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Contact SingTel: Find below customer service details of Singapore Telecommunications, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new SingTel mobile connections, billing or cancellation, internet plans, broadband complaints, exStream, Hi!Card, postpaid mobile, mio TV or other questions on SingTel services in Singapore.

SingTel Head Office
31 Exeter Road
Comcentre Singapore,
Singapore 239732
Phone: +65 6838 3388
Fax: +65 6732 8428

SingTel Customer Service

>Billing Support
Phone: 1688
Phone: +65 6235 1688 (international)

>Technical Support
Phone: 1606 (local)
Phone: +65 6796 1606 (international)

>Broadband / exStream Support
Phone: 1688
Phone: +65 6235 1688 (international)

>Hi!Card & Prepaid Broadband
Phone: 1800 482 2800
Phone: +65 64822800 (international)

>Online Shop Support
Phone: 6744 6766

>Business Customers
Phone: 1800 – 763 (SME) 1111
Phone: +65 6763 1111 (international)

Locate SingTel Stores
Click here to locate a SingTel store nearest to your street. You can filter results by retail shops, customer service counters and authorised dealers. You can visit a SingTel store for new connections, enquiries on broadband plans or to make payment for your SingTel bills.

View/Pay Bills
To view or pay your SingTel bills online click here. You can pay your SingTel bills by GIRO, at 7 Eleven, at SingPost, internet banking, or by credit/debit card. Those having accounts with DBS, UOB, OCBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Maybank or HSBC can make payments from their banking accounts.

Online Shop
Click here to visit the online shop of SingTel to find best deals for mobile, internet and TV. You can find exclusive deals for iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony Ericsson phones. Prepaid users can find Hi! Card with free 5MB data, free incoming calls, free 20,000 mobile content such as games & entertainment, and affordable surfer packs. You can top up prepaid for $10, $20, $55 and more.

There are also mobile data plans with USB modems or SIM-only plans. With Priority Pass, you can enjoy priority access on your data traffic. For home broadband, you can find 6Mbps, 10Mbps and 15Mbps plans. There is exStream for speed up to 200Mbps through high speed fibre. For television, SingTel has mio TV, a pay-TV service with a wide variety of HD channels, programmes and movies. Visit the website for programme guide or channels on demand. Also you can record programmes with a single click of a button. Mio TV users can subscribe to special content packs such as sports, cricket, entertainment, astro, Bharata pack and more. For a bundled service plan, you can find Mio Home that has 3 home services including mio TV, SingNet Broadband, and SingTel Home Line.

SingTel Rewards
Earn 1 Red Rewards point for every $1 on your bill. You can later browse and redeem your Red Rewards points for SingTel services.

About SingTel
singtel-singaporeSingapore Telecommunications Limited began as a private telephone exchange in the year 1879. The leading telecommunications company in Asia was incorporated as SingTel and became a public company in 1993. Owned and operated by Temasek Holdings, SingTel has more than 416 million mobile customers in 25 countries. It had revenue of S$16,871 million in 2010. In Singapore, SingTel is the no 1 mobile service provider with 45% market share and 3.4 million subscribers. It also remains the leading broadband and fixed line operator. It’s pay TV service and mio TV crossed the 300,000 mark. SingTel employs more than 23,000 people. In the postpaid market, SingTel added 40,000 customers. At 30 September 2011, SingTel had 37,000 fibre broadband customers in the consumer and business segments.

The SingTel Group has investments in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It has offices in some 19 countries. SingTel’s subsidiaries include NCS, SingNet, SingTel Mobile, TEPL and Virgin Mobile Australia. SingTel’s services include mobile, internet, fixed line, calling cards and pay phones, security solutions, mio TV, and AMPed. Visit the website for more details.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m trying to reach SingTel customer service from overseas and would like to deal with someone by email as I have already spent hundreds of $ trying to call when no-one seems to know what to do and pass me to the next person and I wait in line listening to the elevator music while dollars roll in…
    My singtel Unlimited swop phone is locked for overseas SIM card use and Ape says only the carrier can unlock it but no-one at SingTel seems to know what to do. I am in quarantine without proper internet access due to this and I’m increasingly frustrated with the situation! Thank you for any advice or contact!

