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Qatar Airways Head Office
Qatar Airways Tower
P.O. Box 22550
Doha, Qatar
Tel: (+ 974) 4449 6000

Qatar Airways Customer Service
+974 4420 3015

Reservation (Qatar)
Phone: +974 4449 6666 /
Fax: +974 4462 1533

+974 4449 6000 / +974 4449 6158

Flight Enquiry
+974 4462 2999

Refund / Baggage Help
+974 4420 3015

Qatar Airways Cargo
+974 4455 6111

Reservations – UK
+44 870 389 8090
+44 208 897 9084

Reservations – US
+1 877 777 2827 (toll free)

Reservations – UAE
+971 4 229 2229
+971 2 666 4476

Privilege Club (Qmiles) Contact
(+974) 4449 6449

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You should check-in 36 hours to 90 minutes before departure. Online check-in is available in several Asian destinations besides Europe, Australia, Middle East and North America. Some of the Asian destinations where online check-in is available is Bangkok, Beijing, Lahore, Delhi, Jakarta, Mumbai, Tokyo, Singapore, Dhaka and Colombo. To check-in online from the website click here. For mobile check in simply visit from your mobile and email your boarding pass for printing letter.

Baggage Information
Carry-On Baggage: Those flying on Economy Class can carry 1 piece not exceeding 7 kg. Business and First Class fliers can carry 2 pieces not exceeding 15kg.

Checked Baggage: Economy class passengers can carry two bags each with 23 kg weight. First Class passengers can carry 40 kg (2 bags) while Business Class passengers can carry 30kg (2 bags).

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Qatar Airways offers duty free shopping in flight with latest fragrances, cosmetics, watches, jewellery and much more.

Visa Requirements
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As a member of this Club you earn Qmiles every time you fly with Qatar Airways or its partner flights. You can also earn miles every time you book a hotel or rent a car. To enroll with Qmiles click here

About Qatar Airways
qatar-airwaysQatar Airways was founded in the year 1993 and is the national carrier of Qatar. It is one of five airlines that has been awarded 5 star rating by Skytrax. It operates to over 100 destinations with its main hub at Doha International Airport. Qatar Airways has become one of the fastest growing carriers in the world. The airline, headquartered in Doha, has over 20,000 employees.

Qatar Airways ranked third best airline in the world in the annual 2010 Skytrax passenger survey. It has also been the Best Airline in the Middle East for the fifth year in a row. Qatar Airways was also named Best Airline in the World for International Travel by readers of Business Traveller magazine in the US and won the Best Airport Lounges in the Middle East for First and Business Class award at the Pax International Awards in Dubai. During the 2010/11 financial year, the airline expects to carry over 16 million passengers worldwide.

Qatar Airways destinations include Geneva, Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich, Rome, London, Barcelona, Budapest, Paris, Dubai, Tehran, Riyadh, Bahrain, Doha, Amman, Delhi, Karachi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Trivandrum, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Osaka, Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, New York, Washington, Buenos Aires and others. Read More

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  1. David Duverney Reply

    I am travelling from Manila to Frankfurt with transfer to Condor Airlines for a flight to Tobago (TAB).I would be using the international transit facility in Frankfurt, where I will not go through immigration or customs to claim baggage.

    The question is, will Qatar Airways check my check in baggage at Manila, straight through to my destination (TAB) via Condor Airlines.

    Last time I traveled this route with Emirates Airlines, it was done at Manila, and I just want to confirm that it will also be none by Qatar Airways.

  2. Dhakshayani Nanjundan Reply

    I sent the below complain to the email id suggested by the Doha International airport customer information center. They assured that I will get a response within 48hours now its been 72 hours and I don’t have any response from them yet. I regrate for choosing your airlines.

    Email: [email protected]

    I am writing to complain about my travel ordeal with Qatar Airways. Given below are my flight details.

    Name: Dhakshayani Nanjudan
    Flight: QR 756
    Date of departure: 18th April 2018
    Departure: Atlanta USA
    Final destination: Bangalore India

    Its unfortunate and disappointing how insensitive Qatar airlines is about religious beliefs and cultural practices. I am taking an international flight (25 hours) alone with my 2.5 year old son. I was tired by the time I board the flight in Atlanta. As my baby fell asleep, I might’ve dosed off as well. I had missed in-flight food service. When I woke up, I requested the crew member to serve the food as they were finishing off the food service. I explicitly told the hostess that I am a vegetarian and I don’t eat meet. She brought me a sandwich and told me that its a vegetarian sandwich. I ate a third of the sandwich and felt uneasy and threw up. I came back and checked the stuffing inside the sandwich and I saw some meat and I immediately went to the crew member and she looked at my sandwich and confirmed that it was a turkey sandwich.

    I have been a vegetarian all my life. Eating meet goes against my religious beliefs as well as my personal reservations with animal cruelty for carnivorous food habits. Because of your crew member’s negligence I ate meat. I felt terrible and could not control the urge to repeatedly throw up. I might’ve threw up at least 10 times during that entire flight. How can Qatar Airways be so insensitive about other religion believes? Why are they not paying attention to what they serve? How do you handle people with food allergies? Some food allergies could kill people especially when you are trapped inside the flight. I just can’t imagine how irresponsible the crew members are. You have hurt my believes, made me physically sick and caused a great deal of trauma by making me eat something that I despised my whole life with your negligence and irresponsibility.

    As I mentioned above, I was traveling alone with a 2.5 year old baby. When I boarded the flight in Atlanta, my stroller was taken from me and I was told by the Qatar Airways crew member that I will be provided with a Qatar Airways stroller to carry the baby from the aircraft to the next flight gate. However, when we landed in Doha, there was no stroller available. My baby weighs 35 pounds and I had to manage him without a stroller. I was made to believe that I will be given a stroller to carry my son around in Doha, I was not prepared to handle him myself without a stroller. Being sick, I had to carry a sleep-deprived, tired and crying baby across the airport. After I finished my security check and when I dropped my baby down to pick up my bag, he suddenly ran off of me and one of the gentleman caught him and brought him back to me. As I was in the middle of the security check, I could move fast enough to catch him running away from me. It was one of the worst feels to see your baby running away from you and I couldn’t do anything about it without raising an alarming situation during security check. Flying for 17 hours ,you can imagine how agitated/frustrated kids of that age could be, its super difficult to manage them without a stroller. Qatar Airways should be considerate about people traveling with kids and make sure to keep enough strollers available to service everyone on board with needs.

    After enduring hard time with my baby in Doha Airport I reached the information center located near gate “C”. I can’t explain how rude the representative was, people come to information center because they have a problem and mostly they are frustrated. Since the representatives are the face of the company, they need to be polite and be a good listener. We don’t expect them to rectify our issue on the spot, but they need to have patience to listen to our issues. The rep was so rude that she was not in a position to listen to me. She also mentioned that “providing stroller is not Qatar Airways’ responsibility, its just an option”. If this is the case, then you need to specify that explicitly to all the passengers who travel with kids and let passengers know about it ahead of time.

    Its a real pity that even after the service representative saw me struggling with my kid near her desk, I was treated with almost disdain. The service rep told me that providing stroller is not mandatory, and that I could leave my kid at the play area. I still don’t understand why she made that recommendation, even if I leave my kid in play area, how do I use the washroom with a loose toddler, waiting time in Doha was around 3 hours how can Qatar Airways expect me to take care of a toddler for that long without a stroller. Your rep even saw my kid sleeping on the ground, crying and screaming.

    I also complained to the rep about the meat sandwich mix-up issue, I was shocked to hear the response. As I expressed my feelings and how hurtful and sick that made me, the rep responded to me with “oh its just a meat sandwich, its food”.

    I have been on international flights since last 20 years and I have traveled with multiple airlines, I have never had such horrid experience with any airline. The sheer unprofessionalism shown by the desk staff to handle customers cordially and resolve issues amicably exemplifies my travel experience with Qatar Airways. Its sad that Qatar Airways is insensitive about passengers’ food reservations and/or traveling with kids.

