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Samsung Head Office (India)
Samsung India Electronics Ltd.
7th & 8th Floor, IFCI Tower
61, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019

Tel:(91-11) 4151-1234
Fax: (91-11) 4160-8818/19

Samsung Head Office (Korea)
1320-10, Seocho 2-dong,
Seocho-gu, Seoul
South Korea

Tel: +82-2-2255-0114
Fax: +82-2-2255-0117

Samsung India Customer Care
1800 110011 (toll free)
1800 3000 8282 18002668282
3030 8282

Customer Care – USA

Samsung India Email Support
[email protected]

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samsung logoSamsung began in the year 1938 as Samsung Sanghoe and was established as a small trading company by Lee Byung-chull. Samsung products include electronics, shipbuilding, chemical, aviation, mobile phones, smartphones, semiconductors, TFT-LCDs, digital appliances, and more. Today, Samsung is one of world’s leading electronics companies. Samsung employs over 222,000 people around the world, has at least 42 research facilities over 337 offices around the world. Samsung Electronics is South Korea’s top electronics company. In India, Samsung is the hub for the company’s South West Asia Regional operations. The South West Asia office takes care of Samsung business in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives and Bhutan.

Samsung Electronics’ vision for the new decade is, “Inspire the World, Create the Future.” Samsung is vying to become one of the world’s top five brands by 2020. Companies part of the Samsung Group are:   SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd., SAMSUNG Securities Co., Ltd., SAMSUNG SDI Co., Ltd., SAMSUNG Corporation, SAMSUNG Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd., SAMSUNG Engineering Co., Ltd., SAMSUNG Techwin Co., Ltd., Cheil Industries Inc., SAMSUNG Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., Shilla Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd.
SAMSUNG Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd., SI Corporation and SAMSUNG Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.

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  1. Dwijasish Das Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I was facing a problem with my Samsung microwave (Model Code : CE1031D/XTL). Error _quotE-22_quot was shown. I had contacted Samsung service and a service engineer by the name Mr. Pal was assigned. He visited our place and said it was a thermostat problem and also declared that it had to be replaced. He did the necessary work and charged ? 1000. After he went, I realized that the problem was still not resolved and the microwave oven was still not working after running it for a couple of minutes. The same E-22 was shown. I called him and informed about the same. He came to my house again. He removed some circuit from the appliance and told that he would take it with him for testing. He came back after a few days to fit the circuit. But the problem was not solved. He told he would come again. Next time, he kept postponing his visit and he finally started ignoring my calls. I lodged a new service request at Samsung (Service order:4252785892). Service engineer DEEPAK was assigned the job. However he did not turn up and I was not able to contact him. After a few days, the service request got automatically cancelled. Being busy, I could not keep complaining repeatedly and I gave up. The microwave oven stayed in the dysfunctional state. After a few months, I re-lodged a service request at Samsung (Service Order : 4262294691). This time again Mr. Pal was assigned. He did not turn up as well and after a few days the service request got cancelled. I made another service request (Service Order : 4262811992). That too did not help in any way as this too got automatically cancelled.
    So basically I have made service requests for the 4th time without my problem being solved, plus I had to pay ?1000. Please suggest what I should do to get the microwave over repaired.

    List of Service orders:

    Service Order : 4252785892
    Service Order : 4262294691
    Service Order : 4262811992

  2. Manoj Gupta Reply

    Dear Team

    We are having a terrible experience with your service team as we are complaining for our fridge repair since last week but no one from samsung is visiting us. There was one engineer who visited us , but he was a fraud as first he told us that total amount for repair is 3600 Rs ,and when we gave him advance of 1500 Rs , he told us that total payment for repair would be 6,000 Rs. Such a big fraudster! . We told him okay we are ready to pay him amount, but first he has to repair our fridge and then we will pay him, but this person told us that you have to first pay FULL ADVANCE AMOUNT and then he will repair after 1 week.

    Is this the type of service experience you are providing us ? Your engineers are so cunning. Its been more than a week , since our fridge is not working and we are complaining everyday since last week, two times in a day and no one is visiting us.

    Its definitely sure, we will not buy any more products from samsung from next time.

    Our complaint no’s are 4262751285 and 4262665724 and 4262483490

    Please repair our fridge as soon as possible.

    We are really having a really bad experience with your company.

    Bhuvnesh Gupta


    I am a loyal patron of Samsung products and almost all appliances at my home are of Samsung. However, I am very disappointed with respect to the service response which I have received for my Samsung Washing machine which has recently covered 6 years in service.

    I purchased semi automatic machine in Feb 2012.

    As the spin and drier unit has stopped functioning, I made first complaint ( complaint No 4260155924)on 10th May 2018. The service engineer visited and placed order for replacement of few parts including spin basket which he informed will take 3-4 days to come. Later upon cross checking on status, I was informed that the complaint no was abruptly closed without any information or issue closure.

    Again on 15th May, another complaint (No. 4260477989 ) was registered by me on customer care. Afterwards, service team informed me that since spin basket is out of service warranty, they wouldn’t be able to procure or replace parts and Samsung has no accountability, whatsoever, to offer any solution to my problem and upon little prodding the response became only more rude.