  2. Hi , I just switch to m1 fiber home board band a year ago due to Singtel’s inefficient services in responding to our requests and delay for a very long time.
    Currently because of CB, my daughter mobile bill was extremely high due to recontract
    issues. She was not able to do it online and at Singtel shops . On top of that, she tried emailing and calling to avoid over billing but failed to get any replies from SingTel.

    She finally manage to contact recently during the phase 2 period. As for the billing charges, she had to turn to technical support to get someone directly to talk to. Your customer service staff Peter Jon Ernst promised to get back to her on Friday 26 June regarding the issue but forgot to do that and called on 28 June instead, 15 mins before his knock out time.
    To my surprise, he wasn’t able to waive the extra charges. And maximum only $20. If he had called my daughter this on Friday, we would be able to cancel services with Singtel as her recontract date started on Saturday 27 June.

    As a customer, this service is so disappointing and this is totally not fair to pay for a service like this.

  3. LOL, just to add more unpleasant experience with Singtel.
    My home digital line has not been working since Jul 2019 after installation. Several attempts with Tech support did not resolve to issue… Gave up.
    Today 15 May, I called my home line supposedly mine which had not been working, the call was routed and answered by another household….What the hell is happening to Singtel…

  4. Mdm Chng Guat Choo Reply

    I will like to commend your customer service hepline staff Mona (singtel helpline contact no. 1688) for her prompt response to my enquiry n solving me problem speedily today. I was not getting anywhere when I first contacted Singtel help through using their chat line yesterday. Your online chat line contact Shirley had no understanding at all of what my query was and referred me to other singtel services which is totally unrelated to my issue. When I rephrased the query to Shirley her response was she will get her colleagues to attend to me n I will hv to wait for their response. But her colleagues were no help at all. I have no choice but have to call 1688 to speak to your customer service staff even though I had to wait for a little while for someone to answer. And I am happy that Mona picked up the call n solved the outstanding issue speedily.

  5. I would like to say a big THANK YOU again to Ms Anis, a customer service staff at the home department whom was amazing!
    She went the extra miles to assist and resolved all my issues on my One pass account login after my frustrating attempts for 5 days (I had connected with 3 customer service staff @ 1688 before chatting up with her ) just to get a copy of my latest mobile bill which I was not able to download from the email from Singtel.
    My call was route to her actually after my 3rd call to 1688 just to check on my broadband account. I was indeed very impressed she was patient, resourceful and very very helpful.
    I hope recognition will be given to her by the company for her good service attitude . She is a rare found in your organization!

  6. Firstly, I want to feedback that under this “Contact Us” page in Singtel’s website, and in the ” Nature of feedback” drop box, there are a few nature to select, even “Compliments” but there is no “Complaint”. Does it mean Singtel only takes in compliments but not accepting feedbacks on complaints?
    Now here’s my main feedback and it is actually a complaint and I have to put it under “General Enquiry and Billing”.
    On 23 Jan, I made a call to Singtel informing about my relocation of place of residence. I am a subscriber for home broadband,2 mobile lines, 1 home line. I was given 2 dates; first one on 29th Jan 2020 between 10.45 to 12.30pm. This date is for Singtel’s 3rd party contractor to check whether my new residence of stay is fibre ready? I was also told that there will be a relocation charge of around $140+ and it’s a standard charge even for subscribers. I accepted it. Another date given is 3rd Feb 2020 for Singtel technician to “turn up” the services in my residence if the place is confirmed fibre-ready.
    About 2 days prior to 29th Jan, I received a call from the Relocation Team informing me that the 1st appointment cannot be confirmed due to high ”back log” of the 3rd party contractor. This will also mean the 3rd Feb appointment by Singtel Technician cannot be confirmed as well. I was told there is now no definite date for both appointments. This is extremely frustrating! no wifi, no internet, no broadband. Seriously, this is ridiculous in this IT dominant era!

