Contact State Bank of India (SBI): Find below customer care details of State Bank of India, including the address, telephone, and email. The below contacts can be reached for queries or complaints on savings account, credit/debit card, loans, insurance, or other questions. In addition to contact details the page also offers information and links on SBI services.

SBI Customer Care
Phone: 1800 11 22 11 or 1800 425 3800 (MTNL/BSNL lines)
Phone: 39 02 02 02
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

SBI Head Office
Corporate Centre,
8th Fl., State Bank Bhavan,
Madame Cama Rd., Mumbai 400021

Regional Contacts
Below are phone numbers and email of SBI grievance cells in different states. Reach these numbers for complaints on SBI products or services.

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 1800-233-7933

Phone: 1800-425-8002
Phone: (080)25943030

E-mail:[email protected]
Phone: 1800-233-7551 & (Airtel) 1800-102-7551

E-mail:[email protected]
Phone: 1800-345-6741

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 1800-180-1723/1800-180-1724

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 1800-425-4424

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 1800 11 4545
Fax: 23361969

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 1800-345-3631

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 1800-425-3888

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1800-345-3455

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 1800 180 5201

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 1800228866 / (022)  26445525 / 26445532

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 1800-345-6100/0612-2238388

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 1800-425-4722


State Bank of India Branches
For a list of State Bank of India branches across India click here

State Bank of India ATMs
3For a list of State Bank of India ATMs click here

State Bank of India Branches Abroad
For a list of State Bank of India branches abroad click here

About State Bank of India
State Bank of IndiaState Bank of India began its operations in the year 1955. It is the oldest and largest state-owned bank in India. As of 2011, SBI had over 13,000 branches and  25,000 ATMs. The bank also posts the largest turnover as well as profits in India. According to Forbes, the State Bank of India is the 29th most reputed company in the world. State Bank of India has 131 foreign offices in 32 countries across the globe. The bank was adjusted best bank in 2009 by Business India. It’s chairman Om Prakash Bhatt was declared as one of the “25 MOST VALUABLE INDIANS” by the Week Magazine for 2009. SBI Capital Markets, SBICAP Securities, SBI DFHI, SBI Factors, SBI Life and SBI Cards are subsidiaries of State Bank of India.

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  1. Gautam saha Reply

    I would like to submit with trenchant expression that any deduction from customers’account requires to have a clear narration in sms instead of incomplete and mystic one.This would enable customers to be happy with and not to consume bank employees time further creating annoyance.

    Hope,the issue would be considered with right spirit of customer centric approach.
    Gautam Saha patron of SBI.

  2. V Mathanagopal Reply

    While availing the housing loan, I was compelled by the Branch Manager to take a SBI Life Assurance Policy with a single premium of Rs.2,00,000/-. Now after closure of the housing loan account, the original policy is not returned to me even after six months of my closure of the housing loan account. It seems the original policy is lost and the response from the branch is not encouraging at all.. They do not reply mails or respond..

  3. Feni Reply

    I regret the day on which I have applied for home loan with SBI, it has been 2 months but there has been no disbursement yet. I am stuck with them because through them my application has already gone to cibil and hence I cannot apply with another bank otherwise I would have loved to get the loan from any private bank. Please let me know if someone can help me in this matter.

  4. Heena Reply

    Worst service ever faced. SBI internet banking is worst I have made two transactions and they are incomplete amd amounts are deducted. I am facing so much problem as all their customer care numbers are also not working.

  5. RAMRAJ Reply

    I have my SBI savings account in Hyderabad Manikonda branch. I have shifted to Pune and want to change my address. I have sent a mail as well with the new address proof to the mail id given on passbook one month back. But I did not get any reply.
    Please can you help me in this regard as I can submit all the necessary document(if required) to the nearest SBI branch. But I wont be able to visit Hyderabad from Pune.

  6. SM Reply

    The email address for Bhubaneswar did not work. And the toll free numbers are all switched off. Is there a contact email or number for Bhubaneswar or otherwise to contact? I am calling from USA.
    When I try to log in, it asks me to set up a username and kit number since this is the first time I’ve used it to log in. However, when I provide the kit number in the internet banking letter sent out to me, it gsves the following error:

    Invalid kit number. Please note that the PP Kit Number is alpha-numeric and starts with an alphabet. Please verify your Kit Number and try again.
    If the problem persists, please raise this issue in the Bank’s Complaint Management System.