    I am not able to understand that although machine has covered it’s warranty life, but is Samsung expecting every middle class person to replace complete machine everytime there is a single component failure without any other support? If this is the case, then I want a confirmation on this regard in written so that future customers & my acquaintances can be made aware of this.

    I remember seeing Samsung Service Ad of blind hostel which was very moving assuring fast and positive response to customers across regions and the practical image created is exact antithesis of that shown in the advertisement.

    Requesting your view and response on the issue about how the matter was handled and clarity if Samsung will not be supporting and harassing a senior citizen like me into buying a new machine without any suitable proposition from your end.
    This complaint was mailed to Mr. H.C.Hong, the managing director and also to support team on 18.05.2018. I have received the reply from support India that the said part is not available. However, no reply from the managing director side.

    Rakesh Rastogi

  4. Debduti Ghosh Chakraborty Reply

    I have been visiting the Samsung service centre (B2X Service Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ) quiet a few times since I have bought the “SAMSUNG J7 PRIME”, This is the third time I am facing screen problem with my Samsung phone (same back light and touch problem). I have already visited the service centre on 25th March 2018, but Service Engineer said the service centre people does not repair the phone on Sundays, I was even ready to submit my phone but she denied, and asked to come on week days, then again I have visited on 27.03.2018 to get the ph checked and submit, and they told that the screen need to be replaced,
    I requested them to replace my mobile as this is the third time same problem I am facing, already 2 times they changed the screen and battery, but as per the service center people they sent the details to quality team but they said it is not a quality issue, so they can only replace the screen,
    If there is no quality issue then why I am facing the same lcd and touch problem again and again, I think this was my biggest mistake to choose Samsung, I lost my faith from Samsung, will never refer this brand to anyone.
    Model No: SM-G610FZKDINS
    Serial No: RZ8J31A81HK
    Imei: 357488083061875

    Complaints history
    4240565712 – 11/07/2017
    4242230904 – 02/08/2017

    Thanks & Regards
    Debduti Ghosh Chakraborty

  5. Firoz Khan Reply

    Dear Swarti mam,

    I am Firoz Khan from Mumbai i have purchased Samsung S8 Plus on 02/06/2017 and after 2 months i mobile started give problem in Network hence i visited your Authorized Service center M/s Anuraj Enterprises on 03/08/2017. Technician checked the mobile and said that the motherboard has a problem and he will get it replaced under warranty and said it will take 10 to 12 days for same. I agreed and handed over the mobile to him and after 12 days i took delivery of mobile but on checking i found slightly damage on lower left side of mobile i raised concern with service center manager Mr Shashikant and he assured that he will take care if i face any problem in mobile ( Damage photo and whatsapp chat screenshot attached for your reference). After that mobile was working fine but since last 20/25 days i started facing problem while charging. Every time there was message showing ” Please connect properly – Slow charging” Hence i visited your another authorized Service center M/s R.J Enterprises on 30/01/2018. Technician checked the mobile and charger and he explained that there is problem in some PVM and reason for same was water resistance tape missing and due to which water seeped inside the mobile and affected the internal parts and same will not be covered under warranty. he also suggested to take all the back-up from mobile as device might shutdown any moment.

    I explained technician that i my mobile only opened once at authorized service center ( M/s Anuraj Enterprises for Motherboard replacement. I felt shock when the current technician told that motherboard was never replaced in my mobile only software was updated. now my question is

    1) why did your authorized service center guy misleaded customer about part replacement when he only updated the software,

    2) Why did he kept my mobile for 12 days if only software was needed to update.

    3) why did he not fixed water resistance tape on mobile at the time of fitting.

    4) Why should i bear the cost of repair for the error done by your service center guy.

    5) As per the current technician’s feedback the entire internal parts has been affected by water. who will be responsible for the same.

    6) what about my hard earned money which i paid for purchasing this mobile.

    I tried to contact your customer care team to raise my concern on 30/01/2018 but the executive said that he could not handle my case and provided Reference number – 3725047459 and said i will receive callback from his senior in next half an hour but till date i did not received any callback from your end.

    Kindly request you to lookinto the matter at the earliest.

    Firoz Khan

  6. Vijayalakshmi Reply

    Our side by side refrigerator freezer was not working due to electricity fluctuation. We called the service desk and a service man removed the parts and told us he has to replace the fuse cable now it is more than 6 days he left the parts in my kitchen floor and still not attended to it. They have peopke sitting in call centre, you feel like speaking to a wall. They just repeatedly tell you same thing. With no actions. At one point you will be clue less if your refrigerator gets serviced.

  7. Abhijeet Mali Reply

    Hi Samsung Team,

    I have raised a complain(4248557697) with Samsung on 31st Nov for replacement of Drain pipe of my New Washing that was cut/damaged. Since then I have been trying to do followup with Samsung Customer Support and service center.

    I received a message on 31st stating that engineer Dharaj has been allocated to this issue, After receiving message I called up Dharaj after 4 to 5 hours and asked him his visit time, he bluntly said that “the area where I stay is not covered under me”.

    When i called up the customer care and spoke to supervisor He patched a call with Mr. Sunil Yadav from Pune Service center and he confirmed me that the engineer would visit today(2 Nov) before 11 but nobody turned up.

