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Contact Ziploc: Find below customer service details of Ziploc, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
1525 Howe Street
Racine, WI 53403
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 800-558-5252 (US)

About Ziploc
Isn’t it amazing how we come to depend on some products for day to day use? One such product that has become integral in most households the world over, is the humble Ziploc bag. It has grown from being a mere bag to being a whole home organization and storage solution. Founded in 1968 by The Dow Chemical Company, producing reusable and re-sealable zipper storage bags and containers, it is now owned by S.C. Johnson & Son and is living up to its tagline, ‘use as imagined’.

Ziploc is a registered brand name and is reputed for the high quality BPA free material used, making it perfectly safe to store food stuff for the whole family. All Ziploc bags and boxes are made of recyclable material, ensuring that the environment stays unharmed and protected. You can find the nearest Ziploc recycling center and drop off your used bags and containers that you want recycled. Ziploc products can be broadly categorized under four slots – bags, containers, closet storage and limited edition pieces.

Bags produced by Ziploc can be used in the freezer, for storage, for holding sandwiches and snacks, slider bags and specialty bags. Containers also have the same seal fresh features and come in square, rectangle and round shapes. There is also a variety pack line for different uses. Closets have become more organized with Ziploc closet storage collection. They come in a range of space bags, big bags and flexible totes to make sure everything is in its place and easy to locate. The company also comes up with limited edition ranges every now and then – the most popular recent ones being Frozen, Star Wars and NFL series of products.

The flexibility provided by Ziploc bags is what makes it the most preferred storage solution globally. Labels clearly indicate how the bags can be used. They can be used for a number of functionalities in the kitchen such as freezing, micro waving, defrosting, reheating etc. Since the bags and containers look so good, they are used to pack lunch and snacks and it is not rare that you see people pop out a Ziploc from their bags and open up a fresh meal. All bags and containers come in a variety of sizes from small to Jumbo to cater to people’s storage needs.

The entire line of Ziploc products can be viewed on the website. You can also read product highlights, see dimensions, and usage details. The website will connect you with an online retailer where you can purchase the products. For more information or queries on store locations, online shopping, career, or others, reach the Ziploc support.

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  1. While recently using your product as an ice compress we noticed the bag leaked. As did every other bag in the box. In the same spot. On the bottom edge where the sides come together. Apparently the machine is not sealing them properly.

  2. We purchased several ziplock containers to use for lunch box leftovers. Out of eight of the containers, 8 of the lids will not seal up. I notice the top of the container and lid style is different than older ziplock containers I have. Trust me it is WAY worse. As with others I cannot return my purchase as I trusted the ziplock name and did not save packages or receipt. Shame on me. But shame on you for total product failure. Our budget for our family of 9 cannot afford to replace items like this.

  3. I purchased sandwich bags (150 count) when you pull the tabs to open the bag, the shorter side rips. If you look at the bag before you open it. You can see a weak line on that tab.

    What’s happening with the quality of Ziploc products?

  4. I have a box of Ziploc Slider bags ~ part of a Storage Variety Pack of 166 total bags. Purchased through Sam’s Club with markings of Y314MX7900011. Approximately 1/3 of the little plastic slides don’t work ~ which means I can’t seal the bags. What the heck ~~ you should do more quality control. How can I get a coupon to replace this box?

  5. I purchased a 20pk gallon slider zipper freezer bags to freeze family packs of meat and save money. Every bag has a slice across entire width of the bag 1/2″ down below the zipper. Can’t return to store because I no longer have my receipt. Very disappointing! The pkg code is Y303047650028, UPC code 2570000587. How about some replacements or coupons?

  6. Darlene Hurley Reply

    Bought the Ziploc 5 cup square container and none of the lids fit the container. Three corners fit but the fourth never does. Would take back to store but don’t have my receipt any more. Very disappointed in your product, may have to find a different brand.

  7. I agree with Barbara. I purchased ZIPLOC Quart Freezer bags from Costco. All the bags in every box the opening has ripped. You try to open the bags and the side just rips off. All the boxes and all the bags! That’s crazy. The box I am looking at right now has the #Y1630506E1834 with the UPC code 25700 00638. I don’t know if this batch had issues but it was of my money. I ended throwing them out and getting different quart freezer bags.

  8. I have been using Zip Lock bags for years. Lately every time I try and open one from the box, the side rips off. It’s getting very frustrating and annoying. What have you changed to make this happen? I’m going to be returning to Costco and in the future purchasing a different brand.

  9. Hi Ziploc, I live in Victoria Australia & have started purchasing your new Ziploc freezer bags to put frozen fruit in to make smoothies for breakfast. However out of the 19 bags in the medium size box I have had at least 2-3 bags per box split down the sides or rip the top off when trying to open them, it seems like the welding process weakens the bags.
    At first I thought ok 1 bad box however it has happened with every box I have purchased (about 7 so far) I think I will go back to using my previous freezer bags, I can supply a photo to show what I’m talking about if required.

  10. Lisa Borden Reply

    Hello ziplock.
    I live on the sunshine coast on the outskirts of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.
    For some reason I have noticed a decline in the quality of your Ziploc bags. My husband and I use Ziploc bags for our prawns that we catch every year. I have noticed that the quality of the bag seems to have gone downhill. It seems like most of the Ziploc bags leak, or have a little pinholes in them. The icing on the cake was today. I stepped on a wasp and it stung me or bit me at least five times on my left big toe. I got one of your Ziploc bags out, put in eight ice cubes and sat with my foot in agony. After 2 Minutes, the bag was dripping all over the place. I could not believe how much the Ziploc bag leaked.
    Have you changed the heat seal on the bags? Something is totally totally wrong as I have been a devote Ziploc bag user for many years, and it seems like we’re just not of the best quality anymore .
    Lisa Borden

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