Contact of Ryanair customer service (phone, address)

Contact Ryanair: Find below customer care details of Ryanair airline, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Ryanair, Europe’s largest low-cost carrier. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on services of Ryanair.

Ryanair Head Office
Ryanair Corporate Head Office
Dublin Airport
Co. Dublin

Ryanair Customer Care
Customer Service Department
PO Box 11451
Co Dublin
Fax: +353 1 812 1676

Ryanair Reservations (International)
+ 44 871 246 0002

0818 30 30 30
1550 92 70 30

0871 246 0000
0905 566 0000

0900 116 0500
0900 116 0600

0900 210 240
0900 420 211

0892 780 210
0899 194 74

Belgium (Francais)
0902 33 660
0903 88 660

Belgium (English)
0902 33 600
0903 88 600

0900 04 00 860
0900 04 00 856

895 5000 020
899 898 241

00 44 871 2460011
807 110 182

0900 100 0550
0900 100 0750

0900 808 001
0900 999 002

820 040 02
820 750 04

0600 301 334
0600 301 335

0703 303033
0703 703007

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About Ryanair
ryanair-flight-pictureRyanair was founded in the year 1985 and is a lost cost airline with its main base at Dublin Airport, Ireland. Ryanair operates more than 1,400 flights everyday, connecting 160 destinations across 27 countries. The airline, founded by the Ryan family, currently has about 44 bases. As a matter of fact, Ryanair is Europe’s largest low-cost carrier. To read more visit the website at

Destinations – Ryanair flight destinations include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Italy, Malta, Lithuania, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, UK, Latvia and more.


  1. Harold Felice Reply

    I have been sending regular emails to Ryanair customer care with regard to a refund I should have received and which apparently was refunded to a wrong account number resulting in the fact that I have not received my refund. So far I am being totally ignored by Ryanair Customer Care. Booking reference is A6WQVS and this after my flights were cancelled by the airline.

  2. My flight was cancelled by Ryanair. They did not refund me the full amount as required by both EU261 and their own Terms and Conditions Article 9.1.2. Claiming that the £47.48 that they pocketed was the cost element for non-refundable insurance paid to them by me in the ticket price. Did they pay the so called third party insurer for flights that never happened?

  3. Jackie greaves Reply

    My son booked with Ryan air to fly to Madrid to start a new career as a teacher they lost his main suitcase with all his worldly belongings we have no success in speaking to anyone that can explain or help us it’s been a nightmare! Personally I would never fly with this company as they have such a bad reputation.

  4. Brendan moran Reply

    I had a family emergency whilst I was away in Galway on 24th August and had to get a coach across Ireland to try and. get a flight home to Manchester. I went to the Ryanair desk on Dublin airport and spoke with a very helpful lady who took it upon herself to get me on a flight the same night. I have been trying to get in touch with her to let her know what happened afterwards and thank her for all her help, but I can’t find a number. Ryanair get a lot of bad press but on this occasion this young lady was a massive help and I don’t know what I would have done without her. If anyone could pass a contact number on to me so I can thank her personally I would be very grateful. Thank you again, Brendan Moran

  5. There was a time when ‘Irish’ inspired images of simple friendliness and calm homeliness.
    Not any more.
    Ryanair is the real-world face of everything bad about ‘modern’, consumerist Ireland: greedy, selfish, uncaring, cheap, tatty, as Irish as Gdansk, illegible, appalling service, over-priced for anything other than people looking for Gulag reenactments.
    On-line check-in is a money making scam – simply not enough bandwidth so it times out instantly for many customers who end up paying the 40+ euro in airport fees.
    Car-hire? LOL… Book direct with any of the hire firms – cheaper and friendlier.
    They have no interest in making things less miserable for the customer.
    BUT – they are cheaper than anyone else (if you are careful not to add anything to your booking) so if you are as cheap as most people are, you’ll be grand after an online rant and you’ll re-book with Ryanair again – just like the rest of us.
    One day, companies like Ryanair will – by law if not by consideration – end up having to give a damn about their customers. But maybe the customers need to show them the way? By looking elsewhere for their travel options.