    I wanted to talk to someone in public relations. Please share the number.

    Dhakshayani Nanjundan

  3. shailender khanna Reply

    i booked two tickets for travelling to United States of America in the month of July 2018, and therefore I was looking for a suitable and economical travel options. Keeping in view your reputation and market presence, your claims about world class services and hospitality, and also your claim about voted airline for the fourth time in 20 years of your services, travel agent recommended you for the travel. Now, it is also claimed by you that you are also fair in your dealings and never misguide, mistreat, cheat and deceive your valuable customers. It is also propagated and advertised by you that early booking will save money. As with the passage of time the seats get booked and keeping in view increase in demand, ticket rates also increase. So, in view of your claims, though my son is to travel in month of July 2018, and much period was there to make arrangements, but keeping in view your promise that the rates will increase with the passage of time I booked ticket on 07.03.2018, for to and fro travel from Delhi to Boston on 05.07.2018 and return ticket from Atlanta to Delhi on 22.07.2018 costing Rs.1,46,000/-, Vide tickets no. 1575370797782/83 and 1575370797784/85. The amount was paid and tickets were also confirmed. This was on 07.03.2018. It was stated that the price offered was the least, and in no case the prices will go less.
    Very next day, i.e. on 08.03.2018 and thereafter also I visited your booking site and was shocked and surprised by your cheating me and such like persons. As stated by you, the tickets prices were going to increase with each passing day, but quite astonishingly it happened otherwise. As the ticket rates for the same flights, for which I had paid Rs.1,46,000/- on 07.03.2018 were available for as less as Rs.1,21,000/-. I felt cheated and deceived by your act and conduct and now left with no other alternative but to sue you. I booked my flights about 3 months advance, and the person who is going to book the tickets about few weeks ago will also get the same benefits and privileges. You will be enjoying on my money for 3 months. this is nothing but fleecing and cheating customers like us who are paying you in advance.

  4. Robab Reply

    Hi ,I and my husband have already one way ticket from OKC to Tehran by Qatar airways on May 15 ,Now I need change it to round trip .how can I do it? I mean pay less for return fare.Thank you for your help.
    With Respect

  5. Bryan Cronie Reply

    Seat QR 0833 ECONOMY 77K Zone 2 MD
    18:30 Departure From Destination Departure Date Departure Time Bangkok Doha 08 Feb 2018 19:30
    Sat in seat 77J, Zone 2 was my partner.

    Shortly after leaving Bangkok and the seat belt sign being switched off, my partner tried to recline her seat, for whatever reason it would not recline, I tried my seat, it also would not recline. My partner called for assistance and an attendant came along and tried the seat, it would not recline, I am also sure that the isle seat would also not recline. The attendant said she would try and move us to another two seats. After the meal service the attendant said no other seats were available, at least not two together. Bottom line was we have to put up with it for the duration of the journey, we did, and accept that things go wrong and not much can be done during the flight.

    When it came to landing in Doha the attendant asked us to put our seats upright, we explained that we had some 7 hours earlier pointed out that the seats did not work and that we had travelled all the way with the seats in the same position. The attendant then brought a supervisor who insisted on the seats being completely upright for landing, (they did not insist on this when leaving Bangkok, the seat was in the same position). The supervisor would not take our word for it that the seats would not work, but she did say that she was only told about one seat not working. So where was she for seven hours during the flight if she was aware that a seat was not functioning properly??? She then attempted to get the seat to work, insisting that it be upright for landing, she even got the person sitting behind my partner to push on the seat, it did not work, indeed none of the 3 seats worked. When she finally accepted that the seat did not work, she began to apologise. When asked where she had been for 7 hours if she was aware that one seat did not work she became defensive, I did not like her attitude, I told her to go away and that if this was Qatar Service I for one would no longer use them.

    Several times during the flight there were adverts referring to Qatar Airlines – Number One in 2017 -really?????? Well it certainly was not for customer service.
    Furthermore, on the next leg of our flight Doha – Manchester, when about to land a Middle Eastern gentleman sat in the middle seat of the middle section of the seating areas, against the bulkhead, possibly 10E was asked to clear the area in front of him, store his belongings as you cant have items on the floor during landing, he completely ignored the attendant, he actually reinstated the pullup screen from the seat storage area and watched a programme all way until the plane had landed and came to a standstill at the gate, no real effort had been made to get him into a position of safety – why would this be???? Best Airline – now ignoring safety requirements????
    I am disgusted with what I have witnessed over the two flights. If you are the best, I certainly do not wish to fly with the lower evaluated airlines. I really do think that you require to have a review of your Customer Service Procedures.

  6. Kushal Sachdeva Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to bring to your kind notice that I was cheated by Qatar Airlines which is a very reputed company in Tours & Travels market. There was a Phone contact in Delhi where I met the representative of Qatar Airlines, named Ms. Era Bhasin, to get a Kerala honeymoon package.

    I sent a query regarding the package for Kerala to Qatar Airlines in 31st Oct, 2017 for travel dates from Dec 6th Dec to 12th Dec. I was given the package of approx. 80000/- (inclusive of airfare). I immediately confirmed as it suited my needs and budget. The intention of booking so early was to get good deal and I was assured of it. I paid the amount as asked by tour operator. The package included- stay in best hotel with candle light dinner, bed decoration, wine bottle and cake. Just a day before travel, we were told that the hotels will be changed due to cyclone as they were unable to give us accommodation in on the booked hotels. But it turned out to be a disaster hotel and nothing was given as promised. More so, to our surprise when we reached to another destination we were told that the rooms were changed and so was the hotel. The booking of the houseboat was changed without any prior notice and the person concerned was drunk and misbehaved when asked for help. I was said that the sightseeing cost like museum and other places will have a prebooked entry for us. But as soon as we landed at the sights we were again charged the respected entry fees.

    How can the operator be so irresponsible. She made false promises for the honeymoon package and charged such a hefty amount. There was no assistance as said. During the tour when we called her for help she was not available. Such unprofessional and forged attitude from a senior manager of a brand like Qatar was unexpected. We relied on a big brand for an important journey but got false promises. We paid 10000-20000/- extra compared to other tour package and received pathetic treatment that ruined the tour and left a disturbing impression of yours. We will never take any tours from your company in future and will also make sure my known ones also don’t approach you.

    Although it was a bad experience, I would appreciate if you can look into this matter and raise the issue with the concerned authorities. I insist on getting a refund of all the things promised and not given. All the plans and money given to was in vain. It was not only financial loss but emotional hurt as well. The way we were treated was highly unacceptable. Also action should be taken against the concerned person as that would let me think about using your services again.

    Below are the concerned person’s names and numbers provided for any emergency in Kerela but didn’t get any assistance at the time.

    1 Mr. Ben Donald – 09946861234

    2 Mr. Nigesh – 09447315033

    She has forged us by giving to different itineraries.

    Please find the below attachment for your kind perusal.

  7. Sarah Smith Reply

    My husband left his mobile phone on QR908 when it arrived in Sydney yesterday 16/09/2017, Seat 22E. I have tried to phone your contact number but they are closed, don’t take messages and their email address bounces. Also there is no number for Qatar at Sydney Airport.
    And your lost and found website page requires a photo of his passport which is not a safe thing to do!
    Please advise if it is found and how we can retrieve it.

  8. Tasneem Khan Reply

    On my return from Paris, on board Qatar airlines (Business Class), one of my bags was damaged and the wheel was completely broken off. I left the airport in a hurry as my mum was in hospital. However, I did try to lodge a complaint online. The system repeatedly dispayed notices that such complaints should be done under “My Baggage”. I tried to find this option, but failed to do so. I also could not locate an email address, until I now came upon this form.
    I would like to please receive compensation for the damaged bag. This bag was also plastic wrapped, so I cannot imagine how recklessly our baggage has been handled.

