Contact Singapore Airlines: Find below customer care details of Singapore Airlines including address and phone. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links of Singapore Airlines. You can reach the below contacts for queries on new reservation, reschedule or cancellation, baggage assistance or others.

Singapore Airlines Head Office
Airline House
25 Airline Road
Singapore 819829

Singapore Airlines Customer Service
Phone +65 6223 8888
Fax +65 6786 6947

Singapore Airlines Service Centre
2 Orchard Turn
#04-05 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
(above Orchard MRT station)

Changi Airport Terminal 2
# 026-025
Departure Hall (Level 2)
Singapore 819643

Lost and Found
Lost & Found Services
Level 1, Arrival Hall
Passenger Terminal Building 2
Changi Airport
Singapore 819829

Phone 1800-2244243
Email [email protected]

Flight Status
To check your Singapore Airlines flight status click here

Flight Schedule
To check your Singapore Airlines flight schedule click here

Manage Booking
To manage your booking click here

You can now check-in from the airport, through internet and even through mobile. Click here to Check-in through mobile.

Counter Check-In – At Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 and 3, customers can check in up to 48 hours before flight departure with their baggage.

Internet Check-In – Internet check-in is available 48 to 2 hours prior to flight departure. Customers only from the below given destinations can check in online.

Singapore, Colombo, Melbourne, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, Bali, Manchester, Sydney, Adelaide, Frankfurt, Manila, Taipei, Amsterdam, Fukuoka, Milan, Tokyo-Narita, Athens, Guangzhou, Moscow, Tokyo -Haneda, Auckland, Hanoi, Nagoya, Zurich, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Osaka, Riyadh, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Paris, Beijing, Istanbul, Penang, Brisbane, Jakarta, Perth, Cairo, Kuala Lumpur, Rome, Christchurch, London and Seoul.

Earn Miles
When you fly on Singapore Airlines or SilkAir, you could earn up to 325% of actual miles flown. To maximise your miles click here

Weight allowances for checked baggage are as follows. Visit the website for more details:

First Class: 40 kg (88 lb)
Business Class: 30 kg (66 lb)
Economy Class: 20 kg (44 lb)

Singapore Stopover Holiday
Enjoy a stopover in Singapore starting from US$33 for hotel accommodation.  The package also includes return airport transfers, unlimited rides on the SIA Hop-on bus, complimentary admission to major attractions and vouchers for dining in the city.

The airline’s Silver Kris Lounges are open to Singapore Airlines Suites, First Class and Business Class passengers.

About Singapore Airlines

singapore-airlinesWith one of the world’s youngest fleet, Singapore Airlines is a leading travel brand in South East Asia and South Asia, operating from its main hub at Singapore Changi Airport. Founded as Malayan Airways in the year 1947, later changing its name to Singapore Airlines in 1972, the airline was in 2010 ranked 27th on Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies.

Singapore Airlines currently flies to about 99 destinations in 39 countries. The airline was the first in the world to operate an international commercial flight across the Pacific Ocean. It was also the first to operate the world’s largest aircraft, the A380, on 25 October 2007 between Singapore and Sydney.

SilkAir, Tradewinds Tour and Travel, SIA Engineering Company and SIA Cargo are some of the subsidiaries of Singapore Airlines. Incidentally, the company has a 49% shareholding in Virgin Atlantic.

Singapore Airlines has received several awards for its excellent in-flight service and entertainment, food and beverage offerings, ground services, safety and corporate management. Singapore Airlines is one of the seven airlines to be ranked as a 5-star airline by Skytrax.

Recent Awards (2010):

– During the year, Condé Nast Traveler named Singapore Airlines the “Best Global Airline” for the 22nd time.
– Fortune Magazine ranked the airline 27th in its “Top 50 World’s Most Admired Companies” survey.
– Global Finance Magazine of the US named the Airline as “World’s Best Global Airline” and “Best Airline in Asia”.
– In Denmark, the Airline was named “Best Intercontinental Airline” for the 4th time at the Danish Travel Awards.
– In the Asiamoney (Hong Kong) Travel Poll 2010, SIA was voted “Asia’s Best Airline” for the 14th consecutive year.

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  1. Evelyn Ong Reply

    Re: Damaged baggage PERSQ10354

    I wish to share my recent unfortunate experience with Singapore Airlines.

    I flew from Toronto to Singapore in January 2018. From Singapore I flew to Perth for 8 days vacation. On arrival in Perth, I found my bag was damaged. I filed a claim and after sending photos of my passport, boarding pass, luggage tag and filling in a check list of questions, I was asked by dnata Baggage Services, Australia, to send my bag to their repair centre in North Perth. I explained I was a tourist and on the move and not familiar with their city. Then, they offered to send the damaged bag to Toronto Pearson airport. They suggested that on my return to Toronto, I collect said bag and bring to one of their repair centres in Canada. I explained this was not practical as I do not drive and doing this would involve taking a cab and and cab fare with no guarantee the bag could be repaired. So they said they would collect my bag and take it to their repair centre in North Perth. Don’t know why they couldn’t do so in the first place. They collected the bag on the morning of my flight from Perth back to Singapore. About a week after I got back to Singapore I emailed to ask about the status of my claim. Dnata asked if their repairer had got in touch with me. I said no. Do they not communicate with each other? Then came the answer that their expert repairer determined my bag was damaged beyond repair and they offered to send me a new bag. I had to explain once again that I had to buy a new bag in Perth for the return flight to Singapore and so do not need a new bag. Subsequently, I was offered a one time reimbursement of Aus$120 and was asked to confirm I had an Australian bank account. Once again I explained I was in Perth only as a tourist but could give them my Canadian bank details once I got back to Toronto. The reply I got was that it would be tricky sending funds to a Canadian bank as they do not have an office there! Hence, they would arrange for their colleagues in Singapore to arrange the payment of SDG124. I was assured someone would contact me before my flight leaves Singapore on Sat. 18 March. I reminded them I would be checking in on Friday evening as the flight leaves at 01.10 am Sat. No one from the SIA office in Singapore contacted me. I am now back in Toronto. I’ve sent off 2 emails to request a response and till today, nothing from SIA.

