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United Airlines Head Office
233 S Wacker Drive Chicago,
IL 60606 United States

Customer Care
Phone: 1-800-589-5582
Phone: 1-800-538-2929 (Canada)

United Airlines Reservations
Phone: 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331)

For international travel
Phone: 1-800-538-2929

United Airlines Baggage Services
Phone: 1-800-221-6903
Fax: 1-847-700-5381
Email: [email protected]

Check-in Support

For refund requests click here

United Airlines Worldwide Numbers
If you are calling from a country other than US, click here for the phone support numbers.

Flight Status
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Mileage Plus
Earn miles every time you fly on United Airlines. To join Mileage Plus online click here
You can redeem your miles for flights, car rentals, hotel stays, merchandise, memberships and more. Call United Reservations at 800-864-8331 for more details.

– United First International Lounge: found at Chicago – O’Hare, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York – Kennedy, San Francisco, Tokyo – Narita and Washington DC – Dulles.

– Red Carpet Club – these are comfortable lounges centrally located in UA’s busiest airports. These lounges offer personalised travel assistance, complimentary wi-fi, selection of beer or wine, soft drinks, breakfast and afternoon snacks. To join online click here.

For travel worldwide on United, you may carry on one bag and one personal item. Each carry-on bag’s length + width + height should equal 45 inches or less.

United Airlines flies to Italy, France, Germany, China, Kuwait, Singapore and more. Click here for a complete list.

About United Airlines

United Airlines was founded in the year 1926 and is one of the world’s oldest and largest airlines. The airline is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Continental Holdings, Inc and has over 80,000 employees worldwide.  Currently, the airline flies to 73 domestic destinations and 41 international destinations in 25 countries, including India, China, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

Together with United Express, Continental Express and Continental Connection, these airlines operate a total of approximately 5,675 flights a day to 372 airports on six continents from their hubs. United Airlines has its main hubs at Washington Dulles International Airport, Denver International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport and Narita International Airport – Tokyo.

United Airlines is a founding member of the Star Alliance, the largest airline alliance in the world.


    64,000 miles award has been cancelled.
    I have just called customer services. I was having difficulty signing in.
    Your representative assisted me with this. However I was shocked to learn that my United Mileage Plus miles had expired. I was informed that an e-mail was sent out on Oct. 20 /17 between 7-8 PM alerting me of this.
    In addition I had booked a refundable ticket to LAX OCT 12/2017.

    I was than told by United representative that with any activity on my account, this would extend my 64.000 miles award even if I had to cancel this flight.
    TICKET : 0162367036598
    ID: 23290054
    (We did fly with Lufthansa – Frankfurt to Barcelona May 14,2018 however I was told this flight had to be before May 1.)
    1. As a loyal United customer I ask that given my not having received
    any e-mail re: Mileage expiration that my case be considered.

    2. In addition I was provided apparently erroneous information by a United representative re: booking a refundable ticket , that this would qualify as activity on my acct. and would automatically extend my mileage award even if this flight were cancelled.
    And so I ask consideration given the above information that my 64,000 mile award be extended .
    I appreciate your assistance and consideration.

  2. michael blaschke Reply

    this is about existing reservation. confirmation number is o1vh8m, from OKC to Dublin IR through Chicago. United moved flight time back 10 minutes on flight 5702 OKC to chicago, making our connection to Dublin difficult if any weather or delays happen. i tried to get an earlier flight, 3647 out of OKC to Chicago but was told would have to pay more or it was full. i just want assurance flight to Dublin WILL NOT leave without us as we are on United the whole way and if we are late, would be due to United not us. please confirm

  3. As a recent traveler on United (Eugene,OR to Lincoln, Nebraska via Denver and return I must say every flight was pleasantly smooth and on time or a little early. Your representatives at the check in counters were courteous and friendly and your flight crews, pilots and cabin crew made my wife and i feel comfortable and welcome. I have no association with United but have flown often both in the U.S. and overseas and I’m tired of reading and hearing complaints of one-sided events in which United is criticized by people reacting to one sided reports. Reis Kash

  4. Rocky Everhart Reply

    Why can’t I use my voucher to pay for “Service Fees”? Wanted to move departure up a few days, was told we had to pay the service fee in cash. $200 each for a few strokes on a keyboard seems high to me.