    This was end of my patience, I again called up customer care before 11 and spoke to supervisor he again tried to call Service center head Mr. Prashanth… However he was not in office and they asked me to wait.

    After few hours I receive a call from engineer, who was quite rude and asked when I was available at home I questioned him back ” are you not told about timing”? “His reply was “we do not work as per time” this was not expected– “I asked him if you are coming please take back you machine” Reply ” That’s not my job speak to dealer”

    Spoken to Dealer who was very helpful and supportive and he is struggling to fix this issue. The issue still stand unresolved It was just a replacement of Drian pipe of New machine for which the pain and agony was bigger.

    My trust on Samsung has gone for toss with overall experience and highly recommend the service center are not upto mark. Rather than helping customer the arrogance in words is discouraging.


  8. Saurabh Tyagi Reply

    Dear Mr. Ray,


    I would like to introduce myself as a Samsung customer and I have been using some Samsung appliances. With my past good experience I bought a new refrigerator on May 27th 2017.

    On 10th August the refrigerator stopped working and we called up Samsung Customer Care on 11th (Number 2172508769) after many attempts we were able to talk to one of the executive and requested for help. She had given so many instructions and we tried everything but nothing worked. But we received a message saying hope your query was answered satisfactorily.

    Because of the long weekend we had planned holidays from 12th to 14th so on 14th we called up again and requested for visit to check the issue. Service request (4242956124). The person visited and checked and informed that some PCB needs replacement and he would come with PCB on 16th 15th being holiday and he informed us to keep the copy of bill ready.

    We searched for the bill and we could not locate and we rushed to dealer (Digiworld – TGIP Mall Noida) to get a copy of the same and he informed us that he takes 5 days to get a copy of the bill as per their procedure as bills go to headquarters in sector-63 which is around 9 kilometers away. Though we requested that we can take bill from their head quarter but no success. Still waiting for the bill.

    Icing on the cake we called up Samsung again on 16th August (1141379199) to find an alternate method to avail the warranty without bill and if the bill could be e-mailed as soon as we receive from dealer. This person was talking like an IVR, you ask anything he has no answer but one. This is our company policy we need to verify the details. We argued that when all details are available in your system when we bought, what we bought, you only installed and your engineer has already visited and noted down all details like serial number etc then what is to be checked. At the end of the call we received an SMS saying hope your query was answered satisfactorily.

    Now the Grand Finale, last evening we got a call from someone in Ghaziabad and informed us the part is not available and it would come to him 25th August and then service engineer would re-schedule his visit and we would be informed.

    As of now we do not know what is to be done. But one thing is sure this is not a customer to be treated. If for a refrigerator one has to wait for 15 days in this weather in NCR I think this is not done. I am sure you would appreciate my concern and provide us a resolution of this issue.

  9. Neeraj Reply

    I have already given the service request no 4240952584 regarding our dishwasher we have so many times talk to your costumer care executive they are saying that he/she is coordinating with service center but service center is not sending any engineers could you please tell me that after sales your service center are harassing your customer than for new product it will be very difficult for us to purchase your product please have a look on this issue

  10. Govind Gupta Reply

    I had purchase Samsung Mobile Galaxy J7 on 05.06.17 EMEI no 358327/08/390376/0 after 5 days on 10.06.17 my mobile screen got blank without any accidental and liquid damage it was putted in my pant side pocket, same day i visit to the dealer Ganpati mobile in Gomti Nagar Lucknow they said that go to service center and bring DO we will exchange your handset becoz it is only 5 days old handset, next day on 11.06.17 I had visit nearest Service center located at metro plaza vivek khand Gomti Nagar, the executives of service center said that your mobile is internally damaged and its not covered under warranty. while my handset was not accident or fallen anywhere, my set is also insured so I request to executives pls give me on written that handset is damaged so that we can summit it in insurance claim but they not ready to give me on written and said that ( Jaha complaint kerna h kariye RSM ho ya ceo eska kuch nhi ho sakta 5 din purana ho ya 1 saal ), we also called toll free no of Samsung Customer care (complaint no 8475239197) they just holding the line again & again then said that visit another service center. next day we went to another service center (HO) Situated at Halwasia Hazartganj Lko which is faraway 20km from my residence, but there was no proper responce of executives and they said to call toll free no. ( toll free no per kehte h service center jao or service center wale kehte h toll free no per baat karo) I can’t believe that kind of services of Samsung. another thing I want to know that ( samsung ke handset etne Kharab aane lage h market me ki finger ke lagne se damage ho jaye yadi ha toh shopkeeper ko batana chahiye tha ki es per lohe ka cover lagwa ligiye ya gale me latka ker chalna h sir)
    Sir please help me out from this problem as soon as possible becoz my bussiness is suffering alot. I hope you’ll take hopeful decision for us and will give me a satisfactory solution of my problem. I will be very thankful to you.