    In the end, I have to accept that appointment for 29th Jan will not happen. The laughing thing is that somehow a technician from the 3rd party contractor turns up unannounced at my door on 29th Jan. he did his test and told me my premise is fibre-ready. When I called to inform Singtel Relocation team, they were unaware and surprised as to why the 3rd party contractor says the appointment was cancelled and then now, they turned up? I am shocked with such poor coordination between Singtel and their 3rd party contractors.

    When I first made appointments with Singtel, I also called to make appointment with Starhub with regards to my relocation. I was using the services of Cable TV with Starhub. I was given the free use of their broadband services. The Starhub appointment was made for 31st Jan 2020. On 31st Jan, their Technician came and fixed up both the Cable TV connection as well as the broadband services all within 20 minutes! There are no charges for both services because I have a service contract with them.
    I am now writing and posting this on Singtel Facebook using the broadband of Starhub!

    Singtel, pls seriously think about this : I am a user of both Singtel and Starhub services. Singtel will be charging me about $140 for the relocation services and till now at this point of me writing this, the broadband is still not up. While Starhub set up and running of their broadband in my premise and is free of charge. Who do you think I would sign up with when time comes for my renewal of broadband services? It’s obvious isn’t it?

  7. I was most shocked by the horrible standard of service in singtel. My home line was down for 2 weeks. Me and my wife tried to call 1688 several times over 2 days. There was no option to speak to a customer service operator. It kept knocking out our calls.

    I was forced to use their WhatsApp service, where the agents were clueless. Once I didn’t reply to their text for few minutes, they would cut me off. I had to text again and repeat my query to the next service agent who was clueless about why I needed help. There was one service agent who kept demanding my nric number which i didn’t want to divulge over WhatsApp. When I refused he kept telling me to call 1688 and insisted that a human was manning the phone. Only after a long conversation did I realise he was from the mobile number section. How disgusting!! Time wasted. My problem only got solved after 2 weeks when they finally sent a technician who said my line was corroded and he made adjustments. Imagine when they sent the technician they insisted that I would be charged $60 if it wasn’t their problem.

    Singtel is the worst service provider.

  8. Kang Beng Seng Reply

    Happy New Year!.

    I like to comment on Ms. Syah Selamat of premier 1688.

    Honestly, I have nothing good to say about Singtel. Calling 1688 is rather pissed off!. It take at least 10 minutes to have someone on the line, if lucky!.

    I called on the 30 Dec 2019 at about noon and Ms. Stay answered. It is about my e-billing. I have difficulty in opening up the e-billing for a week since receiving it…… It is always in progress.

    Explained to Ms. Syah……she immediately went into action getting copies for me. What impressed me most….. She never stop following up till all the accounts are in and I have 7 of them!. It took more than a day…. With her last call on Dec 2019!.

    It is her attitude towards her work and this will also prove her character, professionalism and responsibility.

    My sincere thanks to her and I like to register my appreciation with the company!. Kindly do her know about this message!.

    Thank you!.

    kang Beng Seng

  9. Searched and found this Singtel feedback platform .
    Singtel seriously need to re train your entire customer service staff at West Mall outlet !
    They are arrogant , rude with indifference attitude to customers ! Poor customer service and poor service language . They are unprofessional and behave just like those in Sim Lim Tower !
    No wonder biz is isolated in this outlet comparing to opposite M1 outlet !

  10. Hi,
    I am a SingTel consumer. I would like to enquire that why there are two accounts 5502xxxx and 7533xxxxunder my address. But I only have one internet access since 4/12/19. But you are actively charging me for two accounts.
    I have called your custom service to cancel the chargeable TV programm one to two month ago, but until now, i still paying for it.
    I called custom service staff lisa this morning, but what I get from her, all are inaccurate information regarding the two active accounts.
    I really disappointed with SingTel. I would like to request an explanation on this overcharging me for past one year. And the service I enquired to cancel the chargeable tv program.