  6. I have to send an e-mail for the main headquarters of the company .
    I received a very bad treatment at the Lanzarote airport from your customer service. I have read your policy regarding the cancellation of flights, but in this case I strongly believe I have the right to ask for the money back due to the great misunderstanding created by your service center.
    I was waiting in the que for my turn because I did not have the chance to check in and I waited for their approval. The situation was slow. There are cameras in the airport so they recorded everything. When in the end they told me that I could not fly, the panic took over me, unfortunately, I turned to the girl asking her to help me look for a new flight to London, but while I was crying I gave her the phone and the girl booked the trip for me, she gave me back the phone to allow me to put my bank details, she even asked me to check in for me, and since I would not have a place for the night and wifi I said yes, I realized a few hours later looking at my e-mails that the flight was for glasgow, I returned to the airport but ryanair customer service was already closed. I made some mistakes from the beginning, on September 28th I lost a flight so stupidly, and ask the hostess for help, she tried to help me, she even told the other hostess Claudia to help me at least for a room for that night, but the girl she refused to help me, i remember she said she didnt care about it, just because she thought i could not understand spanish language. Very rude. I need the money from my glasgow flight, booked by your hostess, not by me, there are cameras to confirm it, I just put my details. The company of the rent car told me that I should also ask for money regarding the car paid for 4 more days. I wanted to avoid lawyers. Waiting for a response

  7. We were on a cancelled flight scheduled for Bordeaux sunday 18th march flight fr1632 We are trying to claim compensation, you claimed it was weather yet other flights took off and the ones that couldn’t previous to ours were all delayed rather than cancelled, leaving us with horrendous travel delays, and terrible customer service.

  8. I’ve repeatedly tried to submit the Ryanair online refund form for a cancelled flight and each time a pop up dialogue box appears informing me that one of the passengers on the booking actually travelled on this (cancelled) flight!

  9. Sylvia Matthies Reply

    Our flight was on the cancellation list travelling from Cologne to London Oct. 19.
    We would like to be refunded for the flight since the flight got cancelled by Ryanair.
    Please refund a one way ticket for two.
    Thank you for getting back to me as soon as possible.

  10. Popa Mircea Reply

    You are the most untrustworthy company.
    I’m trying to chat with you for 2 hours and I can not.
    I hope all the people will stop flying with your company.
    I can not contact you.
    When I try to fill out the form it disappears.

  11. Michael A. Reply

    Flight was cancelled from Santorini to Athena and I paid baggage fees to check my bags as well as my flight, which I am requesting a refund. The service at the airport in Santorini left us with no answers or customer service resolutions. No other flights were cancelled at this airport with other airlines or flights at the same time.

    Confirmation #ENC2HV, Baggage receipt number 1001797344

    I am requesting a refund in both. I also had to pay additional transportation fees out of the airport of 35 Euro’s due to this missed flight and had to cancel other plans in Athens. Again, no other flights were cancelled at this airport at the same time or with other airlines.

    There is no number I can call from Greece either.

  12. Alfred Debono Reply

    I am not getting through on Ryanair online chat. It keeps saying that there is no internet connection which is wrong as I do. Can anyone suggest an email that will go to Ryan air.

  13. I have just booked return flights from Alicante to Leeds/Bradford (21-28/12) and booked a car – when I entered all information and my debit card details the screen went blank then returned to my booking! Is it booked or not? I have not received an email confirming booking.

  14. Can a customer support representative please contact me as soon as possible. I have a question about an upcoming flight from Italy to Budapest. I leave August 31st and need an answer immediately.

    thank you,

  15. Hi there!
    My name is julienne I would like to cancel my flight on the 12 July 2016 Copenhagen-Brussels, because of some changes since there was some change on my holiday family plan my husband haven’t got his holiday from work and my daughter’s ID card will not be delivered until beginning of August. Therefore I would like to be refund. i tried several time to get any contact number from your company but cannot get hold of customer service. asap i’m expecting your response.

  16. Sian Griffiths Reply

    Been trying for 24 Hrs to speak to someone! Just a auto message and then it cuts you off! Taken cash out of my account twice for flights and luggage allowance! Chat line are always unavailable. Will never use Ryanair again. The way it treats its customers is disgraceful! Seeing legal advice over this matter.

