Contact Panasonic Electronics: Find below customer service, support details of Panasonic Electronics, including phone and address. You can reach the below contacts for complaints, feedback or queries on Panasonic products, whether telephones, mobile, televisions, DVD recorders, Lumix digital cameras, fax devices, printers, projectors, ACs, refrigerator, washing machine, ovens, or other consumer products. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Panasonic products and services.

Panasonic Head Office (USA)
Panasonic Corporation of North America
Panazip 2F-3, One Panasonic Way
Secaucus, New Jersey 07094 USA
Phone: 1-201-348-7000
Fax: 1-201-348-7016

Panasonic Customer Service (US)
For product support or technical assistance reach customer service at:
Phone: 1-800-211-PANA (7262)
Email: [email protected]

Online Order
For queries or help on online orders call 1-800-405-0652

Parts and Accessories
Looking to purchase Panasonic parts or accessories? Call 800-332-5368 to contact Panasonic’s National Parts Center. Call between 9am and 8pm (Mon – Fri). You could also get details from the website here.

International Support
Below are phone numbers of Panasonic offices across the world. You can reach these contacts for queries on Panasonic products, service center locations or technical support

North America
Canada: 1-905-624-5010

Belgium: 32-2-4810-481
Czech Rep: 420-236-032-511
Finland: 46-8-680-2600
France: 33-1-55-93-66-00
Germany: 49-611-235-0
Greece: 30-210-9692300
Hungary: 36-1-382-6060
Ireland: 353-1-413-5300
Italy: 39-02-67-881
Netherlands: 31-73-6402702
Poland: 48-22-338-1100
Portugal: 351-21-424-5300
Russia: 7-495-665-4205
Slovakia: 421-257-202-100
Spain: 34-93-425-9300
Sweden: 46-8-680-2600
Turkey: 90-212-367-9400
UK: 0844 844 3899

Africa/Middle East
UAE: 971-4-8862 142
S.Africa: 011-312-7015

Latin America
Argentina: 54-11-4308-1610
Brazil: 55-12-3935-9000
Colombia: 57-1-593-0520
Costa Rica: 506-2-39-4911
El Salvador: 503-2241-5111
Mexico: 52-55-5488-1000
Panama: 507-229-2955
Venezuela: 58-212-945-3022

Asia Pacific

China: 86-10-6562-6100
Hong Kong: 852-2367-0181
India: 1860 425 1860
1800 103 1333
Indonesia: 62-21-801-5674
Korea: 82-2-2106-6666
Malaysia: +603-5543 7600
Philippines: 63-2-635-2260~5
Singapore: 63-2-635-2260~5
Taiwan: 886-2-2223-5121
Thailand: 66-2-731-9520
Vietnam: 84-8-731-3702
Australia: 61-2-9986-7400
New Zealand: 64-9-272-0100


Panasonic Online Shop
Purchase Panasonic products online here. You can find here Viera televisions, blu-ray disc players, DVD players, VCRs, home theatre, headphones, mobile electronics, digital cameras, camcorders, phones and faxes, mobile computers, network cameras, microwave ovens, ACs, vacuum cleaners, cordless tools and more. For each product, you can also read the manuals, choose colours, read reviews and much more. Purchases can be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. If you are unhappy with the product you can request a refund within 30 days after purchase. All returned merchandise must be in original factory condition

Panasonic Service Center
For consumers located in the United States, click here to locate a Panasonic service center nearest to your street. You can get details of phone and address and filter results by inputting model number and zip code. If outside of US, click here to locate a Panasonic service center in your country. You can service all your Panasonic products at these locations, whether they are television, blu-ray disc players, DVD players, VCRs, home theatre, headphones, mobile electronics, digital cameras, camcorders, phones and faxes, mobile computers, network cameras, microwave ovens, ACs, vacuum cleaners, cordless tools, men’s shavers, hair dryers, or other products.

Download Drivers/Manuals
To download drivers or manuals for Panasonic products click here

Panasonic Retailers
You can purchase Panasonic products from  Authorized Panasonic Retailers here

About Panasonic Corporation
panasonic-logoPanasonic is a leading consumer electronics manufacturer founded by Konosuke Matsushita in the year 1918. The Japanese company had net sales of 8.7 trillion yen in fiscal 2011. Thanks to Panasonic, some 370,000 people worldwide have regular jobs. Some of Panasonic’s sub brands include Lumix, Viera, Diga, Toughbook, Everleds, Evolta, D-dock, Lamdash, Doltz, Eneloop, Let’s Note, Cube Air Conditioner, HIY, Strada, Gorilla, Cocolo, and Xacti.

Forbes Global 2000 has ranked Panasonic as one of the 100 largest companies in the world. Headquartered at Osaka, Japan, Panasonic has close to 635 consolidated companies and 203 overseas subsidiaries in 46 countries. In 2010, Panasonic acquired PEW and Sanyo. By 2018, when the company celebrates its 100th anniversary, Panasonic aims to be the no 1 green innovation company in the electronics industry.