  5. Phyllis Scheper Reply

    My Husband and I are now both retired now and plan to travel a lot….but after seeing the video of how you treat your paying passengers as opposed to mediocre airline staff we will NEVER use your airlines. I hope others feel the same way. You are reprehensible at the very least. We will stick with Southwest as they are very kind and accommodating to their paying passengers. We find you disgusting.

  6. Robert Pierce Reply

    Cancelled flight 002 about 14 hours in advance from SIN to SFO on July 22. UA offered to put me on an AA flight through Japan that was already sold out. Offered nothing else except wait for the next day to fly. Hummm, I guess they do not understand business travel commitments. I spent over $1700 on Delta and an additional 10 hours in travel time to get home, one-way of course. Now I get a “sorry” email that offers $200 e-voucher for my troubles? Doesn’t sound like UA understands what a stranded traveler actually has to go through to just get home.

  7. Eugene Eoyang Reply

    I cannot find an email direct to UA Customer Service, and I’d like to lodge a complaint.

    We had a flight from Indianapolis to Washington Dulles (Flight 6241; Confirmation ASDR8Z. Yesterday, I tried to check in online, but was able to manage only my ticket (Seat 2A). I couldn’t access my wife’s flight because United had misspelled her name “Patricia” instead of “Patricia”.
    As a result, we were obliged to check her in at the airport, where the attendant discovered she was on standby. There was no reason for her to be on standby; she should have been sitting in Seat 2B, and I would have checked her in with no problem except for the misspelling.

    In Indianapolis, despite the valiant efforts of the attendants, we were relegated to economy status (and we boarded not with Group 1 but after Group 5, despite the fact we had first-class seats. I sat in 8D; my wife in 21B.

    This is unacceptable; we were paying for first class accommodations and didn’t receive them. (In fact, I called and apprised them of the error, hoping they could correct it, and that I would be able to check my wife in. I was told to call a toll-free number. I wrote back: “Your error; my inconvenience. Some Customer Service.”

    This is not the way to run an airline, when the carelessness of one functionary causes customers inconvenience and deprives them of first class accommodations when they were paid for.

  8. My travel confirmation number is LNQPZ5. My wife and I will be traveling to San Diego from Houston via United on March 5th of this year. We made these reservations over two months ago. When we made them we were going to have a stop to change planes in Los Angeles. I just happened to check my reservation this evening. Much to my surprise we are now routed through San Francisco. United never notified us of the change. I am glad I checked today and will check again about one week before the trip to insure that I know of any changes. I have to inform my daughter that we will now be arriving over two hours later so she can pick us up at the airport in San Diego. If this is the way United treats all their passengers, I wonder how they can stay in business.

  9. When does the power outlet starts to be on in the plane?

    I was under the impression that it should be on when the air is on ( when they start boarding passengers). Please confirm.

  10. Burchell/Francis Reply

    Due to the operation 0n 17June my wife and I were unable to use our tickets. (confirmation :A8BBQ0 and A8G3J2). We would like to fly 22Nov. and return 29Nov. PDV to SBN and return. I also have a dr. verification regarding the surgery if necessary. Thank You for your response. Frank Burchell

  11. Doug Zetty Reply

    United, I bought a flight to Peru for my minor son to attend a planned wedding who can not use the credit on filenow as the wedding never happened. She was a cheater. I have asked for your help and there is no way to reply to an existing refund request or ask for usability by me after your canned message of to bad, not transferable (he is a child). I am the one who bought the tcickes for us both…my visa! You have to look at details to see a child can not use this and it is 1500$ dollars i need to granted to use myself or be given credit back. I gave you weeks in advance notice.

    Please this is not how to treat a customer who has used you the world over.


  12. Caroline Gould Reply

    I am flying to Newark on Saturday 20th April on flight UA19 from London Heathrow. It lands at 1200 midday and then i am booked on a flight UA1708 to San Juan Puerto Rico which departs Newark at 1310pm.There are 4 of us travelling and we were wondering if we did have enough time to leave the first flight pick up our baggage,go through customs and check in again. Please could you help us

  13. Judy Bertucci Reply

    I have a 5000 mileage certificate that expires 12/31/12. Please advise how I can immediately transfer these miles to my mileage plus account before they expire. Thank you.

  14. Can you help to provide the UA number? I lost the UA number of my family members.

  15. I want my mileage credit for the flight I took on November 9, 2011 on United 555 from IAD to ORD.
    You lost my records, but I have all the records, I want my credit NOW.

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