  17. Reference: DTTF6E

    Please be informed that I am very disappointed in the way you have acted. On the 3rd of June, our flight (FR3967) to Rome (Ciampino) was canceled, because of the bad weather. We were supposed to leave at 20:35 from Cologne. After waiting for hours (there was only one employee available for multiple canceled flights), it was finally our turn around 02:00. Since all flights to Rome at other airports in that area were overbooked, the only choice we had was to travel to Brussels (!) the next morning, were our plane should leave at 12:50 (FR2975). Since we didn’t receive any vouchers for food and drinks, and we had to stay over the whole night (no hotel was offered), the employee who was representing Ryan Air said that all receipts were refundable as long as we kept them. The first train (Thalys) was leaving at 06:44. Next to the receipts for food and drinks, also the receipts for the taxi (from Cologne Airport to Central Station Cologne) as well as the receipts for the Thalys (from Central Station Cologne to Central Station Brussels) and again the taxi (from Central Station Brussels to Brussels Zaventum) were refundable. After uploading the case report as well as the receipts, we only receive a letter (without any further information) that Ryan Air would transfer an amount of 112,04 EUR. Since this amount is not even covering the tickets for the Thalys, I am quite surprised by the way you have handled this.

  18. Hello, I´m fliying on next thursday, 12-05-2016.

    When I did the reservation via the company Halcon Viajes for whatever the reason the luggage booked for the hold was a 15 kilos bag when I really need to carry a bag of 20. At no moment I was questioned by the system what kind of bag did I wanted to check. I need to change that bag for the big one but in your web page I am unable to do it since only allows me to add more bags of the two types but does not allows me to eliminate the bag of 15 kilos selected by the system initially by default.

    I´ll go to the airport with a bag of 20 kilos and I´m all for paying the difference of the price between the two bags indicated in the web page but no more.

    I tried to phone you but there is no a chance of my call being attended. The call center service is absolutely inefficient.

  19. Everybody has difficulty contacting Ryanair all the time no matter where. This is a deliberate ploy to fuck us all up and to garner even more money for Mickie Beag O Laoire.

  20. Gaynor Wakefield Reply

    Dear Ryanair,
    I have been trying to contact Ryanair through various methods to sort out my baggage loss. Your current system requires a PIR report number which I do not have. It has been that frustrating that I have sent a complaint to customer services months ago, I still have no reply and no further with my lost luggage. Its disgusting the way I have been ignored and treated. My complain number is 879539 to which I still have not received a reply from 3 months ago. Please could someone help. regards

  21. Barbara Vance Reply

    I have been trying to contact you about a flight that was cancelled weeks ago. The flight is scheduled at 7:00am your time and I am in the US and that will be 2:00 am here
    The flight that was cancelled weeks ago was for Peter Wennington and he is flight from the US so he can’t talk will you again. Please contact me asap about this it was suppose to be cancelled and I am not going to be charged for this flight I have email documents about this cancellation with your employee

  22. Irin a Ivanova Reply

    I got the following SMS:
    Dear Customer
    Confirmation Number AKHWKZ
    Ryanair regrets that following an operational review, the below flights will cease operation from the 25th October 2015. Please advise any other passengers who may be travelling in your party.
    Following this route cancellation customers have 2 options:

    Option 1
    Full refund of all monies paid. To obtain a refund – click on the link below and complete the required information.

    Option 2
    Re-Book free of charge onto alternative Ryanair flights operating from nearby departure or arrival airports.
    Please contact Ryanair reservations or click to chat with one of our advisors.

    An automatic refund of this reservation will be processed within 21 working days if no alternative flight options are requested.

    Ryanair sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused by this route cancellation.

    I tried to use both options from your letter, but failed. Please, help me.

  23. Anna Fitzgerald Reply

    Hi I’m desperately trying to get through to Ryanair all morning I’m ringing the number quoted on the above numbered answering Mach to ring 1520444004. My husband was to fly out today at around 4pm to Alicante ( benidorm ) but has gotten bad news that his dad hasn’t ling to live. What do I do can I hold the flight cause maybe after the funeral he might make it over for the last few days and we can change it to another. Please try and get back to me as its so frustrating not being able to get you by phone.

  24. Natalie Eidi Reply


  25. Virginijus Reply

    Hello, i need a number to contact you from Lithuania. I have mispelled my name. My reservation number PLWPYT.

  26. Hi, I’m exchange student studying in Spain. I had a NIE before but somebody stole my purse and everything in it yesterday. I was planning to go Paris today. I’m not EU citizen, and I’m afraid that ryan air may not allow me to go out from Spain or come in to Spain cause I don’t have my NIE. What can I do in this occasion? Regards, yiyeun.