  9. anita bagaria Reply

    To Whom It May Concern,

    This complaint is regarding the journey that Mrs. Anita Bagaria undertook using your service on the 14th of July QR 756 from Atlanta to Doha, with Kolkata as the final destination. There were serious problems logistically, as well as, with customer service. This e-mail explains the problems with the treatment of the passenger and handling of the situation. The issues are as follows:

    1) The total charged for extra baggage was $315 but no receipt was provided for $250 only $65 was provided . If one can be provided why not the other which amounts to stealing as there is no way to justify or explain that. The receipt was requested several times and denied.

    2) When she asked for an extra packet so she could take out the extra baggage they blatantly refused. Furthermore, asking a 53 year old single female traveller to to not just find somewhere to park her luggage while she looks for another way to deal with the excess baggage and refusing to check in the baggage until a perfect weight is achieved (each baggage was off by 1 kg which is approximately 2.2 lb) is borderline inhumane and outright abuse of power. She was reduced to absolute tears, which is understandable as it is impossible to constantly weigh and reweigh the luggage till perfection is reached. As an airline that claims to provide 5 star service you should be ashamed of the service. The other passengers in queue were more helpful than your staff. The passengers even offering to find her a place to wait and sort out the situation. As someone who has been flying with your airlines for 6 years I am now embarrassed to even suggest your company to any elderly person.

    3) All excess baggage fees was paid ahead of time and overall there was an excess baggage of 4 kg.on 3 pices of 32Kgs each We had tried several times to purchase a buffer excess baggage online but there was an internal server issue that prevented us from purchasing any extra baggage. We had even called qatar airways directly and they told us that the server will be up again and if not the excess baggage can be purchased at the airport with an additional $15 (making a total of $65). This was not how it worked out. See below.

    4) At the airport Partha Louise refused to so much as listen to or even read the extra baggage allowances. The carry on suitcase was 11 kgs ( 4 kg overweight). Furthermore she insisted on weighing the personal carryon laptop bag which contained all electronic devices and a small satchel which was a purse. Neither of which in my 6 yrs of travel has ever been weighed by Qatar.she said she would not allow even a laptop bag only a carry on

    5) None of this justifies the charge of $250 plus having to buy an overpriced suitcase of $140 at the airport to accommodate the luggageadding up to $400 which is almost the same fare as the actual airline ticket.

    Thank you

  10. jithesh Reply

    I am writing to you concerning a connection trip flight from Kochi – Doha – Italy, I made on 17 June 2017.

    We have been regularly using your airlines for all our major travel requirements especially in Italy – Kochi route. But an irresponsible chaos on the flight mentioned above has forced to me to write this letter which caused mental stress to me and my family.

    Myself , my Husband , my two little kids of 4 year and an infant girl of 9 months has booked the ticket from Kochi office to Kochi- Doha- Italy (Flight no.QR517). All the relevant travel documents were presented to the airways counter at Cochin including the new visa document for my infant girl, during the time of booking and they have confirmed that the documents are clear for boarding being they had checked the status of visa and confirmed.

    The flight was supposed to depart from Cochin at 3.30am, but was delayed by 2 hrs and we reached Doha only by 8 am. Due to this delay, we missed our connection flight which was scheduled at 7.30 am to Italy. The officials from the airlines informed us that we will be send to Italy at 2.30 pm flight and we started to wait in the airport. Once, we were ready to board the 2.30 pm flight, the officials denied access to the flight mentioning that the travel documents for my infant girl is not valid . We have tried to convince them by showing the documents and requested to check online /contact Qatar counter at Cochin if required further more clarifications. But unfortunately they were not listening us and complaining about the staffs of Cochin Airport who allowed us to fly. We waited for the entire day in the waiting area and finally, they have boarded my husband on 11 pm flight to Italy. During this period my younger daughter got infected with fever and cold on this transit, due to the severe fever we are forced to consult doctor in clinic at Doha airport. Finally we have been asked to return to Cochin on 7. 30 pm flight.

    We have checked with Cochin office on 18 June 2017 on return and they have reconfirmed that all travel documents including my infant daughter are in place for the outward journey from Doha to Italy and there was no reason for them to deny the boarding.

    We have been treated very rudely in the airport and have provided neither food nor accommodation for that complete day. I believe that this incident has only happened because of the inefficiency and poor communication of the officials.

    I strongly believe that I am entitled for a compensation of my agonies considering the high standard of service and consideration your company has demonstrated towards its customers in the past.

  11. Shreena Reply

    Whatever you do, do not book this airline- here’s a timeline of events and a summary of what happened to us!

    TIMELINE, 24/ 25 MARCH 2017
    14:15- Due to depart from London Heathrow, QR4

    15:00- left Heathrow, 45 minutes late- no explanation why

    01:00- Due to leave Doha for Dubai International Airport, QR 1002

    12:45 Arrived in Doha late so missed the connection- was not directed anywhere for our transfer, I had to ask random staff in the airport where to go

    01:00 Managed to get to the transfer desk where no one was manning the first class desk- waited 15 minutes for someone to come and speak to us- wasn’t acceptable for first class. When the member of staff did arrive, we were told that the next plane was at 02.30am, we were issued new boarding passes for the next flight (QR1004). There was no mention of any delays or bad weather.

    02:00 Checked in at the gate for the flight, was no seats, no separation for business class/ first class passengers- we stood for 45 minutes until we were told that there are delays due to bad weather.

    02:45 (approx) The gate opened and there was an announcement asking first class passengers on the plane- everyone stampeded to the door and the staff were allowing them to pass- we had no chance of getting through. As first class passengers, we have paid an extortionate amount for the service but yet I had to go to the front near the door whilst everyone was giving me horrid looks and to be told by the staff to stand in line (there was no line just a herd of people all over the place). I showed her my ticket so she let my husband and I pass.

    02:55 (Approx)- we got onto the plane, were seated. An announcement was made by the staff to say that there was bad weather and that we should take off in 10-15 minutes. An hour later, the same announcement was made but this time it was said 20-30 minutes. Another hour later, we were told that the plane was in a long queue due to the backlog, the weather was fine to go. There were no announcements after that and the plane had hardly moved. So my husband had to keep asking the steward for updates. The pilot only had the courtesy to speak once. We were stuck on the plane for 5 hours exactly!!!!! We were not even allowed to get off our seat to go to the toilet. My husband asked for some water to take for his medication, 4 hours into the wait and he was told rudely- ‘we are about to take off, not now’. It was absolutely unorganized and inhumane to force everybody to stay in a plane which was not moving for 5 hours and with no substantial update. The plane eventually moved to the front of the queue to the runway and we were next in line to take off. We could see from the window planes landing and taking off alternatively on the runway. Just as we were about to leave (to our relief), another plane Qatar airways aligns side by side to us and takes off. We were then told that our plane is cancelled due to no slot allocation at Dubai Intonation al airport and we then had to go back to the airport- we were held for 45 minutes after that message- it was torture sitting in a confined space for 5 hours when it should have been a 55 minute flight.

    08:00- We got on a bus to the airport and weren’t told where to go or who to speak to. Using our initiative, we queued up at the transfer desk (yet again!!) and was told to go to the lounge and wait for updates.

    08:10- We waited in the lounge but were not informed on anything until we got up and went to the desk to ask- we were told, ‘sorry, the flight is delayed due to the weather’. After half an hour, we were told that we would receive new boarding passes. We were then issued boarding passes for a flight boarding at 8.45 (QR 1024).