    This whole experience has been a nightmare and it seems that SIA, its subsidiaries and its baggage services do not communicate with each other. Their delaying tactics and the 20 emails going back and forth have been going on for almost 5 weeks without any resolution. I still have not received the compensation SIA agreed to pay me. To say I am deeply disappointed with such INCOMPETENT and POOR customer service is putting it mildly!

  2. Randy Bonardt Reply

    I am a frequent traveler of Singapore Airlines, but I lost my trust when my precious luggage was broken its wheel.It seem they don’t care their passenger/ customer at all. My returning
    flight from Cebu to Singapore to Dubai,last January 20-2018. When I claim my luggage in the luggage ramp, Its already broken and it breaks my heart and trust.


  3. Richard B. Jacob Reply

    I am a former PPS traveller on SQ and saw the recent changes in the services. “Its not what it used to be”. However in my last flight SQ916, 22nd Oct, seat 38C,my impression was changed from the very pleasant atitude of Stewardess Ms. Shyet Teng.
    Lately, crew tend to “not see” you when you need assistance with baggage or seating. It seemed that Ms Teng was the only one working this cabin which was part of a full flight. She was constantly working the section plus saw to the needs of both aisle.and frankly we never say either a leading stewart/Stewardess or IFS.
    She brought back the OLD Sing Air service. I thank her.

  4. David Abellà Reply

    It was 11th of April 2017 and after many times trying to book a flight from Barcelona to Singapore through Singapore Airlines site I gave up because the “Just a moment we’ll take there soon” was unbearable.
    It seems quite impossible to deal with it, I’ve bought many times online tickets but “maybe” that was not my lucky day.

    Finally, I purchased two tickets from Barcelona to Singapore with Singapore Airlines. This is my booking number VQP6E9. I DID BUY TWO TICKETS from 3rd of June till 23 of August through an online “company”. Unfortunately it turned out to be a scam, I got two plane tickets with the wrong month on my way back. Later I sadly found out that this is quite common.

    How can Singapore airlines let fake companies to sell tickets on their behalf? It is outrageous!
    I did my work and on Monday 29th June I contacted the Singapore office 6223 8888. I was kindly request to contact which is impossible, the contact number they provide does not work. But I was asked to give my phone number so somebody would contact me from the Singapore Airlines office in Barcelona. Staff there are just useless, they did not provide any kind of solution and I was kindly asked to call the Amsterdam office cos is supposed to be there (they were so unprofessional that gave the fax number instead of the phone number…).

    At last, I could talk to somebody reliable working for Singapore Airlines. I was told that I would have a chance to change my tickets but for just doing it I was going to be charged around 500 US dollars (not including the plane ticket fare…) but at least I got an answer…

    How can Singapore Airlines let anybody deal with people’s holidays and dreams?
    How can it have such a bad costumer service in Barcelona?
    Can you imagine buying a new Honda car at a Suzuki car dealer?

    It is the most surreal thing that I have encountered after more than a decade travelling around Asia.

    I expect very little or nothing from Singapore Airlines because it is proved that it helps to scam costumers by authorising online “so called travel agents”.

    I got hotels booked and I have a flight from Penang to Bangkok on 21st of July because I thought our holidays would last two months and not one. By the way, it was really easy to book a flight from AirAsia. What is the difference between your site and theirs?


  5. Lydia Reply

    Just because SIA is one of the top airlines in the world, does that gives SIA the right to send unsolicited marketing emails ? Does SIA even know it is illegal ? The email does not even have an Unsubscribe link. Very disappointing.

  6. Sha mol Reply

    Dear sir / Madam
    At the check in counter at Delhi airport I was served with a smile by Mansimrau.
    He was very polite and it was a good start to my journey back to Singapore on sq401 on 16 March.
    Seat No 36
    Et No 618112796075001
    After along time I flew Singapore Airlines and I was sure it would be very pleasant journey.
    As I stepped in I requested the stewardess I think her name was Courine that I would need some help to put my bag up.she did not pay attention to what I said and just ushered me in.
    Then I requested a passenger for help.
    On the aisle there was some commotion as a couple of stewardess were there and one of them was probably carrying her own bag.
    I also noticed that none of them had a smile on their face.
    Even at the entrance the stewardess did not greet.
    That was not all.
    When the meals were served there was some confusion.
    Two Indian women in front of me were wrongly served non veg meals though they had requested veg.
    I had not ordered a special meal but I was being served a special meal. The stewardess looked confused.
    It took them a very long time to clear the food trays though flight was not full. They took extra long time.
    As I had not ordered a special meal I took the lamb obtain. As I did not fancy the dessert I asked for the Indian vermicelli dessert but they did not have extra.
    The lamb mince meat had a lot of fat though it was good.
    Later I went to ask if they had Salty biscuits or chips as I suffer from low blood pressure and at times need to eat something salty but they had none only sweet biscuits.
    While I was talking to the stewardess I flicked my shawl behind without realising there was a stewardess behind me with a coffee
    Though nothing happened the stewardess I think it was Courine made it a point to say that I flicked my shawl meaning the coffee would have spilled though it was not necessary to say anything as nothing happened. Instead she could have said take care or something to that effect.
    I am extremely disappointed and really expected much better.
    I hope you will look into the matter.
    Thank you