    Now, when I tried submitting the complaint in the above link:
    and clicked on submit, it said that the website is under construction.

  7. Bipul Reply

    This is to inform you that I have a savings account (30527670735) with your Sbi bank, Jiagang branch. I want to get sms alert facility from your banking service. My mobile number is xx. If the sms alert service is activated in my phone then i will get proper information for every cash transaction.

  8. Mantu Reply

    I want swift code. My bank Name : ADB RAMNAGAR West champran bihar (State Bank of India). So many times I requested but dint get a right response.

  9. Narayan Kathari Reply

    I have education loan. I have not yet credited any amount to bank since i got job just few days before. But some amount is been credited to my account with narration of ‘unrealised lntt r’. What does it mean? And i haven’t got any subsidy yet. Is this subsidy amount? Please, clarify me. Thank you.

  10. Raghunanda Reply

    Some one is cheating the people by opening an account in your bank and including the name of RBI and sending SMS to people. I contacted the SBI branch to complain the same over phone but there is no response from their side. Please take necessary action against the same.

  11. Barun Reply

    I opened an online savings account and its TCRN no is AC35234708. But today when I went to mission chariali SBI (Tezpur, Assam) with printed account opening form and my address proof and identity proof they said they are not authorised to open a savings account with online opening from. They said that they dont follow all the rules and regulations showed in the official website of SBI. It is showed just for advertising. They said they cannot accept it. It is unauthorised. They will only accept the form given by branch. Please take a necessary action against branch.

  12. Ranjan Kumar Reply

    I applied to tranfer my SB Acc No 3xx from SBI Madhubani (Code 0127) to SBI Shivnarayanpur (Code 5725). Due to digital mistake in branch code, my account was transferred to an unknown branch. Now even after so many reminders, they are not doing the necessary action for the correction.

  13. MRKS Reply

    I have a SBI bank account which I opened in Anna Nagar, Chennai.
    Presently I am in Singapore and I am relocating permanently to Vizag as my son is not in Chennai any more. Please let me know how I can transfer my account to a Vizag branch before leaving Singapore.
    Can SBI Singapore branch help me on this. Please advice.

  14. sree Reply

    i forgot my internet banking do i reset my password without going to bank

  15. prashanth Reply

    Your customer care is pathetic. Have been calling the Bangalore customer support team but in vain. There is no positive response on the queries posed.

  16. Ashraf Ali Molla Reply

    I have opened a SB/AC bearing NO 32082621094 in Patiram Branch under District of Dakshin Dinajpur in West Bengal.(code no 12411) with the option of ATM facilities on 13/12/2011. Unlucky, I have received no ATM card till today despite my application for ATM card on 09.03.12 & 19.04.12.
    I brought and reported the unavailability of my ATM card to the respective BM physically and over phone once again. No solution is found till now.
    I therefore request for solution of the matter so that I may get my ATM card as early as possible.

  17. shweta malhotra Reply

    I have an joint account with sbi i have forgotten my password i want to know that in joint accounts both individuals get separate user id and password if one individual is not available in india and second individual want separate password.

  18. P Rangjang Reply

    My PPF account no 11387589219 was transferred from SBI khonsa branch to Deomali branch in the month of February 2012 and new account no 32192429033 was given to me. I asked bth branches why my ppf ac no has been changed.The reply was this is the procedure in case of PPF transfer from one branch to another branch.An interest of Rs 2498 was credited for the year 2011-12 on the amount of Rs 351564 , whereas an amount of Rs 25011 was credited for the year 2010-11 on the amount of Rs 313053 .Then I asked deomali branch how it happened . They replied me that interest is calculated by the machine as they have nothing to do. I have given application to BM Deomali as suggested by him and BM khonsa as well as to AGM Dibrugarh on 30th April 2012 for necessary correction. But no any action has been taken till today.Sir. whom to approach and who is to be held responsible for such lapse as ignocent customer like me is being deprived from admissible interest/ benefit from said scheme. Iam lossing interest day to day from my hard earned saving every day.I have spoken and requested to all the concerned officers several times but fruitful result comeout. would you please resolve and settle my case .

  19. Rashmi Goyal Reply

    I have a locker in your Patel Marg, Jaipur branch since 2008. I have surrendered my locker now. They have already charged rent for the three years, now that am surrendering they are charging for another 2 years. The manager told me of some new rules. This is not fair. Please refund the excess amount.