    09.00- we got onto the plane after having to go through a large crowd and ask staff to let us through as we were first class passengers- again!! After getting onto this plane, we were given updates by the pilot and staff saying we would leave in 10-12 minutes (but we didn’t) then again saying ‘sorry due to weather conditions we are delayed’ then again to say ‘due to slot allocations we will leave soon’ and again to say ‘ delayed for passengers connections, waiting for their suitcases and paperwork to be sorted’. 5 buses of people had arrived at this time which I saw from my seat. There were conflicting stories- the weather, slot allocation to land in Dubai and then waiting for passengers’. The communication between all of your staff is so bad, we were left out of the loop and when told reasons, everyone had a different story- false information.

    11:30- finally left Doha for Dubai 2 hours 45 minutes later!

    • In total it took us 24 hours to get to Dubai, when it should have only taken 10 hours max.
    • In total we were stuck on planes for 9 hours: 45 minutes on QR4, 5 hours on QR1004, 2 hours 40 minutes on QR1024 just waiting for no substantial reason.
    • There was an identical flight landing to DWC at the same time as our flights at 02.30am- they reached fine with no weather issues, so why didn’t we? Why did we have to wait 5 hours on that plane!? So why was everyone blaming the weather because we saw many planes take off and we know that the DWC plane went to Dubai with no issues.
    • We are frequent flyers with Emirates and fly first and business class all of the time. We were ‘wowed’ by your advertising campaign on business travel but we are extremely disappointed with the way you handled the delays and treated us at every stage of the journey.

    After complaining to them, they gave me a template reply with ‘standard lines’, apologized and said there’s nothing they can do! If they treat first class passengers like this then I’d hate to think what they’d do to economy passengers!

    • salle Reply

      It is most unfortunate that Qatar has no dedicated line or email for inquiries about delayed flights due the crisis with Saudi Arabia. They have just cut their lines. And there is nothing on the internet to provide guidance on flights. This is very unprofessional. This is a good time to test Qatar Airlines worth in terms of consumer service. I am a frequent flyer and will in my next flight, fly Emirates. Goodbye.

  12. Mike Phillips Reply

    Dear Qatar Airways,

    I am a frequent flyer, commonly using first/business class when available. However, this is my first time flying Qatar, and I find myself unfortunately having to write a letter of complaint..
    I am in seat 8E, Doha to London, QR15. I booked through BA 7015. Shortly after take off I tried to use the onboard entertainment system, it did not work. I asked for help from one of the stewardesses, she tried to fix on the handset, this didn’t work, so she said she would reset from the central control. This she did. She never came back to me, so eventually when I saw her again, I said to her ‘it’s still not working’. Unbelievably this happened three times, every time she never came back to me, so I had to frustratingly wait until I saw her again! Because she never once came back to me to check if the ‘re boot’ had worked this whole process took the best part of 2 hours! I complained about her not coming back after the 3rd time directly and also to another stewardess. I was offered magazines as apparently all other seats are busy, so I cannot move anywhere?
    To have a screen not working for a long haul flight is extremely painful, and makes my paying for business class seem completely pointless, but to then compound this with such poor customer service, in business class, is just unbelievable, and something I have never experienced before in the 100’s of flights I have taken.
    I have asked what is your compensation policy in such circumstances, and have been informed you don’t have one!
    I have paid the $20 to have wifi on this flight, so at least I have email..

    Most of my flights are for business, on this occasion and on advice from a Doctor, this trip was to relax and de stress. Ironically, with your lack lustre service I feel far from relaxed.

    Please revert ASAP and let me know what you are proposing to do about this poor situation I find myself in?




  13. Sabitan Reply


    I would like kindly ask about that is my booking case complete if not what should I do to be complete
    Booking reference: 6MBM3X.

    Best regards,

  14. Sahib Reply

    I bought Qatar airways ticket to go to Bali from Birmingham uk. I just want to ask about my name on the ticket, as I have only a first name on my pasport which is SAHIB but on the ticket is written SAHiB SAHIB. Will this be a problem with the immigration? if so, can you please print me a new ticket with just SAHIB on it..could you please contact me…best regard sahib.

    Booking reference:Z5HQU6

  15. Donna Reply

    Need to get an Email address for qatar airways in doha to enquire about an existing booking – can someone give me an email and not just contact numbers

    thank you

  16. Agha Hasan Reply

    Never never ever travel on Qatar airways especially via Doha!! Had a horrid horrid experience ! I travelled from Houston to karachi! My luggage was detained at Doha airport! My checked luggage was searched and stuff detained without any reason! I was not even given a list of detained good even after all my protest! The airline staff was very very uncooperative . I was made to miss my connection to karachi! Mr Shaan Dehalvi customer service duty manager refused to cooperative with me! I wanted to call the US consulate . They did not allow! My goods worth several thousand dollars were detained without any reason! I begged them to at least give me a list of Detained goods but was refused! Reaching karachi I wanted to file a report with the airline for the detained goods but was refused. In the morning went to city office of the airline but was not entertained!! It’s was a horrible experience ! Stay away from Hammad airport ! I am just waiting to get back to the United States so I can take the airline and Hammad airport to court! I know I will only get Justice in the United States ! Do not try to save a few dollars and travel on this airline

  17. VINOD NAIR Reply

    On 18th of May i boarded from Dubai on a Dubai- Doha – Nagpur in your Qatar airway. In that there was a connecting flight from Dubai-Doha-Nagpur . At the time of booking, it showed a layover time of 40 minutes but when we landed at Doha, the time left to catch the connecting flight was only 10 minutes.On raising my concern regarding lack of time to collect my baggage, your ground staff gave a rude unprofessional reply that I can either choose to travel immediately or wait for the baggage and miss the flight. It was only after I told them that this is not the way they should speak to passengers and since my home is not at Nagpur, I will be travelling to Chennai and would need my baggage there, is when they made a few calls to ensure that my baggage is taken care of. During the flight on checking with the air hostess, she too confirmed that my baggage will be taken care of .
    During the flight , my travel was also not pleasant and the movie screen too was not working the whole time, On checking with the fight attendant, she informed that there some problem with the screen and it cannot be made alright.
    On landing at Nagpur, I found that my baggage was not there in my flight. I have attached herein the call recordings of all conversations I had with your officials regarding my missing baggage and it will be pretty evident how none of your officials showed any concern about the finding the right location of my baggage and conveniently gave ambiguous replies every time.

    The height of negligence and callousness was when on 20th May your lady official confirmed that my baggage has reached Chennai at 8.40 pm flight, gave me the Air India flight number and asked me to go and collect it. On reaching the Qatar Office at Chennai on 21st May, I was told by the official there that no such baggage has reached them nor do they have any information regarding my claim. This was confirmed by the Air India office too. The Nagpur official gave the wrong info regarding the baggage to Chennai Officer too. It is only after the Chennai officer cross checked with his office, Air India office and Mumbai office that he gave me a proper confirmation that not only has my baggage not reached Chennai, there is also no record as to whether it is at Mumbai or Nagpur.

    As evident from above, I am very disappointed by your service and the unprofessional and callous behavior of your ground staff at Nagpur.

    Today after three days of running back and forth from Chennai Airport and numerous calls, I have been asked to receive the baggage from Chennai Airport. This does not compensate for the inconvenience, waste of my time and money and the time of my relatives at Chennai and the mental agony caused to me as all my clothes and essentials required for my stay were in that baggage. The 50 Dollars compensation policy does not compensate for this inconvenience in any manner as well

  18. lolit mangahas Reply

    I had a very nice experience on my flight yesterday 12 Feb 16 bound to Manila from Doha on flight QR928. The departure was very punctual. We reached our destination 45 mins.earlier, the pilot is very good. Taking and landing was very smooth and the crew members are very polite. They have a great team. I wonder if you have lost and found because I had a very unforgettable experience. I left my new make up pouch (pink mini cooper)with my complete make up inside. Imagine if a woman lost her favorite make up pouch. Please let me know if someone with a good heart returned it. I will be very grateful if I will get it back. Thank you in advance.

  19. aries Reply

    I would like to bring to your attention of my dissatisfaction with the way the customer service, Veena has delivered and like to lodge a formal complaint against her.