  11. Hi card users are like second class citizens when using the card overseas. Can almost never send any sms back home. At first I thought it’s my phone or some block. After checking with Singtel and after upgrading the phone – nope – it’s definitely Singtel and the hi card. Also they keep increasing the cost from $1 for 7 days to $2 for 7 days and now $2 for 5 days. Better go to competitors.

  12. Hi, I went to Singtel Comcentre last friday, 25th October around 1pm. There’s error in my earlier comment on the date, Samsung Ambassador Mr Khaw Li Zhong served me with excellent service to transfer all my contacts, media, emails, whatsapp etc. I am so grateful for his patience and excellent service. I could use my new mobile phone immediately!

  13. Dear Singtel, is it so difficult to a staff to call me and address my issues? it took almost half an hour of non stop whatapps before your staf offered to call me and when your staff’s boss called, she was 1 half hours late – call was supposed to be 8pm and I have to send a reminder at 9:30pm. And when she called, she didn’t do any investigation before calling! She basically said the same thing her colleague has been saying without investigating. Maybe you guys feel you are too big to fail and thus the complacency.

    • Frustrated Reply

      Singtel is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I have to make numerous calls to switch a homeline and nothing gets done weeks after weeks, then months after months and eventually my homeline gets cut off. We were stranded at home with an elderly person that cannot be reached. Worst kind of service and frustration to people! Never, never go to Singtel!

  14. FendiBaalias Reply

    If SG aspire to match up with developed countries like USA, EU, AU, etc, then it’s Telco companies need to improve in giving good services offerred esp. to long standing customer.
    As SG has attracted various nationalities to visit, live & work here, then, Singtel needs to better offer competitive international services.
    Recent travelling to different countries cost me about S$600 for just turning my mobile phone ON to connect to Wifi while roaming & data mobile were turned off.
    This plain RIP off. The packages Singtel has for international roaming are ones within South East Asia.
    At this rate, I will have switch to another Telco. Perhaps use a foreign Telco companies which gives better services & rates.

  15. Robert T C Ang Reply

    On 8 Aug, I recontracted my line to pre-order a Note 10+. I soon realised I chose the wrong colour and requested a colour change. I was told my sale agreement 104275004 would be cancelled and I could then pre-order again.
    After 5 days without contact from Singtel, I called to check if the cancellation had been put through. A Mr Segar confirmed it was not done yet. I then told him not to cancel the agreemen and that I would accept the first colour and sale agreement and he confirmed it would be done. I asked him to send me an sms to confirm it but it never came.
    Two days later, I received a call from another agent (Ms. Relene or Renene) who advised that my first order was cancelled and I could proceed to pre-order again. I was flabbergasted but left with no choice, so I pre-ordered again with a different colour (Order #106224160).
    I now realise that on my second pre-order, my data allowance was reduced to 30+10 Gb instead of 30+20Gb in my first pre-order for the XO 78 plan I selected. I feel cheated, more so because the first order was cancelled despite my withdrawal of the colour change. It also puzzles me why a plan benefit is changed in the middle of a phone promotion. Also, why can’t a colour change be accomodated more smoothly without having to cancel and re-order? Surely a simple addendum to the sale agreement would suffice!
    I have been a very long customer of Singtel with fibre and tv services too and find this treatment so disappointing.

  16. This month, i notice my monthly bill went up from $179.90 to $199.90. I’ve chked frm prev bills that it was due to my Fibre Home Bundle. I tried called 1688 but there is no way i could get tru to any “customer care” pple. I want to knw what is the reason for the increase n if there hav been changes in the rate, why no pre-warning had been given.

  17. Toh Peng Yong Reply

    I have been calling your Hi-card Hotline & 1688 since yesterday until just now, but your system keeps repeating and I never got chance to speak to your customer service officer. Why Singtel provide such a poor service? I would want someone to call me back to clear my enquiry urgently and call me back today 11/08/19 before noon.
    Please take my feedback and request seriously. Thanks.