  27. Hello,
    How can I get an invoice ? Please contact me by my email adress.
    Thank you.

  28. Ariesta Milanti Reply

    Hello! I have a problem regarding my flight reservation from Faro to Edinburgh (number: CHHPVQ) GFB3GT. When I tried to check in online I noticed that my family name is not there. I tried to call the reservation center, by international call from Portugal, but still, no one answered. Would you please you
    add my surname and confirm my reservation. Thank you.

  29. Hello, I am have a flight on 27 th of september from bologna to Wroclaw (19:15-21:00) and I just received a weird e-mail from ryanair, some kind of important infrormation about my flight but it just confirms my flight, Is there something to worry about ? any kind of cancellation? thank you

  30. mr joli quentin kansil Reply

    Have you ever heard of an airline charging more for a piece of hand luggage than for an actual passenger? Well, it actually happened when I flew with my daughter from Kerry, Northern Ireland to London on Ryanair this past June. [Flight FR 614 at 8:50am on June 22, 2012; reservation # QFBT4G] The price of a one-way ticket was only £35, and with administration fees and taxes this came to £64 for each of us. We always each carry one small suitcase and an airline bag so as to avoid checking in luggage and waiting for it to be downloaded at our destination. However, Ryanair insisted that we check in one piece of hand luggage as they found our airline bags too big. This was really not the case, however, as the airline bags were each the size of a lady’s medium-sized handbag, and Ryanair was indeed allowing women to take a carry-on suitcase and a handbag on board.

    We had no choice, but to pay for ‘excess baggage’ — and at a very excessive amount: £100 for each piece of hand luggage! If this is not gouging by an airline, then what is? It is true that Ryanair sent an email two days before our flight spelling out their luggage policy, but our luggage was within the weight and dimension limits. Ryanair should have allowed us to carry on our small suitcases and smaller airline bags, as all the airlines we have traveled on all these years have been willing to do this. We tried to get this charge dropped from my Diners Club bill, but, after more than two months of wrangling, Diners could not help us in this dispute. We feel we are entitled to a refund of £200 ($320) and that Ryanair should completely overhaul their baggage policy. The basic flight costs on Ryanair are cheap, but not when you have to factor in the cost of being forced to check in hand luggage. There was a lot of grumbling at Kerry’s airport, as several other passengers got stuck with paying £100 per bag; Ryanair’s image is greatly tarnished with their current way of handling baggage — and handling passengers.

  31. Konstantinos Reply

    Hiya to everyone
    I would like to ask if Ryanair continues flying to/from Thessaloniki Greece bcz I have heard some rumours that next winter 2013 Ryanair will stop flying from Thessaloniki.
    I used to fly with Ryanair and I really like this air company and due to the fact I plan to visit London many times next winter I want to know if it is true about that rumours bcz I want to book as soon as possible.
    Thank u very much

  32. Gilmer Gaylan Reply

    I was calling the call center and waiting many times for few minutes but nobody takes the phone, it’s just taking the money from my mobile. We have a flight on the 19.07.2012 to London from Krakow. Since we are two persons and booked a luggage of 15 kilos each, is it possible to put the 30 kilos in one luggage?

  33. Hello,

    We would like to reserve special assistance at the airport for Irena Slepikiene, booking ref.: HE91HJ, Brussels -Kaunas(Kun) on the 14th of July. We tried to call the calling center but nobody answered. Would You kindly help us and arrange this assistance for our client.

    Kind Regards

  34. William Sykes Reply

    Thank you for your confirmation but it is for the wrong flight. I booked flight FR7034 departing Dublin 19.40. You have sent me confirmation of flight FR 7032 departing 10.30. Please send confirmation for flight FR 7034 departing 19.40

    Upon viewing your booking history we can see that the flight booking that you have not received the confirmation for had a slight mis-spelling in the e-mail address. This has been amended now and the confirmation sent to your e-mail address.

