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Contact Zondervan: Find below customer service details of Zondervan, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
3900 Sparks Drive SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 800-226-1122
Phone: 800-251-4000

About Zondervan
Zondervan is a leading Bible publisher founded by Peter Zondervan and Bernard Zondervan in 1931. Part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Zondervan operates from its headquarters at Grand Rapids, Michigan. It currently holds the commercial rights for the New International Version (NIV) Bible in North America. Zondervan’s books and Bibles are translated into more than 200 languages and sold worldwide. Books and content related to children are published under the name Zonderkidz.

Besides Bibles, Zondervan publishes books associated with spiritual growth, memoir, apologetics, biography, academic, church curriculum and suspense. The same can be purchased at bookstores or even online via the official website. On the website, you can shop by category, bestseller or sale. Bibles found include audio Bibles, children’s Bibles, devotional Bibles, study Bibles, Spanish Bibles, NIV Bibles, Men/Women Bibles and Teen Bibles. As for books, you have books on history, practical living, business, spiritual growth, commentaries and fiction.

Purchases on can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. The shipping options are revealed during checkout. The purchases are covered under a 30 day return policy. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Transcend support.

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  1. Swarnaraj Jacob Reply

    I am reading NIV study Bible 2011 edition. On page 1378 Under Study notes for Eze 27:14, it reads “(see 1Ki 10:28 and NIV text note there on “Kue”).”
    There is no text note under 1Ki 10:28 on page 535 and no mention of “Kue”

  2. I’m reading “Tap Code” by Carlyle “Smitty” Harris. Very good. But in chapter 17 titled “Louise July 1964”, I think it should actually be July 1965, since that was the year he was captured.

  3. I have just finished reading Philip Yancey’s “What’s So Amazing About Grace”. In the back of the book is an invitation to submit comments about the book. I would like to do so and I hope this submission doesn’t drift off into La-La Land.
    This the second book by Philip Yancey that I have read. Both of them took me a long to time to read. I’m not the speediest reader at the best of times but Philip’s works really slow me down. Why? Because every paragraph is so full of breath-taking insights. I literally found myself reading sentences over and over again to absorb the full impact of what it was saying.
    “Grace” might have been written over 20 years ago but it is still very relevant today, probably more so than when it was written.
    Some might call Mr Yancey a prophet. I prefer to call him a disciple of Jesus Christ. He certainly brings home the Gospel message with absolute clarity and no excuses.
    If the whole world were to sit up and take heed of the contents of this book it would be a much better place in which to live. For that to happen it has to start with our churches, regardless of denomination.

  4. Cathy Meneely Reply

    Has there ever been an Amplified Version of the Bible, red-letter edition (New Testament/when Jesus speaks)? If there is not such an edition, I am curious as to why there isn’t.
    I currently use an older version of the Amplied Version (Amplified Version, Classic Edition) that was originally printed by the Lockman Foundation (1954-1958); Zondervan (1962-1981).

  5. My father gave me your beautiful amplified bible for my birthday in 2010. I recently had a heart attack and am reading until im clear for activity. In doing my bible study cross reference, i realized my amplified bible is incomplete, it stops at second peter chapter 1 vs 4? And of course i cant return or swap since its 9 years old.

    • To Whom It May Conceen,
      I am a customer of Zondervan products, especially Bibles. I have noticed that you have several version of Journal the Word Bibles however you do not have the Amplified version. I would like to encourage you to make an AMP version. I would really like to have one in this version, and I believe it would be beneficial for you especially with the great increase of Bible art journaling.

  6. Esther Njiro Reply

    I live in Pretoria South Africa and I am interested in receiving your bibles and other Christian books for sale in South Africa and the rest of the continent. Kindly indicate how we can proceed with such a venture. Yours sincerely, Esther Njiro.