    I was making an enquiries pertaining to my flight, reference no. 7L2Z2F. However, during the conversation, she did not give me much consultation and appeared very abrupt in her replies, giving me the impression that she can’t wait to put down the phone. In addition, In the course of my interaction with her last Friday, 15 August 2014, I find her lacking even a smidgen of professionalism and even more shockingly, subject me to unprovoked and uncalled for aggression. The following is a narration of the chronology of events that occurred.

    As I was attempting to explore options in the change of my flight schedule on 14 August 2014 and 15 August 2014. During the conversation with her on two occasions, she did not bother or seem in the least bit interested to proffer advice or answer my queries. What I received instead, was very abrupt replies. Even more shockingly, she refused to answer my questions and what was to follow was even more unimaginably worse as she went on to hang up my call while I was seeking justification from her horrible behaviours. I feel summarily and utterly violated of my dignity as well as express revulsion at her unprofessional treatment which by any standards, should be deemed thoroughly and unforgivably condemnable.

    As you should well know, each and every one of your customer officers are the face representing your well established and respected 5 starts airlines. In addition, basic telephone etiquettes are a very basic foundation for everyone, not least the staff with access to/manning the hotline.

    Additionally, this is not the first terrible service I have received thus far, I have in many occasions attempted to call your customer service (called more than 10 times 2 months back and 5 times today), nobody is available to pick up the phones. This is totally unacceptable from a 5 Stars airlines.

    It is beyond my furthest comprehension as to why I was at or should further subject myself to such unprovoked abuse, horrible experience and services with your airlines staff, hence my decision for immediate cancellation of my flight tickets with your airlines at no cost incurred and full refund of the fares paid. I was always given the impression that your airlines are the 5 stars premium airlines but turn out to be otherwise after the purchase of your airlines tickets, and hence I would not pay any additional cost for the cancellation but demand for a full refund immediately.

    I sincerely hope such lack of customer service, blatant irresponsibility and shocking inefficiency is not prevalent throughout your entire airlines. This experience has seriously marred my long admiration of your airlines. I beseech you to seriously investigate into this matter and castigate the above-mentioned staff for her terrible performance.

  20. Harry Reply

    Can I have email address of Qatar Airways Indonesian office or the nearest location from Jakarta, Indonesia. Thanks.

    • shane Reply

      Worst call centre I have spoken to. I waited over 15 minutes to be served on 2 occasions and when I did speak to some person not only was unhelpful but also couldn’t speak fluent English.I have spent over $150 in phone bills and didn’t get anywhere. It was a total waste of time and money for such a small problem especially being the first time with Qatar.

  21. Dragan Petkovic Reply

    Worst call center service, bar none. Dubai local call center asked me to call Qatar number directly. I hung up after being on hold for more than 10 minutes on international call. Never again I’m buying QA ticket.

  22. Catherine Reply

    I want to purchase a ticket for a friend who is in Greece who will be coming to Melbourne Australia. When paying for it the website states that the cardholder needs to be the traveller or the card holder will need to be with the traveller to show the credit card. I am unable to do this as i am in Australia. The other alternative was that i had to go to the Qatar office in Melbourne. My hours of work does not allow me to go to the office, is there another alternative? I dont seem to understand why you need to view the credit card when all we are doing is paying for a ticket. No other airline does this, i find this very strange and such an inconvienience along with a really terrible experience with this airline. A reply would be much appreciated.



  23. Dorothy Roper Reply

    I did write something on here a few days ago regarding my daughters experience with Qatar airlines, the follow on to that is they got her to Doha, on a flight that was delayed again, she missed her connection and had to be put up in a hotel again over night, she got her flight today, only to arrive at Heathrow Airport to find that all her baggage was still at Doha, so after over 70 hours of travel trying to get home, the last thing this airline can throw at her is that she only has the clothes she is standing up in, WELL DONE QATAR AIRLINES I think not!! I dont expect this review to be published either but I will try.

  24. Dot Roper Reply

    My daughter was booked on a flight due to leave Ho Chi Minh City Tan Son Nhat International Airport at 01.10 local time today. She and the rest of the passengers were told 4 hours after boarding the plane that the flight had had to be cancelled due to technical reasons, they were transferred to a hotel, where she discovered that they had lost her bag containing all her clothes.She has been in the hotel for a number of hours being told that they would be getting further update – of which there have been none!! I rang Heathrow to try and find out what was happening, I spoke to a member of staff who could not give me any information, then asked me to hang on, and surprise surprise my call was cut off! I rang back and after 25 mins was told that the only way I could get information was to ring the airport at Vietnam, when asked if they could find out what information they could and ring me back I was told that there was no liaison between department!

  25. renu Reply

    I booked a ticket online with Qatar airlines, as I was booking for my parents in India, I paid the payment with my CC , after booking the ticket Qatar as the policy that CC should be travellers realising my parents will be in trouble to travel , I called the customer care they said to cancel ,and if I cancel within 24hrs of booking I will be refunded full amount ,so I cancelled and put to refund

    Refund was processed and Qatar is not refunding me full amount they are refunding applying the penalty

    When I contact them , their reason is I have used Indian engine to book and the departure is from India

    I really don’t understand why they are making up this, as I booked the ticket online qatar website where I am living in USA

    Previous I have booked ticket with Lufthansa for my parents online and cancelled within 24hrs , they refunded me full amount

    I really don’t know what to do, on the top of it if you book online you have no help with customer care

  26. Raghu Kumar Reply

    Hi Qatar Support Team,

    I want to check on my food preference set, tried the number given in the qatar website for Argentina. No one is responding on that number can you advice?

    Telephone Number + 54 11 5235 8781
    Other Telephone: +54 11 5235 8780


  27. Yan Reply

    I have placed a refund request and they sent me an email saying that they received my refund request and they would get back to me in 5 business days. Well it is way over this time now and I have not heard of them and they do not answer my emails. Very poor customer service. When I call in Montreal they say they can’t help me because it is an online booking so I can only cumunicate with emails or call in qatar. What should I do they seem to ignore my emails it is 3000$ that I paid for the tickets I am really pissed. Won’t be flying with them ever.

  28. kesselbashh Reply

    On 24th oct my husband lost his suitcase at the Rome airport on arrival. He was given a form to fill in, he had to come back to Kenya with the form because he was not sure to remember all the things that were inside coz i did the parking. He cut his trip short after wasting a whole week trying to trace his suitcase. Since that time we have not heard any communication from the Qatar office Rome, kindly inform us what we need to do. We have the claim form ready but also we wish to know whether the suitcase has been found.

  29. Andrew Harris Reply

    They stole my duty free alcohol at Doha and tried to blame the Australian Govt. Avoid Doha!

  30. Charles Reply

    I was travelling from Manila ,doha yesterday QR 534 and on arrival in Nairobi my phone was stolen from my luggage, it was inside a zipped bag. When I complained to a swissport supervisor he was very rude and could not give me a satisfactory answer. The phone was picked by the luggage personnel from jkia.
    Please investigate and also the conduct of “Mark” the supervisor and come back to me.
    Qatar is a very good airlines but with such people handling the luggage for its customers you are bound to lose customers.


    Charles Rotich

  31. A.K.Gupta Reply

    I flew from Delhi to Zurich via Doha and flew back from Paris to Delhi via Doha.I do not find services satisfactory and your staff served my Wife Non Veg. snacks though she is Vegetarian.Even staff is discourteous.

  32. TK Vashist Reply

    I have a flight to NY US from Bangalore India on 04 Oct 2012. I want some information and have made at least 10 mobile call since yesterday. The recorded voice keeps on making you wait for someone to talk to you. It is very frustrating. I used to think Qatar Airways is good and have travelled twice to US with it in past. Can someone contact me on xx and not let me change my opinion about Qatar Airways.