    Comment: On Wednesday 20 June, at the same time, I booked and paid for 2 Ryan Air flights.
    > 1. Gatwick to Dublin on 22 July Amount paid £31.99
    > 2. Dublin to Faro on 23 July Amount paid £72.82
    > I received an email from Ryan Air the same day giving the reservation number ICU4RP. On looking at the details I can see only one flight booked – Gatwick to Dublin.
    > I note in your blurb that a reservation may be cancelled if payment is not received. My credit card details show two payments of the above amounts to Ryan Air on 20 June for both the Gatwick/Dublin and Dublin/Faro legs of my journey.
    > Please email me the reference details for my Dublin/Faro flight

  35. I booked a flight yesterday 7/6/12 and as my computer kept crashing it altered the flight around the wrong way instead of Stanstead to Limoges it was back to front, I paid 173 euros for this flight
    and want to alter it round the right way but why should it cost me so much and I will lose the original money for the first flight, cant this be use for the new flights and I just pay an alteration fee for each booking . Reservation NO. QLBM 2R

  36. Good evening,
    I made my reservation today, O8PL9L afterwards I realized that there is one letter missing in my surname. I am now in Switzerland and can-t find any valid customer service number in this country. Could you please help me

    • hello agnieszka, i have the same problem!!! I booked my flight yesterday and a letter is wrong! I tried to call but nobody in the costumer services answers the phone! What did you do to solve your problem?? I don’t know what to do and i’m afraid of losing my flight :(

  37. Eleni Zarifi Reply

    Good morning, I need to find my booking details -reservation number – for my flight [and confirm the booking] from Memmingen (Munich West) to Edinburgh on 08 August 2012 with flight number FR6523 [2 persons].

    I can’t use the ‘manage my booking’ because I don’t have my flight reservation number and that’s because while I was sent to the web page, after booking, [in order to receive the itinerary and the reservation number of my flight], the pop up advertisement blocked my reservation number. Also I never received a confirmation email with the itinerary. I just checked my bank account and the fee for the ticket is cleared.

    Just minutes before this incident, I booked 2 more flights to other destinations and it worked well, both with the site, and receiving the emails with the itinerary. I tried to call the calling center + 44 871 246 0002 but nobody answered.

  38. I need to find my booking details for my flight from Bilund to Budapest on 8 of july around 13:35..
    I didn’t receive any e-mails with my ticket. It is impossible to call them. I just checked my bank account and they already took the fee for the ticket…

  39. kalaitzis Vasilios Reply

    Good evening. I made a reservation on Sunday from Germany to Greece, by I haven’ t receive yet any e-mail confirmation for that flight. The flight’ s number is 3718069/FR_WB9HVI.
    Can you please confirm?


    we want to know where can update our details of passport issued date and expirty date ,because when we check in online make the wrong date. thank you very much!

  41. ronald smith Reply

    i need on to find my booking details for my fligt from birmingham to alcante on 23 oatober 2011 around 6.30am

  42. hello, am flying from spain Almeria on the 29th of this month, i found out later that there will be a national strike on this day, will this affect the flights?

  43. Daniel Dreveny Reply

    To the Ryanair managment,

    hereby I express my support to the International week of action against Ryanair practices against the workers.

    I demand an end to recruitment scamming and abuse of workers at Ryanair.

    I will inform public in this country about Ryanair Don’t Care Campaign and expect that you reply to this letter together with the information when your mean practices will end.

    In solidarity with Ryanair workers,

    Daniel Dreveny
    Priama akcia – International Workers Association

  44. Hello, I have a problem regarding my reservation which I have made
    yesterday, and the number of the reservation is GFB3GT. The problem is
    that when I was reserving my flight, in the box where my surname
    (Przewoznik) should be there is just a ‘Surname’. When I tried to do my
    online check in I noticed that instead of my surname (Przewoznik) there is
    just ‘surname’, so it looks like I have left a blank space in there and
    the system has just saved ‘surname’ in the space where Przewoznik should
    be. I would like to add that the website was loading very slowly and
    during my payment I had to wait about five minutes. Please could you
    change my surname and confirm my reservation.

  45. mark lycett Reply

    Hello, i have recently had a flight re scheduled by Ryanair which now involves the need for my travel insurance to be extended from 9 days to 10 days, i cannot seem to be able to do this on your manage my flight, i prefer not to phone as i am calling from Portugal and will incur even more costs through no fault of my own, could you please advise what the best procedure would be to resolve this, regards, M Lycett.

  46. Please give me a phone number I can call from Greece. I had an online checkin with wrong spelling name. Is it a problem? Flight number UDE16J. Hoping to receive help on this asap.

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