  7. Lim Poh Seng 96611561(M) Reply

    My wife and I returned to Singapore from HK via SQ 863 yesterday (17 Jan 2016) evening. The A-380 overshot the parking lot by 1/2metre on arrival and so the aerobridge could not dock with it. All passengers on board had to wait for 40 mins before it was pushed into its proper position by a the tow truck to allow the aerobridge to dock with. Throughout this incident, the apologetic pilot made 3 announcements in English about the cause of the delay and what was being done. From the communications point of view, I thought it was clear and adequate. However unlike all other familiar announcements in various languages that are made for standard situations while we are on board there was no announcements in the various languages about this unusual incident either by the pilot or any other member of the crew. I could sense the frustration and unhappiness of many non-English speaking passengers. They were at a loss and speculating about the reasons for the delay. I was disappointed that the pilot or the chief steward did not find it important and necessary to communicate with the passengers and to keep them informed about this mini crisis. Fortunately, the passengers were patient and understanding. They should be kept well-informed. SIA should not take this for granted.

  8. G.Kaur Reply

    One of the WORST ground staff of SQ anywhere in the world is operating their own personal agenda at the Mumbai International Airport.

    When I flew from Singapore to Mumbai in July 2016
    (Economy class), my luggage was 33 kgs.

    On the 3rd of September 2016 I flew in SQ421 from Mumbai to Singapore. The LADY manager of SQ ground staff stopped my luggage and told me to pay for excess of 5 kgs. Stating I’m only allowed 30 kgs on Economy and I had 35 kgs in total. All this was forced on me when she saw my RED PASSPORT. Other passengers on Economy in front of me were “Let off” with EXCESS luggage just cause they had “Local Passports”.
    The LADY manager was overheard by my friends , telling her staff in HINDI ” So what? She’s a Singaporean. If she can afford to buy it , Let her pay for it” !!
    And when I confornted her with this…..she just ignored me and pretended to be taking on her hand phone.
    The question was NOT about the money , BUT about being racially profiled for being a Singaporean.
    Not wanting any further problems with the SQ ground mafia, I paid for the extra luggage and went on my way.

    But worst was still to come. At the Changi Airport….my luggage never came on the belt and after filling a complaint with SQ , left for home.
    The next day I get a call from SQ saying that my luggage was put all the way back and not with other passenger luggage and they had to PHYSICALLY go and find my luggage. When I asked who’s fault it was ?
    The SQ staff member at Changi informed me very clearly……It’s the fault of SQ staff at Mumbai airport.

    They with malice and with the purpose of making me suffer did this.
    Fortunately for me , I received my luggage delivered to me at home the next day.
    But Never Again will I ever fly with my own countries national carrier.

    This is just to inform SINGAPORE AIRLINES, that further legal action is being explored by me for the harassment I suffered mentally and the embarrassment caused to me.

  9. Melanie Evans Reply

    Why cant I find a contact customer care email address for Singapore Airlines in Singapore, I do not want to visit or call, how can this be so difficult. Then when I enquire, I’m told my query is too short???

  10. Terence Teng Reply

    I will be travelling to Maldives during the month of April 2016 and I intend to hand carry a Drone (Phantom 3) on board. Like to know the SIA rules and regulation regarding Drone to be hand carried onboard.

    Best Regards,
    Terence Teng

  11. Pauline ng Reply


    I would appreciate your help in handling the tax refund. My son had booked a return ticket from HK to Istanbul via Singapore. The fare was HK$5,200 plus tax HK$2,830, total is HK$8,030. Unfortunately he had an accident one week before the departure, he was forced to handle his trip and had informed your airline for this cancellation one week prior. Recently, we received a note from our travelling agent that your airline will only refund the tax HK$309 to us which I don’t think this is reasonable. We had never used the airport and did inform you for the cancellation. I would like to your help to investigate this case. Please may directly contact me thru email. Appreciate your feedback.

    Flight SQ865 / SQ392 dd July 17th from HK
    Flihgt SQ391 / SQ890 dd July 27th from Istanbul

  12. sherlly Reply

    I lost my luggage worth 8000 usd. SQ has no follow up svc. We chased. Even after 3 weeks, still cant answer, luggage unable to locate.

    After continues follow up then offer to sign indemnity letter paying 800dollars. We are solitaire member, even fly business class.

    How can this be best airline in asia?

    • Formerpassenger Reply

      It’s not… Don’t know why ppl think that either.
      Can see so obviously that the Staff are frustrated no teamwork, they just don’t work together esp between the departments… Wonder if their head of dept actually know what’s going on in management. Problems don’t start from below, I think it starts from the top.

  13. Leonard Daniel Adams Reply

    I left a small black (Hartman brand) fabric zipper pouch on flight SQ 833 arriving from Shanghai to Singapore on 25 August. It was in the seat back pocket. Please let me know if you have it. It contained an iPod case, headset cords, adaptors, etc. Thanks, LD Adams

  14. Seow lay Reply

    Please explain, how is it that your air tickets for Singapore to London are always sold out before your advertisement in the papers appear? Most recently, I tried booking within the hour your email alert was sent on the promotion and they were still all sold out. Are your promotions for real, for your staff only, or are they just a joke to put people like me off flying SIA?