  33. H,Nematollahi Reply

    Your customer service in Tehran, Iran is so poor. There is carelessness and indifference, especially with accounting department. Not good for your survival.

  34. Tomas Schmitt Reply

    Hi, I am a US greencard holder with Norwegian passport. While flying from Houston to Kathmandu (KTM) via Doha with Qatar Airways, I did not have any problem in getting both boarding passes (Houston-Doha and Doha-Kathmandu) at the Qatar counter in Houston airport. But in my return flight, the Qatar counter guy in KTM airport could not issue my boarding pass for Doha-Houston leg. The surprise is he could check in my luggage all the way to Houston but not my boarding pass from Doha to Houston. Because of that I had to stay alert for 5 hours in Doha airport till the counter for the Houston bound gate opened. Could you please tell me why they cannot issue the boarding pass in KTM airport for the final destination to Houston? If the counter guy at KTM airport did not know how to handle a situation like mine, could you please suggest me what I need to instruct him to do in his computer to get my boarding pass released. I need to fly to KTM frequently from the US, and I don’t want to deal with this extra unnecessary hassle again.
    I will highly appreciate your suggestion. Thank you.

  35. Ann-Marie Hardy Reply

    They damaged my brand new (expensive) suitcase, when I complained they said it was wear and tear – I’m not sure snapped zips are wear and tear!
    They are refusing to respond to my correspondence.
    Absolute joke

  36. Beltran Reply

    I flew from Doha to Manchester and the flight number QR-41 came delayed.
    I lost my flight to Aberdeen this morning, transit and connection from Manchester to Aberdeen in FlyBe, and I lost important appointments for today.

  37. Asarulislam Reply

    What an Airline that does not have a 24 hr customer service. Still riding camels.

  38. Prahlad Chandra Das Reply

    Dear Sir / Madam

    My booking confirmation Ref No. 4P7ANI. Myself along with my wife Dipali Das travelled on14.04.2012 from Kolkata to Washington(IAD) via DOHA.We have confirmed seat no 12A & 12 B from Kolkata to Doha in QR295 and 23D & 23 E from Doha to Washington (IAD) in QR51. But I was surprised in kolkata airport when they gave us boarding pass with seat No.32A &32 B in QR 295 and 23D & 23E in QR 51. When I brought to thier notice they changed to 10 C & 10D in QR 295. But in Doha airport they took our boarding pass of QR 51 with seat no. 23D & 23 E and gave us new boarding pass with seat no 42J &42H. When I protested this change they misbehaved with us & forced us to take the seats which were inconvenient to us

    Kindly note this seriously &ensure us such treatment we do not get in our return journey


  39. Reynaldo Aquino Reply

    I will be travelling from Barcelona to the Philippines via Doha on May 28, 2012. I’m a seaman. What is my check in baggage allowance and carry ons? Is the laptop bag considered 1 carry on.Am I allowed i carry-on luggage plus the laptop bag?

    Best regards,
    Rey Aquino

  40. legsang sherpa Reply


    my flight is on the 12th of june from frankfurt to doha and then from doha to kolkata. Can you please tell me if I can carry my guitar as a carry on luggage. I don’t want to put it as a checked luggage because I fear it may get damaged then.

  41. Ayeah Reply

    I traveled from Cameroon by Kenya airways to Dubai transiting to Singapore through qatar airways. I was refused transit there on reasons that I have less funds to spend in Singapore. The Qatar Airways staff was acting like Singapore immigration. They later demanded $320 as charges. This is sad.

  42. CATHRINE Reply

    hi just want to ask how many kilos is allowed for baggage & hand carry from phils to flight is on sat.march 31 2012..thanks

  43. H.Kazerani Reply

    For 3 days and more than 6 times each day I’ve been tying to call the office in Madrid (Spain) but they are not answering the calls! I need to change my ticket urgently. IT’S A CATASTROPHIC SERVICE AT LEAST IN MADRID, WHEN I CAN’T ACCESS YOUR OFFICE NEITHER ONLINE NOR BY PHONE.

  44. Raj Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I am a passenger who took your flight on Friday from Kuala Lumpur to Bucurest,Romania.Carrying with me i had a bag on items which was wrapped up and on it was labelled ‘FRAGILE’ which i expect that the authorities are aware that is unbreakable items in the bag.
    To me i see that your airlines broke the law in protecting that item which was valuable to me it was my brother’s who passed away ‘glass item’ that i collected and wanted to bring it home safely here only to find it broken into pieces.
    You did not follow your airlines regulations in protecting that item for me i even told that check in counter in Malaysia was it safe to put it in the cargo and she said it was, in actual fact i wanted to carry as hand lagguage saying to me it was safe.
    I am very dissatisfied and its a irreplaceable item and i am not going to take this matter too lightly and i demand a explanation for this ugly service from your airlines.

    If i don not receive a reply from you i will take this matter to your top level management and would like to know what are you going to do about precious lost which has been broken into pieces.

    Thank you


  45. Nariani Reply

    COMPLAINT & FEEDBACK Reference # 65836 and 65834:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Yesterday (10/ Feb/ 2012) night something happened at Dubai airport that could have been easily avoided.

    A special new toy purchased by me yesterday evening at 7 pm worth DIHRAMS 500 was confisticated by Customs Police in Dubai, during the security check-up (that happens after the immigration stamp is done).

    When i checked-in my bag at the counter and was given the boarding pass, i specifically asked at the counter regards: taking this toy with me or checking it in?

    And i was told by the Madam at the counter that i can carry the same with me. On my asking and specifically showing the TOY alongwith the PACKING Box, she should have promptly advised me to check it in and put couple of FRAGILE stickers on it, as simple as that!
    Not having advised me even after my showing and asking regards the toy was the first lapse from Qatar Airways side.

    After the Dubai Customs removed the ‘Archery Gun’ part of my toy … which is actually the main part of this toy… i kept on pleading and requesting them. They would see reason – and agreed to my point that its a child’s toy –> but they said that they were tied by protocol & guidance rules.

    They clearly refused to give me back the toy they’d confisticated from me and they added that if QATAR Airways person co-ordinates with us, we will give to the toy to Qatar Airways and it can go on this flight or perhaps on the next flight, however, its important the someone from Qatar Airways desk contacts us NOW (which meant in the next 15 – 20 minutes).

    THEREAFTER, I IMMEDIATELY RUSHED to the departure terminal # 117.
    However, no co-operation and no effort of co-ordination from Qatar Airways side …. they could have easily contacted Dubai Customs Police and my toy would have got on the flight.
    The Dubai Customs Police would have put this toy in a seperate bag and handed the same to QATAR Airways staff… this toy would definitely have reached Doha on the same or perhaps (latest) on the next flight. Qatar Airways person told me that when-ever you come back to Dubai you may collect it from Lost & Found.

    I made it very clear to him that my next trip is not scheduled in the near future! And i cannot come just for collecting this 1 toy!!

    But, why was the needful not done by your employees in Dubai? There is such a strong presence of your team in Dubai.

    When Dubai Customs Police is very clearly stating that they will give the toy to QATAR Airways staff, at least someone from this huge team of yours, stationed in Dubai should have acted swiftly!
    This was the second lapse from Q.A. side.

    Kindly co-operate and Please co-ordinate to get me back my toy from Dubai. Its a Archery type gun (a combination of a Gun + Archery bow) and my kid has the remainder parts of this toy – he is waiting to receive his special gift from Dubai, which is this toy. And this toy is an appreciative gift to my child for his special behaviour & academics of the past few months, so this toy has special value for him!

    Kindly do the needful in this regards, kindly do so ASAP.
    Once it arrives i will come to the Doha airport to collect the same, my mobile number is 55348745.

    I have formally reported this matter at the Doha Airport on my arrival to Mr Shedab from Qatar Airways who has said that he will look into the matter and revert.

    PLEASE co-ordinate & get this special toy, else please pay me compensation = QAR 500.