  18. I would like to share my bad experience with Singtel. Subscribe a new no with Singtel on 5 Aug 19.
    1) Informed friends and customers my New # on 6 Aug 19. After that I tried calling this new # and guess what!!! A guy pick and confirm the # given to me already used by him!!!!!!!

    2) Call Singtel 6 Aug and they confirmed the # given to me actually were actually used by some one! How the hell this can happed???!!!
    3) They ask me to chose a new # which I choose it on 6 Aug evening and till now 8 Aug I my new # are still not able to activate.

    If this is so difficult to change PLEASE LET ME MAINTAIN MY CURRENT #.

    Am really disappointed with singtel unprofessional handling this case!

  19. I’m very disappointed with Singtel service. I’ve cancelled my Singtel broadband 3 months ago through their hotline 1688. It was confirmed but I still receive bill charging from Singtel. I called again and confirmed my account was cancelled. But I still receive monthly bill from Singtel including late fee.

    What can I do to let Singtel update their system?

  20. I filed a police report 1.5 years ago on an ex-employer fraud and cheat Singtel for 6 iphones delivered to a phantom company address, under my company letterhead, fake email and forge my signature. During that time, Singtel deliver the 6 iphones to the phantom address under her instruction and continue to bill to the address. Somehow, only 6 months later after default payment and charges on early termination, Singtel then revert the bills to our registered address, then we know of this crime. We are a loyal corporate customer to Singtel with 15 mobile lines (bearing same suffix in last 4 digits) aside business lines and broadband. I dont know why Singtel did not verify the incorrect address instructed and email or a hp of contact at that time. NOW, 1 yesr past and we cannot make changes to our plans and was told by customer service, the directors (in personal name) and all accounts hold by Company is block. We cannot do anything to our lines, even some with low plan cannot be upgraded. We are now stuck. How Singtel higher authority can investigate and help on this? We cannot be blamed for the forging case. Another telco whom the culprit did similar act, did not pursue and they note police is handling the case. We are not penalised. So why there is no flexibility on Singtel side? Start from neglience on verifying address, signatory, email. We had ask proof from Singtel on who signed receipt on the 6 iphones at the address Singtel deliver, no one can give me proof of delivery and I think company rubber stamp was not used at endorsement. We are very fraustrated on how Singtel affirm ‘the outstanding sum of $10k) not paid, means we are barred from any plans changes… Yet, we still continue to pay monthly for the 15 lines subscription, some iOne and unused numbers. I need Singtel to give a solution, not just block off our services and insist we need to pay in full for the outstanding as filed in police report. Thank you.

  21. This is supposed to be a big regional public listed company that collects on a “cash” basis for its services rendered, but takes a ridiculously long time to refund any credit in your account when one of your services was terminated. Everytime, if you manage to talk to the custoner service officer, some new requirement always crops up such that the refund is delayed. Till date, I’m still waiting for the refund cheque for more than 2 months already.
    Once you have gone thru this experience, you wouldn’t want to consider subscribing to their services anymore

  22. Tan Ngin Heng Reply

    I am a new SingTel TV and Internet Customer, recently migrated from StarHub. I thought StarHub service was bad. Singtel’s is very much worse. I regret having signed up with Singtel. I am now a very upset and frustrated Singtel customer.
    I got my new Singtel TV and Internet installed on 3 May 2019. But till now, despite numerous phone calls to the technical dept, and one home visit by a technician, my phone is still not working. My phone line and number is still using the StarHub network, and Singtel is unable to port over my existing phone number from StarHub to Singtel network. I really cannot understand why this is so difficult to do. So now I am still paying both Singtel and StarHub for internet services because I cannot terminate my StarHub internet as I still need to have my house phone working.
    I expected the phone number to switch over from the day Singtel installed the internet services on 3 May2019, but it didn’t work till today. And they tell me it requires a few more days to resolve the problem. This is unacceptable. Is Singtel going to compensate me as I have to pay both Singtel and StarHub for internet services concurrently.
    It is really mind boggling. Never expected such bad services from Singtel.
    Potential customers, be warned !!