  11. raveen minhas Reply


    This is to update you that, I am facing numerous issues in my newly
    purchased Samsung S 8 plus which I have ordered on 5th may 2017.
    When I got this phone, there was a crack in that phone, but I thought,
    this could be due to my casual handling. The very next day, I went on
    a family trip and was not able to make any
    complaint in the Samsung service centre. On the way, I checked the
    same with the service centre that there is a crack on my back panel,
    so they told me that, we can change the back panel
    of the phone and the cost of the replacement will be rs 5000. so when
    I came back from the trip, the first thing which I did was, contacted
    the nearest service centre to
    get my back panel replaced. So I called them on 16th May, I called the
    service guy he told me that he will
    arrange a pick of my phone on Wednesday but despite the repeated
    reminder, they did not even come on Thursday. They came to pick my phone on
    Friday and service request number of the which is 4236621772, service
    centre number is 423662772 and the reference number is 8441155575.
    Then they called me back on Saturday and told me that we are not able to replace
    your back panel only, we have to replace the front screen as well
    without it cannot.
    As it was not my mistake, I purchased the phone just10 days back with
    a pre- a defect, which has become the pain for me. Before buying this
    phone, I was so excited because of its fascinating feature, I was not
    able to wait and I ordered the same on the same day
    it got launched, I have been using Samsung phone from last 10 years
    and very loyal customer of Samsung. But all this shit has changed my
    mind, so it made me think why I have purchased Samsung phone. I have
    made a wrong decision.
    From the day I have purchased this phone, I am being harassed by your
    team and with your worst after sales services. Without having any
    mistake, I am bearing a burden of a broken phone.Even the service
    centre people are not helping, rather they are trying to make money
    out of it. They are asking me for 16000 Rs to get the screen changed.
    I am feeling cheated and harassed. Request you to refund my money or I
    will file a complaint in consumer forum for a faulty product and
    mental harassment.
    My phone was working properly when I handed over the phone to the
    service centre person. But now, my fingerprint scanner is not working
    and the back panel is having a bigger dent.

  12. Devendra Dhyani Reply

    ———- Forwarded message ———
    From: Devendra Dhyani
    Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2017 at 3:08 PM
    Subject: Re: Faulty Washing Machine Service request number – 4232982975
    To: [email protected]
    Cc: [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected]

    Hi Mr. Hong,

    This is high time Samsung is unable resolve my problem.

    Rather your call centre is sending the following messages in last two days without resolving the issue. Following are the two more messages which are received at my end today.

    1. Thank you for contacting Samsung. Your call was closed post resolution given on phone. Please quote 1137624961 for future reference at 180040-SAMSUNG(7267864)

    2. Your Samsung product request number is 4233412681. Use this for any future reference at 180040-SAMSUNG(7267864) Or track online at

    You may like to review this that how come these messages are sent without resolution.

    Since no one is listening this mark the CC to consumer court jaipur, NCDRC and others.


    Devendra Dhyani

    On Mon, 27 Mar 2017 at 5:44 PM, Devendra Dhyani wrote:
    Hi Mr Hong,

    Just wanted to highlight at your end that till now no solution is given in this regard rather from your end have received following message.

    “Thank you for contacting Samsung. Your call was closed post resolution given on phone. Please quote 1137622932 for future reference at 180040-SAMSUNG(7267864)”

    This for your notification and action that no one spoke to me and I am getting messages like this.

    This really unprofessional and same is not expected from the organisation like you.

    Requesting to resolve my problem in next 24 Hrs or else I have no opinion but to move to the consumer court.


    Devendra Dhyani

    On Mon, 27 Mar 2017 at 11:48 AM, Devendra Dhyani wrote:
    Hi Mr. Hong,

    With respect to the aforesaid subject and for your support & suitable actions sharing my service & Product experience regarding washing machine recently purchased by me.(Invoice attached in 2 Parts)

    Background :

    Washing Machine has been purchased from the Cash n Carry outlet – Jaipur VKIA , Road no 12, Rajasthan , India, Pin 302013. This machine is not working at all and following are the key problem areas.

    ? Detergent getting left on the washed clothes.
    ? Leaving black spots.
    ? Clothes are getting stretched and same is hampering the clothes.

    From the period of purchase we are continuously following with the Samsung customer care also (Total 4 calls are made as of i.e. on 14th ,16th , 18th & 22nd Mar-17) but they are unable to resolve this problem as of now , Samsung engineer (C.K. Singh +919829266442) visit at my home on 17th & 19th Mar-17. As per our last call at Samsung customer care on 22nd Mar-17 engineer is supposed to visit again and when no one visited us we contacted Samsung Customer care again on last Friday i.e. 24-03-16 they once again committed that engineer will visit on 25th Mar-17 but all in vein no one has visited as of now.

    Request closure and timely support please.


    Devendra Dhyani

  13. Bilal Murad Khan Reply

    Customer Name: Bilal Khan
    Bill No:4229353685
    Complaint No:3712790521
    I am using Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus(32GB, gold). i submitted my phone on 19th Jan 2017 and was committed to get my phone in 2-3 days but still after 5 days they want another 8 days.
    Firstly they refused to accept that there is any problem in my phone. Then on insisting too much they checked and they found that my fast charging is not working, hanging and heating too much. Due to heating issues my cable of charger is burnt.
    Then they told me to sit for 30 40 mins, as they’ll open my phone to check the condition, but after 1 hour a representative comes and says that u leave and we’ll update the status in 2 or 3 hours as we are unable to open the phone.
    No one replied for 5 days and when I used to call them no one use to ansewr the phone of service centre. Today after calling call centre for 6th or 7th time, I managed to talk to the manager of Samsung service centre and she said ill get my phone once the part is received and that part is ordered she herself doecnt know what is the part required. But she says i should wait another 8 days.
    I am fed up with this pathetic service. PLease give my phone in good condition in 2 days or refund my full cash.