  15. dino chng Reply

    Hi i saw the SQ promotion for the cheap air-fare to Hong Kong. Is it open to all, or just the krisflyer member?? I intend to buy the ( Deal of 2 to travel to hong kong ) at the total price of around $680 approximately for 2 passenger price. Is it correct that the promotion is for maximum 2 pax to travel for the above price inclusive of everything like taxes / baggage etc?

    Please reply. Thanks. Good day.

  16. swapnil Reply

    Hi My mother is travelling alone in march from singapore to mumbai . Her age is 68 years old and that to she cant understand english. Is there any assistance for immigration formalaties from singapore airlines for travel

  17. ralmeda Reply

    how much baggage and hand carry is allowed from dubai to manila? the travel agent told me it’s 35 baggage and 7 hand carry but when i checked your site it’s telling 20kgs only. Kindly help me about this issue.

    • Formerpax Reply

      Keep it at 25 or below for check in. 30++ is for flights to USA
      Handcarry to b less as well. Nothing bulky please… Be prepared to hand carry on your own.

  18. Sayora Reply

    Good day! I have really urgent and important issue with your company. I tried to buy the ticket for 19 of October from NZ to Russia but it was of no result. On the 17 of October (2 days before the flight and after two weeks after we were on your site and tried to buy the ticket) we received the confirmation for your reservation. BUT, we did not need the reservation with your company because we bought the ticket already. I cancelled the reservation and I received the confirmation about the cancellation. BUT on 24 of October you charged my credit card for 1500 dollars. Its weird. Hope this gets resolved soon.

  19. Sanit Ponnaz Reply

    On flight SQ 977 Bkk-Sin 19 Oct 12 seating 59E, I was pleasantly delighted to get the attention of steward Kelvin Lee serving the opposite isle. In trying to get attention from the stewardess serving my section, Mr Lee jumped in and asked “what can I do for you?” To my surprise, he handed me what I needed with a big smile despite being rushed expediting service in his section. I continued to observe him after that and felt strongly that Management should know. I’d like to commend Mr Kelvin Lee for his professionalism of total attention and care for the passengers on that flight, regardless of where they are on the aircraft. And despite the flight being full, planing and deplaning were smooth.

  20. Brian Mark Lafler Reply

    I have a round trip ticket from JFK to Indonesia but have lost my ticket. how do I get back home to America please contact me as soon as possible . My ticket was from Medan Indonesia to leave for Singapore to Frankfurt to JFk on October 25th to arrive in New York City on the 27th. Thank you very much please reply quickly. I have all my id but have lost my ticket

  21. Gowthami Reply

    I have made a booking online for a round trip from Singapore to Hyderabad on 8th July 2012, just after the system maintenance. The booking reference issued on that day was 7KAU7H. I had been facing the following problems since booking.

    1. I have booked my onward journey on 4th aug 2012 and return on 13th aug 2012. To my surprise, both these dates were changed to 5th Aug and 14th Aug, when I received the itinerary in my mail box. The customer service agent was only telling me that this has never happened before. Well, there is a first time for every problem and there is no rule that if a problem has to be genuine it must have happened before. I strongly feel that there is still some problem with the website as I am 100% sure I have selected 4th Aug and 13th Aug for my journey.

    2.I could not find the tickets under ‘my bookings’. I only had to search using my booking reference number to view my itinerary.

    3. I had brought this to your notice by using your ‘online feedback form’ on the 10th jul and till now there is no reply.

    4. I tried to call the customer service to explain the problem, but I HAD TO PAY in case i wanted to make any changes to my itinerary. I was made to pay $40 USD for a change of date in the onward journey from 5th to 4th Aug. Being made to pay extra money for this I feel is very unfair. I actually wanted to complain about the unintended change of dates in my itinerary.

    5. As per your customer service agent Ms Lynette, the date was changed from 5th Aug to 4th Aug, but I could not see the change online. She was able to see the change, but I could not.

    6. Ms Lynette was trying to send me the changed itinerary by email, but It took more than an hour to receive the same, after she has sent it. Whereas, practically it takes no time to send/receive any mail.

    6. Now after this date change, I cannot even find my itinerary under my bookings or when i search using the booking reference number.

    This is causing so much inconvenience to keep tracking the itinerary everyday. Also, I would like to highlight that it really takes a lot of time to get through the Singapore airlines customer service call centre. Please help to resolve the problem at the earliest and see to it that I am able to travel on the intended dates 4th Aug and 13th Aug without being made to pay any extra money.

  22. Nadya Angkasa Reply

    Dear SA,
    Just yesterday, I flew to Jakarta from Singapore at 5 50 am and on that flight I accidentally left behind my iPod in one of the seats or possibly in the airport gate. Is it possible for me to retrieve my iPod?

  23. Sebastien Reply

    Friday I tried to book a ticket and the website wasn’t working (it is the case since months now) so after more than 10 trials i decided to contact the ticketing
    office. The ticket office was closed so i sent an email (to them and the customer service for ticketing on the website) with print screen of the trip and cost (7220 AED for 2 for the trip shown 10 times)

    Sunday, again I sent a reminder on the ticket (at 10 am after checking again the price and the website which was still 7220 for the trip for 2)
    In the afternoon same day I get a reply that the price is now 9440 (best price). I explained that i don’t see why i need to pay more as it’s an issue with the website and i showed evidence with one print screen of the price showed 10 times). I asked if the ticket was booked the day before why i didn’t get the price i saw the morning and why no one confirmed the booking to me. The reply now is that i can now get the price of 8040AED if i confirm within 48 hours

    Why SA doesn’t provide the price indicated when they do a mistake. Why the website is not fixed even after several months.