  23. I would like to compliment on a customer service officer by the name of ‘Feye’ .
    I have a issue connecting my network after processing of my re contract on 6/5/2019.
    I seek for assistance from dailing 1688 and being assisted by this officer ‘Feye’ .
    Her prompt response is very well appreciated .I got the issue fixed within 1-2hrs .
    I hope this lady can be recognised by the company and retained such good service provider . Thanks !

  24. I am very disappointed with Singtel service.
    I am in oversea and contact by their facebook. The same questions be asked by different person.

    Calling them is wasting time and money. Unable to get email address from their customer support.

    You cannot find their email address in the website.


  25. lim chee kiang Reply

    Before Chinese New Year I went to Singtel to change my broadband service from Starhub to Singtel. Up till today this has not been done. What is worse is that my home line has been cut off for days. As I travel overseas frequently, my wife has been calling Singtel to try and solve this problem. The first time (last week) she called the person answering the phone tried to push the responsibility away. Later the same day someone from Singtel called to say this problem will be resolved quickly. It’s been days since this call and the home line is still not working. My wife called again today and was told I need to call in person (I am overseas). My wife informed that I will make the call in person upon my return tomorrow and asked that the message be conveyed regarding the urgency to restore the home line. The response she received is that nothing can be done unless I call in person. Please note my wife is not asking for revelation of personal information over the phone, she merely provided my IC number and asked for feedback to be given regarding the poor service. It is essential for the home line to work as it is the only means for my mother-in-law to contact us when there is an emergency. I am writing this as an official complain about the extreme poor service quality, and requesting that this matter be attended to as soon as possible.

  26. TEO HOCK HYE Reply

    I have been paying my Bills via cheques and post.
    You have been providing me with BRE for times immemorial.
    Suddenly you have stopped because of the green issue.
    As a senior citizen and retiree, I would like to continue receiving this facility.
    Can you please send me the BRE to pay my outstanding Bills.

  27. I would like to share my bad experience with Singtel. Hopefully someone in charge can have the chance to look at this and improve the service to benefit others.
    My wife signed a new line with Singtel at Clementi Mall on 17 Jan 2019. on the same day, we realized the line was not activated. We thought the SIM card was not placed correctly or something wrong with our home Wifi. Until Saturday (19 Jan), we could not solve the problem and went to Clementi Mall Singtel shop in person. the staff investigated for almost an hour and told us that there was a system error. The contract was “on-hold” and she would write to a specific department to solve the issue which can only happen in weekdays. we left our contact and emphyzied the urgency of getting the issue solved. On Monday (21 Jan), we called the hotline 1688 to check the progress. The lady was very nice to help and follow up, unluckily, the issue was still not solved by end of the day. Tuesday, Wednesday, never hear anything from Singtel. on Thursday, I tried the online chat, after telling me that some agent already urge the respective department to solve the issue, that was end of the conversation. it is so unfair that the customer bear the inconvenience caused by the system error of Singtel, right? if the error cannot be solved forever, we need to wait forever? the service is very disappointing. when I raise the issue, it sounds like nobody cares. We cannot even cancel the service because we already signed. but what kind of service we have been receiving? Really hope Singtel can give us an answer.

  28. Lee Wai heng Reply

    My land line was cut off. What is singtel doing about it. SingTel said I can retain my land line tho I terminated my broadband account.
    How Long do you want it.? Hope it’s not a joke.

  29. Hans Anderton Reply

    5 Points to take note when contacting SingNet.

    1. Singtel front line is polite but your request will amount to nothing.

    2. Singtel staff go by the book of their company policies. If they are unable to reason with you, they will quote,”This is our company policies.” What I do not understand is that when you sign the contract with them, you are not highlighted by their “company’s policies”. So beware of these “company policies” because it can be expanded overtime without your knowledge.

    3. Singtel claimed they have the rights to your router. What is puzzling is that when your contract expired, the router is left is with you and it is your property until you re-contract with them again. It is advisable to switch between telcos then to be loyal to one.