  46. Amodia Reply

    Note: This e-mail was sent to [email protected] on Feb. 10, but there is no reply from their end until today. Please check this matter and please reply to my e-mail…

    Dear Qatar Airways Team,

    Good day…
    Please be inform that I attempted to purchase my ticket through online on Feb. 8 ( KUL-DXB) for the dates either Feb.26/28/March 1… but my booking showed unsuccessful due to my credit card detail issues. I did several unsuccessful attempts w/ different dates.
    So I opted to purchase the ticket on cash from your office in QC Pavillion in Cebu Philippines on the same date.
    Today when I open my phone, i wonder why I received a notification from my credit card bank NBAD MYR1632 has been authorized from my credit card 6418 at Qatar Airways. However, I didnt receive an electronic ticket for this in my e-mail so I dont have a confirmation on hand to provide. What I only have is the SMS coming from NBAD.

    I would like to ask your kind assistance to check this mater and please cancel my booking which was purchased from my credit card and refund the full amount to my credit card account.

  47. Enkhee Reply


    I need an email address where I can contact someone at Qatar airways in Vienna, Austria regarding baggage allowance or locate missing baggage.
    I can’t call any of the customer care numbers. Could you please advise me of an email address to contact?

  48. Maryna Sharhorodska Reply

    Qatar experience from hell!

    My husband and I arrived to Doha from Muscat on our way to Zurich on Sunday January 8th only to find out that our confirmed seats were given away to passengers from the previous flight (canceled due to weather conditions)

    Now, why in the world would our seats be given away?! Why should we bear the responsibility and make a sacrifice of colossal proportions (I was facing a job loss had i not made it back on time for the Monday meeting) and deal with incompetent staff for over 8 hours to try to explain that i had to be back and there could not be a compromise. My bosses would not care about your Airline’s useless excuses!

    More so, not till i burst into tears someone reacted and did us a huge favor putting us on the overflight to Paris. I had to pay the connecting flight to Zurich out of my pocket to get back to work on time.

    We came up with suggestions for rerouting us instead of Qatar doing it for us. THIS WAS THE WORST, THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS and OBVIOUS ABSENCE of ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TROUBLE SHOOTING. What kind of business are you running?

    In the past, if the flight is double booked–a sin every airline, except may be Swiss, is guilty of, you get rebooked immediately, before you could even say something, and a voucher for an equal flight is offered. That is at the least!

    We had to be humiliated, begging to fly out, our luggage is still missing after three days and I have pretty strong doubt that it will ever get to us.

    Who could explain to me and more so, apologize for all this? Why would I ever recommend flying Qatar? The answer is NEVER AGAIN.

  49. Muhammed Siddique Reply

    I am a Canadian-passport holder. I was booked from Karachi- Pakistan to Calgary-Canada on 14th December flight with my wife and three children.
    At Karachi Airport on the flight day two Qatar Air Ways representative Mr Bakhtiar and Mr.Nadeem misbehaved with us. They issued us the boarding pass from Karachi to Montreal but after issuing the boarding pass they stopped us and asked if my wife was pregnant. I told them yes then Mr Bakhtiar asked any documentary evidence with me..I have not prepared any letter because my Doctor told me that my wife can travel. Later I found one letter with me which was issued by the doctor last month and by mistake she wrote 35weeks on it. I told Mr. Bakhtiar that my wife expected delivery date is 25th January, 2012 and she is fit for travel but they did not agree and called Airport doctor he wrote on his report that my wife is 33 weeks pregnant but after this also Qatar airline staff cancelled our boarding pass and told us to leave the airport. We prepared so hard with over 10 bags for this trip. So much of inconvenience has happened to us.
    Now I have fresh medical l certificate of my wife in which Doctor gave us delivery date 25th January 2012.
    Now I will again travel but I don’t want to travel with Qatar airways anymore because of the bad behavior of Qatar airline staff. I will seek the refund of our tickets.

  50. Katie Reply


    I need an email address where I can contact someone at Qatar airways regarding baggage allowance. I can’t call any of the customer care numbers. Could you please advise me of an email address to contact? Thanks

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      you can reach the Qatar support directly from the website..they have a contact form

  51. Felistas Reply

    I am a zimbabwean traveling to Istanbul from Johannesburg via Doha. I faced a problem with my visa at O.R Tambo airport on the 12th of October 2011 so I couldn’t go on the plane so I was advised to rebook some other day. I spoke to the johannesburg office and I succeeded in getting through and I was given another another ticket,which i got confirmation on my email that it had been booked and confirmed,and of course with a penalty of (rands 1100)which I gladly paid.But when I got to the check in counter I was told that my ticket wasn’t confirmed so I had to top up another (rands 2500) on top of the 1100 rands,frankly speaking I was very dissapointed as I usually use Qatar airways on a regular basis.

  52. Sam Reply

    I have had a privilege card for 4 years – I requested to transfer qmiles for a family trip to Doha – I was asked to fill in a form and submit – I went to the local office to collect the tickets and was then informed I would need to now pay almost 1,000 USD – at no point was I told that transferring qmiles for flights would also involve a payment – if I had been informed of this, then I would not have requested this (yes, i know it is in the terms and conditions, this has now been pointed out to me several times- I advise you train your staff to explain this when a request is made to transfer qmiles, especially when it is the first time ) – I then requested to cancel the flight as I was not aware there was a charge for the flight – I left the office – the qmiles have not been credited back – I am now being told I need to pay 25 USD to transfer back – please train your staff to explain this to your customers – (yes, I know know this is in the terms and conditions – again this has been pointed out) – I have sent numerous emails, phoned the customer help line number in Doha – requested to speak to a Manager several times – no Manager seems to be available and the English level is very poor –

    Reading the blogs, visiting your office and speaking to the help line, I have concluded the service level is not geared to the 5 stars awarded to the airlines – there are numerous inherent issues to resolve rather than an individual person or policy – keep working on it –
    by the way, I called the helpline again today, eventually spoke to a ‘Supervisor’ who managed to cut me off, i called back, after 60 seconds of no reply, I decided to cut my losses on the phone bill, two days ago I was also informed by the local office that returning my qmiles is not 25 USD, it is actually 25 USD per person = 125 USD ( there are 5 of us, and I guess this is also in the terms and conditions) – please do not respond to this with ‘please contact….’ ‘escalate to …’ – I have sent emails, visited the office, requested to speak to a Manager too many times

    Please note
    – Why do I want to cancel the flight
    a – I am a genuine customer who was not aware of a cost implication
    b- Some other reason
    c- Qatar Airways wants to make money

    This is not the service I expected…..


  53. Aytug guldamla Reply

    Last week on 5th november i took a flight from istanbul to doha..i was traveling on business class seat numbers 1e and 1f
    When we were on board with our family, flight attendants mentioned all passangers to turn off their cell phones and all other electronic equipments, we did accordingly
    After we arrived doha with local time 23:40 i was searching for my cell phone but was not able to find it, we searched the floor underneath our seat even the other seats we were not able to find my cell phone
    We asked for flight attendants help to find my cell phone but they couldnt after we were in the terminal we went to qatar airways customer service and asked for their help but we were ignored by them which was not the way they should do!!!

  54. Fazlyn Reply

    I have still not received my e-ticket. I’ve tried calling several times on the different numbers provided but it was either engaged or I waited at least 30 mins without someone answering.
    In addition no email address is supplied for South Africa and I could not obtain a diabetic meal as this is not available. I know that some options are limited but then I would have liked to request that my meal was brought earlier as on long flights my blood sugar drops before everyone is served. This is problematic, especially during pregnancy.
    When I checked our booking online I noticed that my husband and my details were swopped. So instead of being female I was now male, with all his details including passport number. This was not the case when I booked and would cause issues when trying to board. My husband has tried rectifying this but it still gives us a middle name of ‘H’ which is not correct.