  24. ong siew Reply

    My family of 9 had successfully booked for 8 dec 2012 flight departure from Singapore to New Zealand, Christchurch and 23 dec from Christchurch to SG but unfortunately left 3 family members stranded. We had booked on seats with credit card online & with tracking reference which we didnt write it down. Is the booking online system having technical problem? I managed to speak to the customer service oficer mr anthony george and look forward for a favorable reply asap as this is a family trip for important ocassion.

  25. Edy Reply

    I tried sending email to your reservation support staff, but it just keep bounce back. What exactly is the reservation support staff email? I could not find any info with regards to it.

  26. leizel Reply

    hi, I just want to ask can I hand carry my tripod? my flight is from dubai to singapore, then singapore to cebu. please do reply ASAP. thanks

  27. Sandra C Reply

    On Wednesday 14th March 2012, I took flight SQ328 from Munich to Manchester. I sat in seat 33K. A very considerate gentleman sat in seat 33H. He helped me to ask for my headphones a second time (which did not arrive immediately when I first asked), and also when I sneezed he replied ‘bless you’. And he said ‘bye’. Usually, the passengers who sit next to me ignore me completely! Any chance you can replay this message to him. Thank you.

  28. Dey Reply

    we want to send a ticketing inquiry for CCU-SIN-DPS-SIN-CCU but unable to find any contact no. or email id for your city office here in Kolkata (INDIA).

  29. dinty Reply

    i’am currently booked at singapore airline for a trip to europe with my son. the 1st time i booked our ticket they got my son’s name misspelled so i asked them to change it. i got the e tickets with my son’s corrected name but when I’m booking the seats i could not have my son’s seat reserved. is it because his name is not corrected still in the seating reservations? kindly assist me here. thanks

  30. Alan Martin Reply

    My wife and I are flying from adelaide to rome economy class on 2nd july 2012 is this flight an A380 airbus? and is it possible to pre-book our seats on the upper deck as we notice there are some seats with just two accross.I have a bad leg and these seats would enable me to sit on the isle side to stretch my leg.

  31. Doris Reply

    To whom it may concern,
    My mother lost her glasses and sun glasses on the flight. The flight was SQ1 from San Francisco to Hong Kong on 29 Jan 2012. We were family in four members seat at 38H, K, J and G. Pls help to check and wait for your feedback. Or do I need to fill in some form to find the lost glasses? Pls let me know with thanks!


    • Charlotte Reply

      I had just finished booking a flight and after hitting the “proceed to payment” button with my husband’s debit card number on it,……… i was redirected to the “flight search” page again! i checked all the seats I chose a while back for my whole round trip and its still mine! how can I get my confirmation msg and my e tkt? could you help me?

  32. Md Hasan Reply


    I am living in Sydney and I came to Bangladesh on 16 Jan’12. My return flight from Dhaka on 18th Jan’12. My ticket no. “6185191304395”. But due to unavoidable reason I can’t leave on 18th Jan’12. I have to stay one more week. I am trying to local Bangladeshi singapore airlines, but still I have not got any confirmation. My return flight SQ447 and SQ241. I would be happy if you try to extend my return flight one more week. I am waiting for your reply

  33. Jan Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    On January 2, 2012 my wife and I flew business class from Melbourne to Singapore(SQ238) and then business class to Mumbai(SQ426) In Melbourne I asked the girl at the desk to credit our frequent flyer points to our Velocity accounts. As far as I know this was not done. The girl at te desk had trouble getting it through on the computer, so she wrote the details on a piece of paper, to deal with it later.
    We still would like our points to be credited to our Velocity accounts.
    Thank you,

    • Wong Hsing Yi, Melissa Reply

      My recent trip I booked the SQ airticket to Siem Reap from 10Dec 2011 to 18Dec 2011 but I was given a codeshare airline instead and hence it prompted that I could not accrue my mileage points.
      Thank you.

  34. Nasir Mirza Reply

    I left my prescription glasses in the seat pocket of Seat 46C in Flight SQ281 from Singapore to Auckland on 17th January 2012.
    Would appreciate if it is returned.
    My contact Number in Auckland is: xx
    Please advise who or where to contact to retrieve my lost property on the flight.

  35. Mardani Reply

    I flew with SQ 963 from Jakarta CGK to Singapore at 7.05. From singapore I flew with SQ 62 (conecting flight) to Houston TX. When transitting in moscow before continuing flight to Houston I put all my stuffs including my laptop through scanner machine, after that I took all my stuffs but I forgot to take my laptop (I put my lap top on the tray). I realized that I left my laptop in moscow check point airport when I arrived in George Bush int. Air port Houston TX. My laptop brand is Sony Vaio seri TZ red burgundy color with finger print sensor.

    Thank you very much Singapore Airlines for your help and cooperation.

    Best regards

  36. Paul Sim Reply

    Can i get some assistance please. Have emailed three times in last 3 days to Singapore Air but no reply. I am a Kris flyer so this is disappointing service. Send me a email address and i will send you what i am looking for please. I am in Australia.

  37. yansen Reply

    Please help to get me SQ telephone number at HKIA. I need to do quick confirmation for a passenger today with flight SQ863 HKG-SIN @13.30. It maybe too tight schedule due to delayed of flight CX6851 from Nanjing this morning @10AM

  38. Chandra Reply

    I am currently Korea. I have a return ticket to Chennai India with expiry date as 25th Feb 2012. Is there any possibility to extend this ticket for one more month upto 25th March 2012. As my travel agent who booked the ticket informed, it is not possible. Please advise if possible for extension.


