ticking and every month the bill is escalating. I have heard that I have been handed over for collection. I am so upset and so disappointed in Vodacom that I will cancel all future contracts with them and move to another service provider.

  9. James Tennant Reply

    I agree with all the comments made. I have been trying for weeks to get an actual person on the line, all I get is an automated response, with various options none of which I am looking for.
    Somehow I managed to get an actual person on the line, and she was absolutely clueless when I started asking questions. How could Vodacom employ someone like that is beyond me. To add insult to injury, I got a call saying hello? You do not know me, if it had been a friend or colleague then you are entitled to just say hello., No identification. I asked who are you? A name was rattled of which meant nothing to me. I said why are you calling me, the response was it is about your e-mail. I said what e-mail I send many?
    it’s about your Vodacom account. Finally, if this person had identified herself and why she was calling I could have understood. Anyway she could not help me and even today I am still trying to sort this issue out

  10. Heinrich Alfred Nel Reply

    Vodacom fiber was installed on 13th March 2020,today the 18th March 2020 I have still to receive the service on fibre 10mb up and 10Mbps down that my contract specified, my best speed up till today is 0.95mb up and 0.98mb down, I have contacted 0821904 many times, they give me verbal instructions but the results are always the same, nobody will think that they should look for the problem on my side, only instructions over the phone, and no results coming forth, must I face another week without WiFi, make an effort and help your customers that are paying for a service

  11. Letty Mtshweni Reply

    For a week I am trying to cancel a subscription which i don”t even know how it got activated on my phone, but in vain. Please help. And this thing of saying you are experiencing high volume of calls is a lie, because everyday you say that.

  12. We have just received a R60000+ Bill from Vodacom, From Unauthorised carrier billing via Google Play. these transactions were not made by us, we had also implicitly stated that the service be fully deactivated in January this year ( we have records of this request) however Vodacom failed to do so and allowed the billing to continue resulting in and insanely high bill for unauthorised service . and now they fail to take any responsibility whatsoever for this. We believe our device to be compromised or hacked or somehow remotely accessed by a third party with malicious intent, surely Vodacom should have steps in place to protect their clients from these sort of things ? the banks phone us the moment they suspect suspicious transaction and do not allow them to go through without full confirmation you would think a company like vodacom would do the same

  13. I’m very dissatisfied with the service from vodacom since my number was duplicated they sims like is none of their business . I had ask them to lock the number but all fall on deaf ears.this is a real no service to me.

    • We have just received a R60000+ Bill from Vodacom, From Unauthorised carrier billing via Google Play. these transactions were not made by us, we had also implicitly stated that the service be fully deactivated in January this year ( we have records of this request) however Vodacom failed to do so and allowed the billing to continue resulting in and insanely high bill for unauthorised service . and now they fail to take any responsibility whatsoever for this. We believe our device to be compromised or hacked or somehow remotely accessed by a third party with malicious intent, surely Vodacom should have steps in place to protect their clients from these sort of things ? the banks phone us the moment they suspect suspicious transaction and do not allow them to go through without full confirmation you would think a company like vodacom would do the same

  14. Jan Luttig Reply

    I changed my Number from a corporate account to a private account 6 months ago. Now that I did a SIM swap it seems that Vodacom employees does not now how to read their screens and what to do even after they have been told 5 times by the local Vodacom outlet, that my account is actually a private account and not a corporate account. It is two days now and Vodacom have yet to update my new replacement SIM. Vodacom now requested a corporate letter to update the SIM but it is a private account.
    What is so difficult to have willing and qualified people to resolve queries even after they have been told by their shops what the situation is and that no corporate letter is required.

  15. Vodacom has the most incompetent people working for them, not one of the call centre agents situated at WNS Century City/Online dept agents has a clue how to handle a customer query.

    I bought a phone on Black Friday 2018 and received a sale confirmation WITH a reference number, the call centre agents just tell me they cant help with my order and that the product has been sold out “I was still under the time frame and Vodacom still had stock”, how can this be if I was one of the first persons to order online while there was still 23 phones left.. and I received a sale confirmation email… ?? This is a binding contract by law, which now falls under false advertisement..

    I will make a point of it to give Vodacom South Africa all the exposure they need!!

  16. Andre van den Berg Reply

    I am a Pre-Paid subscriber to the network and for a while now I have experienced that my airtime is running out very fast. I did not investigate the matter as I thought that I might have made more calls than what I thought.
    Today however, I made a call at 17h43. The call lasted for 1 minute 39 seconds and the airtime ran out. I loaded airtime (R50), and call the same number again. this time the call lasted for 5 minutes and 9 seconds. After that I checked my airtime balance, and I was shocked when I notice that my airtime balance was only R13,94. I have NOT made any other calls, meaning that this call of 5 min 9 sec costed my R36,06, relating to minutes R7,21 per minute!!!! This absolutely crazy and I need this to be addressed immediately.