  14. Javed hussain Reply

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy J2 – 6, 2016 Model on 19 Dec 2016, 9 PM from Store in Shahdara area ( all record attached in the mail) despite offering many other brands there I chose Samsung, but from day 1, it’s sim slot no.2 not working properly, after try in settings, it was sometime working & sometime not, I went to store from where I bought it, he said go to service center. I went to service center Durga Puri, Shahdara, Delhi. They said it’s sim related problem, I went to Vodafone, they checked & found it’s device related, I tried other sim in same slot, not working. I again went to same service center, they said it’s regarding the settings & I came back but still same problem remain with the device. I went 3rd time to them, they now said ‘Mother board’ is defective, will be repaired. It’s shocking me, Samsung sold me the defective device due to which I am suffering a lot from the time I purchased it. i request them to replace this defective device & give me the new one as it’s a matter of defective device sold unethically, defective Mother board is a serious problem for device if it occurs just after unpack it, they refused. They said if you would have been purchased it on 20th Dec 2016, we could replace it & our policy dont allow us to do same in case of 19th Dec purchased (shockingly strange for me), we can ‘only repair’ it. So, I have been paid my hard earned money Rs. 10 K for what- a defective device from Samsung, which should not sell me by Samsung. 2nd thing at the time of purchase Samsung must be advised me that ” do not buy this device at now, just after 3 hours from now we are going to change our replacement policy, you will be cheated if you buy it now, wait for 3 hours, it’s unethical for us to sell you this product at this time” or samsung should send an email stating same for atleast existing customers, but it didn’t & I got cheated by purchasing on 3 hours before.
    I am a loyal customer of Samsung, it’s my 2nd device purchased from Samsung, first one bought in July 2016-J3 & on ‘my’ recommendation same J3 bought by ”Nadeem Anwar-Chauhan Bangar, Seelampur, Delhi-53.(both through-amazon) Thus it was my 3rd device from Samsung & I am helping brand Samsung to sell more with word of mouth marketing.
    So, I do request you that please understand my point, I am feeling like looted, so, Please replace this defective device & give me the genuine device for which I had paid my very hard earned money, not for device but for trust of brand Samsung, keeping same defective or repaired device with me will pinch me always & torture me mentally. Please replace it to justify my purchase with Samsung. I hope you solve my problem ASAP, will give me the piece of mind & build even more solid rapport with me for future.
    Thanking you.
    Happy New Year.

  15. ashok Reply

    Hi Sir,
    I am currently using Samsung refrigerator model RT27HAJYASA/TL –SN: 03064PAF502571E which was bought on Jul 2014. I have been using this along with the stabilizer and now I am facing the cooling problem. I registered a complaint (Tracking No: 4226020028) and the support person came to my home and checked it and told that I need to refill the gas and it cannot be covered under warranty and I need to pay from my pocket.
    Previously I also used Samsung refrigerator brought at May 2012 and it also had the problem with temperature and my freezer was not working. I have called the customer care number and the engineer came and said the same that I need refill the gas in the compressor. I did the same thing for 3 times and out of frustration I sold that product.
    I bought the new refrigerator as all of my family members have convinced me that Samsung is an internationally trusted brand so i bought again the same brand. Now I am facing the same problem and making me never to trust your brand again.

    Kindly do the needful.

  16. Bharti Reply

    Unfortunately I purchased a Samsung product yesterday.

    Yesterday I planned to purchase a new refrigerator for my house. Having already decided to purchase a LG refrigerator (depending on online reviews about their products and service quality ) I went to Sargam Electronics, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi to purchase one.

    Unfortunately there I was convinced by a Samsung salesman to purchase a Samsung product. More unfortunately probably I forgot all the negative reviews that I has read about Samsung services I got trapped to purchase a Samsung product.

    Below is the story how all it went:

    Having been already unfortunately trapped to purchase a Samsung refrigerator instead of a LG I clearly mentioned to the sales guy that I do not want a demonstration piece delivered at my house. He told me that this is the only piece he has right now and a fresh piece was impossible to get today.

    I humbly wanted to leave the store having decided to come back on next non- working day.

    Salesperson Manoj told me to wait for five minutes and five minutes later he came back and promised me to get a fresh piece delivered later in the evening. Having doubly taken a promise to get a fresh piece delivered I made the payment and left.

    Later in the evening at 4:30 I called Manoj to enquire about the delivery. (I had planned to take my family out for Sunday and I wanted to check the exact delivery time). He told me that he will check with the delivery team and get back to me. Which he never did. After 30 minutes I called again and the same story continued twice more. Next when I called him his phone was switched off.

    I got up and especially went back to the showroom. I met Manoj there and told me to wait. After 30 minutes he came to me and told me that delivery of a fresh piece was not possible and ‘ YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT TILL TOMORROW, WHAT CAN I DO NOW’. I told him about his false promises but he was a hard nut. I reminded him that he cheated me by getting the payment processed….he shamelessly smiled.