Products manufactured by the Panasonic Group include plasma and LCD TVs (Viera series), DVD recorders, camcorders, digital cameras (Lumix series), SD memory cards, PCs, optical disc drives, multi-function printers, telephones, mobile phones and healthcare equipment. Its home appliances include refrigerators, ACs, washing machines, clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners, irons, ovens, rice cookers, dryers, electric fans, air purifiers, electric lamps and compressors. Panasonic’s Sanyo brand manufactures lithium-ion batteries, optical pickups, capacitors, digital cameras, LCD TVs, projectors, room ACs, biomedical equipment, washing machines and refrigerators.


  1. Michael McCarthy Reply

    I am leaving my comment here because I can’t find a site to leave it in Japan where my problem originated. I bought a “Panasonic Cordless steam iron Model:NI-L800”. After 14 months it started burning and smoking we sent a complaint with pictures to Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co. Ltd. but they refused to acknowledge the problem – considering it is an iron that started burning it surprised me that they don’t care more.
    Is it normal for a Panasonic Iron interior to start burning after only 14 months of use?

  2. I have a Panasonic digital recorder and have replaced two remotes for the units one lasted just over a year. I asked Panasonic New Zealand to reimburse the costs of the remotes which they refused to do, so I took them to the Disputes tribunal, who found in my favor.
    Not withstanding the order of the Court to make payment they have failed to do so. It is a disgrace that they think they are above the law.

  3. Your customer service model appears to have been re-designed to totally thwart any attempt to get any kind of service at all – I have a 9 month old ARC5 razor that no longer shaves any where as close as it did 9 moths ago. I go look for parts (foil and or blades) and lo and behold the site says that they are no longer available ! still in warranty but no parts available. The web site doesn’t know how to handle it and directs me down various rabbit holes and I have been trying for 2 hours to get a live support person – I ma convinced – customer support now consists of a black box that goes no-where. Are you trying to drive customers away ?

  4. Marsha A. Mayer Reply

    Why do you make it so hard to talk to customer service. I have had a three phone set for nearly 15 years and I need now to replace it. A little customer service on the phone would not have recked your bottom line.
    No one should be able to sell products without live contact with company people to advise them. I was being loyal because I have appreciated the many years of performance. It seems to me that I am only one buyer and it is cheeper to not to provide assistance than to help me make sure that I am buying the best three phone set for me. I’m 78, and no I am not used to not having company support no matter what I purchase.

  5. Fred Corie Reply

    My Mother-in-Law has a modular home. In her bathroom she has a
    fan heater(Panasonic model# FV-11VHL2). The light & fan work, but not the heater.I’ve already talked to a service rep. and he suggested I
    pull the unit from the ceiling and send it out to e serviced. How much
    of the unit has to be removed- all of it or
    just the heater?

  6. Carmen A. Willett Reply

    I bought a NN-T945SF 2.2 Microwave on Dec. 14, 2014 and it’s not working, I was told by Social Micro Inc. they needed my credit card number to send me a box to send it in to be fixed.
    I’m not going to give out my credit card out. So what is my next option, do I have to go buy a different brand. I took out a 2 yr. Small Appliance Replacement with Asurion who said because it’s not a year old I can’t file a claim. I guess this is just like our congress, nothing getting done !

  7. We purchased a Panasonic microwave in Sept. 2013. This product should work a least for 5 years before you have any problems. Ours just stopped working in the middle of heating a casserole. We only had it 17 months. We call the service center for help. If you can’t have a service center closer than 2 hours away what is the point. To ship it to a service center the cost plus cost to see what is wrong could be more than it’s worth. We won’t be buying any Panasonic items anymore.

  8. I have bought a Panosonic Plasma 50″ HDTV a little over 2 years ago. I have had some issues with this model and no one responding to my calls! The first issue was the HDMI 1 outlet going on the fritz and now the 2 one is gone. I find that when you spend money on products anymore, they don’t last – 2 years for a tv is ridiculous – you expect when you buy one of the top brands that they will last more than 2 years. Why should you constantly have to buy the Extended Warranty on items (which half the time they don’t stand behind even then, but that’s another story), it’s like the company doesn’t believe in their product to begin with! I am frustrated with Panasonic, which I own a lot more of their products, and I will be replacing them all, never to buy Panasonic again!

  9. I purchased a kettle from a panasonic store ,willow brook centre bradley stoke bristol.this store has closed so i tried the only other store in clifton bristol with no joy,this new kettle is leaking badly,can you tell me how to get a replacement.

  10. Very Disappointed Reply

    I bought a Panasonic Washing Machine 7.5kg TWIN TUB from Western Appliances in Festival Mall Alabang last January 26, 2013 and was delivered February 2, 2013.

    I even listened to the advise of the SALES REPRESENTATIVE and signed up a 3 year warranty extension. Ayun pala, it’s there for a REASON.