  20. Anamika Reply

    I want to get my ATM cum Debit card cancelled. Please suggest the procedure for cancellation

  21. Sugumar Reply

    Today (26-4-12) I have visited SBI,Main Brach, Dindigul, Tamilnadu, to withdraw an amount of Rs.9000/= . the way the person talks in counter NO.2 really hurt me, and felt ashamed. I wonder how SBI could employ such persons? I have done one mistake on my side i.e. having the account with SBI while various banks are available with good services. I need explanation for his behavior why I should keep maintaining the account with SBI? I could also treat him in the same way or worst than that. But I controlled my anger and came out of the bank.
    I request you to kindly resolve this.

  22. akshaya kumar swain Reply

    I am a SBI customer since 1984 because there is no other banks available near to my native place. Recently I applied for an ATM and received it. But due to some problem in receiving of PIN, when I approached the Chief Manager of SBI, Kendrapara (0112) he, instead of helping me out asked me “what he could do”. Such type of reply from a senior bank officer may be pleased to higher authorities of the SBI, but in no case acceptable to a bonafied customer. In my views people banked upon the SBI due to its brode name and not for its service as rendered by HDFC, ICICI & UTI banks etc. The top brasses may wake up before the customer or educate their officers to be more convercent with the SBI code of conduct.

    Thanks and regards,

  23. VIJAY Reply

    I have used sbi credit card for making payment in the last month. But I regret that neither i receive the soft copy of the bill nor the hard copy. I have requested the authrities to send me the bill in time no late payment is to be paid by me. My card no ends with1204. May I request the authorities of SBI to send me the soft copy of the bill on my mail ID. My contact no has been changed.

  24. Rahul Reply

    I’m really frustrated. I was buying a product on While the payment was being made, the webpage got disconnected. Following that I got a error msg during reload. It said “Your PaisaPay debit card payment cannot be completed. Please select a different payment type”. When I checked my bank account statement, noticed that the amount was taken for the same. The amount was 3,465 Rs. I haev called the SBI customer care several times. Placed 5 to 6 tickets, but no response.

  25. reddy Reply

    I tried to withdraw money on 02/03/2012. However, the transaction failed, but still am being charge 1000 Rs. I had not withdrawn the amount due to power failure.

  26. Ashok Reply

    Is there any toll free no in working condition for sbi. i m so much depressed in trying toll free numbers is there any alternative instead of calling toll free numbers …

  27. Pramod Reply

    I have purchased Mutual fund (SBI-Contra Growth ) in year 2006 for Rs.5000/- but lost the folio no.

    It has been long time to followup with SBI-South Ex-II branch from where I have purchased the same.

    But no one is responding ..could you pls help out in this matter & share the contact detail with escallation matric to get result oriented response

  28. zubair Reply

    I was using sbi atm yesterday night. Since i didnt found sbi atm I had to approach a canara bank atm. Sadly although i didnt get the amount from the atm, Rs 6000 has been debited frm my sbi account.

  29. Amit Reply

    I already applied for my ATM before 2 months but i have not received my ATM card till now.

  30. Asha Reply

    Hi, I would like to apply for Internet Banking. My account is maintained at Trichy. But currently I am staying at Chennai. Could you please let me know if my presence is needed either to sumbit the form or at the time getting my username and password or will i get the details through postal communication.

  31. G.Lavanya Reply

    This is G.Lavanya residing in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. My Account is in FilmNagar Branch, Hyderabad. I booked my railway ticket on 10.10.2011 for Rs 348. That was my last purchase from my Debit card. I checked my statement on 15.10.2011 and i got the mini statement in that it is stated that 9 times pos purchase has been done which is not used by me. I have kept alert on my phone but i have not received any alerts for the below mentioned statement.

    We already gave a complaint to customer care executive Mr. Raghu on 15.10.2012 and Mr. Mahesh on 17.10.2011 and the complaint number is OP61302682170 and i visit my home branch (jublee hills hyderabad branch). but there is no response from them.I visited twice the home branch then they told it is used by The below mentioned transaction is done by CC AVENUE. They gave a mail id and for complaint and my self gave a complaint through mail and i am having all mail proofs to whom i gave a complaint. In that home branch they also told that this issue will be solved by the customer care centre only.

    • customer help Reply

      did you try meeting the manager of your home branch? if the bank representatives are less have all right to escalate it with the manager..

      • G.Lavanya Reply

        thank you for your response sir. can i have the manager email address. can i escalate this issue through mail or phone or directly

  32. Sonika Reply

    One Transaction for Rs. 10,000/- was made to the PNB ATM on date 13.01.2012 and the fund was debited from my account without the withdrawal. How Can I be returned of this fund.