  39. Guilbaud Reply

    I am a singapore frequent flyer and yesterday I tried to book my ticket from sydney to paris return and I was not able to enter my visa card details.
    I was in contact with someone in India the line was so bad that we could not understand each other.
    I was given a reference niumber,M2L4RU but now I dont know what to do to pay and retrieve my ticket.
    Mrs Guilbaud

  40. M.Goto Reply

    I want to express my thanks for your help.I could take flight from Seoul to Singapore on Dec/24 as per my original schedule, but when I arrived at the airport in Seoul,I was late due to taxi trouble under snow weather..heck in counter was closed…however one gentleman in SQ office and 1 CA (name Ms.W.R.Jeong who works for Asiana?) supported me a lot, as a result I could take original flight. Thanks agan for your kind support and looking forward to having SQ again.

  41. Chandrahas Bharti Reply

    I have travelled on 16 Dec fromSydney to Singapore by SQ242 and Singapore to New Delhi by AI381. I have not received my baggage. Please reply urgently where is my baggage.TAg No. SQ147166, File Ref. No. DELAI39414.
    Please reply soon my cerifiactes are in the bag.

  42. le minh ngan Reply

    I am going to Vietnam from The Netherlands at 10:30am, 16-Dec-2011.
    Please advise if I can carry a camera tripod along – 60cm long and 3kg of mass

  43. Romero Reply

    I bought a ticket to Adelaide-Australia in August 30th, 2011.
    According to your web site check-in and seat selection can be done only 48 to 2 hours prior to the schedule flight.
    I patiently waited for the time to come to check-in and by my surprise there were just a few seats available most no-window seats. To Adelaide I changed the seat assigned by you -just behind the bathrooms and next to a basin-seat..
    I doubt that all passengers waited for the “48 hours” prior to select their seats.
    I have a question: How many days or months in advance I need to select a seat of my preference.
    This is the first time that I will be travelling with you, and I heard very good comments about your airline from friends that travelled with you before.

  44. Chai Reply

    I would like to know whether the system for miles redemption is down on the 11th and 13th of November 2011 as I just could not do it online.

  45. Gillian St John Reply

    I have for the past 9years traveled with your company 2-3 times a year to visit my son I have never had any complaints before but this time I have .I left London heathrow on 18th oct on SQ321 22.05 flight I became quite ill told one of the staff didn’t take any notice I was quite upset as I’m not a good flyer as it is.also when had our meal it was cold didn’t bother to say anything as thought they wouldn’t bother like when told them I felt quite ill.another thing I wanted to change my flight on my return but when my daughter-in- law rang the call centre after waiting 45 mins on the line was told a blunt no even said pay extra to change and was quite Rude in answering her so I was not pleased as I’ve traveled with your company for so many years and the kriss flyer miles is a load of ball it’s hard to sort out via the web site or even a call centre it’s so miss leading .never can really understand how it works as have to pay if you want to keep the miles as every few months they get taken off and sometimes the flight you can’t claim them .I’m so disappointed with the supposed best airline going I don’t think so anymore .I WON’T BE FLYING WITH YOUR AIRLINE IN THE FUTURE .So SO DISAPOINTED.Gillian St John.

  46. LW & EM Wirasinha Reply

    We request your contact details, including an email address,to enquire as to why we have not been credited with Airpoints,for a return flight from Auckland through Singapore to Colombo,undertaken in June/July this year.

  47. Peter Francis John Reply

    This is the first time I have travelled with SIA and purchased a total of 4 round trip tickets (Singapore – Tokyo Haneda, Japan – Tokyo Narita,Japan – Singapore). Our out-bound/ in-bound flights are SQ 0636/SQ 0011. I had confirmed all the out-bound/in-bound seats on 22 Sep 11 afternoon (Singapore time) and received the confirmation letter from customer service on the same day itself, indicating my status as OK. I had also kept the email and printed out a copy of the confirmation letter! However,when I went into the website to check my status again on 8th Nov 2011 (normal procedure to just check again before departure), I was SO SHOCKED TO SEE THAT THERE ARE NO SEATS ALLOCATED TO US FOR THE RETURN FLIGHT BACK TO SINGAPORE! When I called up the office, I was told that I had cancelled the seats which are not true as I already had the confirmation status email/letter! And after some so called clarification, I was told that due to some technical problems, our seats are wrongly assigned to others! It’s so dramatic! The operators just keep apologising and said they will follow up to rectify the problem but till now 11 Nov 11 (almost 4 days), I still never get a satisfactory answer as they can’t confirmre-assign back my 4 seats which were originally allocated to us. I requested for 4 seats in a row as I had 2 children travelling with me. As I am flying off on 13 Nov (my out-bound seats no problem), I need to know my confirmed return flight seats for 19 Nov, latest by tomorrow (12 Nov 11). From 8 to 11 Nov, I spoke to 6 people from SIA (2 of them are Supervisor), but I still can’t get an answer! It is very OBVIOUS that this is SIA fault but they didn’t find a solution to rectify it! As passengers, I don’t think I should be the one suffering due to the fault created by SIA. I need to draw to your attention to this serious shortcoming in your otherwise impeccable service and would like to address my comment to the complaints Dept. Do direct my problem to them directly as I don’t have ample time before my departure on 13th Nov. Thanks in advance!

  48. Hazel Reply

    I was on business class on SQ for a business trip on 30 Oct 2011 to Brisbane. As it was a midnight flight, I was given a small gift from the cabin crew. It was a ear muff, room slipper and another one which i forgot. As I was very tired throughout the journey, I did not realize that I dropped it on the floor and did not take it with me when I left the plane. I was thinking whether is it possible to send me one as it was my first time on SQ business class and I really want to keep it as a souvenir.