    Since we do laundry only once a week every Saturday, we use the unit only once a week. The spinner no longer works on the third time, and that was February 16 , 2013. The spinner no longer works because the outer lid cover of the spinner can not be closed properly. I phoned Western Appliances and was told that the Panasonic Sales Representative whom I dealt with was on leave and that she will relay the message on Monday, Feb 18. Since the day ends on Monday with no phone call from Panasonic. I made another call to Western on Feb 19 and was informed that no one informed the Panasonic sales representative. So Leah the Panasonic sales representative from Western informed me that the service is scheduled to come on Thursday, Feb 21. Still NO ONE came over. Then, I made another follow-up on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning and was told that NASIRAAN ng SASAKYAN, therefore no one came over. But then, we waited the whole day and no one called to advise that no one is coming or they will rescheduled. I was told that Panasonic will resked the service on Monday. Monday morning, the Panasonic Service Center called up to inform me their on CODING every Monday and will resked to Tuesday. To cut the long story short, after 1 week and 3 days of follow-ups, I was told that the service man from DAIRO AIRE CORPORATION of NO. 18 NATIONAL ROAD, BAYANAN, MUNTINLUPA CITY(ELECTRONICS/ELECTRICAL/AIRCON AND REFRIGERATOR) will come. Finally, he came on February 25, 2013 arrived driving a motorcycle, tightened the loosened spring in less than 5 minutes and left. That was on a Monday(After they received my complaint that I will be returning the washing machine, they find ways to show up on a Monday even if it was their CARLESS DAY (CODING).

    That didnt end. In less than a week, come Saturday morning of the same week, March 2, 2013, I soaked the clothes in the washer and left it overnight. We left for a sleepover party and came back on a Sunday, March 3, our floor is all wet and the water in the washer were all drained up. I checked the selection knob and it’s NOT turned to DRAIN. I reported the incident to Western Appliances on a Sunday and was told that they will report the issue to Panasonic on Monday morning.

    On March 4, I was contacted by Paul Hernandez of Western Appliances Service Center and was told that a service has been scheduled and that on March 6, someone from Ventures(Panasonic Outsourced Service Center) will come over. I was then given the contact name of Ventures and contact person Jay-Ann and the latter informed me that from 9am-12noon, someone will come. On March 6, at 9:00am, I contacted Jay-Ann and was told that the service man has left and we’re second to be serviced. Right now, it’s almost 4pm and no one has come and there’s also no advise from this Panasonic Service Center that no one will come. I called up Western Appliances to inform them that I will be returning the washing machine to them today. I was told that they will contact me again within the day to find out why the service center didnt come. Panasonic After Sales really SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM NATIONAL PANASONIC MATSUSHITA PHILIPPINES, their AFTER-SALES SERVICE really SUCKS!!!!!!!

  11. I own a second hand Panasonic Convection Grill Microwave Oven model NN-8550 without Operating and Cooking manuals.I cannot find on any website or even Panasonic-Bulgaria site. On the right site of the door, label has following:Panasonic NN-8550 / Microw 1420W Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd Made in Japan.. If somebody could manage to find the manuals, please send it to me. It is urgent.

  12. Eric Lim Gotamco Reply

    I own a National Cordless Shaver ES521 (purchased sometime 1984) It still functions. However, there are time, when the blade will not rotate. It maybe due to loose contact with the battery. I have to turn it ON/OFF multiple times before the blade will rotate. Can the Panasonic/National service center fix this problem. The unit is old, but it is has stainless steel casing. I want to fix this because of its sentimental value. My wife gave me this during our courtship time. Hope you can help me here. I am based in the Philippines (Metro Manila).

  13. Jet Almirol Reply

    do you have any email for us to send on what we are going to ask if we have a problem with our panasonic device?

    im using Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 Digital SLR Camera and LCD Flex is damage. Please help me to fix my camera..i would like to ask where do i go, what will i do, how much is the price, and if there is a panasonic service center near our place… im from bacoor cavite… thanks.

  14. Michelle Nuevas Reply

    I been contacting the panasonic repair and service center but no one give me feedback yet it’s more than 2 weeks now waiting for nothing. I tried their service locator but it wont work and it wont open. So sad, my AC just need parts the fan is broke thats why it wont cool :-( how would i rate their service. I am very dissappointed about this as i didnt think it will take long on nothing at all, unbelievable. We have about 25 condo units and we are using panasonic brand of our appliances as years ago they are good but this year drop like a stone. Hopefully, they will read my message.

  15. jojoj labadan Reply

    hi, where can i buy the outer foil for the panasonic shaver es4036s here in the philippines?

  16. I own five Panasonic air conditioner of all models. I called virex, a service center for panasonic for pull out of my air conditioner, they scheduled it for May 18, 2012, but up to five pm they have not come. They said they will pick it up May 19,2012. Waited again and called up by five. they could not pick up again, this time, they cannot find my name or the job order. I tried to talk to the manager, Mr. Vicente Bernardo, who claim to be too busy to talk to me.
    What kind of business is Panasonic Philippine running, its website shows global consumer services, but its operation is worse than a small hole in the wall.
    I called their competitor product whom I used only ones with my refrigerator, they knew me with my info. Guess Panasonic or maybe, their service centers sucks.

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