  7. Barbara Martin Reply

    A page is missing! I bought Twas the Evening of Christmas for my 7 yr old grandson who has just learned to read. When he was finished reading he asked “why is there a page missing?” I asked what he meant and he said that there was a page missing in the story about the wise men seeing the Star in the East and following it to the baby Jesus. I re-read the story with him and sure enough from the page about the shepherds “They ran to the stable and peeked through the door,….” to “And to that small stable came three splendid kings…” there is no mention of the Star in the East which led the wise men. The following page only mentions that “The stable was filled with a wonderful light” which is not sufficient to describe the Star in the East.
    I am disappointed that Glenys Nellist has written this text without that part of the story in it. Especially since the back page states “her writing reflects a deep passion for bringing the Bible to life for young children.” It has been my privilege over the years of my ministry to have conversations with small children about the story of Jesus’ birth, and they have always been enthralled by the Star in the East guiding the wise men. My hope is that this error can be corrected in future books.
    Rev. Barbara Martin

  8. Dr Stephen Etches Reply

    Dear Friend,
    I expect that from time ti time you update the text of the above title. Here are some typos that I have found while reading your 1981 edition. If these corrections have already been spotted and entered, please accept my apologies.
    I hope that this will be a help.

    sincerely in Christ,

    Stephen Etches

    Revised edition 1981
    page 1 Azarbaijan should be Azerbaijan
    page 3 Héloise et Abelard should be Héloise et Abélard
    page. 3 Hieropolis should be Hierapolis
    page 37 Muhlberg should be Mühlberg
    p.37 Ausgewahlte Schriften should be Ausgewählte Schriften
    p.79 Byzantine should be Byzantines
    p.92 du Rasko should be du Raskol
    p. 101 Historie should be Histoire
    p. 111 Rechtglaubigkeit should be Rechtgläubigkeit
    p.112 Ausgewahlte Werke should be Ausgewählte Werke
    p.123 la monarchie francaise should be la monarchie française
    p.126 Théodore de Beze should be Théodore de Bèze (twice)
    p.138 Reichsbishop should be Reichsbischof
    p.138 Landeskirchen should be Landeskirche
    p.138 Ungrund should be Urgrund
    p.139 Chelcicky should be Chel?ický
    p.144 Bunossus: better: Bunossus (present day Niš in Serbia)
    p.147 papaute should be papauté
    p.149 Clement Marot should be Clément Marot
    p.154 spirituals should be spirituels
    p.163 Correspondencce should be Correspondence
    p.166 Worterbuch should be Wörterbuch
    p.177 Les Réformé should be Les Réformés
    p.178 Clement should be Clément
    p.179 La Génése should be La Genèse
    p.184 Cevennes should be Cévennes
    p.215 Chelcicky should be Chel?ický
    p.222 Friedrichaften should be Friedrichshafen
    p.242 Komensky should be Komenský
    p.242 Prerov should be P?erov
    p.260 Medard should be Médard
    p. 261 College should be Collège
    p.266 Cevennes should be Cévennes
    p.270 Kravare should be Krava?e
    p.275 Varrieres should be Varrières
    p.278 Velehrad in modern Czechoslovakia should be Velehrad in modern Czech Republic
    p.279 Prohazka should be Procházka
    p.281 Palastina should be Palästina
    p.283 Reformation should be Réformation
    p.286 Dusseldorf should be Düsseldorf
    p.291 entmythologisierung should be Entmythologisierung
    p.314 Orleans should be Orléans
    p.325 Heilsbronn should be Heilbronn
    p.329 Jassy, Rumania should be Ia?i, Romania
    p.338 Frankfort should be Frankfurt
    p.378 Vlacic should be Vla?i?
    p.388 Lubeck should be Lübeck
    p.414 Greifenwald should be Greifswald
    p.435 La crise revolutionnaire should be La crise révolutionnaire
    p.436 Clermont-Gerrand should be Clermont-Ferrand
    p.443 Lutherishen Gotteskasten should be Lutherishe Gotteskasten
    p.450 Laski should be ?aski
    p. 465 Einfaltigs should be Einfältiges
    p.474 monastery of Buck should be monastery of Bück
    p.525 Theéologie should be Théologie
    p.528 Stridon in NE Italy should be Stridon in Dalmatia
    p.537 Procés should be Procès
    p.545 Litteratur should be Literatur
    p.561 Geissen should be Giessen
    p.562 Rodlitz should be Rödlitz
    p. 579-580 Laski should be ?aski