  17. I have phoned in to cancel my contract, i was advised to pay a certain amount upfront which i did, i have sent 5 – 10 emails requesting to cancel my contract yet nothing has been done about it and it is frustrating and gives a bad name to cellular contracts.. i have thus moved to telkom yet nothing is being done about my cancellation

  18. Dave Allen Reply

    Vodacom Retailer above and beyond just business.
    I have just had a horrendous 3 month ordeal with Apple /Vodacom 3 months of battling with phones an reception an loss of connection – both companies did try assist, but really a slow dragged out matter. I have lost a good few thousand rands business wise and been paying contract while not having phone and not having full service – it remains to be seen how this will be fixed. Its been a bad time indeed, but I must say that the guy from Vodacom “Neville” has tried as best he could to ease my suffering an it appears my phone will be replaced again. Thank You Neville. NOW _-_ now for my Hero, a chap by the name of Gavin O Reilly “patient Gavin – trying Gavin”. I need to thank Mr O Reilly for listening an trying an retrying an retrying an phoning me back an taking my calls an not retaliating when I lost my cool an swore him his company Vodacom Apple an the inventer of cell phones. Thank you Gavin you have shared 3 months of absolute S***** with me an never complained once. THANK YOU —- I can not describe the admiration I have for your persistence in getting me sorted. Your way of doing things is a way that died out long ago, with cheap fuel and clean air. I am indebted .

  19. I would like to speak to a real human being! All nrs listed are recorded voices. Very frustrating. I have an account problem and have to speak to someone PLEASE. Talk to me. You are pathetic. What is going on?

  20. Graham Goodwin Reply

    I am enquiring as to why I am having an unauthorised deduction from my account, namely, entertainment services. Please explain and cancel from my account and refund deductions made previously.

  21. I’m very angry with vodacom, when I buy data end of the month and middle of the month the network use both data concurrently of which I feel it’s unfair because first or second data should be disabled and be used when the other is finished.I went into vodacom store and the sales person could not even explain why that happens, any clarity please

  22. I have sent numerous emails to 3 different email addresses and have have not received any response for a week now. I am currently abroad and not willing to phone at roaming costs. My serious problem is that my service is inactive and I receive otp by sms for bank transactions, which I obviously cant do now! I would really appreciate it if you will reply to my email address stated below. Thank you.

  23. The customer service from you call centre 0821945 is a disgrace. Your staff need to be trained on how to deal with customers especially customers that have been lied to and have to “You must just wait”. Since when do any staff of any company speak to a client/customer in a rude tone and use such sentences. I was always taught that a client no matter how big or small is very important to a company and they need to be dealt with respect. Always try and assist a client in a professional manner and even if you can’t solve the problem, atleast try and assist the client and try find a solution and the least you can do is FOLLOW UP and let the client know that someone is trying to assist them. Try calling the “Complaints” line…. believe it or not…. it’s the same rude people that WOULD NOT even try assist you…. better yet…call the Head Office “Corporate”.. the switchboard operator listens to your problem and then…. HOORAY….they put you through to the same incompetent people… so after spending 1hr & 47mins on the telephone at my expense…. I STILL DO NOT HAVE ANY ASSISTANCE ON SOLVING MY PROBLEM….!!!!!!!!



    An amount of R 3 340 was paid to Vodacom on 24.6.2017

    A service request for a refund on the amount overpaid was logged at Vodacom on 25.6.2017

    A follow up was done on 6.7.2017 during which Thembi (call centre) advise that the money was in my Vodacom account and will be used for future debit orders. It was explained that this was not what was requested on the 25th, so she took the bank details and advised that the money will be in my bank account within 24 – 48 hours.

    Another follow up was done on 10.7.2017 where the solutions department assisted me. The proof of payment and confirmation of bank details were e-mailed and again I was told 24 – 48 hours for the money to reflect in my bank account.

    Today is the 13th and I still do not have any refund from Vodacom – 18 days / 14 days since the first service request.

    It is very sad that when you pay your account late Vodacom doesn’t think twice to disconnect your line and charge extra for reconnection, but when you overpay they can take their time to refund.

    Vodacom is a company with no financial issues but they obviously do not care about the customers … those people who keep their company going, those people who live on a normal salary and has bills to pay!!!

  25. I have requested 14 days ago for Vodacom to unblock my phone related to Vodacom protect. After a number of calls and promises to escalate and call back, none of this happens. Vodacom, accidentally locked my phone in the first place.

    Tiresome and extremely poor service. I am paying for nothing.

  26. Mrs Comsilla Gopalan Reply

    A very dissatisfied customer having dealt with vodacom since the beginning. I am seriously considering a new mobile network. Too many and unresolved isses with vodacom

  27. Keith Hobbs Reply

    One cannot rely on Vodacom for sevice in the Hoedspruit area. Especially in Balule. Business deals worth of thousands of rands are lost due toe the poor signal strength of Vodacom. Guests from over sea are dumbstruck by the poor sevice. This going on for more than ten years. Best of all there is nobody who can answer to complaints. Another company that contribute to the downfall of our country.

  28. What is wrong with your systems? I only have data connection as from this morning. I only found out when I tried to make a call to a family member. There was this message at the top my screen; VodaCom SA ( Data connection only.) Please explain this situation.

  29. Robert Blake Reply

    Are you aware that their is no connection/ service in Palma, Mozambique now for two days?

  30. I have made telephonic arrangement for payment on account, I am still waiting for the bank accounts details to deposit money.


  31. I am still waiting for an answer please and I’d like to still receive it tonight. I ordered patterns and still need to download them tonight too. What is wrong with you systems my MSG won’t go through.

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