  49. Vaibhav Reply

    Singapore airlines proudly says-‘In our lounges, working relationships, in the smallest details of our inflight service, we rise to each and every occasion, to deliver the Singapore Airlines experience to all our customers’

    I am sorry to say my experience is saying otherwise.
    I am an unfortunate customer who booked a ticket with SG airlines for Bangkok on 18th Oct 2011 for flight SQ970 .
    The flight is SQ970 and my booking ref is KVXVXL.

    None knew the Thai flood situation at that time so we booked the ticket.

    Now today I checked with Singapore airline customer service and requested to cancel this with no charges, I am told:

    a) I am unfortunate that all other flights other than SQ970 is cancelled.
    b) Since I booked after 12th Oct, I am not eligible for any refund. That’s SG air policy.

    My questions to you are:

    a) Am I not a customer of yours..or is my life and safety of people going by SQ970 less valuable..that they don’t have the previlige of cancelling and getting the refund ?

    b) Today is 2nd nov and its only today SG air after assessing the situation (with all data and ground knowledge and expertise) could decide to cancel flights till 20th, how can they expect poor unintelligent passengers like me to have got this foresight on 18th oct that floods will not allow us to travel.Which means now I would be penalize that GOD DIDN’t give me that forsight on 18th to have seen floods coming after 1 month and thus was unfortunate to have chosen SG air after 12th (I don’t know what’s the sanctity of that date)

    I am sorry to say but rules are not fair.If even Sg air is deciding the feasibility only 10days before the event, why we travelers are been penalized for knowing it one month in advance.

    I know as per your policy, I will not get any refund now, but still just wanted to convey my experience as one of the loyal customer shifting the loyalty because of greed and unfair policies of Sg airlines .

  50. Robert Adeney Reply

    Sirs, This is the first time I have travelled with SA and purchased a round trip ticket from London/Changi Int. I fly back Thurs 3/11/11 fltSQ 322 @ 23.45. I need to draw your attention to a serious shortcoming in your otherwise impeccable service and would like to address my Email to the complaints Dept. Kindly Email their address.
    Robert Adeney

  51. olaf Reply

    Dear Sirs,
    I am very disappointed with your service !! I try to change for a client of my company his origin booked flight Jakarta – Singapore into Denpasar – Singapore. For my understanding a more or less simple ticket change – not in real – the booking office asked nearly 300 US Dollars. It is a lot and not in the standards what i expect from a good customer oriented airline. I am very very disappointed !!

  52. anita Reply

    I need answer asap. I purchases a return flight ticket for my daughter in NZ using my credit card. Can i fax the letter to SIA office? need answer ASAP

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      ensure a copy of the cc is also carried by your daughter during travel..

  53. Chang Reply


    I would like to request for a birthday cake for my daughter for tomorrow 23Oct2011 return flight from Singapore to Brunei on SQ182 at 9am flight. I tried to call the Call centre and hotline but could not get through and the operator is always busy. Kindly confirm if this arrangement could made. Thanks

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      please reach the customer support again at later time..they could arrange this for you

  54. Sue Anderson Reply

    To Whom It May Concern

    KRISFLYER member

    I recently purchased a trip (including accommodation, cruise and airfares) to Egypt from a travel company called Travel Managers and requested flights with Singapore Airlines because of your reputation as a top class airline – my experience on balance has been expensive and disappointing.

    My first disappointment came after obtaining my flights, I found out that my flight from Singapore to Cairo in both directions landed in Dubai. Our son and daughter in law had recently had a baby – our first grand child (who unfortunately was very unwell), added to this my daughter in law’s father had been diagnosed with cancer and was advised to immediately leave Dubai to seek treatment in India. Our children were left in an unsupported family environment at a time when they needed help.

    I rang Russell Masterton at Travel Managers and asked him to contact Singapore Airlines to see, if under these circumstances, I would be allowed to either ‘stop over’ on my return flight or alternatively ‘pick up’ the flight out of Dubai after finding my own way to Dubai at the end of my Egypt stay. He came back with a ‘ negative’ from Singapore Airlines but suggested I ring and put my case. I rang the Melbourne office, explained my situation and was given a very blunt no, citing the fact that the plane only stopped in Dubai for refuelling. (this of course is not so and people can board and disembark this flight)

    Subsequently my son arranged, at my expense, for me to fly from Cairo-Dubai return for approx $500. I notified Travel Managers of the arrangements and times. I had two and a quarter hours to make SQ 493, once I landed on the Emirates flight from Dubai.

    When I arrived in Egypt at the beginning of my trip the travel company were concerned about the time and the connecting flight. Even if the Emirates flight was on time a change of terminal was required etc. What do I do now??

    I rang Singapore Airlines in Cairo and WHAT A LOVELY BREATH OF FRESH AIR was

    Mira Adel
    Reservation Officers
    Cairo, Egypt

    She showed concern, attentiveness and support for my predicament. Traits I would think should be part of all Singapore Airlines employees. Mira suggested that Singapore Airlines could collect me from my Emirates flight – get me to the correct terminal, find my luggage etc. Fantastic!

    She rang me the next day and told me that this could be arranged but her concern was if Emirates was late (not a normal occurrence but a possibility) what was my Plan B?? I didn’t have one.
    Mira then suggested that it would make sense for me to pick up the flight in Dubai and not fly back to Cairo. (I think I had heard that all before??)
    I responded with ‘if you can arrange that I would be most thankful.’
    Mira again rang me to say she had to liaised with Australia and was able to make that change for me. I was ecstatic……. at a cost of $550!!
    Why couldn’t this have happened in Australia in the first instance when I explained my situation!!!! A situation that may have cost me $550 then, had in fact cost nearly double that because ‘someone’ would not ‘move the goal posts’ for, in my opinion (obviously), a deserving case.