  55. anoop Reply

    I am Anoop and I have traveled in your flight QR51(doha to washington DC) on 21Sep2011,which was late due to which I missed the next flight to Tampa.
    To make things worse your customer service at Washington DC were not able to get a room for me. I had to stay at the airport the whole night. And my health has been deteriorated due to the cold and not able to sleep properly at the chairs in the airport. And at the end I was not able to report at the work location on time.

    I would like to be compensated for this inconvenience occurred to me.

  56. Edwin Reply

    To Whom it May Concern,

    This is a call for a reimbursement/ compensation by Qatar Airways due to an inconsistent baggage policy at Bangkok Airport at the time of travel.
    Our golfing holiday commenced with our departure on 15 Aug’11 from Dubai via Doha to Bangkok (BKK). Our return flight was on 01 Sept’11 from Bangkok (BKK) to Dubai via Doha.
    As we travelled with our sporting equipment, we received an allowance of 10Kg/ person for our golfclubs from Dubai.
    During our return flight from Bangkok this allowance was not in place and caused me to pay for returning our golfclubs from Bangkok to Dubai at a cost of Aed 1200!
    The implication of this lack of consistancy, caused that Qatar was the most expensive flight service provider for our holiday and was unplanned for and we were not informed of this lack of consistency of service at Bangkok by Qatar. Qatar will not be my preferred provider with such a customer service, had I known before hand.
    The staff assistance was professional at Bangkok at all times and showed their empathy towards us for this inconcistancy and request us to make our complaint to Qatar Management.
    The staff at Bangkok indicated that at 05 Sept’11 the allowance inconsistancy will be resolved with an allowance of 10Kg for sporting equipment per person. We still had to fund our equipment.
    As this was clearly an injustice to us, as the allowance is now in place,and to expect us to pay for our equipment’s return flight while allowing us to bring it to Bangkok, I request that I will be refunded/ compensated for our loss.

    Your favourable consideration and feedback is requested.


    • CCC - Sam Reply is what you need to do..visit the Qatar Airways website and place a complaint through the contact us page or ‘claims’ section. You should be seeing a response in 24 hrs. It is always recommended to double check your baggage allowances and restrictions before any flight. This makes your travel more comfortable.

      • Edwin Reply

        Thank you for the reply. The official website of Qatar actaully states that 10kg are allowed for sport equipment and they elaborate which sport equipment and it includes the golf clubs. This policy is actually not (was not) applied at the time of travelling at Bangkok on 01 September 2011 but only implimented as of 05 September 2011.

        I will proceed to the Qatar web site and make the claim there. I was under the impression that even if I did report this on this website, the issue will be dealt with (or e-mail contact will be made with the customer), to the customer’s satisfaction. That is what I would have called “a 5 star Qatar customer service”….


        • CCC - Sam Reply

          you are right..any flier would expect better customer support when the airline is ranked a “five star”..feel sorry about what has happened…and I hope you would hear from the airline asap.

  57. aitai Reply

    dear sir/madam
    im traveling to london from iran on 16th sep and i booked my ticket on one of ur travel agency in uk london and i read in ur confrimation email that i need to show my card that i did payment with it but i dont have my card as my fiance booked it for me from there and i need one conatct # in iran .
    looking forward for ur reply

  58. michael byrne Reply

    I flew Qatar from Manchester to Columbo via Doha on the 6 august and my wife made the mistake of taking some face cream in in her hand baggage.
    So we decided to put it into my cabin bag and went back to check in desk to check it in.
    But also in the unlocked bag was my Sony camera and when we arrived in Columbo and opened to bag the camera was missing.
    The bag must have been opened and the camera stolen either in Manchester or Columbo.
    I was very upset by this and it spoiled our holiday because we had no camera to take photos.
    Also the flight we caught from Manchester had a technical problem with the inflight system and we had no movies to watch all the way the Doha.
    We wasnt to bothered about this but on our way back home on the 21 august the same announcement was made sorry our in flight entertainment system is broken, not what you would expect from the worlds five star airline.
    Another thing that I noticed on all the four planes that we flew on that our tea was served with cream on inquiring about this we where told that Qatar the worlds five star airline only carry’s small amount of fresh milk and that reserved for babys .
    I must say I was quiet disappointed by all this and it really did ruin what should have been a nice holiday.

    regards M Byrne

  59. m.sabouhsasila Reply

    i forgot my reservation number how can I find
    i have the eticket number

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      you can check your email inbox or visit the website to input details of your ticket and get details

  60. usha Reply

    I forgot my hand baggage in the bus to the transfer section after reaching doha from stockholm. i am a passenger frm norway via stolckholm and then stolckholm to Doha and finally kathmandu.I contacted tranfer section ans they asked me to contact lost and found section after reaching the final sdestination. since the bag has no details tagged on it i was wondering how can i contact the lost and found section about this and find my luggage and ask them to send it to Kathmandu,nepal.

  61. C. Srinivasa Raghavan Reply

    I want to travel from Lagos to Chennai in Business Class with my physically challenged son who needs wheel chair assistance. The transit time at Doha is 20 hours. I understood that Qatar Airways is not processing STPC for medicals and Pax need to stay at the airport for transit period. Is is true? If so, I will find another airlines.

    Thanks and regards


  62. sijo john thoppil Reply


  63. sijo john thoppil Reply


  64. Semra Alakoc Reply

    I flew Qatar airways from Ankara to Melbourne, transfer via Doha on 11 July 2010. At Doha airport at counter 15 they confiscated all my alcohol and said Australian customs does not allow alcohol into the country. I knew Australian government had rules about the limit which I did not exceed but at Doha airport they blamed Australian customs and did not allow me on my flight to Melbourne. I had no other choice but to give up on the liquor worth 100 Euro purchsed at duty free. I am so sorry I flew qatar airways as no one made me aware of this as I found out that it was the Doha government not permitting alcohol at the airport. If this is the case all qatar tickets sales offices should make people aware of this. I want people to know that if you travel through Doha airport they will confuscate your alcohol and blame someone else. For this reason I will not fly qatar airways again.

  65. nazma vadhvania Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    On arrival at Chhatrapati Shivaji(Bombay), I discovered that my luggage was missing and I informed your ground staff of this, they completed a PIR and gave me a copy.

    To date, I have heard nothing from you to say that you have found my luggage. As it is now 167 days since my flight and my luggage has not been located, I am writing to formally request that you compensate me for the loss of my luggage, including associated costs, without further delay.

    I invoke this right pursuant to Article 17.3 of the Montreal Convention, which states that “If the carrier admits the loss of the checked baggage, or if the checked baggage has not arrived at the expiration of twenty-one days after the date on which it ought to have arrived, the passenger is entitled to enforce against the carrier the rights which flow from the contract of carriage.”

    Your airways is offering $460 for 23 Kg baggage, but my baggage was of 32 kg; For which I had already provided you the excess baggage receipt. I had also paid 150CAD at Calgary Airport.

    Now already 24 weeks have passed and I will have no alternative but to issue legal proceedings against your airways. I do however hope that such action will not be necessary and that this matter can be amicably resolved.

    Yours Sincerely.

    Nazma Vadhvania

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      sorry to hear about your should escalate this with senior authorities in the company..

  66. Faiz Mohammad Reply

    Local charges
    Sri Lanka

    Airport drops -RS 2300/=
    Airport pickups -RS2500/=
    Round tours -RS 30/= pkm
    One way drop hires -RS 60/= pkm

  67. Richard Beckett Reply


    I flew with Qatar airways last week on a flight from London to Colombo via Doha. I think that I left a black Northface jacket and a grey hoody on this flight and was wondering if there is a lost and found department that i could contact. the flight numbers that i took are QR 2 and QR302.

    I would be extremly grateful if you could let me know if there is anything i could do about this.

    Kind regards,

    Richard Beckett

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      Richard, you can trace your lost items by calling the customer care on the number given on this page.

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