    I returned home with a fresh promise to get the product delivered next day in the evening.

    To my horror today at 2pm a person from Samsung visited my house to give the product demonstration. He visited the billing address though we clearly mentioned that our billing and delivery address were different.

    Since afternoon today I followed (we have to call him thrice before he answers the call) up with Manoj to get the fresh piece delivered today. At 8pm in the night today we were delivered the product and to our horror we were delivered a demonstration piece.

    I could not stop my tears coming out.

    My husband tried to contact Manoj but he was a hard nut with no emotions. A perfect Samsung salesman.

    We have returned the product now. Do not need it anymore.

  17. Pankaj Kumar Chikara Reply

    After getting frustrated with your services of Samsung care I am forced to wrote this feedback about the pathetic service.

    I had spent half a lac ruppee (Rs 52500/-) and purchased Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile keeping in mind a complete satisfaction that i will get from this and it will solve all my mobile related requirements on 10th of May 2016.

    But this mobile set failed to fulfill even its basic work of communication, from the 15th day it started given problem of call drop. Initially i thought that it is a problem of the service provider (AIR TEL) so i call them and managed to change the sim card with the new one. This I did twice but the problem not get resolved.

    Due to timelessness i was not able to reach your service center for repair and continue live with the problem till 20th Dec 2015, when i managed to go to your Noida service center.

    There i submit the hand set with a assurance that the problem will get resolved but they failed to do so and told me that there is no problem in the hand set and i should try again as they had updated the software.

    Again i faced the same issue and again i reached the service center & submit the mobile for the same problem. They again told me that there is no problem with the set and advised me to check the same with the other network provider sim card. I had checked it with other service provider sim card (Idea) also but the problem still persists.

    I again visited your service center and said them that there is still the same problem exists. They again submitted the phone, after 3 days I got a call that the problem has been identified the motherboard found faulty so we had changed the same and now the mobile is kept for testing. After 2 days i got the mobile set and when i start using, it start getting rebooted again and again.

    Fourth time I visited the service center and again submitted the mobile and till the time of writing this mail I didn’t get any solution. I had called your call center no. of times but didn’t get satisfactory answer.

    Now today i had again contacted your call center on 18002668282 and given them the time till 7pm for the solution as per my willingness.

    After 7pm i do not want any solution, please simply refund my amount.

  18. Harinder Reply

    I have a serious problem with the installation of the new Samsung Fully Automatic machine that we bought. In fact, it is because of that purchase that we have become members of this club, Card no. 7606-3600-2480.

    We were told by the dealer that somebody from Samsung would come and install the machine. We got a call today morning from the Samsung Service Center in Chandigarh advising us that the installation engineer would visit us sometime today. After a couple of calls, the engineer visited us in the evening finally.

    He unpacked the machine and moved it to the final installation location. Then, he asked us to get a nozzle installed before he could complete the installation. To our surprise, he did not carry any installation material with him. After all, I am sure that every machine that is to be installed needs this nozzle and should form part of the standard installation kit. Then, he said that this is “not my job because I am an engineer and cannot be expected to do a plumber’s job.” He also said that his job was simply to connect the machine (provided we made the tap nozzle available) and then give us a demo of how it works.

    This is amazing logic. I find it difficult to accept that a HUGE company like Samsung cannot provide its installation “engineers” with a proper installation kit. And, mind you, nobody ever told us that we would be required to get something like the installation of a tap or a nozzle before the “engineer’s” visit! So we wasted a whole day today waiting for the “engineer” to arrive and then end up with no result at all! What then is the sanctity or requirement of such a visit by an “engineer”?

    Can Samsung not ensure that at least their personnel carry all the installation material with them? The kind of work that your “engineer” refused to do is something that is needed for each installation.

    I asked for the telephone number of the local ASM from the Samsung service center in Chandigarh. They gave me the telephone number of Mr Gurmeet Singh, 9988883639. When I called this number, I got a message saying that this number does not accept INCOMING CALLS! How ridiculous…..

    We have been customers of Samsung for many many years. As you will notice from our profile, we have many appliances bought from Samsung. But this experience is not a good one. I am terribly disappointed and upset.

    I do hope that I will get some sort of a response to my email. It is a complaint and I do not know if Samsung will actually acknowledge it and send me a response.

  19. ASHOK GUPTA Reply

    Never buy Samsung Product. Experience of support will be horrible. I would like to share my experience. I purchased Samsung S Duos 7562 Mobile Handset from on 17.10.2013 from Flipkat. Camera of the phone was not working properly. I approached M/s Saphire Sevices, 19 A-1, 1st Floor, Rajaram estate, Dadar, Mumbai 400018 Samsung Authorised Service Centre.Defect Description as per Bill no. 41831346665 Camera Dust peo els els not done ram update. Product was under full warranty. Service Centre asked for Rs 1500/- for repair on the ground Back cover not covered under warranty. On one side it is mentioned full warranty on Bill. I refused to make payment for services covered under warranty. Initially they refused to return phone but with the intervention of your call centre no. 1800 3000 8282, after lot of arguments and 3 long calls they returned phone. Later on first they tried to modify report to scratches on glaas but due to my strong resistance they could not make it.