    p.638 Sabaria should be Savaria (modern Szombathely)
    p.642 Milic should be Milí?.
    p.650 Lubeck should be Lübeck
    p.657 über das neuen Testament should be über das neue Testament
    p.659 should be MILI? John (Jan of Krom??íž)
    p.659 born in Kremsier should be born in Krom??íž
    p.672 dix-neuvieme siècle should be dix-neuvième siècle
    p.680 Lubeck should be Lübeck (x 2)
    p.682 Weisenhaus should be Waisenhaus
    p.684 Muhlhausen should be Mühlhausen
    p.694 Nerac should be Nérac
    p.694 Montaubon should be Montauban
    p.696 Apostle should be Apostel
    p.698 Comtemporary should be Contemporary
    p.710 de Morgenstern should be der Morgenstern
    p.713 Studien and Kritiken should be Studien u P.723 nd Kritiken
    P.723 Staroveri should be starovertsy
    P.723 pezpopovtsy should be bezpopovtsy
    p.749 Claremont should be Clérmont-Ferrand
    p.791 Meiszko should be Mieszko
    p.791 Wyszynski should be Wyszy?ski
    p.789 Wladyslaw Gomulka should be W?adys?aw Gomu?ka
    p.883 Gelmstadt should be Helmstedt
    p.929 Szczepanow should be Szczepanów
    p.929 Boleslaw should be Boles?aw
    p.931 Geza should be Géza
    p.935 Bosnien should be Bosnia
    p.935 Diakovár should be ?akovo (or Djakovo)
    p.951 Zizka should be Žižka
    p.965 Exégètique should be Exégétique
    p.970 Die Lehre von die Sünde should be Die Lehre von der Sünde
    p. 1011 ouis should be Louis
    p. 1019 Marquerite should be Marguerite
    p.1026 Die Waldesner should be Die Waldenser
    p.1028 Erweckunsbegung shuld be die Erweckungsbewegung
    p.1032 Keil should be Kiel
    p.1033 in apostolische Zeitalter should be in apostolischer Zeitalter
    p.1045 HINRICH should be HEINRICH
    p.1045 Gesämmelte Schriften should be Gesammalte Schriften
    1054 Realworterbuch should be Realwörterbuch

  9. david copp Reply

    I would appreciate your passing on this message to the appropriate member of staff

    I am an established wine writer and author of four wine books one of which was short listed for the Louis Roederer International Wine Book of the Year Award in 2007.

    I wrote a book on St Paul and approached Author Solutions imprint XLibris (then a Penguin Random House subsidiary) to help me prepare my book for publication. The Kirkus ( and other reviewers) were encouraging but said the book needed restructuring and the narrative voice more clearly defined.

    My experience with XLibris was a disaster and I have been searching for a good and reliable agent to help me get the book published. Westwood Books have proposed that they have the experience to bring the book to market and mentioned their association with you.

    Having already paid a considerable sum to XLibris I wish to make checks before making any further financial commitment. Can you please confirm that you know of, and approve of, Westwood as agents helping authors prepare books for publication. They speak highly of Zondervan.

  10. Kathleen I. Noll Reply

    Please Help. You have published “a Shepherd Looks at 23rd Psalm”. Where can I find one printed in either Armenian or Russian. I sponsor an Armenia boy who helps his grandpa with sheep. I so hope you can direct me. I understand that Armenians can speak Russian?
    Thank you so much for help furthering the gospel. Kathy Noll

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