    Why is such a large amount of money charged to re issue a ticket? My seat from Cairo to Egypt was subsequently empty (so could have been sold – a plus for Singapore Airlines but a cost for me) and I basically paid for my seat from Dubai to Cairo twice. Is this how other airlines operate?? I know times are tough but this comes across as a ‘rip off to me.

    To ‘add salt’ to the wound I attempted to claim KrisFlyer miles for my Melbourne – Cairo flights and was told that this travel class was not eligible.

    So as stated at the beginning of this email – on balance – my Singapore experience has not been a good one!

    Yours faithfully

  55. Jocelyn Reply

    To whom it may concern,

    Yesterday i took the early flight from Taipei to Singapore via flight SQ881. Would appreciate if you can assist to advise me the PNR no and Amadeus locator of said flight booking as i need it to present to Cebu Pacific as reference and to support my complaint and demand for a fare refund.

    Pls serve this as commendation as well for the assistance your staff gave us in Taipei airport.

    Thank You

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      the airline can give you these info over phone..please reach the numbers given on this page

  56. Jecael Reply

    can we reserve seats for our travel?
    From Manila(MNL)Ninoy Aquino Intl
    To Singapore(SIN)Changi Intl

  57. Fintan Reply

    I am trying to print a copy of a receipt for a recent flight I booked on the Singapore Airlines Flight, for my company expenses. This does not seem to be possible on your web site, why not, its simple to do on Expedia or other booking sites,you have the details of my flight but I can not book the receipt. So as I live in Malaysia, I tried ringing your KL office after 20 minutes on hold, I got cut off. When I redailed I was then played a recording that the office was closed. It seems almost impossible to call anybody at singapore airlines to help get a copy of a payment receipt for a flight. This is VERY POOR SERVICE

  58. curt Reply

    email address, guys–an email address. I have been searching for an email address to contact Singapore Airlines–plenty of phone numbers, which are closed, and I am not partial to. We’re in 2011 right now, supply your customers with an email contact.

  59. richard Reply

    With all respect how can Singapore Airlines(my favourite carrier) continue to be associated with Tiger.The only reason to fly with them now was that the airline is owned 50% by SIA. Have tried their email line weeks doubt it disappeared into thin air.All I want to do is to change from an early flight to the next one 2 hours later and pay the change fee.Flight is March next year. Can you get someone to contact me and sort it out. One good comment from me might be rewarding ..not dealing with a black hole..A LOYAL SIA SUPPORTER.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      why dont you talk to a SIA customer rep? you could get guidance on this from the support team.

  60. Manish Reply

    Hello, we are looking at breaking a return journey (jakarta – Singapore – Sydney return) at Singapore….how do we manage the same through your does not give that option. Thanks

  61. Manish Reply


    I went through your website to book tickets for our family, from jakarta – Sydney return. However, while returning, we want a ten days break at Singapore, from where we are taking a separate ticket to India, and then come back to Singapore, to return to Jakarta.
    The website does not give this do we manage this booking.
    We are lookaing at going to Sydney on 13th Dec, returning to Singapore on 22nd Dec, but then returning to jakarta on 2nd Jan.

  62. TL Quek Reply

    Hi. I need to bring milk powder, health drinks and pills for my trip.
    Am I able to pack all these into my check-in lauagge?

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      please enquire with the customer support..if am not wrong you can carry this on check-in baggage but not any hand baggage..

  63. christy Johnstone Reply

    Please bring back SIA call centre to Singapore. The India call centre is useless in terms of helping me find out if I can bring my dog. Just asked me to read from website patiently.
    SIA is not India’s national brand. My husband already banned SIA from his and his staff flying list.

    • Kevin Reply

      Absolutely agree. The call centre in India only knows how to follow procedure at best. When I talked to them, it’s like talking to machine – procedure, procedure, procedure. If they can’t understand that their procedure can’t cover all scenarios, there is no reason for their existence.

  64. Dietger Lamott Reply

    Dear Sir Madam!
    On Saturday 04/06/2011 on flight SQ 62 from Singapore to Moscow I had the pleasure to be looked after by flight attendant Miss Rozita Ishmail. As your flight attendants usually provide excellent service, Miss Ishmail however was outstanding in her work performance.Attentive, very courteous, and her smile rarely left her face. Miss Ishmail is a very valuable asset to your company and I wish her well in her profession/carrier she obviously love so much and performs so well.

    Well done Singapore Airline.

    But on a not so good note. Your check in ground staff at Moscow Domodedovo A/P would need to be more educated in providing better and more friendly helpful service and better English language skills. Their service is not to Singapore Airline standards.Sorry to say.
    Looking forward flying with you again.

  65. Tina Phung Reply

    To whom it may concern,

    I have called up & spoken to one of your sales people, could not or barely got her name but I think it is Danii, as she was too fade on the phone. My enquiry was “How do I make a claim for Krisflyer, that has forgotten to be claimed for flights that already have been done for one of my boss. I have asked her to email be a form to my email address as above. However, I have not received it yet & still waiting for it, when she said she will get onto it now. The reasons why I call up was that I could not find the relevant category on the net. So could you please have someone to sort this matter out, as soon as possible. Many thanks.

    Kind regards.

    Tina Phung.

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