    4. Beware of Singtel exchanging router with you. If your router is a better model, please figure a way to solve the problem. More often than not, the router is never the problem. Singtel is eager to exchange router with you. The router given by Singtel is cheap and lacking in a lot of features. Please note that it is not their policies to return the old modem to you.

    5. If you happen to complain to Singtel about the router, they will advised you to purchase a better one else where. What they are lacking in understanding is that the main objective of signing with them in the first place is that you hope to have a faster and secure fibre connection. You can’t achieve that without a better router.

  30. Singtel account no. 53619882 & account number 25133527

    For a monthly fee of S$55.98, I signed up for a 24 month home digital line under account number 53619882.

    As part of the promotion of its services Singtel provided free netflix for 6 months. I was assured by the salesperson that this service could be terminated at no cost.

    Sometime in February 2017 I called up Singtel helpline and instructed that the MioTV and the netflix service were to be terminated.

    Until the end of 2017 Singtel continued to bill me not only for the S$55.98, but the MioTV and netflix services, and I have been paying the full amount billed. I ended up paying in excess of S$100 per month.

    Until the end of 2017, I ended up paying Singtel far more than what I should have been billed and paid.

    I have subsequently called called up Singtel’s helpline to remind of the termination of services, but was constantly stonewalled by the customer service officers. There was no proper response to my request for a proper account of the amount actually due from me and what I have paid remain. What was supplied was the supposed net sum due from me, which I dispute.

    None of the Singtel officers I contacted denied that I have instructed to terminate the MioTV and netflix services in February 2017.

    Because I refused to further make payments to Singtel’s unreasonable billings, my wifi was terminated. Singtel also arbitrarily transferred the total amount due from me under account number 53619882 to account number 25133527.

    I refuse to pay Singtel the amount S$888 under account number 25133527.

    The reasons are as follows:

    1) I should only have billed for S$55.98 a month for services under account number 53619882, from February 2017 onwards;

    2) Singtel has been negligent and/or malicious in representing that the Netflix services were terminateable, and subsequently had not terminated them.

    I am a helpless customer who has been subjected to misrepresentation and bullying by Singtel;

    3) I have given the proper instructions and reminders about the termination and proper accounting of monies actually due from and paid by me; thus far Singtel has not complied;

    4) I dispute Singtel’s ability and properly to transfer the sums from account number 53619882 to account number 25133527 – Singtel has no basis to do so as the sum is not legitimately due from me;

    5) I dispute that I owe Singtel a total of S$881.74.

    I hereby request and instruct Singtel to:

    1) Properly account for the sums due and already paid by me under both account number 53619882 and account number 25133527;|

    2) Refrain from terminating my handphone services under account number 25133527, or do anything to disrupt it until and unless the accounting has been made, and the dispute between Singtel and me has been properly settled;

    3) Compensate me for the wrongful termination of my wifi services.

    Competition Commission of Singapore

  31. I had just purchased a Hi Card. However, when I insert into my phone, it is unable to locate the Singtel network. It give the Telkomsel net work instead even though I opted for manual select. Please help.

  32. Tan Seng Khoon Reply

    Hi! I have received sms from singtel on my Pre-paid card(98065065) special bonus promotion if I top -up my account before 30/6/15 to enjoy a $6 special bonus to my bonus account if I made a $10 topping up but yesterday I only received top up of $2.50. Why is this so cos I was informed there is a additional higher top up to my special bonus account.

    Can somebody clarify this matter whether this promotion is just a gimmick??


    Disappointed customer

  33. Hi I am writing regarding my outstanding payments.
    I told the customer service staff that I can inly pay one payment on the 25th very month but I will pay slightly more each time to cover up for the late payment! And the staff agreed!

    And yet the day before yesterday I received this msg from singtel…

    ” Your instalment/bill for SingTel a/c 18049124 is due on 10 Apr. To avoid disruption of services, please pay $141.00 by due date at SAM, AXS stations, 7-11 or SingPost.”