  20. Moheet Reply

    It has been probably the biggest mistake of my life to install a split AC of SAMSUNG. We have been fighting since almost last two years to get some respite from the heat with the Samsung AC but it has been a futile effort. This AC was tripping after running for half to one hour and used to be in the fan mode for next 2 hours. Many engineers and experts from the company visited but could not solve the problem. They said it was due to intense heat, whereas we showed them that another AC installed in our next room of another company was cooling the room many times more in the same heat, but they had no answer or solution to the problem.
    This year one service engineer came and said that the compressor needs to be changed. So he changed the compressor and we paid for it. But as usual, even after changing the compressor, the problem persisted. Later after checking the unit he found that the capillary was choked and changed it. He said this was the main problem and no one has tried to diagnose it for last 2 years and that the compressor was spoiled because of this chocking and it used to trip because of restrained flow of gas in the outdoor unit due to chocking of the capillary. However, it was not even one month, the new compressor also stopped working. We again lodged a complaint. One and half day later a person came and said that the compressor needs to be changed. We told him that it was not even one month that the compressor was changed but he had no answer and said that someone would come and change the compressor. We really fail to understand that why your company makes a product which cannot sustain even for a month and then they expect that the customers will buy their products and spread a good word of mouth to others when there are so much better and many times more efficient and reliable products available in the market.
    It has been 7 days already but the compressor has not been changed and we have been living in the room with an AC installed as a useless show piece. We keep calling the service centre but no one attends our call. In fact we received a call from the compnay yesterday that they would change the compressor today, but no is responding to our request at the service centre. Pl tell us what to do and whom to contact. In such a situation we seek your help as the CEO of the company.

  21. Manish Madan Reply

    I have, since last 10 years, have been very loyal Samsung customer with 3 households (mine, my dad’s and my inlaw’s) buying more than 25 Samsung products. Our houses today look like Samsung Brand Shops with our ACs, LED/LCD TVs. Washing Machines, Mobile Phones and Refrigeratots all being Samsung products. Thankfully till recently we never had any major issues till our horrible experience with one of your product started.

    My nightmare started with my recently bought LCD 32″ TV bought for my bedroom (bought in Jan last year, invoice attached for your reference). Though this happened just once some 6 months back and auto corrected, I did not pay any heed to it till 2 days back when suddenly when we switched on the TV the Picture could not be seeen however we could hear some noise. We switched it off and then started the same again and it started working fantatsically well. However the same was repeated the next day and this time no sound or picture could be heard/ seen.

    Basis this I filed a complaint with your call center and very promptly Mr. Ravindra called up and attended to my complaint. Though he initially thought it to be a issues with the mother board however today he confirmed that the issue is with the panel and told me that I will have to pay ~ INR 10,000 to get the same repaired. Upon my raising my protest wrt the reecnt purchase and my concern over the quality of the samsung product he nicely asked me to share the invoice copy with him basis which he and his supervisor Mr. Sudesh may seek some calrity from the corporate office.

    My only concern is that how can a Samsung product fail so many Quality Checks and get into this kind of condition within 1 year of purchase. How can a name which people like us trurst, take the same consumers for a ride.

    I am really concerned and just hope that this is a just an odd case and that Samsung still sells quality products otherwise many of us consumers will stop believing in the extensive publicity done about the Samsung products on all kind of media.

    I will expect an eary revert from your side ragarding this issue and will hope that the complaint is treated not as a stand alone case but also be used for some introspection within your organization.

    Thanks & Regards
    Manish Madan

  22. Subhajit Saha Reply

    When samsung co .will launch the latest firmware 4.1.2 jelly bean android for samsung galaxy noten7000…. I am fed up guys telling that , how irresponsible you are !!! Plzzz tell the releasing time ….

  23. Nilesh Shah Reply

    Regret to inform you that I have purchased one Samsung Galaxy S Duos phone on 01-01-2013 from The Mobile Store Limited, Shop No.: 4 & 5, Ground Floor, Revira 30 Shopping, 100 Ft.Floor, Ahmedabad.

    At the time of purchase, I was told by this shop that 16 GB Memory Card is free with this phone and it will reach to your billing address within 15 days time directly from company. Today after more then 40 days, neither I have received card nor any response from your side.

    After purchase of phone, I have visited that shop atleast four to five times. Every time, I was given assurance that its under process/transit. Inspite of my request, they were not providing me any body’s contact number or mail ID to lodge the complaint.
    But I was given Toll free number 1800-121-7900 which I tried twice.

  24. p.ramakrishnan Reply

    I am a regular customer of your standard product. I got retired and returned to India on February 5th 2013.With this last journey I purchased your latest Samsung product of SMART LED TV SERIES 4, BN69-07461C-02, and 32UE4500 and MODEL: UA32EH4500R, TYPE NO: UA32EH 4500, MODEL CODE: UA32EH4500RXZN, VERSION NO: AD01 on Feb 1st 2013 at Dubai city centre shopping mall. To my bad luck, I lost my bill and warranty card of this product. Due to a problem with the model, my brother in law filed a complaint regarding this damage to nearby dealer at Tuticorin. The technician said that there was damage in LED PANEL. They said without bill and warranty card, they charge 60% (Indian rupees 12,000) of original cost. I agreed to pay the cost for same. After that, they enquire the availability of panel and replied that we need to wait for more than couple of months for delivery. Next I enquire customer care regarding this delay of delivery, but there is no response from both customer care and dealer of your product. What is the use of your customer care and dealers? I want to know the reason for delay of delivery of panel for latest model and irresponsible reply from your dealer and customer care.