    • customer help Reply

      place a complaint over the phone and they shall investigate the matter..

  33. Zaman Reply

    I have recently opened my account,but i have not received my ATM since last 3 month. My pin already has come to my bank. Please resolve my problem.

  34. balachandran Reply

    can you give e-mail address of sbi petta branch in ernakulam , kerala. IFS code is 12854

  35. reshmi Reply

    I’m a research scholar from tvm.I want to know the SBI training centre in Trivandrum district, Kerala,where it is situated & their major activities.

  36. Rohit Bhat Reply

    I have education loan account with SBI in Jammu but right now I am working in Pune. For tax deduction I need a certificate from the bank stating its an education loan and the amount of interest paid during the current financial. Can you please tell me if I can get that certificate from any SBI branch in Pune.

    • pradeep karia Reply

      what is the phone number to ring the main call centre from United Kingdon, The free toll number quoted on SBI site does not work from The UK.

  37. Binay kumar Pandit Reply

    I have submitted an application in your Bank but yet the account has not been transfered. contact no- xx

  38. Kumar Reply

    i want start internet banking..i have saving a/c SBI Daurala Branch..but now I live in gurgaon(Haryana).

  39. Nudurupati Srinivas Reply


    I have an account with SBI, Visakhapatnam(andhra pradesh). I want to convert my account to MODS option. How can I change my savings account to savings account with MODS option.

    Srinivas N

  40. Jerry Reply


    I forgot my online SBI password, could you tell me the quickest way to reset the same?
    I am currently out of India and not able to contact the SBI tollfree number.

    Thanks in advance.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      Click on the ‘Forgot password’ link in the site and provide the requested information. A new password will be sent to your registered address within 5 working days.

  41. Senthil Kumar Reply

    Recently I have changed my Branch from Anna Nagar West to T.Nagar. But in online it is showing my Branch as Anna Nagar west. When my branch will be changed online.

  42. Vinod Reply

    Hi…. I have account in Panchkula sec 6 branch. Now I am abroad and want to continue my netbanking from Australia by netbanking. How can I do that. What do you charge for netbanking?

  43. raman Reply

    i want a loan of rs. 1 lack on behalf of my house which values much more than it…what type of loan can i get on it..i went to the branch but they told there is no such type of loan for this.. i have MIS of 3 laks in post office its going to mature on 24th nov 2011

  44. sasikumar Reply

    iam from erode.i want to know how to use the mobile banking???as i have already got it from state bank of india..

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      please download SBI mobile app from here..once the app is will be able to easily access your account

  45. sunilkumar.a Reply

    I need house loan of 3 lakh. I have a property of 15 cent in road side. Is it possible for me for to get a quick loan.
    Pls reply with procedure.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      you can get a loan easily..visit the local branch or call the customer support

  46. rakesh Reply

    I want to have transaction rights on internet banking.As of now I have only view rights on my account and I am not able to do anything through netbanking.
    So I contacted the customer care center twice and they suggested me to contact home branch to get this transaction right.So I visited my home branch and gave one application attaching the comments from the customer care center to give me transaction rights.However the branch folks are not so technically
    aware and they spent around 5-6 hours but could not give me the rights.Also sent mails to local head office and tried calling the helpline number,but no one is picking up the phone.What should I do as I need the internet banking urgently.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      to activate this facility you need to write a form at your branch office..try visiting again and talking to senior authorities

  47. kumar Reply

    I have a problem regarding the anomalies of the withdrawal and available balance. Actually on 29-09-11 I made a withdrawal of 40000 but the remaining balance shows that 50000 have been withdrawn though the max. withdrawal was 40000. I want my money back in my account.

  48. sanjay pandey Reply


  49. vinoth Reply

    I made a transaction to ATM recently..the money has not yet reached..I placed several complaints but no response

  50. Rajesh Reply

    I have opened an acoount in sbi in uttrakhand but i did not get a atm card because i live in Delhi. The bank usually gives the pin only to the account holder. However, it is not possible for me to go to Uttrakhand to collect the card. Is there any option I have?

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      the atm pins are usually sent on post..if you have someone available at your address then it should not be a problem

  51. vikramsinh Reply

    how do i change my address online? or i have to give a proof for changing address at branch office?

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      yes you need to visit the branch and fill a form for address change

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