    After speaking to the staff why am I still receiving such a msg!!! This is very annoying because its not easy to talk to a customer service officer we got to wait so long on the phone. We may have forgot the payment due to busy schedule but won’t run away with it…

    I have 4 lines with singtel currently and have been with you all for years!!! And I get such a service frustrated!

  34. I am currently using a Starhub postpaid mobile and would like to switch to Singtel prepaid with out loosing my mobile number. Is it possible to do so? if yes, what is the procedure I need to follow?

  35. I have subscribed Singtel’s MIO TV/MIO HOME since October 2011. I am not satisfied with the services that your company has provided me.

    MIO TV has been giving me problems since it was installed. While I was watching MIO TV’s program, my television screen will suddenly blackout on its own and sparks appear from the HD SET Box cabling. Thereafter your technician changed the HD Set box and that particular problem resolved. After that other problem occurs. Sorry to say that the MIO box takes ages to startup. In the midst of watching the program, the television screen freezed and hanged there. Thereafter I have to off/on the switch to resume it again. It has been lagging from time to time. It took ten months or more to solve my problem with 5 to 6 onsite troubleshooting by your technician. They changed all possible components like DSL Modem, HD-Set box, cables and transformer. The MIO TV is so much better after the technician changed the transformer this year in January 2013.

    Another thing I will like to bring up is the customer service helpline. I made numerous telephone calls to your customer service helpline. The telephone line is always busy. Once the line was cut off while I was waiting to be transferred to the technical service team after a long wait just to talk to a customer service officer.
    And also, call was directed to voice mailbox after having waited for 20 minutes. Then I was told to leave my name and contact number and they will get back to me soon.

    It’s always takes me 10 to 15 minutes just to get to talk to a customer service officer. When I finally managed to talk to a customer service officer, he/she would transfer my call to another to help me on my problem. The longest time I experienced was an hour or so just to get to talk to a technician. After long explanation, they told me they will need to check with their supervisor on my problem and the waiver of my bill then revert back to me. I have waited for more than 2 weeks, no one call back to tell me on the outcome. But without fail every month, I will receive an invoice to ask me for payment together with late payment charges. I have gotten no solution, no reply and no service from Singtel and yet I got to pay for your SERVICE. The MIO TV and MIO HOME line have been cut-off

  36. Timothy Young Reply

    I’m using Singtel Topup card Hot55 which have call & sms value of $40.00 but the cash amount disappear within 1 wk plus of usage. I’ve even bought another new topup card but still it happen again. Whenever I make a call or receive one, the system will always sms me my balance amount. Then one fine day when I need to make a call then it sms that I have only few cents left so can’t make any call.

    Can anyone help????????


  37. Trevor Howard Reply

    i have singtel broadband at a new condo (6 months old) and the service is shocking. Despite dozens of excuses they (Singtel) cannot provide my home with sufficient and consistent hi speed coverage for my social let alone my business needs. The contract i have is a 6Mbps/MIO TV/Tel, which should be more than enough for my simple requirements. The connection works fine at or near the TV/Modem but disappears when you exceeed about 4 mts distance. My home office where i really need a hi speed connection is almost non existence despite back feeding through the new network cabling in the aptmnt and using Aztec Home plugs to get some kind of signal (at my cost). I have now had 8 seperate visits from so called technicians and experts (joke) and i still have the worst connection i have ever experienced and that includes spells in Jakarta and KL. I am totally disappointed in Singtel, their idea of customer service is to send people around, make lots of calls but do absolutely nothing. Unfortunately from what i have seen so far the competition does not seem any better. How will Singapore compete in the hi speed interconnected world if the best they have cannot give me broadband in my home???

  38. Do send out business reply envelopes for all bill payments! Some clients prefer to pay by cheques.
    Pretty suprised that singtel doesnt practise this! It is a standard procedure for all companies should attach a business reply envelopes when posting a bill payment.

  39. Your customer service needs to be improved. Your products no doubt are great, but help seems far. Support for many of the services is absolutely frustrating. Please please invest money for improving it.

    Your Wellwisher!

  40. I would like to pay my statement bill by GIRO.. H do i obtain the ness forms??

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