  25. Roshni jaiswal Reply

    Sir this is regarding an authorized service center for samsung mobiles located in Kolkata whose namely Karuna. i had given my handset, which was under warranty period, to be repaired there, but these people told me that some parts are missing from inside the phone and are not taking responsibilt for the missing parts whereas I have never got my cell repaired from outside or anywhere else. Last time even when I had a problem with my cell i got it done from this center itself so how is it possible that a part is missing from inside the handset. Plus these people they are not giving me any clear explanation reagarding the missing part from inside the handset and asking me to pay the amount of rupees 3000 for geting it repaired. My problem is that how come a part went missing from inside a handset when it was handed over to an “authorized” service center. I have always trusted Samsung but what happened with me this time has broken my trust. I would like you to kindly look into the matter and give me an explanation for it cause such an illogical answer as in ” we dont know how a part got missing and you have to pay the amount for repairing it” as said by their branch manager is not acceptable to me.
    Branch manager of Karuna Management Services is- Mr Abinash Bhadra, and his contact number is- 9477320886.
    I would be highly obliged if you would look into the matter. As i presume these people are fake and cheaters.

  26. Abdul Jaleel Reply

    I made a purchase of new branded 32” LED TV (Model # UA32EH4000) from KM Trading Co. Abu dhabi, UAE on 20 April 2012. Now it is not working at all. I raised my complaint on your Toll free No. on 02 nd May 2012 (Ref.No. 8442178811). On 5/5/2012 they arranged a Service Engineer from Kottayam, Kerala. Engineer informed us TV PCB board has been damaged and should be replaced within one week. Based on his request i forwarded my International Warranty Card & Purchase Bill for further processing.

    After that, till this date i have got no response from your (Samsung) side and still am without a working machine. In spite of several repeated follow ups we are unable to get our TV working and i am really fed up by Samsung Services in India.

    I look forward to hearing from your and to a resolution of this problem. I will wait for 15/06/2012 before seeking help from Consumer court (KERALA STATE CONSUMER DISPUTE REDRESSAL COMMISSION).

  27. Vivek Agarwal Reply


    I am great fan of Samsung products. I have all electronic equipment in my home from Samsung only.

    However, I have been facing harassment from Samsung staff since last month. My Samsung Refrigerator with model number RT32YBUX1/XTL got cooling problem since a month. I registered a complaint with Samsung customer care (complaint no-4131058548) and the engineer from Authorised service center (Infiniti Sales and services, Bholanath nagar, Shahdara, delhi) could not diagnose the problem and said that there is no problem. I again complaint (Complaint no-4131693794) and the engineer said that there is leakage of gas so later another engineer came and filled the gas. However the problem again resurfaced within 4 days. Again I complaint with the same complaint no. and now the engineer said there is problem with electronic plate and sensor and the same has to be replaced. Also the engineer said that he is not sure and he will try with new sensor. I am really harassed with the Samsung staff. Since this is season of scorching heat, I am finding it difficult to manage without my refrigerator. I request you to please take the matter with higher authority in the Samsung.

    Thank you.

    Vivek Agarwal.

  28. K J Thomas Reply

    The service for Samsung airconditioners in Kochi, Kerala is absolutely worthless. The authorised service provider, Wintech Solutions does not have the infrastructure or transportation facility to handle this service. My Samsung window a/c that I purchased in April 2010 from Bismi Appliances, Kaloor, Kochi became faulty after a year. The compressor and sealed system carries a 5 year warranty. Wintech Solutions charged me Rs. 2241/- to repair this saying that there was gas leakage and it is not covered by warranty. After three months there is no cooling. Wintech Solutions wants me to pay again if I want to repair. There is no responsible Samsung representative in Kochi to whom I can address this issue. The service provided by Wintech Solutions (including telephonic response) is really deplorable.

  29. Mahamood Reply

    I purchased a Samsung galaxy tab (GT-P1000 ) from Dubai. I want to register my tab. Samsung site apparently does not support my tab number GTP 1000. WHAT should I do in this case?

  30. Imran ameer Reply

    I purchased samsung chat 322 few days ago. I hav been facing some problem while dowloading media files from internet through the inbuilt browser. I am not able to download a single file.

  31. sumathy arul Reply

    your support for service is very poor no support to poor customer like me i have bought phone trusting your company no use

  32. Rajesh Reply

    Dear Sir
    I purchased a SamSung laptop from M/S FaStrack Computing ltd. After 15 days the start key on the laptop keypad is not working. The laptop is under warranty. The service center told me they will have to repair the same, but am not willing to repair the faulty product. From the last 1 year, I have been collecting money to buy this laptop..and now I cant repair. This is not good.

  33. Dino Reply

    I love Samsung products..they are great..good job guys..and your customer service is also superb!!

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